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Paul Walker: Hawaii Lovefest

Paul Walker: Hawaii Lovefest

Paul Walker and his girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell go out for a romantic stroll together while vacationing together in Maui, Hawaii on Tuesday (January 20).

Paul, who hasn’t been seen on the big screen for a few years, makes regular visits to Hawaii to visit his ten-year-old daughter Meadow, who lives on the island with his former girlfriend Rebecca. This trip is possibly Jasmine‘s first visit to meet Rebecca!

10+ pictues inside of Paul Walker‘s Hawaii lovefest…

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  • ace*

    these pictures were taken the same day! he’s wearing the same board shorts.

  • L

    Wow, the girlfriend is fugly.

  • lizzie
  • Kay

    she looks like leelee sorbioski (i can’t spell) !!!!!!!!

  • bella

    It is kinda refereshing to see a celeb with a girlfriend that looks so normal. And I agree with #4, she does look like her.

  • shanda

    She lokoks good enough for him. Can do better.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..`um, `at what point did paul walker because…like, famous again?

  • pafan

    He’s lost whatever he used to have.

  • katherine

    I think he’ll be a star again. the new movie looks really good! stick with action paul!

  • Heather

    No he needs to get away from action it will ruin his career and more people will think he has no acting ability. Do more drama like Running Scared.

  • ´´´´

    Whatafucking hippie

  • dylan

    The girl’s name is Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell. She’s only 19 years old and they started dating when she was 16. Just a little FYI

  • Donna

    Wow I thought he was gay, oh no he just looks gay

  • diva

    not 2 sound mean but e can do better but whatev they look happy so good for them

  • OpsSS!!!!

    he’s 35 old and she’s only 19 what a pervert!!

  • love


    i’m 19 and i would defo go out with him …well if he lost that beard cause it so doesnt suit him..!!

  • Vesper lynd

    Wow, is it just me, or does his girlfriend look a lot like Lee Lee Sobeski?

    Wasn’t it rumored he dated Lee Lee once before?

  • @Dylan (#12)

    Get over it. There is much more to people then just their age.
    So what if she’s a lot younger then him, if its true that they’ve been together for 3 yrs -and still are- , that means they obviously fit together well, and are compatible despite their age difference.

  • Dristevski

    Mmmmmmm check out his bulge……the boy’s packin’…..HOTTTTT!!!

  • jkdjf

    Okay I think Paul Walker is EXTREMLY HOT & can’t wait to see him in more movies but whats up with all the people hating on his girlfriend, there’s nothing wrong with her, she’s a pretty girl & they look good together.

  • Linds

    they look happy together and that’s all that matters

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I thought the HIPPY-MOVEMENT was history?

  • k

    that girl is so f-ing ugly!

    and paul needs to shave.

  • abc’s

    @23 The girl is actually kinda prety in a average looking kind of way. Beside him anyone would look ugly -he’s to damn HOT!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    #4, you read my mind! I was thinking the same thing!!!!

  • B.A.

    Paul should love the beard but he still is hot in my book. I didn’t know he was dating her for that long. Wow. She is kinda pretty but I still want him. Ha ha.

  • B.A.

    I meant lose the beard. he looks better with short hair.

  • pafan

    It’s creepy that a 30-something guy dates a 19-year-old. And started dating her when she was 16? Eeeeeewwwwww.

  • KeKe

    Oh my GOSH!!!!! #4 I was totally thinking the same thing!

  • Yo!!

    Spot on, #’s 4,17 25, & 29 she definitely resembles her!

  • Michelle

    His gf reminds me of LeeLee. She isn’t that pretty. In my opinion, he will always be one of the hottest actors out there!

  • Anastacia

    she’s not good enough for him!!!!!
    but I am!! XP

  • http://Justjared sid

    After doing some reading about her. She’s not exactly who I would want around my kid..

  • brenda

    Oh I so agree with # 4. She does resemble leelee, just not in height.

  • mars

    How could he subject someone so young to all of this? What could they possibly have in common? If he was looking for attention he should have frolicked with someone more age appropiate…This is NOT helping him out for publicity just making him look like a pedifile…Sorry Paul but you are selling yourself short!!

  • sid

    Holy Cow…..

    She does look like LeeLee Sobieski and…. also looks like the ex-Bliss. Maybe one of these ex-girlfriends holds a special place in his heart and he is trying to find a look – a- like. Check out facebook…

  • Izzy

    The less said about Pauls facial hair the better, me thinks. But as for his girlfriend, she’s not what I would have expected Paul to go for. I read somewhere he’s attracted to natural-looking girls, but she’s rather plain (no slight intended). And he would have been 32 when he met her (16 then). That’s quite shocking. It’s put me off him quite a bit! What’s known about her? What does she do, where did they meet, etc?

  • everthing about

    Jasmin and Bliss are looking like very much.

    i think, it could not forget bliss .
    Paul and Bliss together became along 6 years, After they leave,Bliss got married immediately.

  • sid

    For Gods sake – She lives out of a friggin van…. This whole thing has got to be a huge joke! I agree – this news has turned me off too…. I don’t think much of him after this! I think this is a total embarassment for his family to be reading. Not unless, he just doesn’t give a crap! I am a true believer that what you give out you will get back.

  • marrile

    They hided long time the relationship. Why do they look now.?? Advertisement scent is coming..!!!

  • love

    she looks older than 19 ,..isit just rumors or someone actually confirmed it?

  • Timpanie

    Il est si mignon mon Pauly à moi :P Ouais vous me comprenez pas et je m’en moque :D Paul je t’aiiiime <3 <3 <3

  • Cynthia

    He’s overrated and fugly! Why is he famous?!

  • s

    Exactly #43….

    Looks will be gone in a few years… He’s already wrinkled up….
    His acting skills are not very impressive. I did like watching 8 Below..
    Dogs were great!

  • mars

    Could not agree more. She looks like a wet dog. Little beachrat. Cmon bro what is the deal?

  • mars

    . She looks like a wet dog. Little beachrat. Cmon bro what is the deal?

  • http://justjared soprano

    Paul, my hero! If he ditches the hippy trail his stunning looks will re-emerge. Remembering the photos of him with a “crew” cut, suited, with that dazzling smile & dynamite, twinkly blue eyes. Looks happy enough; good for him. Guess I don’t stand a chance – 42 year old Latin lady – boo hoo – LOL

  • Izzy

    My Paul Walker crush has suddenly fizzled out like an asprin in water. It just seems “wrong” that at 32 he started dating a 16 year old – (barely “legal age” in the UK!). Is she definitely so young – she looks older? All I can say is that Pauls’ taste is a little off – I mean, no offence to the girl, but she’s not exactly a “catch”…looks-wise at least. Maybe she has a heart of gold or something because I can’t imagine why he’s fallen for her. Unless he just likes um’ young and in that case – ewww! He’s not the guy I pictured him to be – in fact he’s the total opposite – bizarre taste in women and a bizzare personal aesthetic. I’m all for the “free-spirit, hippy” lifestyle, but does he really have to have rank facial hair and a bespectacled mess on his arm to prove his hippy credentials. Paul – you’ve done yourself no favours son!! P.s. any input on my earlier post……what is known of Jasmine??? i.e. where is she from, what does she do, where did they meet etc???

  • http://Justjared s


    As per her myspace, her friends work as waitresses/waiters in a frequently visited breakfast stop in SB..
    Her myspace said that she is a hypnotist. That’s it !!!!- she put a spell on him lol. So, who knows if she has any kind of a degree at 19??Reportedly, she lives in a small beat up van. I don’t think they have hygene facilities installed…Ewwwwwwe Her myspace also brags about her alchol and drug use… Yes.. I think she is a definite keeper – don’t you? Lets not forget to mention that this for him is his chosen “roll model” for his 10 year old daughter???? Wowwww
    How to make Mama prowd.. I think you just blew it bro!

  • Cals

    love him! he has always been my number one celebrity crush! his g-friend looks like she could be his sister though hmm he’s lookin’ hott!