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After Miss Julie is Miss Sienna Miller

After Miss Julie is Miss Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller will star in the Broadway play After Miss Julie starting in September at NYC’s Roundabout Theatre, reports UK’s Daily Mail.

The 27-year-old British actress will portray the sexually provocative Miss Julie, one of three characters in the show. Sienna‘s character is the daughter of a Yorkshire landowner who creates havoc when she visits below-stairs.

Who’s ready to see daily pictures of Sienna arriving and leaving NYC theaters?!

Pictured below: Sienna leaving her house, clutching a copy of Gabriel Garcia Marquez‘s novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude.”

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Credit: A. Benjilali; Photos: WENN
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  • lol

    “sexually provocative”? Now there’s a stretch

  • bah

    lol just gonna say she chooses those roles cause she doesn’t have to use much imagination in fact it won’t take much acting at all

  • bejeebus

    “sexually provocative” suuuure is a purty way to say w.h.o.r.e.

  • ctx

    Agree with bah. Sienna does not have to act to be sexually provocative She is living it, a natural. No film production will hire her, she is not bankable (films will bomb), her repuation precedes her as an amoral, hedonistic homewrecker. So, hopefully the broadway production knew what and who they signed in for. Guys will probably flock to see her.

  • holly

    she’s also reading james joyce’s ulysses :)

  • wish

    good to see her talking interest in something for change. Maybe this will bring her back to film.N0. 4 you can say that about rachel bilson too.

  • Bre

    I think it will be a great opportunity for her.

  • lakers fan in boston

    sienna looks like a mess in those pics but she looks nice in the main post photo
    nice to see her getting a job after the robin hood shit

  • amy

    I think it will be a great opportunity for her!

  • boogie

    ugh……you mean..Miss S l u t t y Miller?

    In NYC…I would just kick her to the curbs. Ughhhhhhhhh

  • angie

    “Who’s ready to see daily pictures of Sienna arriving and leaving NYC theaters?!”

    Oh dear god, Jared, NO……NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! For the love of all that is holy and good, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • cane

    S-lutty s-lut s-lut of the highest order of s-luts. This means she’ll be in NYC for months….shit, there goes the neighborhood! If I liked theater, I wouldn’t see it even if they threw in Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton. Now there’s 2 girls that can act (in comparison to the s-lutty
    s-lut, anyway)

  • Fourplay

    With the economy in such a mess, Broadway tickets can’t be selling so well right now. That said, then why choose such a shit actress to hinge your play on?

  • karma

    This is going to be such c r a p.

  • Sam

    Ha, will if her douchy boyfriend be staying in NYC with her? Is she still with him even? Thought I saw where she was working on breaking apart Cillian Murphy’s marriage. Oh well, at least maybe the play will keep her off the streets for a few weeks before it closes.

  • Tony

    Well she’s an ugly homewrecking w-hor-e who will bang anything with a pulse and a wedding ring, kids helpful. She can’t act and has no neck. But, other than that, I’m sure she’ll be perfect! I need some Pepto

  • ohnono

    Please no there isn’t anyone else available I heard Gary Colman needs a gig go find him he’ll work cheap

  • Sir

    This has got to be a joke. Broadway?! Broadway?! In a speaking part? She has as much business teaching quantum physics at MIT.

  • No news is good news

    Less than exciting news. I’m going to go watch paint dry now.

  • Angie

    Oh look she’s carrying a book. How convenient that even though she has a plastic bookstore bag in ONE hand, she’s carrying the books in her OTHER hand, which are coincidentally positioned in a way that the paps, who showed up for the scheduled photo-op, can photograph clearly. Nice touch. Girl is desperate.

  • julie

    ooh shut up and leave her alone!

  • c2

    1) So now we are supposed to believe that she has “talent” and is a “good actress” because she is “starring on Broadway”? She is just trying to save face because she was fired from the Robinhood movie. She wants people to think that she has moved on to “bigger and better” things.

    2) This is just another means to flaunt her VERY PUBLIC AFFAIR with the MARRIED MAN and piggy-back on the humilation of RG and her 4 kids. She is using this as an opportunity to announce that she is “moving” to NY to spend “quality time” with the MARRIED MAN who has so little respect for her that he won’t divorce his wife. She may even try to spin BG’s decreased appearances on B and S in her favor (ie- the MARRIED MAN decreased his appearances so that he can spend more time with her in NY).

    3) It’s no surprise that VM is starring on Broadway, how else will she financially support the MARRIED MAN? She has to pull odd jobs like this to keep the MARRIED MAN interested in her. It all makes sense, suing tabloids and starring in that music video was all so that she could keep the MARRIED MAN comfortable.

    4) Since she is always crying wolf,(ie-claiming the papz are stallking her, but tips them off so that she can keep herself relevant) why isn’t she carrying THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF?

  • Serena


    lol I hadn’t noticed that!!! It’s exactly like she knows her picture is being taken and she saying “hey look! I’m intelligent!! I can read!”

    I don’t think she can but maybe the douche that she’s diddling can read to her since he can’t read to the four children he deserted.

  • julie

    i wonder what do you people get swearing her…

  • ctx

    Come to think of it, she positioned those books for the world to see that she also reads books on her spare time and that she does not party all the time with married men or that her favorite passtime is to break-up families. She was probably warned to lay low and appear learned rather than an look like a clueless/airhead.

  • Ronald

    And today American theatre took a gigantic step backwards

  • ddddd

    I guess “Midslutty’s Night’s Dream” was already cast.

  • LolaSvelt

    That’s good. She’s a great actress. It’s sad how her public life overshadows her acting, but really, it’s her own fault with the whole ‘affair’.

  • sheryl

    I’ve seen 3 of her films, only 1 of them solely because of her, the other 2 because of other actors and she just happened to be there. I have a pretty “eh” feeling about her performances. “Interview” is the one I stopped on while cruising the channels one day, only because I had seen comments about it and was curious (and Steve Buscemi is usually interesting, so it couldn’t be a total loss). I have to say, I don’t agree that she gave anything but a smarmy performance full of endless posturing for her audience. To me, she just comes off as a woman full of desperate need for everyone’s eyes to be on her at all times, both in her acting and her personal life (yes, she invites it), and thinks no further than that.

  • Daphne

    She totally can’t act……well at least she’s playing the s.l.u.t that she is, just like she always does.

  • jane

    Mr. Marber needs to check his thought process! A slut playing the part of a slut is not considered acting!

    I suggest a boycott of the Roundabout Theatre Company during the time Slutty is pretending to perform in After Miss Julie!

  • Thea

    Are they really that hard up? This woman is a C-list joke! I would have thought dinner theater but this??

  • salmon

    She’s doing Broadway? No kidding?

    - pointing and laughing -

  • janice

    she is a doll and a great actress, for those of you who have nothing good to say don’t you think it is wierd that you can make a negative comment on someone you do not even know??? if you believe everything you read, then you are as bad as the tabloids

  • ericka

    she isa good actress i think she did a great job in factory girl, too bad the movie sucked but it wasnt her fault.
    one 100 yrs of solitude is soooo boring lol, im sure many of you wont agree. I loved love in the time of cholera though :)

  • ZZZZ

    Its Siennas PR company back again.

  • Nicole

    I only saw her in two movies and I can’t say she was that memorable in either. I think she became a star for dating Jude Law not for her acting ability. As for homewrecking thing, you can argue that the marriage was already in trouble…. blah, blah, blah, but it looks bad to date a married man. Period. I think she put herself in that situation and that’s on her. She is attractive enough to widen her dating pool. No one is making her go after married men.

  • Thea


    Because she throws herself out in public, and then she has beach-sex with a married father of four. That’s why. And she totally deserves it.

  • noah

    julie- you don’t get it because you are a bimbo too like sienna

  • c2

    VICTIMienna could avoid all of this by NOT CALLING THE PAPZ and then pulling her “I was minding my own business when the papz intruded on my privacy” act. Standing on the corner kidding the MARRIED MAN, was not necessary. Leaking pictures of the MARRIED MAN spending “quality time” in Mexico was not necessary. Leaking photos of the MARRIED MAN sucking her breast was not necessary. VM has no one to blame but herself.

    Why do VICTIMienna defenders expect people to have sympathy for VM, when she hasn’t even shown an ounce of sympathy or consideration for RG and her kids? People would not have anything to comment about if VICTIMienna would stop staging these pathetic photo-ops and leaking those pathetic PR stories about her adventures with the MARRIED MAN. As long as she continues to show disregard towards RG and her kids, no one will be showing her any sympathy.

  • Mia

    Why do they give her roles? I wouldn’t pay to see her in anything. She makes me sick just to look at her and I know many others feel the same way. There are countless actresses who are less tainted and more talented. I would never endorse any of her films.

  • lana

    Dont say she has not talent and that its shocking shes on broadway— she did shakespear in the west end and she recieved top top reviews– she was sensational! So I think she will do this role a lot of justice…..

  • lana

    one more point – there are a lot of people on this board who keep saying ‘eh i’m never going to endorse her film’ etc etc… how dumb are you? you are endorsing her and keeping all eyes on her by writing on this board…!!!!!
    I like her so I’m happy to keep writing but if you dont want to endorse her then leave her alone- negative attention is still attention… think on that!

  • Dada

    Well lana, I’m happy to help you out by posting that she is a talentless homewrecker who has as much business on Broadway as Miley Cirus. BTW the critic for the London Times said that Skankienna’s performance in “As You Like It” was like watching a high-school play, and that she was awful. So it wasn’t all rave reviews.

  • ctx

    To make this broadway spectacle realistic, why not sign on Balthazar Getty as her lover/manservant? No acting necessary, just do what they have been doing all year long since their track of destruction (people they had hurt including 3 kids and a 9 month-old) is well documented and her mission had been accomplished to get the married guy at all cost. Both of them are mediocre actors and need a job to finance their getaways.

  • c

    Writing on a celeb message board isn’t endorsing VICTIMienna,
    it is showing that VM can not treat an innocent women and her 4 kids like dirt and expect to come out of it smelling like roses. People are not saying “Oh, poor SM”, but “Haven’t they [RG and her 4 kids] suffered enough?”. So, everytime VM pulls these outrageous PR stunts with the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN, she is only reminding the public of RG and her kids pain.

    VM is exposed as a hypocrite. She whined and cried when she was cheated on and now that she is the other woman she wants a free pass. VM whines and cries about how she is a victim of double standards, yet look how she is treating another woman (ie-RG, the MARRIED MAN’s wife). VM whines and cries because she wants respect, yet she has not shown RG any respect as she engages/engaged in public PDA with the MARRIED MAN. VM whines and crieds because she wants sympathy, yet she has not shown RG and her 4 kids any sympathy as she prances/prancesd around LA, NY, and London with the MARRIED MAN wearing her smug “I won him” look.

  • Kitten

    C & I’m guessing C2, there is something wrooooong with you! You are on multiple Sienna posts writing huge posts about how much you hate her and think she’s disgusting. What kind of weirdo takes the time to hate someone that much?? Do you not have anything better to do? You’re pathetic!

    I like Sienna, I think she’s talented and gorgeous :)

    I like hearing about her sure, and I like seeing pics and updates but bottom line is I could give two sh*ts about her personal life. I would still see her films, even if she vanished from the boards.

    And she didn’t wreck anyone’s home.. dumba*ses. If the home was right, it would be un-wreckable.

  • c

    Kitten (aka yay, lana, robert)

    How pathetic, as usual your only comeback are personal attacks against other posters and hiding under different names as you commit these personal attacks. What’s wierd is that you keep follwoing me from thread to thread. Seriously, how old are you that you can only manage to respond to posts that you don’t like with name calling and insults.

    Don’t expect people to feel sorry for VICTIMienna, especially since she is still sleeping with a MARRIED MAN and flaunting it. The problem isn’t those that won’t condone VICTIMienna actions, but people like you who keep trying to diminish the role that she is playing in this affair. If you took your head out of VM behind, then you wouldn’t have to resort to name calling when you can not formulate an adequate argument in support of VM and you would see that no one is impressed by your childish posts.

    If this wasn’t a personal issue for you, then why are you still making a fuss over this and bumping up old threads? Like I told you before, if you are so disturbed by the length of my posters then DON’T READ THEM. You are only embarassing yourself when you complain about the length of my posts, but keep reading them.

    Apparantly you don’t have anything better to do with your life, because you are here posting on the same message board and stalking me. If you spent less time criticizing others, you wouldn’t be caught off guard when people make logical arguments.

  • c

    Kitten (aka yay, lana, robert)

    It was VM duty to say “no” or WALK AWAY, since she didn’t do that she is EQUALLY responsible. Since she didn’t walk away the next best thing would be to keep this affair discreet, but as we have witnessed she isn’t doing that. If she is bold enough to sleep with a married man and flaunt it, then she should be bold enough to accept the fall out from her poor decisions. She can avoid all of this if she would LAY LOW and SHUT UP and stop inviting the public into her private life.

    By your logic, BG must not be in love with VM because he has made no real commitments to her and still has not filed for a divorce. What man would stay married if he is with the “love of his life”? Face, VM is BG sugar mama and booty-call.

    Being “talented and gorgeous” DOES NOT MAKE VICTIMIENNA A GOOD PERSON, NOR DOES IT EXCUSE HER POOR CONDUCT DURING THIS AFFAIR. Just because you like VM doesn’t mean that the rest of the world feels the same. When people see VM, they are simply reminded of her total disregard for RG and her 4 kids as she stood naked/topless on a balcony, beach, boat with the married man and allowed the married man to suck/grab her breasts.

  • ffxiv gil

    thanks !! very helpful post!