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Shia LaBeouf: Paper Bag Head

Shia LaBeouf: Paper Bag Head

Shia LaBeouf keeps his face hidden by wearing a paper bag over his head while out and about with a similarly dressed man in Los Angeles on Thursday (January 22).

The 22-year-old Transformers actor kept his bum hand wrapped in a plastic bag and carried around his fave drink, a can of Arizona Iced Tea.

Yesterday, Shia was seen making a mad dash to his house when he spotted the paparazzi. Somebody doesn’t like to be photographed!

15+ pictures inside of paper bag head Shia LaBeouf

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shia labeouf paper bag head 01
shia labeouf paper bag head 02
shia labeouf paper bag head 03
shia labeouf paper bag head 04
shia labeouf paper bag head 05
shia labeouf paper bag head 06
shia labeouf paper bag head 07
shia labeouf paper bag head 08
shia labeouf paper bag head 09
shia labeouf paper bag head 10
shia labeouf paper bag head 11
shia labeouf paper bag head 12
shia labeouf paper bag head 13
shia labeouf paper bag head 14
shia labeouf paper bag head 15
shia labeouf paper bag head 16
shia labeouf paper bag head 17

Credit: Goffredo Crollalanza, WENN; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline, Limelightpics
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  • Psychochick

    Shia is hilarious. You gotta love his senseof humor. I wish fugly Michael Phelps would do this too. He is so hard on the eyes as well as overexposed.

  • Psychochick

    Shia is hilarious. You gotta love his senseof humor. I wish fugly Michael Phelps would do this too. He is so hard on the eyes as well as overexposed.



  • katherine

    Wait, when did Shia get fat and wear large white sweatshirts? DOes he have a twin?

  • Bianca

    Yeah, putting 15+ pictures of him makes this site no different.

  • cougar4shia

    HA! That is one funny mofo!! Love you Shia..

    And about the paps.. they are seriously out of control. This guy isn’t at a premiere or at a high profile restaurant or mall.. he is walking down the street in front of his house and these assholes camp there for no reason to take a gazillion photos of him walking his dog, drinking az tea and smoking. WTF?

    Kudos to Shia for the paper bag trick.. better than say pulling a Penn or Baldwin and bashing a pap in the face (which they some what deserve with the smack talk they dish to try to bait a star).

  • nika

    hahaha, oh shia you never fail to disappoint me

  • shea

    Obama Economic Advisor Limits ‘White Male Construction Workers’ From Economic Stimulus Benefit
    The statement about whites is absolutely a sign of things to come. I am not surprised at all, what I am surprised about is they aren’t even trying to hide it.

  • Me

    Yea, like THAT won’t get attention. I wish these whiney, baby actors would be gracious for their good luck. If they don’t like the paparazzi, then get out of acting and leave it to someone more grateful.

  • wish

    He’s funny.

  • SusanPevensie

    I really do like pics of Shia, but I think the Pappz need to do some backing off! That’s why he’s wearing this plastic bag. I mean, if you’re going to be stalking him in his own neighborhood, that’s not good. He needs his privacy! I mean, c’mon! We’ve been getting new pics of him every day this week. Maybe not just from this site, but lots of other sites. Once a week or something would be just fine. Give the guy a break!!
    BTW, I love Shia’s face. :) I don’t like this paper bag thing at all!

  • diva

    haha this had me lol for awhile!

  • cutiepie32

    Walking around with a paper bag on his head? What an effing loser! If you dont want anyone at all to see you then stay the hell home you reject!

  • shia’s girl

    #51… u are lame! he’s a great actor! okay? so don’t say that LOOSER, he wants privacy, and ok, not the best way, but admmit it, it’s kinda fun, and smart too. so plz if u don’t like him or u don’t have something positive to say… then don’t comment. tnx

  • i am gwyneth

    he never looked BETTER

  • Anna

    OHmigawd. I lOVE SHIA, He’s sooo adorable <333
    Stupid papz :((

  • brie2009

    This is pretty funny IMO. I remember doing this back in 1st grade!

  • ^%.,!?


  • agatha

    ahahahahahahah lol
    whatever shia you are born gifted….and even if you are under a bag.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • serena


  • Shia

    Hi my name is Shia. I’m an idiot.

  • up the st

    ..he lives down the st from my house.. and the paps are always der.. its soo annoying.. .. they got my car and my liscens plate in some of the pics.. he cant deal with fame this kid

  • Karley

    Are you kidding me?
    Robert Pattinson?
    He’s the fugliest person ever!
    And I bet Shia is a million times cooler than Robert.

  • Karley

    Omg, I cant believe you live down the street from him!
    That is so awesome!
    I’m so jealous!
    I love shia!
    Omg, your sooo lucky!

  • Martijn

    More paperbaghead pics at Have you seen one, send it to me please and I will publish them on my website.

  • see

    I said this many times and I’ll it again here. This paper bag has a meaning to it. Think about it. It’s a statement.

    There you go.

  • hahihuheho..

    he just want a normal life…

  • Key

    Love Shia can’t wait for transformers 2

  • fullbeardequalsyuck!

    I love the paper bag over his face so that you don’t have to see his nasty beard. You can still see his sexy eyes without looking at that beard that makes me gag. I hope that shia keeps putting the bag over his head until he shaves! :D :)

  • DJD

    Kewl, he knows how to wear a paperbag on his head.Really, you fullas have issues with this guy, if your shocked that he wears a bag on his head.It’s pretty funni

  • JTzbitch



    euheuheuheuehhueu so funny=))))))

  • Love

    WTF??? LMAO!!

    love it by da way

  • jen

    LMFAO, wtf Shia, a paper bag? really? His sense of humor is a little out there. I still love you Shia, but lay off the weed LOL

  • I can’t belIeve Shia

    WOW! Shia is like becoming a bum now.
    The whole point he’s wearing the bag over his head is because he got his license suspended.
    But I really don’t know why he has a plastic bag over his hand.
    Shia is really and honestly becoming a bum.
    I’m sorry, but, I mean he really is.
    I’m losing all faith in him.
    I mean I use to have all faith in him and I use to think he was wicked hot.
    But now I’m losing ALL faith in him.
    But I think he’s cute now.
    What a bum he’s become. < haha, that rhymed.

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