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Jessica Simpson: Chili Cookoff!

Jessica Simpson: Chili Cookoff!

Jessica Simpson slips the audience some tongue as she performs a multi-song set during the “99.9 KISS Country Chili Cookoff” on Sunday (January 25) at CB Smith Park on Flamingo Road in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Chili Cookoff goers caught the 28-year-old country singer performing, along with Alan Jackson, Jason Aldean, Justin Moore, Little Big Town and other stars of country music.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jessica’s double leopard-print belt and high-waisted Grey Ant Carpenter jeans — HOT or NOT?

10+ pictures inside of Chili Cookoff country star Jessica Simpson

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  • ally

    poor thing…chili cookoffs are the only gigs that she can get these days…I don’t totally dislike her but i think that her dad is the cause for her career’s downward spiral…i saw a pics of her and tony at an airport a couple of weeks ago and that was the jessica s. that I have come to know…she wasn’t wearing any makeup and her hair was tied back…she looked really pretty…i can’t say much for these pics…she really should fire her stylist because there has been too many events/outfits that were a big no no…it’s more of picking outfits not suitable for the body type…

  • jrr

    I wouldn’t say she’s fat…but she’s definitely gained some weight and the outfit probably is adding pounds too.

  • matt

    She’s definitely not fat or even overweight for that matter. I personally like some curves on her.

    Wish she would get her nails done long though.

  • lakers fan in boston

    rofl rofl lmao lmao
    wow this chick looks so fucking horrible
    her face looks so plastic, its fucking disgusting
    those jeans also make her look like a midget and show off how “nice” her legs r =D

    tony even tho i dont like u ill give u some advice
    dump her and hope u can get carrie underwood back

  • kathy

    Okay… before i read the comments I said to myself “Oh she looks cute here” I like her belt and her hair, the jeans i can pass.. can’t believe how mean you guys are..anyway i like her me one at Macys

  • anon

    she must really miss nick.

  • Jadedkitten

    @ blah yes she totally looks taylor in the face and don’t kid yourself ppl she might not be fat in the real world but in the hollyhood she’s fucking obese she’s a popst… umm country singer?? w/e she’s got no excuse to look like this and if she wants to be a celeb she’s gonna be and will be held to a different standard than normal ppl its a sad truth

  • nyob

    I dont think she is fat, but she is repulsive. She has horrible style and acts like an idiot.

  • jerzeegirl

    Who care’s about her weight (normal)? Her career is in the toilet and I feel bad for people participants in the in the backround??!!

  • fan

    what’s wrong with CHILLI COOKOFF?? Alan Jackson was also there!! She’s in the middle of the Rascal Flatts tour as the opening act…so yes, her career is going “somewhere”……

  • Cherrylips


  • montana mike

    damn, it looks like there might be a little quarterback in her gut

  • Marisa720

    Fat?? UM NO. She is short- waisted and very top heavy. And those jeans aren’t for that body type. Look how FLAT her stomach is.

    I do think she has just made some bad career choices since her Newly Weds Show has wrapped. She should have stuck with Pop music. This girl used to have a voice on her when she 1st came out. Remember that song I’m Wanna Love You Forever?? She is an example of bad management and bad very bad career choices. Maybe she will get it back together someday.

  • Texasstarfan

    I disagree with most here. I think Jessicas hair looks gorgeous comapared to most days. Her outfit is trendy. Sorry if you dont like it but high waisted jeans are back in style. She does not look fat at all. She’s been working out for that Rascal Flatts tour and looks like she’s lost some and toned up. The Chili Cook Off thing is a big show with big name celebrities. Jessica did good on this one.

  • lucy and Ethel


  • youknowme

    Who ever dressed her should be fired. I am by no means skinny but somone like her who thinks she is the hottest thing to walk this earth should watch what she is eating. She has gotten fat.

  • gf

    she looks bigger. kinda icky not goin to lie bout that.
    but pretty still.

  • the dq

    Looks like she’s been consuming a lot of that chili.

  • a

    whoa…she got bigger

  • joss

    looks like she gained a lot of weight

  • Lisa

    OMG JESSICA IS OBESE, she barely fits into that outfit.

    She is a poor role model for kids. She needs to lose weight and be healthy because kids will see her fat and think its okay to get fat and not take care of yourself .

    Shame on Jessica for letting herself go and becoming obese. That is a sign of depression. She needs to stop singing and enter a clinic.

  • athena

    Okay, I thought she had some weight gain…she’s probably not to happy.

  • Megan fox rocks

    wow she’s fat , she was gorgeous

    R.I.P hot Jessica

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • just me

    Does she EVER shut her mouth !!!!!!!

  • bobv

    she’s gross

  • JESS

    ummm… she’s not fat, fat. But she is bigger and her arms look saggy! Here’s the deal, she’s preggers. She’s probably just a few weeks, but she wouldn’t let herself go that much unless there was a reason! I mean, you can dye your hair unless your past your first trimester, so that gives me so explanation on her roots!

  • me

    OMGG…she looks so fat and gross!!

  • anonymous

    The belt is obviously there to disguise her not so flat tummy but she isnt fat, she just isnt Hollywood skinny / emaciated but put her in the real world and id guess she’d still be thinner than your average.

  • Ashley

    lol you guys make me laugh. all you people who are saying that her career is dead and that she’s down to playing at a chili cookoff, a lot of country stars play a chili cookoffs. it’s a big event and unlike most of the ‘artists’ today, country artists are not all about making money. they care about the fans and that’s why they’re not just subjected to big stadiums. like common people, Alan Jackson is a country legend and he played there. get a life.

  • slambangq

    A chili cookoff? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  • slambang

    Laughed so hard I couldn’t spell my name right! :D

  • ashley

    weight gain much?
    she doesnt look horrible, but she doesnt look a health size like shes been before.

    also the outfit is horrible.
    shes geunine and sweet, but i just dont get why shes ballonned so much
    i know shes a person too and her weight should not be a big deal but shes put on a bunch and isnt at a healthy weight at all.

  • fan

    She always lets herself go when she is “in love” did the same thing with John Mayer. She looks really bad here though. I also cannot stand her always sticking her frickin tounge out. She is gross. She should also shut up about her boyfriend, she must not of gotten the memo that he is no longer respected in Dallas. I’d say that’s because she is always putting him out there in the media.

  • Yours truly

    I adore Jessica… She has gained a little weight and it has nothing to do with the way she wears the pants and tank top… You can simply tell by how full her face has gotten… But still, she’s certainly not fat, just happy!!

  • preggers

    knocked up? Another Simpson shotgun wedding?

  • preggers

    hot mess and desperate as hell

  • http://justjared shelly

    Jess has gotten bigger but the belt and trouser pants make her even look larger. By far, it is one of her worst outfits of 2009. Jess looks horrible in these pictures!!!!

  • Fat is not fit

    She’s porcine…especially by Hollywood standards.

  • bella

    This is a VERY unflattering outfit. It makes her look bigger than she actually is. Very few people can pull off high waisted pants. She is not one of those people. She is still beautiful, just a really bad look overall.

  • me me me

    she’s the same size as her sister and she just had a baby. that’s not a good sign. and that outfit is just… trailer trash?

  • serephina

    Someone should tell her NEVER EVER wear those jeans again. She is too short and too average in weight to carry it off. UGHHHHHH.

    And for someone that has a hairdresser BFF that follows her around…her hair looks like a matted, tangled beaufont mess.

    Jessica get a makeover fast.

  • pup

    oh wow. she looks terrible. =SS

  • laughing

    Oh my gosh! Look at the difference from the country thunder pics til now. Her arms are huge, her face, yikes. What the hell happened to her?

  • Constanza

    I think she is so fat now…


  • cosi

    Her inner Anna Nicole is blossoming and spilling outwardly! And what’s w/the Mom jeans?!

  • hello

    I don’t like seeing women’s armpits too often.

  • anonymous

    She’s a cross between Anna Nicole Smith and Kirstie Allie. Her arms are so beefy. The rest of her is too.

  • ash1993

    wooowww! she looks realllly faaaaaaaat

  • ellie

    Jessica Simpson is not fat.. Don’t like the outfit , but otherwise shes a beautiful woman..