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Gerard Butler is a Law Abiding Citizen

Gerard Butler is a Law Abiding Citizen

Gerard Butler and the cast of Law Abiding Citizen attend a press conference at the Mayor’s Office reception room in City Hall on Friday (January 23) in Philadelphia, Penn.

The 39-year-old Scottish stud held up a statuette of The Liberty Bell, the official welcome gift from the city of Philadelphia. The bell is one of the most prominent symbols of the American Revolutionary War, representing liberty and justice.

Law Abiding Citizen is a drama thriller about an everyday guy who decides to take justice into his own hands after a plea bargain sets his family’s killers free. His target: The district attorney who orchestrated the deal.

35+ pictures inside of Law Abiding Citizen Gerard Butler

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gerard butler law abiding citizen 01
gerard butler law abiding citizen 02
gerard butler law abiding citizen 03
gerard butler law abiding citizen 04
gerard butler law abiding citizen 05
gerard butler law abiding citizen 06
gerard butler law abiding citizen 07
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gerard butler law abiding citizen 15
gerard butler law abiding citizen 16
gerard butler law abiding citizen 17
gerard butler law abiding citizen 18
gerard butler law abiding citizen 19
gerard butler law abiding citizen 20
gerard butler law abiding citizen 21
gerard butler law abiding citizen 22
gerard butler law abiding citizen 23
gerard butler law abiding citizen 24
gerard butler law abiding citizen 25
gerard butler law abiding citizen 26
gerard butler law abiding citizen 27
gerard butler law abiding citizen 28
gerard butler law abiding citizen 29
gerard butler law abiding citizen 30
gerard butler law abiding citizen 31
gerard butler law abiding citizen 32
gerard butler law abiding citizen 33
gerard butler law abiding citizen 34
gerard butler law abiding citizen 35

Photos: Bobby Bank/WireImage, Hugh Dillon/WENN
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  • Cane


  • nyob

    Thanks for the mooseknuckle gerry.

  • Anon

    Uh…Jared? Isn’t that Jamie Foxx? Somehow, I don’t get Gerry as the headliner in this item.

  • Only ROse

    Peh bi yakışıklı bu adam yahuuuu! Di mi Jasmine?

  • crazy 4 u

    This is Gerrys project and always has been

  • Just me

    Jamie did everything he could to take over the press conference and promote himself,. So lets give Gerry this, this is his production after all.
    He looks happy, which he always does when he is busy working.

  • someone told me to

    He do look happy, that is good to see..

  • mbtree

    Sheehs, he could at least dress up for conference.
    He seems to love dress like a bum.He looks weird…I dunno…smelly…just weird.

  • kh

    he’s looking good again

  • pafan

    Jerry is looking gorgeous, even better than at the GGs.

  • someone told me to

    He looks like he is feeling good, isn`t that what is most importend

  • Donnakat

    Don’t get me wrong. I love Jamie Foxx, but I can’t help but feel bad for Gerry because I get the feeling Jamie is going to be getting the most media attention out of this, and it is Gerry’s production. I’m glad they switched roles. Gerry playing the vigilante could very well be the kind of part he can sink his teeth into, and maybe this project will be the kind of thing that gets him the respect he deserves as an actor, and not just media fodder. No offense, JustJared….yours is one of the few sites such as these that I love. Thanks for the pictures! :)


    That man is fine!!!!!!!!

  • Anon

    Don’t be stupid. If this is Gerry’s production, then he obviously had a LOT to do with getting Jamie Foxx to join it. Jamie is an Oscar winner. He is by definition, the headliner. So what? If Gerry is working with him it boosts Gerry’s stock.

    And frankly, if I were producing a movie and I had a shot at getting an Oscar winner, who was a proven box office success, that is like $$$$ in the bank. That is an insurance policy for success. Gerry’s fans need to get over themselves and quit being so protective and defensive of Gerry. He is doing JUST FINE.

    He has been steadily working with headliners and hot actors and it’s a formula that has been getting him more and more parts and better parts in better movies. The guy is finally getting paid. I like him. But I’m being practical. And it appears, so is he.

  • Anon

    DId anyone read about how the director of The Wrestler couldn’t get any financing because he had Mickey Rourke? He had to really fight hard. And this is an established director with good credentials. So it probably helped Gerry put it together to get Jamie. And it makes Gerry look real good that Jamie is interested in working with him.

  • Cathy

    Jared I don’t know who you are but you always have some of the best pictures of Gerry! Thanks so much for that! I agree that Jamie Fox seems to be taking over the movie which started out being Gerry’s baby!

  • Fourplay

    He does look like he smells bad.

  • peachy

    Gerry looks like he usually does, I don’t think he looks smelly. So, he doesn’t put on airs, I like that about him. It shows he’s just an average guy doing great things.

    Go Gerry, I’m excited about this role, you know it’s gonna be good!

  • Suzy

    Your comments about smelly just aren’t accurate. He dresses casually, but he is always clean. All the accounts I have read say that he smells really good, even when he was smoking.

  • anon

    He is soooooooooooo hot!

  • salmon

    He does look sweaty and smelly. He’s probably on prophylactic antibiotics, too, just in case.

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    I hate him! very sissy..

  • Lissa

    Smelly? What a stupid idea! I agree with # 19, and for me he looks like he smells good. And he does look very good on these photos. Thanks, Jared.

  • Stacy from iowa

    He looks really good here.. better than he’s looked in weeks. TG he’s back!

  • overrated

    I’m not familar with his work, nor do I have any desire to see anything just because he is a part of the production, but GB’s looks are seriously overrated! Maybe I need to get my eyes checked out LOL. He almost always looks bloated, unkempt and like someone who doesn’t put a premium on personal hygeine. That is a very attractive combination I must say. I admire him in a strange way though. WIth a mug like his, he would have to be talented to make it in Hollywood, because he surely isn’t pretty. Jude Law, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Hugh Jackman , etc. are truly heartthrobs. This guy is well, Gerald. Nuff said.

  • Susan

    Gerry looks great, as does Jamie. They came in from filming which is why the director and Gerry look the way they do, and why Jamie, as a district attorney, looks the way he does. Gerry is financially set and able to fund his own productions ( a piece of the action for 300: a movie pushing $1 billion in movie, DVD, and TV rights, not including action figures) and picks the projects he wants to be in. He likes to work with award winning actors, I believe, because that improves him as an actor. He is what Hollywood has been lacking in male actors for a very long time; a leading man who is tall, dark, handsome, and very masculine, not boyish.

  • Kim

    It doesn’t matter if he looks good (which he hasn’t done lately btw), it doesn’t matter if he’s nice and charming, it doesn’t matter if he smells good, he’s STILL a manwhore and that makes him dirty.

  • Nicole

    I live in Philly and the media here gave them both attention. Jamie Fox did an impressionation of our mayor that was dead on and funny. I’ve been hot for Gerard Butler since 300 so I’m happy they are here.

  • Diana guminski

    So I started my exercise routine this year, hoping to meet up with Gerry again. He hated my look last time because I had 3 chins from the holiday eating, forcing me to buy Granny panties again. Tamarahalstead, you ignorant slut, stop deleting my IMDB account. You can’t handle that I am in with Gerry and his crowd. If I could only get rid of the little fag Alan. Get out of my way Kristi and Jasmine, I’m going to get Gerry back. Look for my next name to be KYjelly instead of Nox.

  • tiana

    Gerry… to know him is to love him… so… I love this man…
    thanks JJ… Great pixs…
    Gerry is always very busy and that’s good for him…

  • holly

    Gerry looks awesome! He looks like he has been taking care of himself lately and it is paying off. Yummy!

  • ayeoh

    What’s up with picture #3? Did he let a silent one? Why is Jamie Fox the only one, out of the cast and crew, that’s dressed up.

  • atole

    something is slimey about him also immature

  • dOnnakat

    #14: I wasn’t being “protective” or “defensive” of Gerry…I was just stating my opinion and my feelings in the matter, which does not make me impractical and/or stupid. So STFU.

  • C. OWEN

    This guy must have the best publicist in The Industry. He’s right up there with Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Kevin Federline, Star Jones, et al. Nothing but a bunch of famewhores whose only real talent is knowing the right people to f_ck in order to further their careers. Gerry better turn out a hit soon cause his fifteen minutes are about to run out (along with his looks). But then again, this man has a fanbase that’s dumb enough to actually believe that he’s not only a mere 39 years old but that he’s also STRAIGHT !

  • pafan

    The Gerry pre-300 is finally back. Back with his POTO looks and body. Hot, hot, hot.

  • Liz

    Thank you, Jared , for the marvelous Gerry pix!!!!! You rock!!!!!! I think he continues to be hoter and hotter!!!! His eyes in those pictures are just stunning..and that physique!!!!! Wow! He wears expensive Jo Malone men’s cologne, and I’ve heard he smells just fine!!!! He is so talented, smart, and such a winsome person, personality-wise. I cannot wait to see this movie! Take no prisoners, Gerry, you are one hot movie star!

  • good grief

    I see the f/tards are out posting in force while they stroke their Gerry dolls.

  • whoknows

    Trust me, he smells good.

  • forbes

    C.Owen- you rock. too funny. !!!

  • Fran Wheeler

    Why bother to make such idiotic remarks about someone? If you don’t like Gerry what’s the purpose? Do you feel better about yourself? I actually pity people like you that can’t be happy for someone or find the good in them! You must have a sad sad and probably lonely existence! But I have to let you know right off I am a dedicated GB fan and he is one of the finest actors in the business today! I don’t give one iota what he looks like or for that matter smells like. He is a warm and down to earth guy that could care less what you think of him. He is comfortable in his own skin…Too bad you can’t say the same!

  • pafan

    The news is just reporting that the government of Scotland is getting involved in a fund-raising effort to have the film “Burns” made starring native son Gerard Butler. Oh, Gerry, your time has come. Love you.

  • postwatcher

    Gerry looks botoxed.

    What is the deal with a city hall press conference anyhow?

  • jilleroo

    I’m glad someone said they came off a set to the press conference, in costume for a scene presumably. This may explain it. My first reaction is what the hell is someone doing going to a meeting of the mayor in jeans and a sweatshirt!

  • amen

    To all but the blind, Gerry definitely is botoxed and it is not the kind of thing I’d expect from this guy. Since it has just been announced that his BURNS project may be going ahead, I’m guessing he’s been doing work on publicity for the film where he plays the Scottish Poet who would younger then GB for most of the film.
    For all who are fans of this gifted actor, this film will be a great project for him…and has the added plus of getting him the h*ll out of Hollywood!

  • Jules

    Good luck to Gerry and Jamie on this project.

  • anonamona

    I agree with mbtree and anon’s posts.

    If Butler is playing a prisoner, he’d be in prison issued attire, not what he’s wearing in the pics. What a way to disrespect one of America’s most historic cities by showing up in a T shirt with stains on it (it’s not the dye, there are three round stains on the front, like he dripped coffee on it) and ratty jeans. Ungrateful b*stard!

    The mayor should take the award back. At least Jamie Foxx dressed appropriately to receive an honor from the city. Butler looks like he rolled in fresh out of bed. What an arrogant scumbag.

    This guy is overrated and arrogant for what little talent he has He’s not a good actor and he’s only average looking. He does have a very busy publicity team and a doctor who is great at filling in his wrinkles, and that’s all you need to succeed in the biz these days.

  • Katie

    Wow ! Gerry sure stirs things up in a big way. It seems some of you, like me, think he is an amazing actor and love any movie that he is in. Others of you just don’t get it and I feel sorry for you. Gerry has been my favorite actor since Phantom of the Opera. He is wonderful in any type of movie and I’ve seen them all. He is charismatic, funny and terribly gorgeous. I hear now that he may finally be making Burns which I can hardly wait to see. Love you Gerry !!!

  • Stacey k

    # 47 You are a jerk. Get over yourself and your self importance. How do you know what they were filming that day? Maybe they were filming flash back sequences, or maybe Gerard was busy with his production duties. No one seems to care that the director is wearing casual clothes too. You judgmental critics are ridiculous.

  • anon

    Gerry needs to stay clean shaven, he looks gross with a day old beard. suck it up and shave mate, get an electric razor if need be