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Hayden Panettiere's 911 Call Revealed

Hayden Panettiere's 911 Call Revealed

Hayden Panettiere recently had her license confiscated at NV Lounge, a nightclub in Suffern, New York, an hour outside Manhattan. The 19-year-old Heroes actress allegedly slipped in through a private side entrance to meet up with friends.

The owner of the nightclub tells Inside Edition that Hayden approached the main bar and ordered a drink. The bartender asked for ID and seeing she was under 21, confiscated her license. Then she and her friends were escorted out of the bar.

The owner of the club says Hayden was “very frustrated” and “annoyed” at having her license taken. The teen star phoned local police.

Click inside to read the entire 911 convo…

911 Operator: “What’s your name?”

Pannettiere: “Hayden…I went into a bar and I showed them my ID. They let me in and um…he took my ID and he won’t give it back.”

911 Operator: “What bar is it?”

Pannettiere: “NV.”

911 Operator: “NV?”

Pannettiere: “Yeah!”

911 Operator: “Ok, and he took your ID and they’re not going to give it back to you?”

Pannettiere: “Yeah, and I need to get on a plane in a couple of days and I really need my ID back…I live in California.”

911 Operator: “Ok, we have officers on the way.”

Pannettiere: “Thank you very much.”

Hayden was reportedly crying when she tried to get her ID back. She denied to authorities that she tried to buy a drink at the club. Police asked the club owner to return Hayden‘s driver’s license.

The club owner says Hayden “is welcome to have dinner [at NV], but to party you have to be over 21.”

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  • love

    wow ..They are really strict thats good to see !! celebs usually get treated like their above the law!!

  • * VICTORIA *

    Good for the bar tender…..Some celebrities think they are above everything and anything…..Surely she did not think they would let her and her friends have a drink?…….

  • snack

    She is such a baby. She broke the law and then lied about it and then cried about it.. AND HER BEHAVIOR WAS REWARDED WHEN SHE WAS GIVEN HER ID BACK!

    And i can’t believe Suffern, NY has any place you can call a “club” I grew up there and they barely have bars, let alone anything resembling a club. it’s podunk.

  • someone

    HA gooo! in her face! i agree w/ #1. celebs should be treating no differently then the rest of us. they act like they’re so superior. who does she think she is going in a side entrance and askign for a drink?!

  • a total fan

    911 Is for medical emergencys!!!!!!!!!!!! She should have called the police department. She is crying about her license when someone could have needed the operator because of a heart attack or something more serious!!! She should be fined for using 911 for something like that. It says she called the local police but its a 911 transcript?

  • Kate walsh fan

    Oh my god! dumb



  • Vivian

    I agree with victoria and snack. Just because she’s a celebrity does not mean that she could order a drink.. for gods sake, she’s still underage. what made her think that the bartender would actually give her one?

  • lily

    Take in your face miss Hayden. She think she are a woman but she still a teenager…stupid teenager.

  • spoiled brat

    Who in the eff does this little tramp think she is? Thank God someone was doing their job and took her id.

    If they had served her and she got in a wreck or injured in some other way, she would have been the first to file suit against the club/restaurant, Manhattan, the bartender, New York State, George W. Bush, etc.

    I CAN’T BELIEVE she called 911. Such a effing attitude of entitlement because she’s some dumb celebrity.

    Thanks for posting, Jared. Nice to see a “celebrity” called to the carpet.



  • spoiled brat

    I truly hope no one lost their life while waiting to get through to the 911 operator beause this oatmeal for brains bimbo called 911 to report that a club had kept her license.

    Does this idiot not realize SHE’S THE ONE THAT BROKE THE LAW?

    Stupid *******.

  • Nicole

    I wish more bartenders took away ID’s or kicked out underage celebrities. Why do they get to break the law? Lindsay partied underage for years and no one did anything. I agree 911 is for emergencies not for whiny celebrities to cry to.

  • spoiled brat

    kiss my arse, #12 and go su*ck it!!!!

  • joss

    good that the bar tender took her ID, and i’m sure there are other ways of getting your ID back other than calling 911…wow she’s so not bright…

  • 2 #11

    That’s real cute, “Hayden’s Biggest Fan”. Don’t be using my Name (in #14) anymore, chump!!!

    You need to go and read your teeny bopper magazines all about Hayden Dingbat Whatever her last name is.

  • Amy

    Good. The little idiot’s lucky she didn’t get arrested.

  • LuckyL

    Ahahaha, all these bit**** trying to act like they’re better than Lindsay Lohan. I can’t wait for MiHoley.

  • anon

    #7. woooow. are you really a fan? SHE LIVES IN CALIFORNIA.
    seriously. check out her candids, most of which are in CALI.

  • Leonardo

    It wasn’t like it was a fake ID, #3. Why shouldn’t have been returned?

    Get real, #12.

  • Kally

    Well done!….In your a$$ Hayden!! :lol:

    That kind of stupid reaction just prove how much she still sooo stupid teenager!!

  • Lucas

    1.911 is for medical or police emergencies. granted it was extreme for her to call there but given that she didn’t probably know any other number not that much of a shock

    2. she had a point. they won’t let her get on a plane or possibly into the airport without an ID.

    3. the bartender was an wuss for taking her id. there’s not a state in this country that doesn’t allow a restaurant/store etc to refuse service to someone as long as the reason isn’t illegal. ie, I can’t refuse to serve you a drink because you are blind. I can’t refuse to let you into my bar because you are in a wheelchair. I can’t kick your butt out for trying to illegally buy alcohol. THAT is what he should have done. warned her once that they were not going to serve her liquor and if she was caught trying to buy it or get an adult companion to buy it for her, all of them would be kicked out and banned for life.

  • Lucas

    excuse the typo. I mean I CAN kick you out for breaking the law like trying to illegally buy liquor.

  • Rayt

    this sounds fake to me

  • stupid

    wow. why does she think she can just do whatever she wants? because she’s famous? how ignorant. and why call 911? honestly? how dumb is she?

  • stupid laws

    You guys are hypocrit! I went to clubs at 16 and I’m sure I’m not the only one!!! She’s just like everyone else! So leave her alone!
    The funniest thing is that she can go to war at 18 but can’t have a drink at 19, those laws are ridiculous!!! Europe is much better!

  • meeee

    You people should realize that it’s only legit to take an ID if it’s fake… if this one was her real ID and it said she was 19, then the bartender shouldn’t have taken it.

    – However, it is pretty dumb of her to try in the first place, and then to call 911 of all things!

  • meeee

    You people should realize that it’s only legit to take an ID if it’s fake… if this one was her real ID and it said she was 19, then the bartender shouldn’t have taken it.

    – However, it is pretty dumb of her to try in the first place, and then to call 911 of all things!

  • Marieme

    What selfish little brat.

    If you’re gonna violate the law then you pay the consequences. Too bad the cops were starstruck.

  • bejeebus

    well, this is what the world has come to, folks. snot nosed little brats like this are now officially above the law. me and the jones’ next door have to follow the laws of this land and we are happy to do so BUT this little b*tch thinks that she is too good for that. if there is any justice, she will get treated like total sh*t after her b-list career is over…maybe some celebrity rehab and a porn scandal…..ahhhh…we can only hope.
    maybe her next public service announcement should be about the cruelty of underagers not being able to buy alcohol….and she thought those whales had it bad…..

  • LuckyL

    stupid laws @ 01/23/2009 at 7:04 pm

    You guys are hypocrit! I went to clubs at 16 and I’m sure I’m not the only one!!! She’s just like everyone else! So leave her alone!
    The funniest thing is that she can go to war at 18 but can’t have a drink at 19, those laws are ridiculous!!! Europe is much better!
    So are you a f****** European trying to talk to us about American laws and bar/club culture? ‘Cause I really hope not.

  • Michelle

    I’m glad she got in trouble. I love her and I think she’s awesome and all but usually celebs just get to do whatever.

  • y

    she has very poor insight to her problems. she is heading down a sad and dangerous rode that will only get harder before it gets easier. i agree, good for the bartender. i do not know NY law, but i’m sure the bartender knew what to do.

  • bejeebus

    by the way, why didn’t she just stay home and have her pedo of a boyfriend go out and buy her some jesus juice or whatever the h*ll roofie laden drink her dwarf bodied self likes to sip on to get giggly?

  • s-e-x kitten

    Pathetic little D-lister. Is she a high school dropout? Most of these dumb blondes are.

  • s-e-x kitten

    #31 You don’t know crap about the laws here.

  • desiree

    She’ll be on the road to rehab in a year or two, just you wait and see.

  • Elizabeth Kaylene

    @HAYDEN’S BIGGEST FAN!: The story was on Inside Edition tonight, so this is obviously not a case of someone looking for “five minutes of fame.”

    @meeee: You’re absolutely right.

    @stupid laws: I couldn’t agree more, but it’s still the law, and given that she is a role model she should behave accordingly.

  • ~~

    Ai que babado genntemmm

  • LuckyL

    s-e-x kitten @ 01/23/2009 at 7:16 pm

    #31 You don’t know crap about the laws here.
    I was saying the same thing. I guess you meant the “stupid laws” person on the first page that I quoted.

  • … xp

    i love her (: why is everybody making such a big deal about her calling 911.. maybe she didn’t know about so many other places to call.. i mean, i dont! and its very normal to freak out a little when someone is taking ur id.

  • ashlee

    this chick tied up 911 to get her fake id back?

    does she have a brain?

  • tom

    Hayden, please use the office number of the police department when you make silly calls like this.

    911 is for REAL EMERGENCIES !! It shouldn’t be used for non-emergency, crying- baby calls. Please stop clogging the line.

  • Zack cohen

    What is she doing in Suffern? Carrie Bradshaw went to Suffern in season 4 and you know how that went… Squirrels!!!



  • Yeah

    haha stupid bitch!

  • Lany

    so she is a lier right? she lied to the police, what was her excuse for them to keep or take her id?

  • stupid laws

    #31 I know more about “your” laws than you know about Europe so you should shut your mouth instead of judging and insulting people that you don’t know! (it’s so easy when you’re anonymous)
    BTW I’m not a “f****** Europeans” as you said….
    GO HAYDEN! (just because most of the comments are really mean!)

  • K

    LOL at all the idiots replying to these comments. Celebs think they’re above the law? Riiiight, because there aren’t normal underage kids in bars and buying alcohol EVERY SINGLE DAY. Sure, they all sit at home stone cold sober til they’re 21, it’s just these evil celebs that are doing it! Jesus. Take some time away from the computer and look around you at a little thing called real life, and realize that there are millions of girls doing exactly what Hayden did right this second.

    And I’m sorry, but who the hell knows the number to the local police department off the top of their head? Notice how the first part of the convo isn’t included, she probably stated straight away that it wasn’t an emergency. She needed her ID to fly, and if the bartender refused to give it to her there was nothing else she could do.

  • SMH