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Keira Knightley Insults Paparazzi Via Text Message

Keira Knightley Insults Paparazzi Via Text Message

Keira Knightley doesn’t look too thrilled about being photographed as she strolls through East London on Wednesday (January 21).

The 23-year-old actress expressed her annoyance via a text message to a friend, which stated, “Real d—head pap! Ahh!”

According to UK’s Daily Mail, Keira will star in a film loosely based on the Hollywood classic Sunset Boulevard. She’ll play a reclusive movie star who hides from the world in a Holland Park mansion.

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Credit: Big Pictures; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • LuckyL

    Another lame Oscar chaser.

  • lll

    lol. she’s silly

  • Nolwenn

    Ah ah ah n’importe quoi XD

  • shenanyginz

    wait. is she filming? lol

  • GuitarPrincess

    Is she using the same lame Nokia 6300 that I have???…I guess She was trying so hard to doesnt be notice..I would rather have opted for old clothes and a HTC Touch Diamond on my hand ;)

  • Lizzie

    Yay! Finally some more Keira pictures!

    I LOVE her

  • Jaz

    that is kinda lame. lol.
    i know tons of un-famous girls(and guys) who would would be ecstatic if anyone were willing to take their picture and give them any sort of attention. maybe she was just making light conversation with the person on the other side of the text
    but i’m not famous so i can’t criticize the experience.

  • This really is on a new level of invasion of privacy.

  • Bethany

    shes so lame im tired of seeing her face

  • girlintheknow

    Thats a real invasion of privacy, i would go mad if i was her and saw this. But go Keira, Id have done the same if I was here and being followed all the time!

  • zoe

    she looks weird but still a gorgeous face. decent actress…too bad she’ll be missing from the red carpet this year. always interested to see what she wears.

  • nICKY

    Finally some pictures of her instead of some attention whores..oh she’s so beautiful even in casual so disappointed she was not nominated for the gg or other awards..she deserves to be nominated for The Duchess..She gives a strong performance in it.

  • momoddd

    She’s great, I’m starting to really love her!

  • idril

    Really agree with #8

  • ds

    I don’t like her

  • jen

    hahahaha i’d do the same if i were her ! hahaha stupid pap.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I wonder: SHE WAS JUST BORN STUPID or are there more options, folks?

  • CR30.01

    Is this legal at all? Text messages are like phone calls. The picture is disgusting and should be banned from publication.

  • RYAN


  • Ola

    poor Keira, it’s horrible what the paps are doing, and i really feel sorry for her. I have no idea why you’re writing such an unpleasend things, she is tired, and she can be flustrated, just think how you’d behave if you were her.

  • Ola


  • angel

    she’s playing a movie with my favorite gorgeous and sexy actor , colin farrell i can’t wait to see the movie.

  • angel

    and the movie , called sunset boulevard.

  • Quorn

    She isn’t doing a movie called Sunset Boulevard. It’s called London Boulevard and is based on a book with that same title.

  • angel

    some sites calles it sunset boulevard and some sites has it as london boulevard so i guess it is * something (either sunset / london boulevard) either way i can’t wait to see it of course i’m going to see only cause of COLIN FARRELL.

  • Quorn

    The book, by Ken Bruen, is called London Boulevard. There’s no doubt that’s what the movie is called as well. The Daily Mail article which is the source of all this is quite clear on that point as well.

  • Ally

    nice, i so agree with number 8, god damn it, they could have given out a number or something

  • zach quinto’s wife

    HAHAHA. I LOVE the way she is telling the paps that how such -heads they are.
    go keira!

  • T.

    how did she have his number?

  • Quorn

    Why would she need his number in order to send a message to one of her friends?

  • Singapore Jobs

    I wonder why a pretty woman keep hiding their faces.
    They must be happy and display to the public they God given faces.

  • Ha!

    Jaz, I feel sorry for you if your friends are that desperate for attention. Not everyone in acting goes into the business because they’re a narcissist. Strangely, this kind of invasion of privacy would probably get to even your friends. Why don’t they leave her alone?

  • Megan fox rocks

    love her so much , she’s so pretty

  • athena

    I like Keira Knightley, I just think with the world in such a limbo in these days it is an annoyance to be hounded by these guys…as there are so much more important things out there, that it’s great every now and then seeing your fav celeb shopping the streets…but here’s my diatribe on her dismay…..

    Oh, boo hoo, comes with the territory babes…sorry you’re being hounded…maybe you should stick to obscure indie films(lol) and that way, no one would give much of a rats bum who you are….

    Although the paps do such and do ask rude and insulting questions…she has a choice to ignore them…well, I guess her texting her disapproval is better than her pulling a Kanye…lol.

    Nice to see she looks rather frumpy casing the streets of East London.

  • anna

    idiotic girl. stop acting in movies and do it in the theatre if u sooo don’t want to be famous!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow she looks freaking cute
    love her outfit and those glasses on her =]
    i was also confused about the post, i thought she sent the text to the pap, which would be weird of her having the pap’s number
    love u keira!

  • jaye

    Good Grief, she’s ONLY 23. Seems like she’s been around 20 years. She keeps making those period movies she’s going to be a has been in no time.

  • Mika

    I love her! Go Keira!!

  • anna

    I love her outfit – hiding in plain sight in London. She looks like a million girls walking the streets here right now. Could be an italian or spanish tourist.

  • deepak

    love her

  • Ashley

    i would love to meet keira and if i were here i would fucking tell the paps to shut the fuck up and leave me alone you go keira.

  • Ulie

    love her!

  • Ada

    What can i say. I think shes a good actress.

  • Daniela

    se feliz, como lo soy yo

  • Caitlin

    OH MY GOD!!!!!! Cant you people leave us alone!!! It doesn’t matter what we do. Its our life. I did the same thing about 4 days ago when i was followed in London!!! I just can believe how insensitive people can be to our privacy!!!

  • Caitlin

    I meant cant. The point is that being an actress isn’t always a walk in the park and that people need to stop interfering in out lives!

  • Han

    I actually really admire Keira, Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite films, and i nearly cried in the Duchess! I think she plays her roles beautifully. The paps have taken it way too far though, this shouldnt be allowed….really, showing her phone screen on the internet? thats not nice

  • karen

    keiraaa ♥♥♥
    te vancoooo!
    la mejor actriz y muy hermosaa =) ♥

  • cocolin

    poor thing

    keira poor because they make it

    those photographers shit

    well done

    i love