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Jessica Simpson: Chili Cookoff!

Jessica Simpson: Chili Cookoff!

Jessica Simpson slips the audience some tongue as she performs a multi-song set during the “99.9 KISS Country Chili Cookoff” on Sunday (January 25) at CB Smith Park on Flamingo Road in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Chili Cookoff goers caught the 28-year-old country singer performing, along with Alan Jackson, Jason Aldean, Justin Moore, Little Big Town and other stars of country music.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jessica’s double leopard-print belt and high-waisted Grey Ant Carpenter jeans — HOT or NOT?

10+ pictures inside of Chili Cookoff country star Jessica Simpson

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203 Responses to “Jessica Simpson: Chili Cookoff!”

  1. 1
    kc Says:

    It’s over johnny

  2. 2
    shelby Says:

    baaaaad outfit.
    and she looks like she got bigger.

  3. 3
    LT Says:

    fug & embarrassing…she tries way too hard and it shows.

  4. 4
    Chau Says:

    Wow, what happened to her once-beautiful figure? She looks fatty.

  5. 5
    jennifer Says:

    she gained weight! Ew. it doesn’t suit her!

  6. 6
    OpsSS!!!! Says:


  7. 7
    amber Says:

    damn she looks bad

  8. 8
    whoah Says:

    OMG she’s huge!!! and everyone is right, it doesn’t suit her at all.

  9. 9
    good grief Says:

    Earth to Ken Paves: re 2 belts on trousers jeans + 15 extra pounds = WHAT are you smoking?

  10. 10
    hannah Says:

    wow this is sad.. what has her career come to? playing at a chili cook off in the middle of Hicksville Florida? she looks like she has gained a bit of weight too.. or maybe its just the horribly unflattering outfit she has on. she needs to fire her stylist ASAP!

  11. 11
    Undecided Says:

    oy! This chick really needs to go….I agree w/ LT she tries wayyyy too hard….it does show….

  12. 12
    blah Says:

    Anyone else think she kinda looks like Taylor Swift in some pictures? (only in her face)

  13. 13
    FKOFF Says:

    wow…she looks big!!

  14. 14
    Anita Says:

    that by far is the worst outfit i have ever seen her in!

  15. 15
    Sarah Says:

    shes not fat, but she definetly looks bigger than she did before

  16. 16
    Jacqui Says:

    Oh shut up! Whether you like her fashion tastes or you don’t, she does NOT look fat. She looks NORMAL. And healthy. That’s a GOOD thing, a far better example for girls and women, rather than certain other celebrities who look like they should be in hospital.

  17. 17
    the shiznack Says:

    wow a chili cookoff is the gig to be at

    when is she gonna realise that her career is dead and its time to give up

  18. 18
    dayna Says:

    She’s not fat.. if this is what is fat, then everyone in the world is FAT lol. That is terrible to say. She just doesn’t look as thin as she use to, orrr this is a TERRIBLE outfit (which it is) or the camera angles are terrible. Pants that go up to your belly button are NEVER flattering.. if these are in, I have no idea what fashion has come to! And she SERIIIIIIOUSLY needs to stop parting her hair in the middle and stop with the big hair as well. But, I am a fan.

  19. 19
    bey rocks Says:

    eww, she looks fat and she never was pretty.

  20. 20
    Billy Bob Says:

    Holy cow. Hold the twinkies will ya? This chick will be getting dumped soon. Not looking too hot.

    And dye your flipping roots.

  21. 21
    gossip addict Says:

    i bet you anything she is preggers. look at her has that look. same look jennifer lopez had before she announced she was knocked up.

  22. 22
    Georgia Says:

    Boy has she put on the weight….look at the arms.. Take away the make-up & hair & OMG!!! Can you say heffer

  23. 23
    Andrey Says:

    OMG I in a shock!!!!!!

  24. 24
    Lea Says:

    VERY unflattering outfit. Reminds me of Peggy Bundy.

  25. 25
    Rayt Says:

    shes not fat you retarded internet morons.

  26. 26
    scarjo Says:

    Good God….that picture with her sticking her tongue out is classic. Well at least she dressed the part because nothing says “chili cook off” like a leopard print double belt paired with a pair of too tight, high waisted “mom” jeans. How on earth did she ever get the gig opening for Rascal Flatts? Aren’t the considered A-B list in the country music world? She’s the epitome of a D-lister washed up has-been.

  27. 27
    saudia Says:

    what the hell is she wearing, damn she gained weight, whatever I wouldn’t call her fat .. gorgeous still

  28. 28
    sam Says:

    she’s not fat at all, she’s just bigger from when she was in dukes of hazard and was like really really toned and thin, she’ll probably get toned soon i bet you

  29. 29
    Ellie Says:

    Can you say hot mess? I swear to God this chick looks more tranny everyday! Is Tony Romo that desperate that he’s hitched his star to a washed up has-been? I can’t stand the guy, but even I feel bad for him that he sees something (anything!) interesting about this woman. She makes Ashlee look talented!

  30. 30
    Me Says:

    No, she is not fat. This is what high waisted pants/belts look like. However, her career is not too great, is it? The Florida Fair? Is this what she has to do now? It’s probably teaching her humility; if only her father could learn some also.

  31. 31
    sally Says:

    Come on people..she’s a normal size, just bigger than before. That was a horrible outfit choice :-( And I’m not a fan of her’s either…

  32. 32
    ew Says:

    how old is she? she needs to keep her tongue in her mouth. and yes she looks fat and bad outfit. anyone who says differently is either jessica herself or a family member.

  33. 33
    norah Says:

    Can’t someone tell her that the pageant hair and makeup are, um, an unfortunate look at a chilli competetion? Nick got out just in time…

  34. 34
    hmm Says:

    She is not fat but she is a mess. And what happened to her career?

  35. 35
    a total fan Says:

    Don’t like the outfit but she is NOT FAT. She has gained some weight but she looks healthy.

  36. 36
    whoa Says:

    Damn she needs to stop eating all that chili. She looks fatter than me and I am not even close to skinny. Gads.

  37. 37
    Zach Says:

    Did she eat all the chili? Fat heffer.
    And I thought Tony was fat. I wonder if they wear the same bra size.

  38. 38
    Sophia Says:

    She looks like a mini version of Anna Nicole Smith.

  39. 39
    scarjo Says:

    She has shoulders like a linebacker…from behind she looks like Romo wearing a baaaad wig. She may be considered “normal” size to some but she’s waay too big to be wearing that get up.

  40. 40
    hah? Says:

    HUGE. she looks HUGE. Especially compared to what she once was. WOW. I’m speechless. Really. Tony Romo likes him some big arms, I guess. Put the chili spoon down, Jess!

  41. 41
    Mike skoopd Says:

    She has not been hot since the Nick Lachey days. Old news. And people are shocked when Tony Romo makes bad decisions during the game.

  42. 42
    vmars111 Says:

    Her arms are so meaty for chili!

  43. 43
    lucy Says:

    Her clothes are TOO TIGHT which is why she looks so awful and the outfit is 100% unflattering. She is not as toned as she used to be but she is far far far from overweight. Let’s be detailed and realize this girl is not fat people…we all know that is not fat. She is just wearing an extremely unattractive, ill-fitting outfit with bad hair at an embarrassingly low grade event. She ain’t fat but she ain’t wanted, either.

  44. 44
    meg Says:

    Have you all noticed that both Jessica and Tony have gained a bunch of weight since they began dating. They are both fat, lazy slobs.

  45. 45
    daniela Says:

    I not shure if is the jeans and shirt, but looks fat!!!
    And looks so bad showing their thongue

  46. 46
    leslie Says:

    Fat and untalented

  47. 47
    leslie Says:

    Fat and untalented

  48. 48
    susan Says:

    she got bigger than before

  49. 49
    belle Says:

    Don’t think she’s fat at all, just unfortunate wardrobe choice.

  50. 50
    kate Says:

    I’m kind of surprised they even let her play there, she must’ve been one of the first acts on… Normally that Chili Cookoff has huge names, this year was disappointing

  51. 51
    ally Says:

    poor thing…chili cookoffs are the only gigs that she can get these days…I don’t totally dislike her but i think that her dad is the cause for her career’s downward spiral…i saw a pics of her and tony at an airport a couple of weeks ago and that was the jessica s. that I have come to know…she wasn’t wearing any makeup and her hair was tied back…she looked really pretty…i can’t say much for these pics…she really should fire her stylist because there has been too many events/outfits that were a big no no…it’s more of picking outfits not suitable for the body type…

  52. 52
    jrr Says:

    I wouldn’t say she’s fat…but she’s definitely gained some weight and the outfit probably is adding pounds too.

  53. 53
    matt Says:

    She’s definitely not fat or even overweight for that matter. I personally like some curves on her.

    Wish she would get her nails done long though.

  54. 54
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    rofl rofl lmao lmao
    wow this chick looks so ******* horrible
    her face looks so plastic, its ******* disgusting
    those jeans also make her look like a midget and show off how “nice” her legs r =D

    tony even tho i dont like u ill give u some advice
    dump her and hope u can get carrie underwood back

  55. 55
    kathy Says:

    Okay… before i read the comments I said to myself “Oh she looks cute here” I like her belt and her hair, the jeans i can pass.. can’t believe how mean you guys are..anyway i like her me one at Macys

  56. 56
    anon Says:

    she must really miss nick.

  57. 57
    Jadedkitten Says:

    @ blah yes she totally looks taylor in the face and don’t kid yourself ppl she might not be fat in the real world but in the hollyhood she’s ******* obese she’s a popst… umm country singer?? w/e she’s got no excuse to look like this and if she wants to be a celeb she’s gonna be and will be held to a different standard than normal ppl its a sad truth

  58. 58
    nyob Says:

    I dont think she is fat, but she is repulsive. She has horrible style and acts like an idiot.

  59. 59
    jerzeegirl Says:

    Who care’s about her weight (normal)? Her career is in the toilet and I feel bad for people participants in the in the backround??!!

  60. 60
    fan Says:

    what’s wrong with CHILLI COOKOFF?? Alan Jackson was also there!! She’s in the middle of the Rascal Flatts tour as the opening act…so yes, her career is going “somewhere”……

  61. 61
    Cherrylips Says:


  62. 62
    montana mike Says:

    damn, it looks like there might be a little quarterback in her gut

  63. 63
    Marisa720 Says:

    Fat?? UM NO. She is short- waisted and very top heavy. And those jeans aren’t for that body type. Look how FLAT her stomach is.

    I do think she has just made some bad career choices since her Newly Weds Show has wrapped. She should have stuck with Pop music. This girl used to have a voice on her when she 1st came out. Remember that song I’m Wanna Love You Forever?? She is an example of bad management and bad very bad career choices. Maybe she will get it back together someday.

  64. 64
    Texasstarfan Says:

    I disagree with most here. I think Jessicas hair looks gorgeous comapared to most days. Her outfit is trendy. Sorry if you dont like it but high waisted jeans are back in style. She does not look fat at all. She’s been working out for that Rascal Flatts tour and looks like she’s lost some and toned up. The Chili Cook Off thing is a big show with big name celebrities. Jessica did good on this one.

  65. 65
    lucy and Ethel Says:


  66. 66
    youknowme Says:

    Who ever dressed her should be fired. I am by no means skinny but somone like her who thinks she is the hottest thing to walk this earth should watch what she is eating. She has gotten fat.

  67. 67
    gf Says:

    she looks bigger. kinda icky not goin to lie bout that.
    but pretty still.

  68. 68
    the dq Says:

    Looks like she’s been consuming a lot of that chili.

  69. 69
    a Says:

    whoa…she got bigger

  70. 70
    joss Says:

    looks like she gained a lot of weight

  71. 71
    Lisa Says:

    OMG JESSICA IS OBESE, she barely fits into that outfit.

    She is a poor role model for kids. She needs to lose weight and be healthy because kids will see her fat and think its okay to get fat and not take care of yourself .

    Shame on Jessica for letting herself go and becoming obese. That is a sign of depression. She needs to stop singing and enter a clinic.

  72. 72
    athena Says:

    Okay, I thought she had some weight gain…she’s probably not to happy.

  73. 73
    Megan fox rocks Says:

    wow she’s fat , she was gorgeous

    R.I.P hot Jessica

  74. 74
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:


  75. 75
    just me Says:

    Does she EVER shut her mouth !!!!!!!

  76. 76
    bobv Says:

    she’s gross

  77. 77
    JESS Says:

    ummm… she’s not fat, fat. But she is bigger and her arms look saggy! Here’s the deal, she’s preggers. She’s probably just a few weeks, but she wouldn’t let herself go that much unless there was a reason! I mean, you can dye your hair unless your past your first trimester, so that gives me so explanation on her roots!

  78. 78
    me Says:

    OMGG…she looks so fat and gross!!

  79. 79
    anonymous Says:

    The belt is obviously there to disguise her not so flat tummy but she isnt fat, she just isnt Hollywood skinny / emaciated but put her in the real world and id guess she’d still be thinner than your average.

  80. 80
    Ashley Says:

    lol you guys make me laugh. all you people who are saying that her career is dead and that she’s down to playing at a chili cookoff, a lot of country stars play a chili cookoffs. it’s a big event and unlike most of the ‘artists’ today, country artists are not all about making money. they care about the fans and that’s why they’re not just subjected to big stadiums. like common people, Alan Jackson is a country legend and he played there. get a life.

  81. 81
    slambangq Says:

    A chili cookoff? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  82. 82
    slambang Says:

    Laughed so hard I couldn’t spell my name right! :D

  83. 83
    ashley Says:

    weight gain much?
    she doesnt look horrible, but she doesnt look a health size like shes been before.

    also the outfit is horrible.
    shes geunine and sweet, but i just dont get why shes ballonned so much
    i know shes a person too and her weight should not be a big deal but shes put on a bunch and isnt at a healthy weight at all.

  84. 84
    fan Says:

    She always lets herself go when she is “in love” did the same thing with John Mayer. She looks really bad here though. I also cannot stand her always sticking her frickin tounge out. She is gross. She should also shut up about her boyfriend, she must not of gotten the memo that he is no longer respected in Dallas. I’d say that’s because she is always putting him out there in the media.

  85. 85
    Yours truly Says:

    I adore Jessica… She has gained a little weight and it has nothing to do with the way she wears the pants and tank top… You can simply tell by how full her face has gotten… But still, she’s certainly not fat, just happy!!

  86. 86
    preggers Says:

    knocked up? Another Simpson shotgun wedding?

  87. 87
    preggers Says:

    hot mess and desperate as hell

  88. 88
    shelly Says:

    Jess has gotten bigger but the belt and trouser pants make her even look larger. By far, it is one of her worst outfits of 2009. Jess looks horrible in these pictures!!!!

  89. 89
    Fat is not fit Says:

    She’s porcine…especially by Hollywood standards.

  90. 90
    bella Says:

    This is a VERY unflattering outfit. It makes her look bigger than she actually is. Very few people can pull off high waisted pants. She is not one of those people. She is still beautiful, just a really bad look overall.

  91. 91
    me me me Says:

    she’s the same size as her sister and she just had a baby. that’s not a good sign. and that outfit is just… trailer trash?

  92. 92
    serephina Says:

    Someone should tell her NEVER EVER wear those jeans again. She is too short and too average in weight to carry it off. UGHHHHHH.

    And for someone that has a hairdresser BFF that follows her around…her hair looks like a matted, tangled beaufont mess.

    Jessica get a makeover fast.

  93. 93
    pup Says:

    oh wow. she looks terrible. =SS

  94. 94
    laughing Says:

    Oh my gosh! Look at the difference from the country thunder pics til now. Her arms are huge, her face, yikes. What the hell happened to her?

  95. 95
    Constanza Says:

    I think she is so fat now…


  96. 96
    cosi Says:

    Her inner Anna Nicole is blossoming and spilling outwardly! And what’s w/the Mom jeans?!

  97. 97
    hello Says:

    I don’t like seeing women’s armpits too often.

  98. 98
    anonymous Says:

    She’s a cross between Anna Nicole Smith and Kirstie Allie. Her arms are so beefy. The rest of her is too.

  99. 99
    ash1993 Says:

    wooowww! she looks realllly faaaaaaaat

  100. 100
    ellie Says:

    Jessica Simpson is not fat.. Don’t like the outfit , but otherwise shes a beautiful woman..

  101. 101
    allison Says:

    She has no neck. And sticking out her tongue is not attractive. I don’t know why, but these pictures bother me.

  102. 102
    jessica is fat Says:

    what a cow

  103. 103
    Susan Says:

    She’s not huge by any means but she has put on a little weight.

  104. 104
    imelda bootstross Says:

    She has Tuck Shop Lady arms (school cafeteria lady arms?) … and all that booze she’s been drinking hasn’t helped her look at all.

    I wish she’d go away and while she’s at it, unhook her claws from Tony ******.

  105. 105
    ........... Says:


  106. 106
    L Says:

    I just saw her in concert and she has gained weight…but this outfit makes it look way worse!!

  107. 107
    cabo Says:

    Her Spanx are threatening to boycott. It’s called getting older, the metabolism is slowing down and the copious amounts of booze, mexican food and fried chicken she consumes with Tony is causing her to widen. Either that or she’s a couple months pregnant.

  108. 108
    ire Says:

    So what if you think she’s fat, being fat isn’t bad. Kids dying on hunger because you decided to buy a new d&g bag is, but why am i even writing this on a vanity filled blog.

  109. 109
    Lisa #2.... Says:

    In the 4th photo she looks normal size, I think it’s just the jeans. I think they have too much going on with all the pockets. She always has had big boobs, I think with the belts and the high waisted jeans, it tends to make her look bigger than she really is. Maybe Jared will have a new picture of her in the next few days?

  110. 110
    Nancy Says: going to try to be positive here. Hmmm at least she shaved her pitts.

  111. 111
    ha haaaaa! Says:

    cow tounge, big boobs and flat butt

  112. 112
    jen Says:

    LOL @ #98!

  113. 113
    Bella Says:

    Her hair and makeup look nice. Jessica is a beautiful girl. Her outfit is a mess.

    Those who are saying she is fat are crazy. She is not fat. Just because she is not a size 0 does not make her fat.

    Talk about exaggeration. If there were no pics and just going by the comments, youd think Jessica was 400 lbs.

  114. 114
    2 much chili Says:

    To #113, but that fat hanging from her arms and those rolls on her sides sure make her fat. Tell her to lay off the chilli and eat more salads.

    Poor Jessica, she gains all this weight and still has a flat ass.

  115. 115
    Thais Says:

    she has gained maybe 10 pounds…why is that bad she is a healthy 28 year old woman.

  116. 116
    Vay Nay Nay Says:

    FAT ass country white trash celebrity wannabe.
    Her granny jeans don’t help the flabby arms.
    They make her v ging ging look fat too.
    She’s done.
    It’s over.
    Move ON.

  117. 117
    jill Says:

    she did the same pants thing before, see

  118. 118
    Denise Says:

    She has a lot more body fat then she used to – not overweight, just not toned at all.

    She looks happy.

  119. 119
    blueangel Says:

    Wow, she’s gained a lot of weight since she hooked up with Tony Romo!

  120. 120
    77 Says:

    She’s gained maybe 10 pounds…in each arm, in each thigh, and her middle.

  121. 121
    j. craig Says:

    Now we know what she’s been hiding under those big tops, tent dresses, and ponchos that she’s been wearing the last 6 months. She really should put one of her tent dresses back on.

  122. 122
    w Says:

    Is her lingerie line going to include granny pants to wear under those horrific mom jeans she’s wearing.

  123. 123
    Florida Girl Says:

    SHE NEEDS TO DIET ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  124. 124
    cassi Says:

    Like the belt ; hate the tragic waist high jeans.

  125. 125
    debbie Says:

    she like she’s grown up and not that barbie princess anymore..
    i still prefer the old her..

  126. 126
    Alisha Says:

    My first thought was, “Wynona Judd”. Not a good thing, that.

  127. 127
    missme Says:

    I think she has a lovely figure…she is by no means FAT! She might not be a size 00 but that does not constitute her as being overweight!

  128. 128
    Sherlock Says:

    Morons, the pics are stretched.

  129. 129
    perpetua Says:

    Not a flattering outfit! I think some “chicken of the sea” is in order !

  130. 130
    ashley Says:

    i agree with #28

  131. 131
    melissa Says:

    I still think she looks great… if not better… her body represents the average american woman! finally

  132. 132
    joe Says:

    She’s getting ready for her next job…..doing commercials for Jenny Craig!
    She’s not happy at all….

  133. 133
    Ruta Says:

    She looks bigger than before but maybe those jeans just makes her look bigger, THEY ARE HORRIBLE ! She looks still pretty like always.
    I love the picture of her ass, LOL. Nice..

  134. 134
    Hazel Says:

    Can anyone tell me who designed the belt ? I was thinking dolce and gabbana ?

  135. 135
    Tina Says:

    Miss Piggy! She definitely is the new Anna Nicole, fat, busty, self absorbed and pathetic.

  136. 136
    bejeebus Says:

    hey jessica….niiiiice bingo arms.
    i think the double belt is there to cover up her girdle lines. hope she didn’t eat any of that chili…we all know she’s notorious for having a farting problem….poor tony….shudder.

  137. 137
    Katie Says:

    She has definitely gained some weight; which in itself isn’t bad – she still has a great bod. But the double belt makes her waist look about 8 feet wide.

  138. 138
    Katie Says:

    You know – the more I look at this the more I think it can’t possibly be her. It’s got to be an impersonator or something. I mean, there’s no way she’s gained that much in a short period of time. Seriously – that would have to be 30 pounds in a month or two! She’s got chunky thighs and back fat!

    There’s no way this is really her.

  139. 139
    bECCA Says:

    I agree that she looks healthy! Not just a bunch of bones! She looks beaufiul! :)

  140. 140
    cc Says:

    That belt is designed to suck in and conceal that gut. She should not be opening for Rascal Flatts….way out of her league. She’s not that great a performer and still is riding on the coattails of that reality show which seems like 10 years ago. Isn’t she flatulent? I’m sure chili was just what she needed for her gas problem. Pity the poor fools who had to share the car with her back to the hotel.

  141. 141
    kay Says:

    lol bejeebus! I am imangining those hefty arms shoveling ladles of chili into her mouth between songs. Poor Tony indeed, having to put up with the sounds, sight, and smells of Jessica Simpson.

  142. 142
    Gail Says:

    I think she has a very pretty face. If she could keep her singing and personality shut down she would make a good model, like you say, if she lost weight.

  143. 143
    Gail Says:

    I think she has a very pretty face. If she could keep her singing and personality shut down she would make a good model, like you say, if she lost weight.

  144. 144
    Gail Says:

    I think she has a very pretty face. If she could keep her singing and personality shut down she would make a good model, like you say, if she lost weight.

  145. 145
    Gail Says:

    Seems like she fell out of the spotlight after ruining her own songs that she’d sing. Her dad probably told her to stay home for awhile. So, now state fairs???/

  146. 146
    christina Says:

    no she is fat all of you saying she is not fat are in denial i dont think its healthy to be rail thin but i dont think its healthy to be fat either…she is not at a normal size she’s fat…she’s 5’3 she should be at 125 pounds thats normal for her height she has to be like 145 pounds now…she is 20 pounds over weight…if she’s happy beign fat then more power to her but she is over weight and it does not look nice….she looks like a pudgy fat troll…

  147. 147
    leslie Says:

    only certain people can pull off an outfit like that…like a tall lean model jessica looks really bad here she looks so fat and sure the outfit isnt flattering but dont blame the outfit…look at those arms so much flab…her shoulders are thick…her and her waistline is huge…those jeans are so tight not hot not hot at all…im not a supporter for anorexia chicks…or fat chicks both are not attractive….now is it curves or is it fat??….if tony wanted a beautiful blond, and a country girl, who has talent ….he should have at least went for one that was successful and nice body…oh wait he did that was carrie underwood….but he was a fool that let her go…jessica looks ugly now she was pretty and so cute back in her nick lachey days…so being stupid was forgivable but now she is a oinker…and her face is ugly what happened to her

  148. 148
    AureaB Says:

    Umm yeah this is not her best look. She did gain weight, but she is NOT fat!. All the fat people in here are calling her fat. Anyhow, I think she should fire her dad, her career is going down hill…FAST.

  149. 149
    leslie Says:

    she doesn’t have to be a 00 like some have commented but she is not average weight either if this is the average women like some of you say then that the tradmill isn’t such a bad idea…

    jessica is fat and if she’s proud in which im assuming she is by this hideous outfit she chose then thats really great that she’s happy being fat, but i dont by that as a women i cant understand anyone being happy that way…

    the normal would be sandra bullock, julia roberts, ashley judd, kellie pickler

    kellie pickler is a curvie girl but she looks very nice that way jessica is not curvy jessica is fat.

  150. 150
    Katelyn Perkins Says:

    she looks really fat.
    and she can’t handle it.


  151. 151
    Elizabeth Says:

    TERRIBLE OUTFIT, YES, SHE IS BIGGER.. wouldnt call her fat.. Pleasantly plump? I think that a better term..

  152. 152
    ashlee Says:

    i see all the “super skinny” bimbos have come on this thread to call this girl fat. or could it be it’s all the super FAT chicks who are upset cause this girl look hot.

    to me she looks healthy.

  153. 153
    megan Says:

    Jessica is looking gorgeous. She is just glowing! I love this girl….

  154. 154
    ckayed Says:

    I think everyone is way too severe with comments about Jessica being fat and ugly. What she does doesn’t affect my life one way or the other however, her country singing is horrible and her pop singing was so much better. I don’t know what has happened to her since she and Nick split up but she seems to be very sad and I think she really does know that Tony Romo isn’t going to be her future husband. Perhaps, during and after her break up with Nick, all of us just got to know her on a more personal level and found out she is simply human and obviously the public wants her to be something other than just a human. Her goofiness and “dumb blonde” attitude doesn’t help her to be endearing to the public either. She is just a human trying to make her way through this thing called “life” like the rest of us — she just happens to be in the VERY public eye. I think all of us should have compassion for her and those like her….

  155. 155
    Nicki Says:

    haha, omg i was at the Chili Cookoff!!! She did amazing though.

  156. 156
    mickey g Says:

    Jessica really should give up on her Country Singer attempt. It is not working. She is a very pretty young woman, but it takes more than being pretty and wearing extremely revealing outfits to cover up for the lack of talent. There are many very talented singers in Nashville who would be a much more deserving opening act for Rascal Flatts. She was a sad mess in Greenville, SC last week. I would not advise anyone to spend hard earned money to see her in concert . Her perfume and fashion line seem to be more in line with her abilities. I wish her well.

  157. 157
    Janie Says:

    SHE LOOKS HEALTHY PEOPLE! No, her outfit is not all that great but lets establish the fact that she is a healthy weight now. All these disgustingly skinny people need to fall into a large hole and stay there until they starve to death. I am sick of everyone being so critical on other peoples weight when they are prob. fat pigs themselves.

  158. 158
    Jennifer Says:

    I would say she is well over a size 8 or 10. Probably in the size 12-14 range. It’s really alarming to see her at this size. I’m not skinny by any stretch of the imagination, but I am thinner than her.

    I cannot stand her or her music, but she really needs to get this under control. And she needs to quit talking about all of her boyfriends – she should know by now that all of this blabbing she does about them just gets her dumped every time. Just my opinion.

  159. 159
    mbabyy Says:

    i was there at the chilli cook off! right infront of her! it was realll bad. these pics arent even as bad.. she was shaking her pancake boobs all over the stage! WHAT HAPPENED TO HER! im suprised tony is still there! ew

  160. 160
    cola Says:

    shes not fat she just bigger than before

  161. 161
    truthfully Says:

    Short and sqat. She looks terrible.

  162. 162
    Princess V Says:

    She is not fat in fact she looks like she is happy in her own skin, if she feels good about herself that is all that matters. That’s the problem with the world today everyone is obsessed with being thin but its not the person on the outside that makes you who you are its who you are within. And she has a very beautiful personality on the inside and that makes her so much more beautiful than she already is on the outside. Most of you people leaving comments that she is fat must not be use to the way southern girls look and thats how our men like us with something to have to love, and not just a piece of bone that sticks out, and most of you leaving comments about she’s fat probally are over-weight yourselfs. The point is Jessica you are a bad women you are beautiful and you have an awesome voice and I know you will be true to you no matter what haters may have to say, Keep doing your thang.

  163. 163
    Lovet Says:

    This cant be considered fat? I dont like the outfit. It doesnt flatter her. But she’s not fat.

  164. 164
    h Says:

    I never knew Miss Piggy had a twin lol But seriously I’m not condoning being super skinny but she really needs to drop like twenty pounds. She’s probably 145lbs and while that is a normal weight, remember that she’s only like 5’2. Plus that outfit is hugging her in all the wrong places and it does make her look terrible. And she really needs to shut up about her relationship with Tony.

  165. 165
    Tania Says:

    Holy crap, she looks like a blimp.

  166. 166
    SILLY GIRL Says:


  167. 167
    Sara Says:

    So what if she is not a size 0
    At least she looks healthy unlike most of the celebrities i.e. Katie Holmes or Posh Spice or should i say lollipop

  168. 168
    Sara Says:

    In this celebrity world everyone is obsessed with being thin
    at least Jessica looks happy

  169. 169
    Annie Says:

    KISS Country Chili Cookoff has over 30,000 people there! It’s an awesome show and Jessica rocked the house! So her outfit wasn’t that flattering, she is still beautiful. Kids … jealousy is not very pretty on any of you.

  170. 170
    Daph Says:

    She looks like she has put on weight! She looks terrible! Look at the rolls near her underarms! EW!

  171. 171
    Tony Says:

    More cushion for the pushin’!

  172. 172
    Zoec Says:

    Wow, has it come to performing at a Chili-cook-off? Better hang up her fugly fake hair extensions and start work at “Hot Dog on a Stick!”

  173. 173
    Nutcracker Says:

    The older she gets the better she looks. She is not that skinny anymore, hoorah

  174. 174
    AMY Says:


  175. 175
    cloe Says:

    not good at all!! but i actually think the pants don’t really help….they look weird on her at the front especially.

  176. 176
    Morlann Says:

    she still looks georgous and what else would she ware to a country hick show?

  177. 177
    morlann Says:

    I`ve been reading more of the comments above. where do they get off saying she`s fat? she`s 5’2″ tall and should never wear clothes that cut her in the middle, all the fashion guru`s would agree with that. if the top she was wearing was outside her pants and she had worn a low slung, thin belt she would have looked stunning. those people refering to her as fat are just brain washed by the media so that they can be sold on all things emaciated. if everyone thaught that way, the hospitals would be full of people that had been put there by their Dr`s to try and put enough weight on to be healthy.

  178. 178
    2bad... Says:

    somehow she didnt get a double chin but her neck got fat thats really weird she TOTALLY looks like Anna Nicole here and thats NOT good

  179. 179
    Tony francio Says:

    it’s like elvis way down….what comes next!?

  180. 180
    jessie harris Says:

    I was there. I love her, and she performed awesome, but she definitely put on some weight. Most pictures I’ve seen from the Chili Cookoff online aren’t too bad, but in person, you can really tell that she’s packed on a few lbs. The outfit was definitely horrible too. But let’s talk about her performance instead! She did a great job, and there were sooooo many people there. At least a few hundred thousand. At one point, her mic cut out, but she kept singing, and I could still hear her sing! That girl can belt like no one’s business! Mad skizzles.

  181. 181
    lollipop Says:

    OMG what happend? Like just 4 years ago she was america’s sweetheart and now she turned into some fame *****. please jessica stop whoring yourself. admit your career is over, marry tom brady before he runs away.

  182. 182
    $$$$$$$ Says:


  183. 183
    Jericho Says:

    omg you people are retarded she like weighs 115….chill out she is normal wieght ……..everyone gains weight **** heads…….as for the outfit…..yes it looks bad but all you people wear ***** outfits too some times……so grow up get a life a stop being such buttfucks!

  184. 184
    Kennyf27 Says:

    Who ARE all you people? Is phonyness all that is left anymore? Stars have babies and supposedly are “back and buff” in a month. NOT! They are poked, prodded, sutured and then Photoshop(R)ed for good measure. REAL people – those that don’t have money and/or rich parents – don’t have half their teeth, so they can’t eat right, and so their health and diet are terrible. Get your heads out of People magazine and the People’s Choice Awards, stop having twins and trying to be superstars on Facebook(R) and YouTube(R), stop congratulaing yourselves for how great your generation is for electing a “cute” man for President. And while you’re at it, maybe you can try and stop movie stars from founding so many different charities that it’s uglier out there than a patch of weeds. Have any of you picture-perfect wannabes ever tried playing “Magic Man”(C) by Heart(R) on a REAL GUITAR!? Good luck!.
    Jessica Simpson is probably very very happy (and thank you, Denise #118 for at least conceding that much). If that’s how she’s packing into her jeans right now, you’ll have to excuse me while I drool all over her picture. Whoo! Sorry for the interruption..
    Next, you’ll be saying that Tony Romo. doesn’t have what it takes for Football because he’s just too plumb tuckered out. God, if they have enough money to live on, I would trade places with them in a heartbeat!
    But, what can we expect as a society when we have HBO(R)-only inaugural events, Disney(R)-only inaugural events, a friggin’ parade and 10 more “events” in one night?. Weren’t we the “Anti-Monarchy”? This country has strayed so far from the ideals of our Founding Fathers ( that’s Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Adams, Franklin, and NOT Lincoln, for those of you who still read and write in complete sentences. DO any of you still read and write in complete sentences?) . Get a grip, Young Ones of Today. The Emporer is still not wearing any clothes. (c) 2009 Ondian Rone All rights reserved

  185. 185
    Bff Says:

    I can’t stand her D-list ass either, but c’mon…she is not fat. In fact, comments like the ones on this site are the reason why so many young women end up with eating disorders.

  186. 186
    mitk Says:

    remember her shirt : “Real girl eat meat” ???

    She should wear it now….that would be funny

  187. 187
    caitlin Says:

    i think it is sad and disgusting that the media trips women this way. who cares if she put on some weight? she’s not fat at all.

    articles like this give women (and men) a complex. shame on you for encouraging it!!!

  188. 188
    Steph Says:

    Holly Crap had to see this for myself……. Didnt think she could ever look bad…. Guess I was wrong! Its Trim-Spa Time

  189. 189
    Kellyrae Says:

    You know what is sad, is that you sit here picking her apart as if her weight matters. I hear we have a new president and a war that is going on, lets talk about that rather than what a “fat has been” Jessica Simpson is. She is one of the most beautiful celebrities and anyone who takes the time to dish 6 paragraphs worth of gossip on her is jealous and has too much time on their hands.

  190. 190
    hannah Says:

    for all of you who think she is fat….. you seriously need help…. she is a healthy size. The outfit is what makes her look big, but she is not fat…. last time i check a size 9 was plus and this girl is not; so stop dogging her and grow up. the ones that are calling her fat are probably the ones that are jealous and fat themselves.

  191. 191
    Vanessa Says:

    The outfit is bad.. i dont like the pants or the belt thats my opinion anyways, but she has gained some weight and i dont think its right for people to be making fun of that. She is just like everyone else and she is a healthy weight .. and not too skinny. At least there is one celebratie that eats normal food !

  192. 192
    ME Says:

    You guys are idiots who says she looks fat. She is a beautiful, healthy woman and anyone who says she’s fat needs to seriously sit there and take a look at themselves….morons.

  193. 193
    me Says:

    She looks fat

  194. 194
    The dude Says:

    Ok you fools. She is still smokin hot. Yes she put on a couple of lbs but mama still looks good. The jeans are not good even though Dolly used to wear them and got me excited. This girl makes bad music but give her a f ing break. Each of you coming down on her probably need to look in the mirror at yourself.

  195. 195
    Rose Says:

    GET FREAKIN LIVES! The only reason I am responding here is to counteract your negative comments! Are you all that shallow that you have to negatively comment on someone’s figure???? Get real. How is she as a person? What’s in her heart? That is what matters. And she is beautiful physically too!!!! Not fat! Regardless…stop judging other people and look into your own heart! What does putting people down give you??? Must do something or you wouldn’t spend time saying such hurtful things. And realize that young people are reading you comments. Young people with illnesses and issues that make it so they are considered overweight and thye can’t do anything about it! Or then there are those who look look normal and aren’t stick and bones are reading your comments right this minute. But they are young and impressionable. They will read your comments and they will feel horrible about themselves. So maybe then they will deside to starve themselves or throw up because they think something is wrong with them as they are. Some might do it so much that they eventually kill themselves over their idea of what they “should” look like. Your comments go far and wide. They affect our youth negatively. Is that what you want? You want to hurt our youth and harm people? If that is want you want…keep up what you are saying!

  196. 196
    goosie Says:

    people give poor jessica a break
    she doesn’t look bad.
    yeah she looks thicker, but not ugly

  197. 197
    david sartison Says:

    looks tasty to me. if i were her boyfriend i would never take my hands off this sexy babe.

  198. 198
    Holy S*!T Says:

    What the heck is wrong with most of you people?
    I bet that some of the girls that commented on her weight look in the mirror thinking that you could loose a few pounds. Have a hard time Slipping those jeans on from a few years ago. Your bf prob thinks so too.
    And you guys…You could only wish to have you mom love you enough to “lend you a hand” if you know what I mean ;) Look who the hell cares if she gained weight?

  199. 199
    santo.m Says:

    This is a very untasty image of this star-lett.
    Is she planning to enter the NFL as well or is she just sharing a few-too-many plates with Mr Romo?
    Healthy ?
    I’m sorry, this isn’t healthy: it is the path of junk food, diabetes, high cholesterol, a greater risk of heart diseases, etc. It also reflects the incredible problem of obesity in America. Shoult it be considered as a model ? Hell, no !!!!!

  200. 200
    Josefin Says:

    She looks beautiful and I hate this big debate about her figure. It is stupid!

  201. 201
    Val Says:

    She just needs to change her wardrobe – pick clothing that will flatter curves not hug in the wrong places. – she looks fine.

  202. 202
    Joe Says:

    I like it. She’s big enough to handle what I’ve got.

  203. 203
    Robert Says:

    Oh, man – that’s hot!
    It seems to me that women only think ultra skinny i sexy because that’s what the media says guys like, and guys act like they like the ultra skinny women because that’s what the media says are sexy!
    Think for yourself, people!
    I know right now I’m thinking for myself how much I’d like to be go home to a woman like that at night!

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