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Reese Witherspoon Gets Grey Glum

Reese Witherspoon Gets Grey Glum

Reese Witherspoon drops off her son, Deacon, to school in Brentwood, Calif. on Tuesday.

The 32-year-old Legally Blonde actress appeared a bit under the weather as she wore a casual zip-up hoodie and sweatpants.

At the People’s Choice Awards, Reese said, “It’s such a great way to start the new year. A couple years ago, I won a great award for singing in a movie. This year, I won an award for having a baby throw up on me!”

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  • mike


  • salma

    i can’t stand her she’s so pretentious and thinks she’s got taste ………..
    she’s boring and ugly

  • Wow #2, you’re an angry person.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • AH

    if i had people chasing me around as i dropped my kids off to school, i would be glum too.

  • Julia

    Love her!!!

  • whatever

    She really is not an attractive woman. My guy friend told me she is unattractive because she has a “mom ass” (flat and wide) and her forhead is too grotesquely huge. How does she manage to get these attractive looking men?

  • bob

    Well Ryan is the one who gave her the Mom ass and Jake is gay. So don’t be so sure she’s pulling hot guys with her looks.

  • Anon

    This SUCKS. It should be against the law for papparrazzi to take pictures of children’s schools. The stalk and harrass people and their minor children and follow them to their schools. WRONG. I would be very angry if I was Reese. She is suppose to go home now and worry about the safety of her kid with those animals camped outside. A lot of them are convicted felons.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, how can someone be THAT unhappy?

  • LOL

    #9 say what?! A lot of the paps are convicted felons?!! And they camp out like animals at schools all day?!! OMG..LOL. You’re so full of ignorance it’s funny but pathetic at the same time.

  • Misty

    I don’t know LuckyL ask Angelina Jolie she looked miserable the other day when her and Brad was leaving the restraunt.

  • Not Fooled

    #9 are you kidding? Reese is a huge PR whore. She probably sends the nanny to take her kid to school. It’s been a few days since Reese had her picture taken by a pap so she had her PR arrange a few shots. Her annoyed face is a huge act. Ever wonder how paps manage to get her picture in some of the places that she’s at if she didn’t call them and then arrange to be seen? You know like the pictures of her in the middle of the desert and the pictures of her and her pretend boyfriend at a restaurant where they conveniently sat at a table that was front and center by the big window.

  • LOL

    #13 Not Fooled you mean there aren’t paps at pig farms and state parks?

  • se

    If she would like her privacity again! Then she must stop to show her ugly face with 1 kg of make up and computer tricks in Magazines, television etc…
    She has lot of money and she haven’t to work more….She can live for her children and her toyboy without financial problems all life long.
    Nobody will be sade when she disappear!

  • Reese is phony b!tch

    “Lol, how can someone be THAT unhappy?”
    Reese Publicity Wh*re Witherspoon didn’t call the paparazzi this time and SHE IS pissed!
    Reese was all smiles when she called paparazzi to take pictures of her and her kids on some pig farm last spring – she wanted photos for the Us Weekly.
    Phony b!tch!

  • Lola

    I have impression that Reese likes to be photographed only when well stowed and full of makeup to look pretty

  • Ivana

    Bob are you gay ???
    Sorry just asking …

    Her ass is quite normal for small woman, who gave birth of two…
    At least she is not some anorexic freak…

  • dianel

    Smile Reese

  • christina

    She is so hot by my side and I have seen some pictures on *******b l a c k w h i t e friends . c o m ********looks like her very much–it is a niche interracial dating service. Maybe you want to check them.

  • awwwwwwwwww

    she is wearing jakes hoodie! That so sweet :)

  • Manu

    Reese Witherspoon looks like shit without the work of her make up artist. And Ivana, you don’t have to be gay to think she’s got a weird body, after all the workouts and all the money she’s got, I would expect her to look like a million dollars and not like that. She only looks good in the events and red carpet appereances, but who wouldn’t if you have professional people doing your hair, make up and telling you what to wear. 90% of these people, when you see them in person, don’t look anything like on screen. Your wives probably look better than her, at least taller.

  • Ivana

    Manu i meant at Bob…. “and Jake is gay” statement…
    I am tired of this Jake Gay comments…

    And whatever ( #7 ) and her/his “mom ass” comment.
    I hope you understand me…
    Although my English is not perfect.

  • cowbulls

    I think she is dressed for the activity that she is doing which is being a Mom. I once dated the stereotypical skinny woman with a boob job that thought she has to dress up to the max just to go have a casual dinner. She always looked spectacular but she was terrible sexually as her hair and makeup were her priorities. She turned into some kind of nut case when I dumped her because she had always gotten anything she wanted because of her looks.
    My next girlfriend was more like Reese as she was a few pounds heavier but those real curves were a hell of a lot more fun than those pointy hip bones.
    Reese would fall into the category of the real woman with curves. I bet she has a VERY happy husband.

  • David

    cowbulls, you sound like a woman, are you a woman dating another woman,….I’m confused, if so, no problem at all,sorry, just being curious. Why would you date someone with a boob job? Nothing like the real thing, even if it’s small. I think plastic surgery is very addictive, some of these celebrities start with a facelift and end up looking like Michael Jackson. I don’t find Reese attractive at all or goodlooking, but that’s my personal opinion, I don’t like women who let themselves and don’t make any effort at all, it’s a passion killer for me. i think it’s important to look good for your partner,too.

  • Manu

    her husband actually left her for another woman, so I guess he wasn’t that happy with her.

  • khia

    She looks mean.

  • dayna

    #21 ewwwwwwww – I don’t know how that can be Jake’s hoodie that she is wearing. It looks like its her hoodie, as it fits her just perfectly. If it was Jake’s, it would be much bigger looking and hanging on her, as Jake is a bigger guy compared to Reese.

  • Julia

    OH, REESE MY PERFECT!!!!!!!!

  • http://Q Hortense

    Misty: your grammar needs improvement. It should be “WHEN SHE AND BRAD WERE”. She is the nominative that is needed here, not “her”, and the two make the verb plural, hence “were” and not “was”/ Are you foreign or just uneducated?

  • http://Q Hortense

    I have taken upon myself the sad duty (and heavy it is) of correcting all the grammartical errors made by uneducated posters here. My task is never ending.

  • http://Q Hortense

    Maybe Jakey didn’t perform as well as expected the night before and left her “wanting”? LOL

  • taylor thompson

    she is drop dead georgous , but she just has a bad day , everyone has a bad day

  • JOHNathan

    She always has a bad day, then, or you need an eye test,…he,he.