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Shia LaBeouf: Mad Dash!

Shia LaBeouf: Mad Dash!

Shia LaBeouf dashes home after meeting up with a older friend on Wednesday (January 21) in Glendale, Calif.

The 22-year-old actor was seen smoking a cigarette. His bum hand served to be the perfect wind-blocker when lighting his cancer stick!

Shia was also seen keeping his head down while sitting on his friend’s stoop. He must have been bummed about having his driver’s license suspended for one year! This was a result of his refusal to take a Breathalyzer test after his car crash/DUI bust.

BTW, Shia wears red underwear.

25+ pictures inside of Shia LaBeouf‘s mad dash…

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shia labeouf mad dash 01
shia labeouf mad dash 02
shia labeouf mad dash 03
shia labeouf mad dash 04
shia labeouf mad dash 05
shia labeouf mad dash 06
shia labeouf mad dash 07
shia labeouf mad dash 08
shia labeouf mad dash 09
shia labeouf mad dash 10
shia labeouf mad dash 11
shia labeouf mad dash 12
shia labeouf mad dash 13
shia labeouf mad dash 14
shia labeouf mad dash 15
shia labeouf mad dash 16
shia labeouf mad dash 17
shia labeouf mad dash 18
shia labeouf mad dash 19
shia labeouf mad dash 20
shia labeouf mad dash 21
shia labeouf mad dash 22
shia labeouf mad dash 23
shia labeouf mad dash 24
shia labeouf mad dash 25
shia labeouf mad dash 26
shia labeouf mad dash 27
shia labeouf mad dash 28
shia labeouf mad dash 29

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  • annoynymouse

    love his outfit here :)

  • wish

    Seem like is on the run from the paz. He’s just a kidder

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …`i wish this dude would get rid of that tiny bit’a douche he got in him.

  • ;)

    love his style, so HOT!

  • paulina


  • shiaaat

    fucking leave him alone

    new posts every fucking day on him

    it’s enough

  • Amy

    Do people still call it a cancer stick? Really?

  • pink

    did he move to glendale?.. he’s said in a few interviews that he lives in burbank

  • pink

    did he move to glendale?.. he’s said in a few interviews that he lives in burbank

  • becca

    shia looks great! nice haircut. HOT facial hair.

    i’m really kind of in love with him.

  • oh snap!

    nice hair shitty facial hair, it takes away from his sexy features.

  • oh snap!

    Forgot to add, Shia needs to shave, then he will look totally sexy!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    He already bought some”NEW SHOES”, folks!!

  • hello

    why the hell is he jumping/running? looks weird.. actually he looks (insert politically incorrect term).

  • lily

    so absurdt.
    ridiculious ! NEXT !!!!

  • kim

    just odd

  • Karen

    Come on, Shia, you can do it. Keep your head up and don’t get discouraged. You are talented and have a lot of potential. You don’t need any crutches and you don’t need to listen to anybody saying anything bad about you.

  • tom

    He looks a bit gay in some of these photos

  • not me

    Amy #7

    Do people still call it a cancer stick? Really?

    In fact, the term ‘cancer stick’ is a sign of more awareness about harmful effects of smoking. Those days it was considered, fashionable, manly etc. to smoke. Not anymore. People are more educated now. Also cancer stick is a very appropriate title too.

  • isabella

    I seriously would faint if i met him .. I live in l.a. and would do anything to meet this dude seriously..

  • alessia

    *20. Isabella. lol dont be. I heard (from a reliable source) Shia is
    awkward around girls! dont have time for awkward guys, its not cute or sexy. that said, my perception of him has changed. lol. wouldnt be surprised if hes still a virgin!

  • dundies

    …`i wish this dude would get rid of that tiny bit’a douche he got in him.

    i wish for the sake of me you could come up with more original things to say

  • wtf

    To #22 are you referring to that horrible beard of his…lol. He looks so nasty with that thing, he does not look like himself what so ever, he looks like a major douch with that thang…
    His beard looked great in EE (eagle eye).

  • silly

    what is with some of those photos of this guy…he looks like a dork, with a fuzz taped to his face…that facial thing is so eww!

  • R&B

    dam baby gettin dat fa sho

    i luuuuuuuuuuuuv how he lookin but babe come on stop smokin! i kno its hard!!!! haha but do it 4 mama! haha

    luv ya shia! haha

  • llllUVA

    OMG HE LOOKS SOOOO SEXY!!!! i love his outfit, and yes, he looks awkward …. but i love him anyways!!!!!!! he’s so hot , the haircut and the facil hair help, really do I’M SOOOO IN LOVE!!!!



    awwwwwww he’s so cute. i love that he drinks diet coke :) MARRY MEEEEEEEEEE

  • shelby

    aw, he looks like he’s going through alot.
    but those are the hottest jeans i’ve ever seen on a guy.

  • lll


  • smileyamy

    He looks way better he’s put some weight on! Love this dude. red undies? EFFIN HOT!

  • Awww, he wears those jeans and shoes EVERYWHERE lol.

  • Get HELP Shai

    I think he is so adorable but something is so off about him…I hope it doesn’t end in tragedy.

  • nom nom

    i wanna push him against that car he’s soooo casually leaning agaisnt and do dirty things to him. unf shia is so hot, and after i shave his beard id love to nibble on that neck

  • ^%.,!?

    he’s like uncle”
    to me.. If he don’t cut his mustache
    uncool today!!

  • agatha

    i love him want him admire him….cant stop…help

    love shia:)
    give him more movies please:))

  • agatha

    aw and i forgot what is wrong in pic 4 ???
    awwwwwww <3
    poor shia .

  • sheryl

    tom @ 01/21/2009 at 10:06 pm

    He looks a bit gay in some of these photos

    OK, I have some guy friends who are gay, and they don’t act this way, so leave the “gay” out of it, please. He just looks like a big ol’ dork, and gay has nothing to do with it.

  • Yoyo

    He looks like a freakin’ fruitcake in those running photos.

  • bejeebus

    does anyone else see hm really ending up in a bad way? i just have a bad feeling about his future. seems like he’s making very irresponsible choices and acting a little cookoo.

  • heartsong76

    why can’t the paps leave this poor guy alone..

  • Elaine

    “BTW, Shia wears red underwear” LOL
    I hope his hand gets better. He looks sooo good with beard. It sucks about his license but well he refused

  • holly

    THATS running? looks more like ballet…

    hes still super hot though<3

  • САшуля

    ваще))))я его просто обажаю))

  • ace

    Getting sexier by the second.

  • iNDIA

    baby is SEX in Blue jeans!!!

  • mina

    OMG!!!! He totally rocks that look! (:
    I love how he looks!! yeah he seems kind of awkward..
    but still… loooooooooovee him!!!!

  • Cincin22

    He’s pretty sexy, but he’s such a He’s funny.haha.

  • dsgf

    i don’t know what labeouf is like as a person. but i do find him unbelievably attractive. he is very much my type. love his nose. ok, thats enough. he probably spits, farts and snores like any other guy, haha.
    i am confused.

  • marty

    where does he live? i know its in teluka lake

  • jake

    Im 17. i love this guy, he is so cool apart from the smoking. But if he doesnt wnt to be photographed, then why dont the bastards just stop. I love looking at photos of him from the day before and stuff, but its making he unhappy.
    This guy rocks !!!!!! i wish i was his friend so i could kick ass of the paperazzis asses for him lol.