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Shia Labeouf Loses License

Shia Labeouf Loses License

Transformers hottie Shia Labeouf has had his license suspended for a minimum of a year due to his “refusal of chemical tests” (breathalyzer test) after his accident last July.

The 22-year-old actor was arrested for suspicion of a DUI misdemeanor based on “physical signs” but the charges were eventually dropped as there was no sufficient evidence.Shia underwent surgery for his badly injured left hand and continues to wear a brace to prevent further injury.

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  • LuckyL

    Ha, to all those delusional ones who thought this fool wasn’t drunk.

  • billie

    I”ll give him a ride!!

  • brie2009

    Shia if you ever stop by Riverside and need a ride, I’ll give you one! lol

    But that sucks that he got his license suspended.

  • R&B

    its ok Shia! but dam it sux he cant drive round but he should have done da tess if he wasnt really drinkin like errone said he wasnt! dis goin b a long time 4 him 2 wait 2 get his license back! I STILL LUV YA SHIA! <3

  • R&B

    hey shia lemme ride cha home….i mean give ya a riiiiiiide home

    eitha way iz fine wit me ;)

  • Amy

    I don’t get it – the charges were dropped but he still got nailed?

  • T

    oh well, he can afford a driver, at least he got out of jail/community service time

  • katherine

    That sucks for Shia. I guess he really was drinking that night and it could have been his fault or equally his fault as the other driver.

  • nika

    hahaha #5


    i don’t care, i can ride him home:) or he can use his skateboard!!!! I LOVE HIM ANYWAYYYY!!!!!!!!!! hes hot

  • mike

    when did this happen lol love him anyways

  • lauren

    i bet he continues to drive anyway….

  • lakers fan in boston

    guess that’s why he’s on his skateboard all the time =]

  • yoyo

    Hey Shia I’ll give you a ride, anytime, any place.

  • meeeeee

    how can you lose a license for something that court has dropped??? Its like going to prison for murder 1 when the judge or jury ruled that there is not enough evidence to convict that person. Weird.

  • Orfie

    Amy – He got suspended cuz he refused the test. You can’t do that without losing your license. It’s a separate thing from the accident – the other driver was responsible for that.

  • Orfie

    meeeeee – License suspension is from the DMV, not from the court. When Shia refused the test, it went onto his DMV record, and it’s an automatic suspension.

  • cougar4shia

    He refused the breath analyzer on the scene which is an automatic misdemeanor suspicion of DUI and loss of your license.

    Then he was cleared of any wrong doing in the accident. He was making a legal left hand turn on a protected arrow when a BMW at high speed blew through solid red light to t bone his F150 hard enough to make it flip twice.

    Since he was seriously injured.. the cops should not have even asked for a breath analyzer esp since he had hit his head, an airbag had deplyed, he was bleeding and obviously going to be transferred to the hospital where they would run a more accurate BAC..but they were fishing assuming he caused the accident and was drunk.

    The BAC which is mandatory at the emergency room with auto accidents.. came back showing him well under the legal limit for blood alcohol levels. Therefore they did not have ANY evidence to show that he was illegally drinking and driving.. all charges regarding the DUI were dropped.

    All that leaves is a failure to comply to an officer request for a breath analyzer which carries an automatic loss of license for a year.

    He will more than likely though get a work provision to drive to and from work. Or on set as part of work.

  • Orfie

    cougar4shia – Thanks for your detailed explanation – it puts the whole thing into a logical order. One question – why do you think Shia refused the test? If he had only been drinking lightly (several hours before the accident), the test would have vindicated him, correct? Or did he just panic?

  • meeeeee

    But don’t you have the right to refuse a breathalyzer and have a blood test instead? so confusing. Also where did they want to give him the test? at the scene? cuz his hand got smashed so he obviously was in pain maybe he just wanted to have his hand fixed and didnt feel like blowing into anything. (Im not trying to defend him, Im not like Shia lover or anything Im just trying to make sense of how this all works)

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    1st – everyone knows he wasn’t drunk.
    2nd – rich people don’t need licenses, so who cares.

  • lover

    #21. i agree with ur second :) lol

  • jaye

    Well, there’s always his skateboard, though he is a dufus to risk damaging his hand again. Ah, youth.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I think a new pair of shoes will support him, folks!!

  • elanenergy

    He was legally smart to refuse the test—b/c even though you lose the license, you’re more likely to win in the criminal court for lack of evidence, as is what happened here. He could have done jail time, classes, probation, etc. on the court side; but because there was no evidence, he bypassed all that “fun”. Good for Shia, he learned a valuable lesson and no one was killed. Hope he heals up.

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    I wonder if this is retroactive to the date of the charge or if it starts now?

    Here in CA it is not legally smart to refuse a breathalyzer or any test for DUI because as others have said you are now automatically admitting guilty and pleading guilty in court without ever going to court.

    I was under the impression that he was not able to do any test at the scene of the accident because of the severity of his injury (bleeding profusely and shocky) so the PD allowed him to go to the hospital for emergency treatment. Generally, an officer goes to the ER too and requests blood work to determine whether the injured person was intoxicated/altered. I could have sworn that that’s what the early reports said that he was release at the scene to get immediate medical care.

    I find it weird that we have this law here in CA which doesn’t take into account that when people are severely injured in auto accident that they may not be in their right minds to answer legally binding questions. I mean what if he had a severe concussion and was truly unable to understand what they were saying? I wonder if those things are taken into consideration or if the law is extremely rigid.

  • LuckyL

    Oh I forgot, he’s a celeb

  • kim

    i swear, being a fan of this kid is irksome. he has the worst luck, every couple of months its something with him. well at least he’s been laying low and has some much needed time off, even if it was forced. and with shia’s luck i sure hope he doesnt fall off that skate board since its his only transportation these days.

  • kim

    shia’s neck looks delish in that photo :)

  • bella

    I am in no way bashing Shia, but just like everyone else he has to pay the consequences. Maybe this time he will learn his lesson.

  • Mrs. Labeouf

    Poor Shia !!!! That suck …

  • christina

    He is cool. But I am very curious. Why did he post his profile on a interracial website named
    “b l a c k w h i t e friends . c o m” What is he looking for there?

  • raquel

    #18. Thanks for the explanation. Shia is a JERK!!

  • Kate

    Loved the movie Transformers but this guy is an idiot!!! After talking about how he is against drinking and driving… he goes and does this… moron!!! Even if it wasn’t alcohol, he was still under the influence. Throw him in jail for a few days like what they did to Paris Hilton… may be celebrities will think twice about doing that shiet….

  • cougar4shia

    Who knows why he refused at the scene.. though it is not necessarily a sign that he was guilty..More than likely it was his temper.

    He knew that he didn’t cause the accident. He is the only person injured..and injured badly. The truck landed on his hand when it flipped.. crushing his fingers. He was bleeding and once the adrenaline wore off I would imagine in a great deal of pain. Have you ever slammed you fingers in a door? Imagine them being slammed by an F150 crew cab.

    Witnesses reported that he did everything right.. helped his female passenger out checked on her condition..helped the other people who caused the accident and checked on there condition.Told the other driver who was telling him to flee the scene that that wasn’t the right thing to do and let’s just wait for the cops. People said that he did not seem drunk at all but like someone who just got hurt and was in a vehcile that rolled twice through an intersection.

    So then the cops get there and immediately start to try to pin the entire incident on him..more than likely due to the fact he is an actor and had a recent brush with the law and was just involved in an accident at 2 am. They ASSUMED he was at fault. He is in pain..has done everything right and now suddenly feels like he is being accused or railroaded for something. And he has a bit of a temper.. he probably got uncooperative really quick! Like WTF!! So instead of taking a breath analyzer which is not always accurate and was not even warranted at the time.. and I wonder if they wanted the breath analyzer of the other driver (you know the real asshole who drove his BMW at high speed through a sold red light at 2 am).. He said FU and let the BAC from the hospital clear him. Which it did.

    He knew he had been drinking way earlier in the evening..but he also knew he was under the limit… he proclaimed that from day one through Micheal Bay and others reports from people who knew him and were with him that evening. He wasn’t about to let the cops pin this on him when he knew he was not at fault.

    So in the end after being accused of being a drunk asshole who caused the accident..WHEN HE DIDN’T and being over the legal limit at the time..WHICH HE WASN’T. He still loses his license automatically for non compliance.. but like everyone else on a first offense he will more than likely be allowed to drive to and from work as a provision.

  • shianme

    WTF???!!! #33