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Clay Aiken & Reed Kelly: Photobooth Fun!

Clay Aiken & Reed Kelly: Photobooth Fun!

Clay Aiken poses with his boyfriend, Broadway dancer Reed Kelly, at a photobooth during the NYC closing night party for the Broadway musical Spamalot. (Clay played the role of Sir Robin.)

The couple has known each other for about a year.

Clay has a son named Parker, whom he had with pal Jaymes Foster, sister of David Foster and Clay‘s producer.

Check out the fun photobooth pics below!

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clay aiken reed kelly couple 01
clay aiken reed kelly couple 02
clay aiken reed kelly couple 03
clay aiken reed kelly couple 04
clay aiken reed kelly couple 05

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  • sdfhsvs


  • mike

    he irritates me….lol i love his voice but he himself irritates me

  • Top Hip Hop Songs

    Funny pic … don’t care for either of them

  • kara

    too cute :)
    thanks for posting them!

  • the_boyfriend

    Great pics.
    They should go out together more.

  • raquel

    Good for them. Love his voice! The man can sing!!

  • alyson

    Very nice!!

  • sillyme

    It kind of looks like the pervy English teacher with one of his students.

    I wonder which one of them is the girl.

  • Shawna

    #10 – Judging others and harboring hatred in your heart is a sin too. While being a homosexual is against my religion so is lying and slander and anger and a whole host of other sins. They are no more to be judged than someone who is a gossip or has road rage. What they choose to do is not my business and not mine to judge, nor is it yours.

  • Jake

    So, he’s got a sense of humor, hysterical! facial expressions perfect!!

    These are funny, thanks!

    I hear these photo boths are the thing now at corperate parties, what a find.

  • Brandy

    Funny pics! Good for them.

  • Pauli

    #10 is a good KKKristian.

  • Raye

    oh my!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …`i’m surprised jared didn’t call them sexy. lmbaooo
    …`i bet the title – ‘Clay Aiken & Other Person, Are Photobooth Sexy’, passed ;jared’s `mind. hahahaha

  • chels


  • Whoa

    He looks about 45 in that pic. My god, how does someone look that old in their 20′s? It’s like the male equivalent to the lohan sisters.

  • lakers fan in boston

    fucking fag clay
    bte he looks like he’s 40+

  • Kendall

    Naturally the homophobics and bigoted feel the need to post their garbage. Anyone who uses the word gay to allude to something negative should be handcuffed to a desk in high school and be forced to spend the rest of their life there. Clay Aiken has more integrity and goodness in him that the lot of you bigots, combined.
    That being said, I wonder how this site got hold of those pictures? As much as he values his privacy, I can’t imagine that he’d give them to someone.

  • jenniferrr


  • tedbaldy

    why do u keep on posting fugly pics of this f r e a k?

    i bet u want him and wanna d o him!


  • dundies

    It kind of looks like the pervy English teacher with one of his students.

    I wonder which one of them is the girl.



  • brie2009

    This ain’t cool!

  • cc

    I’m sorry but this does make me sick… To each his own, but please do not do this nastyness in front of me… yuck

  • Sassy

    What is he, a professor? Give him a pipe. Who is his stylist? FIRE THEM!!!

  • ~m~

    Well said #11!
    Im not religious but i completely agree with what you’re saying about not judging people and I wish more people felt that way.

  • Who cares?

    okay first of all being gay is not a sin and second of all even if it is a sin it is none of any of our business. When someone is gay or lesbian it has no bearing on us whatsoever. And for people who think it undermines marriage then they can fuck off because there is no proof that it does such a thing. So BACK OFF BIGOTS! Just leave the poor man alone

  • T

    reed is cute

  • y


  • Applesicle

    I think Its cute. I totally support Clay Aiken and his new man. All of you bigots need to keep the hate to yourself. Your supposed to “Love thy nieghbor”, not call them rude names, dis them, and demean them.

    And to “I’m sorry but this does make me sick… To each his own, but please do not do this nastyness in front of me… yuck” You were the one to click the Link. They Didn’t Force It on You. So please, use that Thing called a BRAIN, and think about what you say.

  • LuckyL

    Haha, total theatre people

  • * VICTORIA *

    WAY TO GO, ” WHO CARES “, NUMBER #29…..
    No-one knows what God thinks about gay’s and lesbian’s……..They will be judged just like the rest of us…..HOW they led their lives and WHAT they did…..NOT being gay……That is ridiculous……..Clay and Reed are happy together, obviously, so leave them alone……
    If it makes you ” sick “, just move on…..Clay is NOT bothering anyone, and has NOT caused harm to anyone….Bigotry and racism, God does NOT love or approve………

  • mju8

    does anyone see a resemblance between his bf and jake gyllenhaal? haha just sayin’

  • bunsen Honeydew

    In the middle picture, Clay looks like he’s taking a shit!

  • bunsen Honeydew

    In the middle picture, Clay looks like he’s taking a sh*t!

  • bella

    I love photobooth pics they are so candid.
    They look cute and happy.

  • noodle

    Ok I dont want anything to do with them but those pictures are sick.
    In a bad way.

  • Starfire

    Aww now these are a definate theatre couple! Haha Clay, babe you need to let Reed help you with your style though…..or hire me to come fix you up a little…….gorgeous voice you have though! Reed’s a cutie :-)

  • Rosie

    Seriously sick! I don’t discriminate gay men but this is TMTH. Being gay and have a son with a pal? Weirdest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • …………..


  • Piia

    To those who feel sick looking at these pictures: They are not doing anything exactly in front of you. Why did you clicked the link if two men sitting together in a photobooth is something you don’t want to see?

    And to those people who don’t seem to be able to read: Jared wrote clearly that these pictures were taken in “closing night party for the Broadway musical Spamalot. (Clay played the role of Sir Robin.)”. So he is in his stage costume.

  • cute

    I think the pictures are fun and cute. What’s the big deal?

  • Heather

    Wow…Clay actually looks comfortable and happy. Good for them.

  • Kendall

    To all the haters and bigots, especially OpsSS!!!! #43, I find your *comments to be what’s disgusting. And I’m surprised this site isn’t monitoring them and deleting the worst of the bunch. Unless this is exactly why the pictures were posted here….to generate hits and keep the hate going. Obviously bigots gather where there’s something to fuel their hate.
    To the fans who support Clay and know exactly what kind of man he is, I say Bravo. To the fans who are on the fence, threatening to jump off if he doesn’t meet your “standards”, I say get off the fence and leave the fandom. Those fans are sometimes worse than the haters.

  • k

    In the Bible it cleary says that WE as Christians are to Judge sin.

  • k

    By the way, #29 is the most ignorant person ever.

  • hiro’s

    omg, aiken looks old here.. lol

  • tiffany!

    omg i love him!!! ppl get on my nerves with the hole omg sick sick sick !! i wanna beat there ass for it! noone has the right tu tell other people who they can and cant be with. if yu dont like there lifestyle then shut the fuck up and click on somethin other than this jeez! but clay love yu keep it up!

  • Shawna

    #46 – No it really doesn’t. God judges sin, not us.

  • 100mph

    not a fan but> IMO> the biggest freaks got the most craze> opinions they probably suck a dirty wet mop> dry, Clay whatever keeps your
    boat a-float> OK!

  • morgan

    Aww, these are adorable! Haha, I love Clay. Reed is so cute too! :)

    Hehe, thanks for sharing these. They’re so funny!