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Tom Cruise: Suri is Super!

Tom Cruise: Suri is Super!

Tom Cruise is spotted going out to dinner at Scott’s restaurant in London on Friday night (January 23).

The 46-year-old actor reportedly left around midnight after having dinner with Eddy Izzard.

Appearing on GMTV, Tom talked about Valkyrie and raising his daughter Suri. “[Suri] is such a happy girl, and I think that Kate is an extraordinary mother and very calm. Protecting her, but also you don’t want her to be sheltered in any way, and to be able to be engaged in life, and I think that’s like any parent.”

“And just keeping things calm and you find that as long as we’re not worried about anything – you know, you just do the best you can with it,” Tom said.

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70 Responses to “Tom Cruise: Suri is Super!”

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  1. 1
    boogie Says:

    keeping things calm. Yeah- that is necessary when you possibly have a brat in the making.

  2. 2
    Sassy Says:

    Um, Tom: don’t you have 2 other kids? No one else calls your wife Kate. It doesn’t do her well. Katie suits her, try it!

  3. 3
    jbzn Says:

    hey sassy, your right! where was tom at his son’s movie premiere?? oh thats right no where to be found!

  4. 4
    jane Says:

    # 1 – is it really necessary to call a 2 year old toddler that you NEVER met a brat??? Why? There is such a horrible negativity against this adorable little girl, why I do not know. She is a baby! Do you have any kind of life at all? I read Pax (the JP fan’s kids who can do NO wrong) is a brat with issues, and who knows what else those kids do? They are also KIDS, small kids…but I have yet to see a single negative comment on Brad’s kids, because, hey, they ARE Brad’s kids!
    New flash, this Suri is the most precious, best little dressed doll we’ve ever seen, which is why she is on all blogs. Whether she’ll be a brat or not, you sound really sick, making such a idiotic comment, about a baby, who again, you’ve only see in photo’s. I truly think this all comes from, seeing such a well dressed toddler, who is without a doubt, adorable, (and a beauty in the making!) with two beautiful always well dressed parents, brings out the jealousy in posters here, because there sure isn’t any sane reason, for such comments.

  5. 5
    thia Says:

    I think u all have Conner & Bella on the brains! Ever think these two TEENS do NOT want to be in photgraphs all the time? They hardly were before Suri, and hardly are now. But they are present in all important gatherings, and Tom took them and there was no Suri in Germany recently, just the three of them. And some nuts posted “where’s Suri”. Also, teenagers, have school (and their friends, u know teens) and issues to deal with. I don’t think they are the type (from seeing their pics) that want to be always in the public eye. I am sure tom loves them, and they aren’t worrying about being in the public all the time with their dad. It’s posters on here who think about such things!

  6. 6
    diana Says:

    dont waste your breath # 5, this crowd is strictly for ange and brad and those kids board. anything good with the cruise family, they will pick apart like a dog feasting on a bone. because they hate everyone who isnt a jolie pitt. sick and getting much sicker.
    they should all look as good as the cruises. haters.

  7. 7
    sara Says:

    Hmmm I recall when Shiloh was born, months passed and all we ever saw was Brad & Angelina with Maddox and Zahara. But now 2 teenagers who aren’t glued at the hip with Tom, we hear ‘where are they”. I guess Suri is so beautiful, you all think he forgot his kids. Too funny. talk about people having no lifes! Those kids, were blessed the day Tom adopted them. I think Nicole forgot them with her baby, Tom is with them, believe me. And calling a child a ‘brat’ is really stupid, unless you know Katie personally and this is a fact. Yeah, like everything else posted here!

  8. 8
    African Girl Says:

    Lmao! I bet you sillies call your own children by the JP’s children’s names.

    Seriously, what’s PAX got to do with this? #1 whom by the way we have no idea whose fan she is…if any passed a comment and #5 goes on a tirade about Pax. If that isn’t the height of obsession, I don’t know what is.
    The earlier you admit your fixation on everything JP, the better for you. LOL.
    Suri is a cute kid by the way.

  9. 9
    cameron Says:


  10. 10
    Jen1 Says:

    #4, #5, #6 – thank you. Exactly my thoughts re: Connor and Isabella being TEENAGERS who surely have a lot going on in their lives. The fact that they still all spend time together as a family, as often as they do, given how busy all of them are, I think is a testament to how much they do want to be together. Unbelievable. Tom can never do anything right for some. And by extension, apparently Katie and adorable Suri too. It’s sad. Haters pure and simple. Why even bother writing this? I don’t know. I guess I was just thankful there are some who are speaking up for the Cruises. To me, they seem so loving. All of them. I mean, we just saw them all together w/ the Beckham family didn’t we? They all seemed so happy and wonderful. *throws hands up*

  11. 11
    mju8 Says:

    does he really think suri isn’t all that sheltered? imo she is both extremely sheltered and extremely publicised – a strange dichotomy

  12. 12
    Nola Says:

    #4 (jane)
    what an idiot comment. Suri is a “well dressed” baby as if that has anything to do with her being a brat or whatever.

    If you think her parents are something to be jealous about,,,you are off your rocker silly girl.

    Grow up and get an education@

  13. 13
    dani Says:

    Right Tom, sheltering her by bringing her out in front of the paps constantly when she is clearly distressed at the attention!

  14. 14
    Kirstie Says:

    I like Tom but I do kind of agree with some people. It’s not the fact that the older children aren’t shown as much. Goodness knows they are teenagers and very busy with their lives.But I think people find it weird that he hardly talks about his eldest two. I know he means well and everyone knows Suri is beautiful and intelligent. But it would be nice if he supported his sons movie.

  15. 15
    Poppy Says:

    #14, Tom actually does talk about his older kids quite a bit. For instance, I remember a recent interview where he talked about driving his son to the audition for “Seven Pounds” and how proud he is. He also talked about teaching Bella how to drive when he was on Letterman. He probably gets asked about Suri more, but it’s not like he never talks about the other kids.
    Also,both Tom and Nicole have stated that the kids told them not to discuss their personal lives, so they try not say too much about them.

  16. 16
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    He again sold his “FAIRY-TALE-STORRIES” to naive americans, folks?

  17. 17
    Janet Says:

    Oh. That makes since. I’m sure he is asked about suriquite a bit. It’s crazy how these beautiful babies like Suri and Shiloh are almost more popular than their parents.

  18. 18
    skinny Says:

    Used to love tom before he started acting weird and so spaced out.

  19. 19
    babette Says:

    Tom looks like a woman

  20. 20
    Kirstie Says:

    Thanks #15. All of his kids seem talented.

  21. 21
    ice Says:

    Werent the magazines saying he wanted to rehabilitate his image, and only talk about his work from now on? So Suri is work? Well yeah, she’s just part of his image as a neurotic celeb

  22. 22
    Leonardo Says:

    I think all parents of a baby possibly have a brat in the making, #1.

    I think h knows that, #2. He’s just not talking about them in every single sentence like you expect him to to prove he hasn’t abandoned them.

    Cruise calls her Kate and that’s all that should matter to them.

    ‘Cause he was busy working like any normal parent who unfortunately misses an event in their kid’s life every once in awhile, #3.

    Right #4 and #5 and #10.

    They’re usually entering or leaving a place as they’re walking on a public sidewalk, #13.

    He talks about his older kids ALL the time, #14. Check his interviews.

    Because he was too busy too attend the Seven Pounds premiere it means he doesn’t support his son?

    Right, #15.

    God, you’re misinformed, #21.

  23. 23
    Elly Says:

    Here’s one #22. Get a life. Geez, talk about being obsessed. People are just observing. We know his kid is cute but he does talk a lot about Suri.

  24. 24
    serephina Says:

    I think that Bella and Conner were raised up by Nicole NOT to be in the public eye and they are used to that – which is fine. Maybe some comments here and there from Tom would balance things…

    After the couch jumping, Brooke Shields bashing, morning show debacle I have really no trust in what Tom says.

    Although he does seem like he is tryin to right the ship!

  25. 25
    Rhianna Says:

    tommy girl sure likes to play up how wonderful everything is all the time. suri’s great, kate’s great, we have a great life, blah, blah, blah. you know that behind the scenes, they aren’t happy at all. katie is getting tired of playing house with a gay guy and tommy girl has this crazy pasted on smile all the time. and kirstie, how the hell do you know suri is intelligent??? is it because she wears expensive clothes? or because she still drinks out of a bottle??? katie (aka katie-bot) looks horrible now. i was always a big fan of hers, but she has let tommy girl destroy her image and take control of her life.

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