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The Essence of Mischa Barton

The Essence of Mischa Barton

Former O.C. actress Mischa Barton poses for the cameras as the new face of Herbal Essence at a photo call in Madrid, Spain on Tuesday.

The 22-year-old recently spoke about President Obama speech, saying, “I cried, I won’t lie. I cried for the people being hit by our economic crisis, including my friends, and for the people who don’t understand the spirit of good Americans. I cried because I had a press day where I had to answer worthless questions about fame and his speech was so right that that has nothing to do with the hard work that made the fabric of the American nation.”

For all you Mischa fans out there, check out her handbag collection HERE!

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  • ???

    Who is this girl and what does she do?

  • joss

    uhhh who cares about her anymore…

  • she sure is

    She cried for her friends who were hit by the economic crisis?
    hahaha who does that include – Nicole Ritchie and co.?

    I’m sure she just cried for her non-existent career as well

  • whatever

    She looks old now.

  • Ashley

    Yeah what a waste of a post.

  • LuckyL

    Fatter and more irrelevant.

  • Fuzz

    Who’d want to buy a hair product that she’s endorsing? Her hair usually looks awful.

  • Queen

    exactly, she does nothing.. just a blond with a happy face saying: fuck me..

  • mike

    number three dont be such a fucking ass….seriously….i love how people literally spend there time coming on here to do nothing but trash talk people if you dont like them then why do you click on the post? doesnt make any sense!!!!!!! lol

  • brie2009

    I love Mischa but I miss the old Herbal Essence line where they had the rose scent shampoo.

  • ingrid

    how beautiful!!!
    she looks very well :)

  • me

    She looks horrible, she lost her looks

  • she sure is

    hey mike (#9), i’ll say whatever i want. deal with it…. seriously…..
    how boring would these sites be if everyone just came on to say “omg that person is sooo lovely i loooove them oooh ahhhh”

  • yuri

    Mischa Barton ♡

  • zara

    l love miche she look so cuteeeeeeeee!

  • Anonymous

    she is great !

  • anna


    I wonder if Cisco Adler inspired her handbag designs?


    Ive decided.. all you weird little fans are obsessed with the most random, homely people like Sofia Bush and that high school musical chick.. then you rag on Mischa Barton who IS WAAAAAAAAAY MORE FAMOUS AND WAAAAAAAAAAY more ATTRACTIVE. weird. IM OUT.

  • Tia

    ‘I cried because I had a press day where I had to answer worthless questions about fame ‘

    wtf. no1 is asking her about fame. she should stop lying. cuz its something she lost a long, long time ago.

  • kara

    She cried, poor baby! For her country? Oh I thought she was born in LONDON, ENGLAND.

  • de Cosmos

    anna @ 01/20/2009 at 7:01 pm


    I wonder if Cisco Adler inspired her handbag designs?

    Poor Mischa must be still in recovery from the Cisco experience!

  • jaaaackie

    Mischa is not necessarily way more famous than Sofia Bush or Vanessa Hudgens (if that’s who you’re referring to). All three of them are known for just one franchise, be it a teen tv show or kids movie franchise but Mischa definitely is the least talented actress of the three.

  • not me

    she looks way old, tried and spent up than her age.

  • not me

    I mean tired

  • wish

    If you talking about Mischa and the others girls you mention No. 22 at least that are doing something with themselves. We don’t see Rachel Bilson talking about anything important or doing anything.She don’t have any talented either. Don’t leave her out she’s from a tv show too.

  • Gemma

    I disagree with comment #22. Mischa is WAY more famous than those girls, not only for being on the most popular teen drama show (by far) in the last ten years, but for being a worldwide fashion icon and appearing on the cover of hundreds of fashion magazines! I don’t think you could say the same about Sophia Bush or whatever her name is. People who don’t watch One Tree Hill don’t even know who she is. I don’t get the online hype, to be honest.

    Anyway, Mischa looks gorgeous here, so you jealous fags should just GTFO. If you think she looks fat you have serious issues, because the girl is still so thin, and I’m betting she’s thinner than all of you. As for her ‘non existant career’, the last time I checked she had tonnes of movies coming up (whether they are overrated blockbusters is irrelivant), is still on the cover of countless magazines, and has loads of fans. Yep, she’s a nobody. I’m just tired of people’s jealous bashing, is that what people do for enjoyment these days??

  • haha

    thats funny.

  • agree: )

    I agree with Gemma! so much more talent, fame, and beauty! Those other girls dont even compare! Plus the O.C was way better and more popular than stupid one tree hill ..eewww.

  • agree: )

    I agree with Gemma! so much more talent, fame, and beauty! Those other girls dont even compare! Plus the O.C was way better and more popular than stupid one tree hill ..eewww.

  • TO WISH:

    RACHEL BILSON JUST DID THAT MOVIE JUMPER NOT TOO LONG AGO, i own it on blue-ray and was lookin BANGIN on the cover of GQ or something.. I love Mischa Barton.. but Rachel Bilson is superior to Vanessa Hudgens and that other lame One Tree Hill chick in every way.

  • meeshhead

    Gemma has it right! Mischa is an internationally acclaimed actress, model, spokesperson and charity worker. She’s famous all over the globe, and she’s really just beginning at the age of 23. The executives who put her on the covers of 236 magazines must be all wrong, acording to some of you here, unless they were looking for a “fat”, “irrelevant”, “nobody” to grace the covers of their mags. Give me a break! She’s an amazing and unique beauty! Aim your mis-directed anger somewhere else!

  • casta

    RACHEL IS A SO BAD ACTRESS, she is pretty but , a very bad actress, i even couldn’t finished that bizarre movie called jumper, i thought different before but i was wrong; anyway i would like to know why Misha doesn’t do get a role even one like jumper movie, why? i mean if actresses like rachel bilson or others are acting , why not her

  • dani

    how can you compare mischa and rachel? i’m not a fan of either but from watching the oc all those years ago, mischa’s acting was very wooden and it stood out amongst the other actors onscreen

  • meeshhead

    To Casta:

    Mischa prefers to get roles in Independent films. She has a few that will be released soon.

  • sa

    i like her

  • sharon

    rachel and mischa are what in their late 20′S and let me guess most of their fan base are teenagers come on they are hanging on a wire ,trying anything to stay in the limelight which i have to say is fading out and you can say so and so made this movie and designed that because i read reviews and most of them are true ,they cant act or design.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    (pinokkio lives forever in hollywood, folks)

  • Allison

    I love how she compares her fame and Obama as if they are on the same scale of importance.

    If she hates it and considers fame “worthless,” then she should get the fuck out. But she won’t, because she loves the freebies too much. Also, she will never be known for her ‘body of work,’ as much as her looks and the O.C. She should be glad that people are still talking about her and her fame.

  • elanenergy

    And what is it exactly that this little seamstress does for the “fabic of America?”

  • adrianna

    huh? what are you guys talking about? i think she looks beautiful. tired maybe, but still beautiful. she needs a new show though.

  • adrian

    Mischa is an intelligent, beautiful, successful and talented woman, who works a lot harder than most people seem to realise. I can only think that all the hostility here is a result of jealousy and envy. So what if she’s not in major blockbusters or a high-profile TV show? – Her style of acting seems better-suited to more intelligent movies, most of which tend to be smaller independent productions.

    And, personally, I think she looks very beautiful in those pictures. I much prefer someone who looks like Mischa – a truly natural beauty – to the surgically-enhanced falseness of Plastic Pammie and her kind…

    (And, before anyone asks – Yes, I am the same Adrian who posts on Mischa’s site…)

  • Agree with Adrian

    Mischa Rocks!

  • meeshhead

    Adrian rocks!

  • RYAN

    she looks really nice in these pics

  • Cynthia

    Ewww!!! Gee, couldn’t Herbal Essence pick an actress more responsible and DRUG FREE?! THIS WILD CHILD SMOKES, DRINKS AND GOD KNOWS WHAT ELSE. HERBAL ESSENCE SUCKS ANYWAY, NOBODY BUYS THAT CRAP.

  • meeshhead


    Cheer up.