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The Obamas Dance the Night Away

The Obamas Dance the Night Away

President Barack Obama and first Lady Michelle Obama dance the night away at the Home State Inaugural Ball, representing Hawaii and Illinois, held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday.

The President and First Lady danced to “At Last” by Etta James and performed by Beyonce.

First Lady Michelle Obama chose a cream-colored asymmetrical dress designed by Jason Wu. She wore a lemongrass colored outfit this afternoon during the Inauguration Ceremony.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the First Lady’s evening dress — YAY or NAY?

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156 Responses to “The Obamas Dance the Night Away”

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  1. 76
    Brad Says:

    Do you want to be afraid of the truth ?

  2. 77
    serephina Says:

    Michelle Obama has been photoshopped into thinness!!! I know she loves that. Her dress size is a 14 if that tells you anything…

  3. 78
    William Says:

    Stunning couple! All you conservative Republicans moaning about everything need to accept defeat. Your man in office these last 8 years have ruined this wonderful country. Get over it, move on and show your patriotism by supporting the new administration.

  4. 79
    hmmm Says:

    Seraphina: No what do a size 14 tell us??? I mean we know she is not skin & bones, we know she is not fat, and we know that that is the average size of most american women. So I don’t get your point.

    Also, anything that goes into publication in these vain times are going to be photoshopped to some degree, again what’s your point??

  5. 80
    serephina Says:

    It’s unfortunate that when Bush took office from Clinton there was a recession already in place and within months, because Clinton – just like Obama wants to do – downsized our military capacity including weapons, gear, equipment – within months of Bush’s taking office we had the greatest attack on our country ever! We had the worst natural disaster Ever! Within months the Tech sector of Wall Street Fell apart and oh yeah – we went to war.

    Now, hard to believe 8 years later we have not had another attack on the United States land although many plots were foiled. We are in an economic downturn yes – but that is cyclical and comes about every 8-10 years – Just ask Clinton.

    If it were not for the war, Bush’s economic policy’s were one of the best in recent times. With oil prices across the world sky rocketing and causing every nation to plummet in a financial abyss as well as the democratic laws which required lenders to give home loans to indiviiduals who were unqualified to actually pay the mortgage – then yes we have economic problems

    But, now you will see what it is really like to pay for social programs of those who have no desire to improve their iives. Your taxes are going to go up across the board – unless of course you receive welfare and then you will be geting a larger check.

    Yeah – Im really excited for this presidency.

  6. 81
    irene Says:

    I think that “classy” is a bit different of “elegant”. As a foreign observer, I think that Laura Bush is very classy, as Hillary was when she was first lady, but both of them looked very elegant with the outifts they chose (Jackie was a whole different issue).
    Same thing happens to Queen Elizabeth, for example, in comparison let’s say… Queen Silvia of Sweden or even the Spanish queen or the Japanese princess Masako compared to Maxima of the Netherlands.

  7. 82
    Eve Says:

    The inaugural outfit was made of a bulky fabric that made her look heavy and Mrs. Obama’s ball gown looks like a prom dress.

    It’s disappointing. She dresses so wonderfully and looks so sleek and sophisticated generally, it’s sad to see her fail on these most important occasions.

  8. 83
    Eve Says:

    Mrs. Bush’s dove gray outfit was selected so she would not compete with Mrs. Obama.

    The same principle applies at weddings. Women (who are informed) do not dress in dramatic colors, patterns, or styles for a wedding.. All attention should be on the bride.

  9. 84
    DIANE Says:

    Thought the dress looked like something you’d wear to a junior prom.

    Plus…didn’t she try to dance in it before the ball. She looked so uncomfortable picking at her dress as she tried to dance. Very awkward.

    She should have picked a brightly colored tailored Maria Pinto dress that would have complimented her coloring and figure better.

    Barack, on the other hand, looked great as always.

  10. 85
    boogie Says:

    I’m afraid her dress is not good.

    Looks like little cotton balls glued all over. If you look at the dress close up in the first photo- it looks like someone put it together at the last minute!

    hopefully, she will get better fashion help later.

  11. 86
    billi Says:

    good luck president obama!!!!!! i think you will be a wonderful president. I think you will give it your all your best i am so proud of you .I just wish your mother could of been here with you to share this special moment ,but i know she was looking down from heaven so very proud of here smart and handsome son

  12. 87
    boogie Says:

    After looking at different photos of Michelle…….I think she would look great if she sticks to classic types of fashion. She has nice skin and lovely arms……

  13. 88
    Tina Says:

    Quote # 87:
    billi @ 01/21/2009 at 10:41 am good luck president obama!!!!!! i think you will be a wonderful president. I think you will give it your all your best i am so proud of you .I just wish your mother could of been here with you to share this special moment ,but i know she was looking down from heaven so very proud of here smart and handsome son

    If his mother was proud of her son, then why did she throw him away when hes small? Thank God for his white grandmother. It took a white grandmother to produce the smart ( Although empty suit) that he is today. Do you think if he was brought up by black people that he would be where he is today ?

  14. 89
    Lee Says:

    I’m not a racist; however the dream of MLK was for All men to be created equal and so forth….yet this presidency is based on “THE FIRST AFRICAN-AMERICAN PRESIDENT. Obama is NOT the First African-American president; he is THE FIRST BI-RACIAL PRESIDENT. And when everyone braces that idea, then the country can meld together without racism.

  15. 90
    Bill Says:

    Get those horse mouth Obama females some braces on their teeth !

  16. 91
    jayanah Says:

    im bored!

  17. 92
    jayanah Says:

    im bored!

  18. 93
    Wow Says:

    I felt shy watching them dance, did you feel the sparks?
    The gown was gorgeous on her and complimented well on her figure, but that “lime-green” was not cutting it for me.

    Prez. Obama has major problems to solve, the whole world is watching, we are watching. Let us survive the upcoming roller coaster ride, hold tight everybody.

  19. 94
    jean Says:

    i am really looking forward to learning about her, but the dress looked like my grandmother’s old bedspread. really. sorry.

  20. 95
    boogie Says:

    take a look at this link. It shows all the former first ladies gowns,4644,6308,00.html#4_0

  21. 96
    queenoftrashin Says:

    Two words……chenille bedspread.

  22. 97
    Birgit Says:

    I think NAY. She shouldn’t have gone with a sleveless dress. Her upper arms are a bit flabby and with all the waving she did that did look a bit unalluring.

  23. 98
    lula29 Says:

    I loved the dress! She looked great!

    All the other First ladies, save Jackie O, just looked old. Maybe that stoigy, stuffy look is “classy” to some people, but to me it just wreaks of old lady.

    Michelle has such a sense of youth, style and fun in her clothing choice, save the suit she wore during the day (I didn’t like it). She takes risks which is very contemporary. In this day in age, a woman in her 40′s is still considered to have a lot of life in her left and I love that she represents that new take on middle age.

    Also, I love how the Obama’s always give a shout out to artist and up in coming designers!!!! My God! They are so in tune to the next wave or little known! I love that about them. Obama and Shepard Fairey,l and Michelle and Jason Wu, and Isabel Toledo, etc.

  24. 99
    ctx Says:

    Lime dress was too glittery for a daytime function, tacky. Was she trying to upstage her husband?
    White gown looked beautiful on her but reminds me of being a debutante gown, not meant for the presidential ball

  25. 100
    Anon Says:

    I think the dress made her look wilted. The skirt didn’t flatter her figure. Her hair was messy, too. He looked hot allll night long.

    They are a very beautiful couple. I love them. But she needs to up her game.

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