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Leona Lewis - "I Will Be" Music Video

Leona Lewis -

Leona Lewis has premiered her latest “I Will Be” Music Video.

Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford has several speaking lines in a brief cameo at the beginning. The music vid was directed by Melina Matsoukas, who also directed the international version of Leona‘s “Bleeding Love” music video.

In the vid, Leona plays a criminal who gets arrested by an NYPD officer, played by Cedric Darius. Check it out below!

Leona Lewis – “I Will Be” Music Video
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  • Kally

    They make are cute couple! ;)

  • Shannon

    love the song love the vid love Chace!

  • jasmine

    good song & love her accent!

  • Kiki

    I don’t like it! I mean he’s great but the rest of the of the video it’s so bad. and the avril version it’s better. her other songs are so much better.

  • Michelle

    I love the video!!!! Leona’s has a beautiful voice and is a great singer.

  • flutters

    I’ve never gotten the appeal of this song. IMO Avril was right leaving it off her album – it’s boring. The video’s OK but the story’s not fleshed out enough. I think Leona’s a better actor than Chace LOL.

  • k

    loved it!

  • hahihuheho..

    Great song
    but don’t push it into the limit

  • katelyn

    i love leona.
    i love chace.
    i love the song.
    i hate the music video.

  • Chloe!

    I like the video! Its very different from everything else that she has done. A bit of acting here and there. Its good! Plus there is Chace Crawford so who can complain! =P

  • mariposa

    She’s beautiful.

  • john

    so funny when she says in the beginning “i cant coom wit yooh”

  • haha

    remind me a lil bit like the voice within by xtina..

  • palvasha


  • Russian girl

    Good song BUT bad video! I don’t like it.
    Chace Crawford is pretty bad actor even in music video.

  • Amand.

    She tries to hard to be some new kind of Mariah or Christina with the whistle voice. I don’t like the video….boring as hell. The song is not beautiful either. I don’t know if it’s because she sings it. Besides, she’s not pretty…..I mean, yeah, she’s beautiful in her own way but she looks odd. Not girly, feminine, not sexy…she looks too much like a feline lol. Chace is hot……this is his only gift. XD (he can thank god for it, he wouldn’t be famous otherwise lol……like most people in hollywood and in the showbusiness…not sexy, no fame. only rare true talent exist…and they’re being a lot criticized. How sad.)

  • mimi

    yeah, avril’s version is better.

    i donno, leona’s seems very unnatural and glooomy to me.

  • Ann (:

    I hated the video :S the song is wonderful & i love it; she’s awesome; but..the video isn’t good; it has nothing to do with the song :S i’d rather she’d done the video for the song TAKE A BOW ; i love her though;

    toodles; xx

  • marisa720

    Love Leona’s voice. The video is a big yawn for me. I would have liked to see a different concept for those two.

    #16 How is she trying to like Mariah or Xtina?? They all have soulful voices other than that all three ladies have distinctive voices. Xtina used to full out dance while singing . While Leona just tries to stick to singing. And Leona so far seems to carry herself more mature than Mariah. So I’m not buying it.

    Anyway, I like the song and her singing on the song it’s beautiful. Leona has managed to sing beautifully even with mostly mediocre songs that are on her current album. I think that attests to her talent. I look forward to her future projects.

  • mikaela

    what exactly was the concept of that video……………..very boring and irrelevant i thought

  • groovacious

    GREAT song…video not so much. It looks very low-budgeted and too planned.

  • asdfghjkl;

    she is so UGLYYYYY
    looks like a ugly ass tranny..eww
    hes to cute for her
    and notice how i say cute, not hott

  • asdfghjkl;

    she is so UGLYYYYY
    looks like a ugly ass tranny..eww
    hes to cute for her
    and notice how i say cute, not hott

  • Matt

    Talented girl, and good looking.

    Too bad the song is a piece of crap. Generic and indistinguishable from any other ballad. Boring. Where are the hooks, man?

  • flutters

    “Leona has managed to sing beautifully even with mostly mediocre songs that are on her current album. I think that attests to her talent.”

    ITA I really like her voice but she needs better songs and she needs to carve out more of a personality in her songs IMO.

  • sid

    avril’s version totally beats this one

  • mora

    nice song, dumb video.

  • Cas and jay

    love the song and the video plus chase is cute even though he can’t act… she is better than him…love her accent 2 :)

  • vmars111

    Wow, her regular speaking voice sounds a lot more normal than I imagined!

  • cain

    this is so fake and so boring…i thought she could be better than this.

  • me

    Everything she does looks and sounds the same. Boring

  • lexie and benji

    SHUT UPP!!!!!! :D love leone and chace :)

  • nini

    maybe a good voice but she’s not a good actress at all…

  • Jijna

    The whole thing is a big MOR yawnfest. The song is average, she warbles and her ‘acting’ is crap.

  • stephanie

    hey listing that song is awaysome and leona lewis too but avril sings that song first and that is avril lavigne is song ok SORRYT_T
    bye love you(L)=)


    can she fckingg stop? shes so ugly and hes hott ..


    OH AND BTW. this is the most boring video ive ever watched in my lifeeee.

    chace crawford<33333

  • ganymede30324

    Pretty standard video. Chace is pretty as always. Leona’s got a real presence, is quite beautiful, and has a strong voice. If you compare the U.K. version of “Bleeding Love” to the U.S. version, I think it shows that the ‘concepts’ of her videos are being ‘dumbed down’ for whatever TPTB assume her target audience is. Still better than much of what’s out there.

  • Anonymous

    Leona Lewis looks like a monkey. Actually, sort of a tranny monkey. Beyonce also has a monkey face. Big time. Every time I see her, I keep expecting her to pull out a banana. And Rihanna totally has a monkey face going on. The short hair doesn’t help. It only draws attention to her monkey-like features.

  • Cynthia

    Leona is pretty, love her voice. Girl can sing! Great video too.

  • barbara

    I prefer the avril’s version! Is much better!

  • vanessa

    dude the video cant be embedded anymore

  • make Cute babies

    Cute couple…

  • k

    i don’t get how a lot of people are saying that Avril’s version is better. i only listened to a little bit of Avril’s version, and i exed out of it. Leona’s is waaaay better. and she has a beautiful voice. Avril has a good voice, but Leona’s is better. i loooooove this song!!! :D

  • http://utube anita

    i love it every song that she sing is so sweet very beauiful woman with kind spirit

  • Bonnie

    she looks sooo gorgious!! cant wait to see the video