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Dakota Fanning To Star in 'New Moon'

Dakota Fanning To Star in 'New Moon'

Dakota Fanning is likely to star in New Moon, the upcoming sequel to Twilight.

E!‘s Marc Malkin reports the the 14-year-old actress is well on her way to play Jane, a member of bloodsucking killer group Italy’s Volturi. The casting notice describes Jane as a petite blonde with a “Botticelli angel-like face…[and] crimson irises.”

“There were no auditions,” a source reveals. “They just offered it to her outright, and now they’re in negotiations. They’ve been going back and forth.”

DO YOU THINK Dakota makes for a good vampire — YAY or NAY?

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  • Mel

    NOOOOOO!! She is a good actress but I don’t think she will be a good Jane

  • linda


  • anacullen


  • carmentxu

    and also she should ve been auditioned for it
    i thjink she is a good actress…but JANE???? c’mon no way

  • rafa

    she’s a great actress.. im sure NM will be fun!

  • tom

    Good pick. Ana Sophia robb would also be good.

  • SandeeeRa


  • Snow White

    No thanks. First Vanessa Hudgens, now this. I like Dakota, but she’s too well known and I cant see her in it. Why cant they pick talented unknown actors instead of giving roles to famous people without even auditioning?

  • Marcella

    No. Too much young for this movie.

  • twlight fan!!

    ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!!!!!
    I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!

  • luli


  • Hannah

    Jane’s supposed to be a brunette!

  • Isabella

    What the hell?
    I think that putting extremely young actresses into these movies ruins it…
    She wouldn’t have the presence of a more experienced and matured actor.
    This will suck.

  • kenzie

    When I first saw this I was really upset,
    But Dakota is acutally a REALLY great actress.
    So I think she’ll do a really great job!

  • розали

    no, no & no!!! i thought that jane older from the books…
    i wish they picked that actress who is less famous than Dakota.
    hope they find new star & don’t suck it

  • amanda

    Not to brag but I called this while I wazs reading New Moon, right away I felt that she would be amazing in this role, like the charter was written with her in mind. I think she will be an amazing addition to the cast!!! :)

    I cannot WAIT for this movie!! ;)

  • jen

    yea why not.. shes a great actress

  • Kate

    She is so fitting as Jane – exactly how I pictured her. I think she should of had to audition for it just to be sure, but the girl can act and i know she can pull it off

  • bella

    yuck the whole reason I loved twilight was because it was performed by actors I did not know about. i could follow the story and the actors came to life because I didn’t have any preconceived notions about them.


  • Cynthia

    Hell to the no, I hope this is just a rumor. In hollywood not everything is fact. Sara Paxton, Taylor Momsen or AnnaSophia Robb would be a better choice of Jane than Dakota, nooooooooooooo!!!!!!

  • dal

    dakota is a great actress and all but no :/ i dont think they should get too well actress’s/actors, idk why but like why not get an unknown actress plus isnt jane meant to be kinda older?? and not making her audition for it is pretty unfair,, its like they just give her the part so more people watch the movies for dakota or w/e. (my opinion :D)
    maybe she would be good but i prefer someone new/unknown :P

  • dal

    dakota is a great actress and all but no :/ i dont think they should get too well actress’s/actors, idk why but like why not get an unknown actress plus isnt jane meant to be kinda older?? and not making her audition for it is pretty unfair,, its like they just give her the part so more people watch the movies for dakota or w/e. (my opinion :D)
    maybe she would be good but i prefer someone new/unknown :P

  • jay

    i think its the best choice they made so far to get a real talented actress to be part of the movie. i guess now the movie has some credibility. Not just some teen flick

  • Corey 2 cool

    Jane hum, i mean I alway thought of Jane as late teen but maybe. I like the books and I think that it could work I wonder who there are going to get to play her twin brother in the movies then I can make a yay or nay on what I think.

  • huge88

    absolutely not !!!!!!!!!!

  • Holly

    OH NO!!!!!!! for god’s sake she’s just a kid and they are offering her to star in the twilight sequel?that’s just not right! she will never be as good as Kirsten Stewart!

  • jen


  • devin-alicia

    i dont like her
    she’ll ruin it : (

  • amberleigh

    no . i dont want her to be jane.
    i just cant picture it

  • Orange


  • moo!

    She is a great actress! but..
    I don’t see her like Jean really I don’t!


    Lol! The description for Jane sounds exactly like Kirsten Dunst in Interview with a Vampire – other than that I think Dakota’s the best option at the mo, unless there’s is a majorly talented unknown out there (which there probably is But they won’t know about because they didn’t audition!!) But aat least she’s better than Hayden, Hayden can’t really act – I used to really like her as well, but the more I watch heroes, the more I think that she just tries too hard!

  • .

    i don’t want her to play Jane.
    she doesn’t seem to fit the part.
    Jodelle Ferland would though.

  • liza


  • raquel

    I think that Dakota would be a Good Jane, shes’s a great actress, so I think that she would do a great job with Jane

  • sae

    Dakota is pretty much exactly how i envisioned Jane!
    She just needs creepy eyes and a lot of makeup..

    Hope she gets the role =]

  • pie

    sorry to say this but NO!
    take smoeone that’s not known, someone that’s new, someone that has a more alice/ ashley looking face.

    my opinion x-( but if it hapen’s it’s just a thing we all have to live with.

  • Payton

    I don’t think Dakota is old enough to play Jane. I think of Jane as being someone older with a little more “vampire experience” under her skin. Dakota just looks too young. I would have picked Kristen Bell from Veronica Mars and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

  • Liz

    Noooooo!!!! that would be horrible. she dosent even fit the description of Jane! Besides the movie is full of actors who are unique and havent had any other huge parts in other movies. Ugh it was a huge mistake in the first place to make these movies. The original twilight readers (such as I) are the only ones able to get past all this stupid publictiy and remember the true story of it all.

  • LuckyL

    Michelle @ 01/22/2009 at 2:06 am

    Dakota’s a good actress, but it’s pretty unfair that to get a role you don’t have to audition for it. What about other actresses who are unknown and might want a shot in being a part of something like this? Maybe she has credibility, but it should still be fair in getting roles for New Moon…everyone should audition!!! And please noooo….that stupid Vanessa Hudgens better not be Leah, because I’ll be damn right pissed!!!!
    If they approach you, it’s a done deal. They recruited her. Why would they be negotiating salary? And this happens all the time btw y’all.

  • ana

    i think that dakota would be nice as jane. i agreed

  • jessica

    eeeeeeeeeeewwwwww no! no nononono!

  • silentsophi

    Hells yeah they need actors with more then just looks in the saga. Dakota skill is far above that of adult actors

  • kris

    A million YESSES!!!!

    Idk about anyone else.. but when i read New Moon i ALWAYS imagined Jane to be dakota fanning for some reason … Jane’s character is a little edgy and her new movie Push it looks like she’s capable of playing that kind of girl..
    She’s a great actress she’s done a ton of work ..

    And at the end of the day i hate people that end up saying “i wish they would pick unknown actors” .. like okay that would be great cuz that’s basically what happened with many actors in Twilight .. BUT at the same time they need to pick who’s best for the part..

    Maybe i’m just biased cuz i envisioned Jane to be her. && They don’t give an exact age for Jane anyway so i always imagined her to be around her teen years..
    I hope she plays jane.

  • kris

    BTW when you’re a great actress you no longer really need to go audition . .the scripts just come to you .. so clearly she’s a great actress if she’s just getting script offers handed to her.

  • naana,

    she’ll suck:/
    i mean, shes too young for jane.

  • danieela.

    shes 13 or something.
    NO, NO NO NOO.

  • megan

    you know…now that i think of her as jane. i can picture her as jane.
    that was a good decision. i hope she gets the part :]

  • Mackg3

    Kirsten Dunst did it

  • Joy

    OHHHH. That would be actually kind of cool! My excitement is rising! She is a great actress.