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Michelle Obama Debuts Inauguration Dress

Michelle Obama Debuts Inauguration Dress

Incoming First Lady, Michelle Obama, heads to St. John’s Church with President-elect Barack Obama on Tuesday morning prior to the Inauguration ceremony in Washington D.C.

Much has been made about the First Lady’s inauguration dress — which designer she will choose and how the outfit could set the done for her White House style. The L.A. Times takes a look at previous First Ladies and their outfit choices for the Inauguration of their husbands.

Larger picture of Michelle Obama‘s outfit inside HERE.

Michelle Obama chose designer Isabel Toledo for this Inauguration outfit.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Michelle Obama’s Inauguration outfit – YAY or NAY?

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michelle obama inauguration dress

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149 Responses to “Michelle Obama Debuts Inauguration Dress”

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  1. 26
    lalalove Says:

    I agree #23, that was my exact thought.
    Why is what she wears so imperative?
    Why do everyone think they know fashion these days?

  2. 27
    J.ATL Says:


  3. 28
    ray ban Says:

    kinda funny how people in america like someone just because they may dress nice and to them it makes the person a good one. it makes me sad that everyone was fooled by ****** gift in a nice package.

  4. 29
    missp Says:

    who cares what she wears

  5. 30
    brad Says:

    Well, since she is as HUGE as a cow, I guess wearing layers help cover some of it up.

  6. 31
    steve Says:

    Only under the Democrats do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer!This is only an indicator of things yet to come!Do you truly expect, the Messiah to stop tax breaks to the rich and force them to give their monies to the poor, as he pledge?If so, tap your heels together three times and say, I wish I was home, then check yourself into a psychiatric hospital for being stupid enough to believe his rhetoric!BY THE WAY, PRESIDENT ABE LINCOLN WAS A REPUBLICAN WHO FOUGHT THE MONEY GRABBING DEMOCRATS IN THE NORTHEAST WHO OWNED THE SHIPPING BUSINESS AND THE DEMOCRATIC LANDOWNERS IN THE SOUTH WHO WANTED SLAVERY TO CONTINUE!IT WAS THE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT ABE LINCOLN WHO FOUGHT THE CIVIL WAR TO STOP SLAVERY!!!!Not a Kennedy, not a Reid, not a Pelosi!Perhaps, if the liberals would explain our history to our children of all races more, then the truth will come out, instead of brainwashing them!

  7. 32
    nancy napier Says:

    NAY. Not flattering to her height or size. makes her look heavy. The outfit reminds me of the type of clothes Jackie Kennedy wore in her day. She is not a small woman like Jackie was. I have seen Michelle in dresses that were great for her…but not this one.

  8. 33
    lalalove Says:

    I can’t wait for that moment!

    BTW, Ignore the f-er with the alias “Brad”. Fu*king exhibitionist!

  9. 34
    l Says:

    #31 “Steve”- Yes, Lincoln was a Republican, but the Republican party of his day is nothing like the Republican party of today.

    You might want to truly study up on the facts before you mouth off in such a knee-jerk kind of way. It makes you look reactionary, fearful, and ignorant.

  10. 35
    lalalove Says:

    @ Steve, is it really about the party, or the man?

  11. 36
    to #34 Says:

    The Republican Party of the 1860s was NOTHING like the Democrat party of today. Where did you get your degree in history? (I do have a degree in American history).

  12. 37
    mediterranean Says:

    She is not supposed to be a fashion icon. She is a lawyer and the wife of the President of U.S.A. That’s all.

    Good luck Obama! May God be with you during your time. We are all optimistic today for the future. The change we believe with him.

  13. 38
    mediterranean Says:

    Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican elected to the Presidency.

  14. 39
    Hannah Says:

    The dress is lovely on its own, but it doesn’t suit her shape at all. She is very bottom heavy and the dress seems to accentuate that.

  15. 40
    Beth Says:

    Thank you Democrats. You wanted the keys to the car and now you have them. Both to the White House and Congress. When you crash, there will be no one else to blame.

    Today is an Obamanation.

    America is in the toilet and today marks the day Obummer and the Dems officially flush it down — while the brainwashed masses cheer. We are headed for Depression and a foreign policy collapse, all while you liberal lemmings walk off the ledge and drag us with you.

  16. 41
    Hal Says:

    The smart people are ready. The dumb ones voted for Osama, I mean Obama Hussein.

  17. 42
    um Says:

    She looks pregnant.

  18. 43
    Lucas Says:

    i love that folks are dissing Jared because his post is about her outfit and not on rumors that she slept with Joe Biden on the campaign trial. whatever, you guys need a life more than Jared does.

    don’t worry, the reports that Brad is being implanted with the first male womb since the docs said Angie will kick it if she has another kid will be back tomorrow.

    as for Michelle, could she be any more Fluggly looking. The fabric is a nice color on her. the cut is horrid. as someone else said, granny dress. and the matching coat is overkill on the granny front. all that brocade does NOT help. And her lack of hair a big negative.

    she should have taken a page from Jackie O. done a nice professional upsweep to the hair with a more suit style cut to the dress. or at least a fitted dress and not the sack look she has.

    hopefully tonight for the Ball (since they are going to waste on that money on it) she’ll have something better looking. unless it was designed by the same person. then eekk. I hope at least she didn’t have to pay for any of this. if she did, demand the money back

  19. 44
    Lucas Says:

    hey political naysayers. why don’t you can it. stop dissing the guy cause he’s a democrat or cause he’s black or whatever. the guy that had the job before sucked and look how we ended up, the guy from his party didn’t show a lot of faith that he could see the mistakes that were made and would fix them. Obama talked the good talk about cleaning up the mess, which is what we need.

    so lets give the guy a chance. And when he fails to live up to his hype then you can have at him. Because of what he did or didn’t do. Not because you got a think about Dems or Blacks or men that marry frumpy dressing women or whatever your issue is.

  20. 45
    lalalove Says:

    Just saw George Bush Senior, and May God Bless his sinful soul.
    The Son of a Gun can hardly walk.

    Bless his Soul.

  21. 46

    Nice dress, but she looks pregnant.

  22. 47
    l Says:

    #36 said “The Republican Party of the 1860s was NOTHING like the Democrat party of today. Where did you get your degree in history? (I do have a degree in American history).”


    Uh huh. But I never said that, so you might want to re-read what I wrote. I said nothing about the Democratic party.

  23. 48
    Kristine Says:

    yay… She looks great!

  24. 49
    black Says:

    Never forget one thing though——-Barack is WHITE. Raised and taken care of by a white mother.

    Half of the people who voted him don´t even know what his program looks like—colour is all that matters it seems.

  25. 50
    Cayanne Says:

    While this is a very historical day I have to say that I personally do not care for the color or fabric for this occassion. I like the lines, length and how it performs on her body I just don’t care for the color, texture or embellishment of the costume!

    She should have aquired ST JOHN KNITS for consultation and construction design of a ST JOHN SUIT!!!

    That’s all there is to that. Otherwise, great day!

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