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Michelle Obama Debuts Inauguration Dress

Michelle Obama Debuts Inauguration Dress

Incoming First Lady, Michelle Obama, heads to St. John’s Church with President-elect Barack Obama on Tuesday morning prior to the Inauguration ceremony in Washington D.C.

Much has been made about the First Lady’s inauguration dress — which designer she will choose and how the outfit could set the done for her White House style. The L.A. Times takes a look at previous First Ladies and their outfit choices for the Inauguration of their husbands.

Larger picture of Michelle Obama‘s outfit inside HERE.

Michelle Obama chose designer Isabel Toledo for this Inauguration outfit.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Michelle Obama’s Inauguration outfit – YAY or NAY?

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michelle obama inauguration dress

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  • Tap

    I thought the dress was colorful and Michelle looked
    great. Reminded me of spring – something we all
    need with the cold chill we are in:)

  • whatever

    Great! The Dow is now below 8000! (for you Y’obamamaniacs information, the Dow is a stock market indicator. When it goes below 8000, it’s not good).
    But they don’t tell you that kind of stuff on bumper stickers or t-shirts! Make sure you get your Obama commemorative plate quick before you run out of money!
    The masses are A**es

  • drew

    well, Obama can’t be any worst than all those pasty people who came before Obama, and help us lord,… we barely survived the 8 years that crooked bush was in office, what a lying, greedy,cheat he was, because of bush it’s gonna take years to get the country out of this horrible mess we are in, like Obama already stated.

  • hrhkat

    honestly, I really like her, but her outfit was terrible….completely inappropriate for daywear, the color, while not bad, did nothing for her. The awful green gloves, the boring green shoes, the rhinestones around the color, the material, with the lace, the white jacket lining, the bow on her stomach, the sweater underneath, it was all a mess….I really truly hope she does way better at the ball. Why didnt she just pick an experienced designer, like ralph lauren, or zac posen, or michael kors, or carolina harara…this designer she picked was awful, and the seamstresses werent very good….

    although the daughters looked adorable and completely appropriate…

  • avionne

    I like the color of the dress..more than the dress itself..but she looks really nice though

  • Rackyjam

    #95 i’m feeling so sorry for your ass, your pathetic (lmao) . If you hate Obama so much, why dont you just jump off a cliff with your heifer wife and all yr troubles will be over, you wont have to live in the Obama Era. give the man a chance ..if he fails then you can start calling names. Obviusly the issue for you is race and not what is better for the country. Well dont be a hater , accept the things you can’t change. i cant stop laughing after your stupid ass …….. your soo rude addresing the first lady as a “heifer” . i guess thats what they call all the female breeds in your family. he -he.

  • jen

    i dont like it but she dresses weird… its kinda her style, it doesn’t look too bad though on her… some of the people who are criticizing her weight are just too pathetic though..I think she looks great! I really couldn’t see her too thin!

  • G-girl

    to Drew #103:, “can’t be any worst” (your education is showing). Whether or not we agree with Bush’s decisions, even the MSN (liberal) news is reporting that he was always honorable and believed in his decisions. Did he make mistakes, maybe, even probably… but he was not “greedy”, nor a “cheat” (next time try to back up your slander with an example).
    And by the way, as for this country’s financial crisis… you probably don’t know who Barney Frank is (but he is a liberal/democrat and is the one primiarly responsible for giving the banks and mortgage companies too much leash, allowing them to dole out mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them… both personal and businesses). And, now the rest of us are paying for the bailouts. Also, are you aware that in his very short career as Senator, Obama had the senate record for spending… the one who voted to spend the most out of all senators (conservative and liberal).
    So before you go blaming Bush for the finanacial crisis, please do your homework. I’m not Bush’s #1 fan either, but I do not believe he earned the bad reputation that was spewed in large part by a very skewed media… do your homework, research and think for yourself… then cite examples if you want to make a point… otherwise you are merely one of the little sheep who believe, follow and propagate anything they hear.

  • Chelsea Phillips

    well i think that the dress that michelle obama wore today and that if some people don’t like it well thats there problem and not mine. i think that that dress is really pretty so i hope that ur designer keeps on making your cloths rock on

    Love, Chelsea Phillips
    of Childress TX

  • Chelsea Phillips

    well i think that the dress that michelle obama wore today and that if some people don’t like it well thats there problem and not mine. i think that that dress is really pretty so i hope that ur designer keeps on making your cloths rock on

    Love, Chelsea Phillips
    of Childress TX


    i can’t believe people are saying she hasn’t got a good figure! She looks amazing.You all must be the type who think Angelina ‘skeletor’ jolie has a nice figure. Your all so dumb. I bet your all fat fuckers typing away with one hand and stuffing yourself with doughnuts with the other. Idiots

  • lakers fan in boston

    dont really like it
    the coat actually made it worse and the color of the dress also was bad imo

  • 2$

    it’s nothing spectacular. american press are ridiculous. please stop calling ms. obama stylish or fashionable. just because she dresses up a bit than a typical sloppy american, she becomes a fashion icon… ppppease. stop saying she’s beautiful. she’s not (i am entitled to my opinion & don’t bring race in) anyway, let’s focus on her intelligence & law degree… to see what/ if she can do anything more meaningful in a position that she is in… her husband can really talk, talk, talk… now let’s see what he & administration can do.

  • G-girl

    I am sorry, but I am so tired of hearing from a bunch of uneducated, ignorant people that believe that the financial crisis is due to President Bush.
    I am an Independent… not Republican, not Democrat. When I vote, I like to do my homework, and make as educated decision as possible… on my own, not because Oprah or George Clooney (both of whom I adore by the way) tell me who to vote for.
    But if you don’t believe what I’m saying, please check out an article in the Boston Globe… a liberal paper in one of the most liberal states in our country… even they report that the financial crisis is NOT due to George Bush’s mistakes….
    “The Roots of this [financial] crisis go back to the [Jimmy] Carter administration”. . . Also in their article:
    “Time and time again, [Barney] Frank insisted that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were in good shape. Five years ago, for example, when the BUSH ADMINISTRATION PROPOSED MUCH TIGHTER REGULATION of the two companies, Frank was adamant that “these two entities, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are not facing any kind of financial crisis.” When the WHITE HOUSE WARNED of “systemic risk for our financial system” unless the mortgage giants were curbed, Frank complained that the administration was more concerned about financial safety than about housing.
    BUSH DID TRY TO REGULATE IT, but it was a DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS (Obama included) that denied it…and voted against Bush’s proposal.
    Listen if you don’t agree with the war and our involvement, then okay, blame Bush, but geez people, he isn’t responsible for all the world’s problems. Let me guess, next Global Warming?
    The article link:

  • Christine

    Yuck! Come on 2012!

  • Christine

    You go G-girl! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    Welcome to the era of heightened hypocrisy!! Do as I say, not as I do!!!

  • Rafa


  • 2009lc

    Not the best choice. Color drowned her out and it outshone her husband. She should have taken it down a knotch and saved the glitter for evening. A great dark (and WARM) coat with a fabulous fushia scarf and great accessories would have been perfect for her coloring and stature. Sorry–Christmas tree wear! I blame the designer.


    Very regal and appropriate dress for the occasion and the weather in DC. Love this day!!!

  • 2009lc

    Michelle isn’t a fashion icon and she doesn’t want to be. She’s a serious attorney. She’s a first lady. Also, she always seems awkward in heels. She’d much prefer to be in adidas and running shoes. A fashion icon was Jackie Kennedy. No match–no other first lady. Jackie was the IT girl!

  • HAS


  • 2009lc

    Yes, the color of the dress made her appear to be much bigger than her husband!

  • mk

    Hated the color of her dress and the style was not great either. The color competed with her skin color instead of complimenting it. She needs a stylist, if she has one she needs a new one.

    I hope as first lady she picks up a major cause and uses her platform to get something done, the crumbling schools in this country would be a great place to start.

  • Nadine

    The colour combination of the shoe, bag, dress and glove were beautiful. the design of the dress was okay. This was not somthing for me to say wow but it was just fine.
    I will agree with one writer, “If she had close her coat, this design would look more creative.”
    She still look clean and refreshing for a first lady very different from the norm with the exception of Jackie Keneddy.
    Her baby girl colours were amazing, pink and orange.

    love it, love it !!!!!

  • obamaisahalfbreed

    #106….your lack of intelligence is showing. Try learning proper English, then “feel sorry for me”. What a joke people like you are to people like me. LMAO at Y O U.
    I don’t believe I called you or anyone else on this board a heifer. Glad I taught you how to spell THAT word, little chocolate drop.
    Calling me or my wife names is no problem to me, since you’re nothing to me, so I’ll just exercise my right of “freedom of speech” and my other right of “having my own opinion” and address the “First purebredheiferlady and halfbreedretard Prez” as I wish. Get a job, pay your taxes and stop breeding your ignorance. Pay my taxes and all of my bills and then you can tell me how to address someone. Until then, go back to the ghetto, rat.

  • Jason

    Eh… NAY and what in the world was up with those green gloves?

  • Liz

    she looks beautiful.

  • Samantha

    one word: classic

  • Anon

    Big Nay! The matchy, matchy coat and dress is so unchic. The color isn’t flattering on her and don’t even get me started on the color of those shoes and gloves. They don’t go with her her dress color at all. Too bad, since the rest of the family looked quite nice.

  • alex

    Sorry, not appropriate for day. Too fancy, too shiny, this is an evening outfit. Big mistake, and I am a fan of the Obamas

  • Women for Obama

    President Obama looks great! First Lady Michelle, looks gorgeous!

    I am soooooo happy. I love our new president!

  • P

    I don’t love it — I was expecting something more classy that would stand the test of time.


    I just love my new president.

    HAIL TO THE CHIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Francine

    Horrible fitting..Made her look dumpy. Color was ok, however, the green gloves were a different color green than the shoes. They were an odd mismatch..Brocade was too old looking for her..Hope she improves …Keep your fingers crossed..she is a beautiful woman..

  • karenztime

    UGH!!! Hate the dress — the color — the sequins, the shoes. Total miss.

  • malene

    never mind the dress…the face on michelle o is freaking ugly.
    so basically the dress matched her face. she’s a hound.

  • qwerty

    It is so pretty, even prettier in person.

  • Cassie

    Mrs. Obama is an attractive woman and will (eventually) find the one or two designers who will couture for her specific figure during President Obama’s time in office; hopefully, he’ll be in place for eight years!!!! She does, however, need to let Mr. Rodriguez go, i.e. he’s the same person who designed that awful red and black dress. Even though she has an athletic figure, she needs to lead America in fashion with the appropriate designers as did Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Reagan (to a lesser degree).

    Those little girls are precious and looked perfect today!

  • ena

    Very very boring dress sort of the kind George W Bush senior would wear, she is young and could have looked better with something more cheerful and not so freaking American-conservative. But I loove them anyway I espect great things from Barack Obama.

  • G-girl

    Ena #139… Bush senior’s name is not George “W”… and as far as I know he doesn’t wear dresses. I hope for our country’s sake the Obamas can live up to your “espectations” (as my expections aren’t as hopeful).

  • G-girl

    oops, left out 2 important letters in my expectations

  • drew

    umm… g-girl, # 140-141, before you attempt to tell some one else about education, you need some yourself, i left earlier, so i did not get a chance to respond to your idiotic answer, not that i think i need to, because you are? (zero, no one) you seem to be the dumb one, of course i know what i am talking about, you on the other hand,…. not so much, bush is not innocent, he has made a lot of horrible mistakes behind as well as in front of the America public backs, he seems not to want to listen to people who knew more than him, the list is entirely too long to name, take your own advice and look them up for yourself, i stand by my earlier comment, because i know it to be true, even bush admitted it himself, how can you justify anything he has done.? never mind, don’t answer, you have your head to far up bush’s azz..

  • Angela Fleyzor

    Michelle’s dress was mature looking. A front bow, sweater-like front and dressy neckline – too much

  • soopx1


  • soopx1

    Gorgeous Couple,So Happy For Them..

  • RYAN

    does it really matter? looks are the least of their concerns when running a country like america

  • Tricia

    The Obama’s are first class at all times. Anything they wear is in good taste. About the comment made by lalalove about the welfare program: Most of the benefits were paid and is being paid to WHITE people not African Americans, so you would be just be one more white butt being taken care of. It is these attitudes that negatively effect the image of this country. I am glad to see a more inclusive attitude now by our government. People like lalalove need to go some where and HIDE.

  • Tricia

    The comment about the welfare system was made my obamaisahalfbreed not lalalove. Sorry for the mistake.

  • Sally

    From Whatever:

    Great! The Dow is now below 8000! (for you Y’obamamaniacs information, the Dow is a stock market indicator. When it goes below 8000, it’s not good).
    But they don’t tell you that kind of stuff on bumper stickers or t-shirts! Make sure you get your Obama commemorative plate quick before you run out of money!
    The masses are A**es

    Hey Whatever: Easy to explain – The Stock Market is racist !