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Dakota Fanning To Star in 'New Moon'

Dakota Fanning To Star in 'New Moon'

Dakota Fanning is likely to star in New Moon, the upcoming sequel to Twilight.

E!‘s Marc Malkin reports the the 14-year-old actress is well on her way to play Jane, a member of bloodsucking killer group Italy’s Volturi. The casting notice describes Jane as a petite blonde with a “Botticelli angel-like face…[and] crimson irises.”

“There were no auditions,” a source reveals. “They just offered it to her outright, and now they’re in negotiations. They’ve been going back and forth.”

DO YOU THINK Dakota makes for a good vampire — YAY or NAY?

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  • Jess

    no way!!!!
    jane is meant 2 be around 16 and dakota looks to young and not being mean but she aynt pretty enough for jane… not wat i imagined jane to be!!!

  • Jess

    and i agree i think ANA SOPHIA ROBB!!!! should play jane shes perfect

  • twilightlover.

    i think she’s an amazing actress. but she’s too well known. everyone will just picture her as a character from her previous movies.
    i dont think she suits the way jane looks in the book either. angelic yet deadly. she looks just too innocent for my liking. annasophia robb would be a much better choice.

  • cjean

    You can picture what you like, but from New Moon, she is described as rather slim and androgynous figure with a face too pretty for a boy. She has wide-eyes, full-lips and a child-like voice. This would imply before reaching puberty. Through personal correspondence between the author and Twilight Lexicom and other clarifications from the author, further description says that she and her brother Alec were being “watched” by the Volturi who were waiting til they were older to change them. When they were burned at the stake by frightened humans, Aro had to make a decision to change them while they were still young. Again, this implies they were still more Child than Teen.
    Again, you can picture what you like… that’s what makes books so great. But when it comes to putting it to film, I believe the author who invented the character should be respected enough to say if someone is the right age for the character.

  • wow

    hhahahah @ #25. hayden? for real? NO. LOL.

    i think they should have auditioned her, but yeah, i could see it…

  • emaweee

    i rekon shell be radical.

  • Julie

    Yes, definitely, she is one of the best young actresses! That’s why I know she is capable of playing any role, so she is definitely able to play Jane. Let’s hope she gets the role.

  • itzzzkimmm


  • laura

    isnt she like a tad too young?
    i didnt think jane would be 14
    i mean in the books they say shes young, but i didnt think that young!

  • Dani

    what!! i don’t want her to play jane. isn’t jane supposed to be older and (no offence) but way way more attractive??

  • Michelle

    Dakota’s a good actress, but it’s pretty unfair that to get a role you don’t have to audition for it. What about other actresses who are unknown and might want a shot in being a part of something like this? Maybe she has credibility, but it should still be fair in getting roles for New Moon…everyone should audition!!! And please noooo….that stupid Vanessa Hudgens better not be Leah, because I’ll be damn right pissed!!!!

  • Jen16

    YES!!!! I was hoping she would be jane,this is exactly how I imagined her in the books, though I think Amanda Seyfried would have been great as well.

  • maike

    no offense to her, but I’d rather have them pick a lesser known actress. It has worked for the original Twilight film.

  • justsaymynameright12

    i love her. i think she will be good. and i can’t wait to see her in new moon.

  • ashley


    I hope she plays JANE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amber

    uhm I dont know how many of you have actually read the books but Jane is supposed to be around 12 to 14 I believe.

  • paige

    well… i dont even know what to say.
    ive never even thought of dakota being jane.
    she would kinda be a good jane. actually she would possiblyy
    be a good jane as long as they made her look older and..i cant find the word for it!!?? somethings not there but.. it could be.. what is it though!!???

  • zz

    i don’t like her movies and Dakota neather


  • lovenewmoon

    HELL YEAH!!!!!! now they cant possibly put Venessa wats her face in it.

  • aBigail

    awesome! she rocks(:

  • Maggie

    She is in that new movie “Push” which is a Summit film so why would they have her audition, they know how she can act. I think she would be great in New Moon. Plus, she’s probably a fan of the twilight series.

  • S

    Nay, I can’t say if she is a good actress or not (I can’t judge things like that), but she doesn’t fit in the role as a vampire or Jane. And I can’t believe that she and Taylor Momsen is both 14 (or soon 15) years old!! Or is Taylor born 1993!? Äh, whatever ;)

  • twilightfan

    I think that she’d be okay as Jane, but maybe a bit young?
    I thought Jane shoud be a bit older.

  • chichi

    I think they should have gone with an unknown actress, because then she doesnt bring in her own reality into teh movie. All you will think about is Dakota fanning in her other movie roles. Bad decision.

  • adrianna

    dakota isn’t exactly the cherubic, pouty-lipped jane i imagined, but she’s an awesome actress so what the hell.

  • Maria

    Don’t know what to make of this news.

    I don’t know why, but I thought Jane was suppose to be older.

  • Jamie

    i always saw someone a little older for jane…but idk i guess she could do it!

  • julchenn

    I think she will do a great job! First i tought no no, but now i think she has the perfect face to play Jane!

  • Ruby

    NO WAY. She’s a really good actress, but not for Jane. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =( =( =(
    I’m so depressed right now.

  • jackie

    I don’t think she’ll be good enough to take the role as Jane.

  • wish

    Good for her !

  • Kate

    She’s too young ? no ?
    I admit she is a good actress, but she is only 14 !
    Jane is an adult !

  • kaaa

    Actually thats pretty good..Shes a VERY good actress..look at hide n seek and war of the worlds..shes awesome
    but i always imagined jane as being really older like 30 in looks
    The only one bad thing is that dakota seems to sweet to be a vampire
    but they may make her look like one with makeup and stuff

  • Rebecka

    The first casting choice I am really satisfied with. I know many of you out there think that Rober Pattison and Taylor Lautner are hot and I do not disagree in general. Only, they look nothing like I imagined Edward and Jacob to look when I read the books. The same goes for most of the cast with the only exception so far being Alice. When I read this about Dakota, I was like: “Yeah, she’s TOTALLY Jane!” And she’s a good enough actress that I think she’d be able to pull off the ‘diabolic grin on an angel face’ stuff. I hope she takes it.

    PS Don’t hate me, Rob and Taylor fans, it’s just my perosnal, subjective opinion.

  • linds

    I love Dakota, she’s one of my favorite actresses, but to me, she doesn’t look like she could play a vampire. Her face looks too.. idk sweet? I haven’t read any fo the Twilight books so I wouldnt know anything about the character they’re offering her, but I think they should offer the role to an incoming actress. That’s just me. But if Dakota accepts it, good for her, I know she can pull off anything!

  • Danielle

    NAY NAY NAY NAY :D She is never gonna to be a vampire like Jane. Stop it please :D

  • Brenda

    She has CARA OF CHILD

  • amanda

    yayyy !

    i think dakota would do the perfect job as jane ! shes an amazing actress, and i can definitely see her as jane . (:

  • huh

    i’m not really a fan of dakota but i’m not really against her or anything but i somehow don’t think she’ll fit into the role of jane.

  • dee

    why would she want to be new moon. she shouldn’t waste her talent on that. but if the new directors good, and they get a bigger budget….

  • gerard Vandenberg

    This is another kidney spears problem, folks?

  • RYAN

    NO NO NO WAY, dakota is going to take the fantasy and mystery out of Twilight

  • ashley

    I don’t know why but I thought Jane was a bit older. I guess. We will have to see. I think it would be odd to see such a well known actress in New Moon.

  • JJ

    NOOO!!!!! i hate her! and thats just not fair that she didnt even have to audition for the role! there are soooo much better actors then her, way way better. urg.. it would totally ruin the movie..

  • izabella


  • indiesr

    I love her, I really do, she is one of my favorites. But they should stick with less-known actors for these series.

  • k

    No, definately no,it would remind me to much of a young Kristen Duntz in Interview with a Vampire.

  • nurry

    Somehow i imagined Jane to be way younger for some reason but i think Dakota will do great! Shes a great actress no doubt.

  • Labbo

    I like her as an actress and all, but I really don’t see her as Jane. I just don’t think she’s right for the part.

  • seriously?

    Vampires in Stephanie Meyer’s books do not have fangs Jared!!

    I could see her doing the roll…though I think a better choice would be AnnaSophia Robb…she definitly knows how to do creepy!