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Jessica Simpson: Chili Cookoff!

Jessica Simpson: Chili Cookoff!

Jessica Simpson slips the audience some tongue as she performs a multi-song set during the “99.9 KISS Country Chili Cookoff” on Sunday (January 25) at CB Smith Park on Flamingo Road in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Chili Cookoff goers caught the 28-year-old country singer performing, along with Alan Jackson, Jason Aldean, Justin Moore, Little Big Town and other stars of country music.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jessica’s double leopard-print belt and high-waisted Grey Ant Carpenter jeans — HOT or NOT?

10+ pictures inside of Chili Cookoff country star Jessica Simpson

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jessica simpson kiss country chili cookoff 01
jessica simpson kiss country chili cookoff 02
jessica simpson kiss country chili cookoff 03
jessica simpson kiss country chili cookoff 04
jessica simpson kiss country chili cookoff 05
jessica simpson kiss country chili cookoff 06
jessica simpson kiss country chili cookoff 07
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  • kc

    It’s over johnny

  • shelby

    baaaaad outfit.
    and she looks like she got bigger.

  • LT

    fug & embarrassing…she tries way too hard and it shows.

  • Chau

    Wow, what happened to her once-beautiful figure? She looks fatty.

  • jennifer

    she gained weight! Ew. it doesn’t suit her!

  • OpsSS!!!!


  • amber

    damn she looks bad

  • whoah

    OMG she’s huge!!! and everyone is right, it doesn’t suit her at all.

  • good grief

    Earth to Ken Paves: re 2 belts on trousers jeans + 15 extra pounds = WHAT are you smoking?

  • hannah

    wow this is sad.. what has her career come to? playing at a chili cook off in the middle of Hicksville Florida? she looks like she has gained a bit of weight too.. or maybe its just the horribly unflattering outfit she has on. she needs to fire her stylist ASAP!

  • Undecided

    oy! This chick really needs to go….I agree w/ LT she tries wayyyy too hard….it does show….

  • blah

    Anyone else think she kinda looks like Taylor Swift in some pictures? (only in her face)


    wow…she looks big!!

  • Anita

    that by far is the worst outfit i have ever seen her in!

  • Sarah

    shes not fat, but she definetly looks bigger than she did before

  • Jacqui

    Oh shut up! Whether you like her fashion tastes or you don’t, she does NOT look fat. She looks NORMAL. And healthy. That’s a GOOD thing, a far better example for girls and women, rather than certain other celebrities who look like they should be in hospital.

  • the shiznack

    wow a chili cookoff is the gig to be at

    when is she gonna realise that her career is dead and its time to give up

  • dayna

    She’s not fat.. if this is what is fat, then everyone in the world is FAT lol. That is terrible to say. She just doesn’t look as thin as she use to, orrr this is a TERRIBLE outfit (which it is) or the camera angles are terrible. Pants that go up to your belly button are NEVER flattering.. if these are in, I have no idea what fashion has come to! And she SERIIIIIIOUSLY needs to stop parting her hair in the middle and stop with the big hair as well. But, I am a fan.

  • bey rocks

    eww, she looks fat and she never was pretty.

  • Billy Bob

    Holy cow. Hold the twinkies will ya? This chick will be getting dumped soon. Not looking too hot.

    And dye your flipping roots.

  • gossip addict

    i bet you anything she is preggers. look at her has that look. same look jennifer lopez had before she announced she was knocked up.

  • Georgia

    Boy has she put on the weight….look at the arms.. Take away the make-up & hair & OMG!!! Can you say heffer

  • Andrey

    OMG I in a shock!!!!!!

  • Lea

    VERY unflattering outfit. Reminds me of Peggy Bundy.

  • Rayt

    shes not fat you retarded internet morons.

  • scarjo

    Good God….that picture with her sticking her tongue out is classic. Well at least she dressed the part because nothing says “chili cook off” like a leopard print double belt paired with a pair of too tight, high waisted “mom” jeans. How on earth did she ever get the gig opening for Rascal Flatts? Aren’t the considered A-B list in the country music world? She’s the epitome of a D-lister washed up has-been.

  • saudia

    what the hell is she wearing, damn she gained weight, whatever I wouldn’t call her fat .. gorgeous still

  • sam

    she’s not fat at all, she’s just bigger from when she was in dukes of hazard and was like really really toned and thin, she’ll probably get toned soon i bet you

  • Ellie

    Can you say hot mess? I swear to God this chick looks more tranny everyday! Is Tony Romo that desperate that he’s hitched his star to a washed up has-been? I can’t stand the guy, but even I feel bad for him that he sees something (anything!) interesting about this woman. She makes Ashlee look talented!

  • Me

    No, she is not fat. This is what high waisted pants/belts look like. However, her career is not too great, is it? The Florida Fair? Is this what she has to do now? It’s probably teaching her humility; if only her father could learn some also.

  • sally

    Come on people..she’s a normal size, just bigger than before. That was a horrible outfit choice :-( And I’m not a fan of her’s either…

  • ew

    how old is she? she needs to keep her tongue in her mouth. and yes she looks fat and bad outfit. anyone who says differently is either jessica herself or a family member.

  • norah

    Can’t someone tell her that the pageant hair and makeup are, um, an unfortunate look at a chilli competetion? Nick got out just in time…

  • hmm

    She is not fat but she is a mess. And what happened to her career?

  • a total fan

    Don’t like the outfit but she is NOT FAT. She has gained some weight but she looks healthy.

  • whoa

    Damn she needs to stop eating all that chili. She looks fatter than me and I am not even close to skinny. Gads.

  • Zach

    Did she eat all the chili? Fat heffer.
    And I thought Tony was fat. I wonder if they wear the same bra size.

  • Sophia

    She looks like a mini version of Anna Nicole Smith.

  • scarjo

    She has shoulders like a linebacker…from behind she looks like Romo wearing a baaaad wig. She may be considered “normal” size to some but she’s waay too big to be wearing that get up.

  • hah?

    HUGE. she looks HUGE. Especially compared to what she once was. WOW. I’m speechless. Really. Tony Romo likes him some big arms, I guess. Put the chili spoon down, Jess!

  • Mike skoopd

    She has not been hot since the Nick Lachey days. Old news. And people are shocked when Tony Romo makes bad decisions during the game.

  • vmars111

    Her arms are so meaty for chili!

  • lucy

    Her clothes are TOO TIGHT which is why she looks so awful and the outfit is 100% unflattering. She is not as toned as she used to be but she is far far far from overweight. Let’s be detailed and realize this girl is not fat people…we all know that is not fat. She is just wearing an extremely unattractive, ill-fitting outfit with bad hair at an embarrassingly low grade event. She ain’t fat but she ain’t wanted, either.

  • meg

    Have you all noticed that both Jessica and Tony have gained a bunch of weight since they began dating. They are both fat, lazy slobs.

  • daniela

    I not shure if is the jeans and shirt, but looks fat!!!
    And looks so bad showing their thongue

  • leslie

    Fat and untalented

  • leslie

    Fat and untalented

  • susan

    she got bigger than before

  • belle

    Don’t think she’s fat at all, just unfortunate wardrobe choice.

  • kate

    I’m kind of surprised they even let her play there, she must’ve been one of the first acts on… Normally that Chili Cookoff has huge names, this year was disappointing