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It's Official: President Barack Obama!

It's Official: President Barack Obama!

Barack Obama takes oath of office from Chief Justice John Roberts to become the 44th president of the United States of America at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. on Tuesday.

Although the oath took place minutes after noon, the transfer to power to President Obama occurred exactly at noon, according to law.

President Obama, 47, was joined by his wife, Michelle, and daughters. Malia, 10, kept it cute in a deep-blue belted J.Crew coat while 7-year-old Sasha popped in a pink coat, also by J.Crew, paired with an orange scarf and gloves.

Congratulations President Obama! Godspeed.

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Photos: AP Images/Ron Edmonds
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195 Responses to “It's Official: President Barack Obama!”

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  1. 151
    haley Says:

    # 102 i couldnt put it any better

  2. 152
    groundcontrol Says:

    Australian @ 01/20/2009 at 8:10 pm All you guys against obama don’t realise that almost every country in the world hates u americans, and now that u have obama, its starting to change, people are actually starting to respect americans again, . . .


    I’m sure you don’t mean it but this is an incredibly shallow notion. The world hates us and now because we have an African American President they will start to love us. Sorry, dear, but that is very naive. It doesn’t work that way. They honestly don’t care what race our president is. Many of these countries have serious racial and religious and class discrimination that makes the U.S. look like heaven on earth. They care about how we relate to them and what we can do for them.

    I am concerned about the Dow. So much about the economy is based on the intangibles such as confidence in the market and confidence in new leadership and its plans for the economy. I thought we would see more recovery after the election and wit the prospect of new leadership – even with so many of President Clinton’s economic team joining the Obama administration. But it still is not responding. I’ve never had a lot of confidence in Obama’s ability to correct the economy but I remain hopeful and pray that I am wrong. Worse though is that Wall Street seems to share my doubts.

    People need to accept that there will always be disagreements over politicians and presidents. It doesn’t make anyone a racist or a sore loser. It’s just the way it has always been. SInce when can’t people feel free to criticize their political leaders?

    Seems as though poor Michelle has made a second unfortunate choice for her inaugural gown. Please get her a proper stylist.

  3. 153

    That group of low class grown men booing Bush and “singing na na na na good bye” must have made Obama cringe. Here is his big moment and his supporters are acting like ignorant children.

  4. 154
    Lucy and Ethel Says:

    to #44


  5. 155
    jennifer Says:

    I just really love the way so many people love to blame the goverment for the lack of jobs and the economy. Please don’t tell me that you really think the goverment is going to change basic economics?
    They cannot make a business give more demand for their products just so you can keep your job.
    Supply and Demand.
    Now we were attacked on american soil. Opps did you forget? 9/11
    We cannot afford to be lax in this war. And by the way throughout history there are allways going to be those who oppose wars. Even when they are being attacked on their own soil.
    Lets wise up here and look at the whole pic. NO ONE MAN or goverment is going to make everything roses and give us all a new pony.
    I for one do not doubt for one minute, the ability of those who oppose Americans to enter our country and live amoung us and one day do the unthinkable again.
    Will our goverment be there for us ? Will we feel confidence in their guidance? I am concerned by his lack of experience. He had questions about his birth certificate and he waited to release it. Why?

  6. 156
    Neil Says:

    He better succeed because if he doesn’t it is wont be good for traditional Democrats AND Republicans. Those of you rubbing your hands in anticipation better take a cold shower because if he fails it will be devastating and that sort of thing leads to REAL change, the change WE DON’T WANT TO SEE. Ron Paul in 2012? If things don’t work out it won’t be Sarah Palin a desperate country will be turning too, regardless what the machinery of both parties will want. So, we should all wish him well because we all lose if he fails.

  7. 157
    lylian Says:

    Donna @ 01/20/2009 at 3:22 pm

    I agree with Emilie, he really is not seasoned enough for the job. I sure hope he proves me wrong. I am however tired of the race issue and would have preferred someone else. Hey maybe I can retire to a foreign county since I think this one is going into the crapper.


    But please don’t try Australia. I’m sure we don’t want someone like you.

  8. 158
    lylian Says:

    Neil @ 01/21/2009 at 1:19 am

    So, we should all wish him well because we all lose if he fails.

    What you say is absolutely true. This is the part I don’t get of Obama bashers. Bash him before he is elected. Volunteer and vote against him getting elected.

    But here he is, elected. And you’d think self interest would cause people to pray for his success because it would be the Americans own success. If Obama fails, then so do most Americans.

    All these Obama bashers who want to migrate – all I can say is, I hope it’s not to Australia. But – they probably don’t. Our taxes are higher, our government is bigger, we aren’t a super power, and we have UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE. The last one is sure to be a turn off. LOL

  9. 159
    yoyo Says:

    **** YEAHHH!!!!



  10. 160
    yoyo Says:

    **** YEAHHH!!!!



  11. 161
    jennifer Says:

    Boy what did we ever do to the haters in Australia? Talk about stereotypes. You don’t even know us and yet you think we are all one way. That is really prejudice

  12. 162
    Brad Says:

  13. 163
    Michelle Says:

    What happened with the green gloves that don’t match the green shoes, fire the designer who allowed her to walk out like that. I am worried about the White House renovations, there should definitely be rules about what you can do to a public property, $ 100,000 can buy a lot of regrettable changes to what at this time reflects class and taste, so I hope Michelle hires the right people to interpret her taste, as whoever matched the gloves and shoes should not be allowed anywhere near a paint brush or wallpaper at the White House, as the fashion faux pas will now be forever documented at the Smithsonian (maybe they will forget to include the shoes and gloves). Really, would Carla Bruni have allowed someone to make her wear that? Maybe they should have lunch and talk about fashion, Michelle needs a fashion BFF, as whoever is doing the last check before she walks out like that should be fired.

  14. 164
    happy Says:

    I’m very happy ! Good bye Bush =) hello Obama !!!!!!
    He is very the best of all the president and I want to say to emilie and donna that you are just racist ( that’s what I think ) but the choice is up to you ….

  15. 165
    Jo-jo Says:





  16. 166
    TheMoviesWeWatched Says:

    It was such a great hopeful day. I truly hope people will continue on high spirits and really put an effort in working together, volunteering, etc

  17. 167
    Denise Says:

    to Lucky L: Obama’s father left his family in Africa and came to Hawaii, left his family in Hawaii, went to Harvard, married another white women and took her back to Africa, acquired his first two kids and stayed married for awhile until his third wife left him and the kids.
    Doesn’t sound like a great guy?

  18. 168
    joy Says:

    Just Jared,
    Who knew you had so many ignorant conservative loonies browsing your pages! Geez.

    January 20th was a great historic day for America. I wish Obama the best!!

  19. 169
    annabelle Says:

    #102, it’s like you read my mind !
    We are screwed !!!!!!!!!!!
    At least I can say, he’s your president , not mine.

  20. 170
    Obama Rocks!!! Says:

    OMG I love the Obama’s so much, they are the coolest first family that America has ever seen. I was watching the Inaugaration for like 8 hours because I didn’t want to miss anything. He is going to make such a difference and that’s why everybody loves him.
    The Obama’s daughters looked so gorgeous, they are just so adorable and didn’t at all look phased by all the attention they were getting. I wish them all the luck in the world.


  21. 171
    RYAN Says:

    Obama has a lot of work to do to fix up the mess that Bush left behnid

  22. 172
    emma Says:

    yay! i’m so happy for you americans :)
    i believe that obama is just the right person to change reputation that america has around the world.
    and i must say that he is the most handsome persident ever!

  23. 173
    Cynthia Says:


  24. 174
    hottest couple ever Says:

    Congrats to President Obama and his lovely family! I never thought I would live to see this and I am overwhelmed with joy and confident
    in the future of this country. How can anyone Not want President Obama to succeed??? If he succeeds we all do. God Bless him and keep him safe!!!

  25. 175
    woah! Says:

    i was there :)

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