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Hilary Duff: Bikini-Clad Ghost Whispherer

Hilary Duff: Bikini-Clad Ghost Whispherer

Hilary Duff rocks out a a bikini while vacationing in the Bahamas with hockey player boyfriend Mike Comrie on Saturday (January 24).

Doesn’t Hil‘s bikini make it seem like she has huge centers?!

Earlier this week, EW reported that the Duffster will make a cameo in an upcoming episode of the CBS drama Ghost Whisperer starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. She’s been cast as a “beautiful woman of mystery”.

Earrings by Chanel.

10+ pictures inside of bikini-clad Hilary Duff and shirtless Mike Comrie

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hilary duff ghost whispherer bikini 01
hilary duff ghost whispherer bikini 02
hilary duff ghost whispherer bikini 03
hilary duff ghost whispherer bikini 04
hilary duff ghost whispherer bikini 05
hilary duff ghost whispherer bikini 06
hilary duff ghost whispherer bikini 07
hilary duff ghost whispherer bikini 08
hilary duff ghost whispherer bikini 09
hilary duff ghost whispherer bikini 10
hilary duff ghost whispherer bikini 11
hilary duff ghost whispherer bikini 12
hilary duff ghost whispherer bikini 13

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  • Brittny

    I guess….1



  • Eww

    Hilary is getting FATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT again.

  • LJ

    So what? If she is happy that way..they looks cute together.

  • lene

    on gw? that sucks. I like that show.

  • magalie

    FAT??? WTF???

    just shut up please! she’s normal! she’s like perfect, not thin nor fat, she’s lloooking awesome!

    it’s because of your fucking comments that people like her get depressed .
    i bet YOU are fat.

    you look great hilaryyy

  • whisper

    People seriously think she looks fat?

  • mary

    how is she fat???
    people are sooo jealous



  • Nicole

    Anyone who thinks that’s fat can go F@CK themselves.

  • fresh

    fat? what are yall talking about? she’s not fat in the least. your body perceptions are way off.

  • fresh

    fat? what are yall talking about? she’s not fat in the least. your body perceptions are way off.

  • Nani

    There’s a huge difference between being fat and being healthy that some people don’t seem to understand. She is not fat, at all! I think she looks wonderful.

  • brie2009

    You are right #12!

  • http://justjared tan

    hilary’s not fat. but it kinda looks like a boob job….

  • not fat


  • R

    Hilary got a boob job not so long ago. Only very close people to her know that…..and I just happen to know those people.

  • susan

    #2 You need to go get your eye check!!

  • Molly

    ewwww are you serious R? if thats true my opinion of her totally just went down. Boob jobs are ridiculous.

  • kirstie

    When did curvy and healthy become fat?

  • josh

    I think she looks amazing so fcking hot! You idiots she did not get a boob job!

  • Luis Santos

    The boob job it’s obviously.

  • Leonardo

    Of course you do, #16.

  • Tay

    She definitely got a boob job…..there’s no doubt about it. I also happen to know that for a fact that she did. If people don’t want to believe that, thens thats there choice. I’m just stating something I already know.

  • lola

    hate to tell ya, but she DID get a boob job. her dr. told her to gain a little bit weight, so the implants would sit better…..
    true story.

  • Val

    You guys are so rude, you have no idea if she got a boob job or not you don’t know her personal life it’s called growing up maybe you guys should do that too.

    It is all speculation, she looks good by the way.

  • Maz

    She’s got a tattoo on the right side of her right foot…its a word or something like that..

  • Jake

    Maz it says “Let it be” very beatles of her she’s looking hot

  • wow

    she did get a tattoo. It says “Let It Be”

  • Amand.

    I love her, she’s sooooooooooooooo gorgeous!! beautiful, wonderful. She looks stunning most of the time, even when running errands in LA. She’s very pretty, seriously. And you people calling her “fat” must have serious eye problem or you must be so down of not looking that good that your only way to feel better is to talk crap about a perfect girl. Leave her alone, she’s not fat…..jealous haters like you made her get depressed and get too skinny!Shut up, I don’t want this to ever happen again. She’s way better off with curves!

  • ffeer

    Obviously people who write hilary looks fat
    it’s because they are FAAATxD

  • Caroline

    I bet everyone calling her fat are the one’s who are fat!

    Hilary is a beautiful, natural size and a perfect role model for girls.
    I don’t think she got a boob job, she’s just gained some weight.

    If you look back at her days in A Cinderella Story etc her boobs were pretty big, but they disappeared after she lost alot of weight for a while.

  • Michelle

    Fat?! seriously, what is wrong with you guys? she’s amazing!

  • AJ

    SHE’S SKINNY! Back off seriously…..
    Anyone know when she got that tattoo? I like it.

  • Andy

    Wish she wore a thong bikini :D

  • truthfully

    Hilary is not fat, but her body is weird. Super flat butt and wide at the waist. Not so fab.

  • kate

    Huge centers!??! CENTERS!?? Jared you are so freaking weird!!!

  • katie

    shes so effing gorjuzz and wtf jared! huge centers?!?!

  • John

    she looks hot i’ll bang her

  • anne

    She is definitely not fat – just doesn’t have much of a waist, so it makes her look heavier than she is. But for those delusional people who don’t think she had a boob job – wake up!!!! A couple of years ago she was heavier, yet her boobs were much smaller. She had a boob job in the past year – I spotted it right away (so did my friend who is a plastic surgeon), Can’t believe there are naive fans who want to attribute her new rack to “growing up” or “weigt gain,” The only weigt she’s gained is a couple of pounds of silicone!!

  • Susan

    she’s definitely not fat she’s healthy the problem with her body is the fact that she has no waist so it makes her look heavier and that bikini is not a flattering look to her body. She has normal set of real breasts their not big their a regular size for her size and weight!

  • Nyigirl

    Heeeeey Comrie!

    Okay, so he’s not a great player, but he’s really cute. Hilary is lucky :D

  • steve

    I’m so happy for her, she looks GREAT and HAPPY.

    Her tatoo is “Let It Be…” and i really loved it.

  • Nyigirl

    And also, there is no way she is fat.

    So what? She’s not a stick. She actually looks HEALTHY. Hollywood shocker.

  • Brian

    She looks really yum!love this chick!

  • bruce

    Wake up, people. Of course she didn’t. Her boobs are real. You can see when it’s fake. Get a life. She looks really great.

  • steph

    Amazing. Nice couple. She looks so happy *.*

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I wonder: THERE IS TIME FOR GRIEVE & SORROW, folks?

  • Jasmine

    man you really can tell she’s in love aw good for her she looks so happy!

  • Tanda

    Anyone who thinks she got a boob job should search up pictures of her 18th birthday party. Her breasts are the same size as they were then. Her breast mass did go down when she lost a lot of weight. Now that she has come back to a healthy weight, her breast mass has returned.

  • Jasmine

    breast augmentation? are you guys serious her breasts are the same size as they were 2 years ago their not even big it’s a normal size!