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Jessica Simpson: Chili Cookoff!

Jessica Simpson: Chili Cookoff!

Jessica Simpson slips the audience some tongue as she performs a multi-song set during the “99.9 KISS Country Chili Cookoff” on Sunday (January 25) at CB Smith Park on Flamingo Road in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Chili Cookoff goers caught the 28-year-old country singer performing, along with Alan Jackson, Jason Aldean, Justin Moore, Little Big Town and other stars of country music.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jessica’s double leopard-print belt and high-waisted Grey Ant Carpenter jeans — HOT or NOT?

10+ pictures inside of Chili Cookoff country star Jessica Simpson

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  • Elizabeth

    TERRIBLE OUTFIT, YES, SHE IS BIGGER.. wouldnt call her fat.. Pleasantly plump? I think that a better term..

  • ashlee

    i see all the “super skinny” bimbos have come on this thread to call this girl fat. or could it be it’s all the super FAT chicks who are upset cause this girl look hot.

    to me she looks healthy.

  • megan

    Jessica is looking gorgeous. She is just glowing! I love this girl….

  • ckayed

    I think everyone is way too severe with comments about Jessica being fat and ugly. What she does doesn’t affect my life one way or the other however, her country singing is horrible and her pop singing was so much better. I don’t know what has happened to her since she and Nick split up but she seems to be very sad and I think she really does know that Tony Romo isn’t going to be her future husband. Perhaps, during and after her break up with Nick, all of us just got to know her on a more personal level and found out she is simply human and obviously the public wants her to be something other than just a human. Her goofiness and “dumb blonde” attitude doesn’t help her to be endearing to the public either. She is just a human trying to make her way through this thing called “life” like the rest of us — she just happens to be in the VERY public eye. I think all of us should have compassion for her and those like her….

  • Nicki

    haha, omg i was at the Chili Cookoff!!! She did amazing though.

  • mickey g

    Jessica really should give up on her Country Singer attempt. It is not working. She is a very pretty young woman, but it takes more than being pretty and wearing extremely revealing outfits to cover up for the lack of talent. There are many very talented singers in Nashville who would be a much more deserving opening act for Rascal Flatts. She was a sad mess in Greenville, SC last week. I would not advise anyone to spend hard earned money to see her in concert . Her perfume and fashion line seem to be more in line with her abilities. I wish her well.

  • Janie

    SHE LOOKS HEALTHY PEOPLE! No, her outfit is not all that great but lets establish the fact that she is a healthy weight now. All these disgustingly skinny people need to fall into a large hole and stay there until they starve to death. I am sick of everyone being so critical on other peoples weight when they are prob. fat pigs themselves.

  • Jennifer

    I would say she is well over a size 8 or 10. Probably in the size 12-14 range. It’s really alarming to see her at this size. I’m not skinny by any stretch of the imagination, but I am thinner than her.

    I cannot stand her or her music, but she really needs to get this under control. And she needs to quit talking about all of her boyfriends – she should know by now that all of this blabbing she does about them just gets her dumped every time. Just my opinion.

  • mbabyy

    i was there at the chilli cook off! right infront of her! it was realll bad. these pics arent even as bad.. she was shaking her pancake boobs all over the stage! WHAT HAPPENED TO HER! im suprised tony is still there! ew

  • cola

    shes not fat she just bigger than before

  • truthfully

    Short and sqat. She looks terrible.

  • Princess V

    She is not fat in fact she looks like she is happy in her own skin, if she feels good about herself that is all that matters. That’s the problem with the world today everyone is obsessed with being thin but its not the person on the outside that makes you who you are its who you are within. And she has a very beautiful personality on the inside and that makes her so much more beautiful than she already is on the outside. Most of you people leaving comments that she is fat must not be use to the way southern girls look and thats how our men like us with something to have to love, and not just a piece of bone that sticks out, and most of you leaving comments about she’s fat probally are over-weight yourselfs. The point is Jessica you are a bad women you are beautiful and you have an awesome voice and I know you will be true to you no matter what haters may have to say, Keep doing your thang.

  • Lovet

    This cant be considered fat? I dont like the outfit. It doesnt flatter her. But she’s not fat.

  • h

    I never knew Miss Piggy had a twin lol But seriously I’m not condoning being super skinny but she really needs to drop like twenty pounds. She’s probably 145lbs and while that is a normal weight, remember that she’s only like 5’2. Plus that outfit is hugging her in all the wrong places and it does make her look terrible. And she really needs to shut up about her relationship with Tony.

  • Tania

    Holy crap, she looks like a blimp.



  • Sara

    So what if she is not a size 0
    At least she looks healthy unlike most of the celebrities i.e. Katie Holmes or Posh Spice or should i say lollipop

  • Sara

    In this celebrity world everyone is obsessed with being thin
    at least Jessica looks happy

  • Annie

    KISS Country Chili Cookoff has over 30,000 people there! It’s an awesome show and Jessica rocked the house! So her outfit wasn’t that flattering, she is still beautiful. Kids … jealousy is not very pretty on any of you.

  • Daph

    She looks like she has put on weight! She looks terrible! Look at the rolls near her underarms! EW!

  • Tony

    More cushion for the pushin’!

  • Zoec

    Wow, has it come to performing at a Chili-cook-off? Better hang up her fugly fake hair extensions and start work at “Hot Dog on a Stick!”

  • Nutcracker

    The older she gets the better she looks. She is not that skinny anymore, hoorah

  • AMY


  • cloe

    not good at all!! but i actually think the pants don’t really help….they look weird on her at the front especially.

  • Morlann

    she still looks georgous and what else would she ware to a country hick show?

  • morlann

    I`ve been reading more of the comments above. where do they get off saying she`s fat? she`s 5’2″ tall and should never wear clothes that cut her in the middle, all the fashion guru`s would agree with that. if the top she was wearing was outside her pants and she had worn a low slung, thin belt she would have looked stunning. those people refering to her as fat are just brain washed by the media so that they can be sold on all things emaciated. if everyone thaught that way, the hospitals would be full of people that had been put there by their Dr`s to try and put enough weight on to be healthy.

  • 2bad…

    somehow she didnt get a double chin but her neck got fat thats really weird she TOTALLY looks like Anna Nicole here and thats NOT good

  • Tony francio

    it’s like elvis way down….what comes next!?

  • jessie harris

    I was there. I love her, and she performed awesome, but she definitely put on some weight. Most pictures I’ve seen from the Chili Cookoff online aren’t too bad, but in person, you can really tell that she’s packed on a few lbs. The outfit was definitely horrible too. But let’s talk about her performance instead! She did a great job, and there were sooooo many people there. At least a few hundred thousand. At one point, her mic cut out, but she kept singing, and I could still hear her sing! That girl can belt like no one’s business! Mad skizzles.

  • lollipop

    OMG what happend? Like just 4 years ago she was america’s sweetheart and now she turned into some fame whore. please jessica stop whoring yourself. admit your career is over, marry tom brady before he runs away.

  • $$$$$$$


  • Jericho

    omg you people are retarded she like weighs 115….chill out she is normal wieght ……..everyone gains weight shit heads…….as for the outfit…..yes it looks bad but all you people wear shity outfits too some times……so grow up get a life a stop being such buttfucks!

  • Kennyf27

    Who ARE all you people? Is phonyness all that is left anymore? Stars have babies and supposedly are “back and buff” in a month. NOT! They are poked, prodded, sutured and then Photoshop(R)ed for good measure. REAL people – those that don’t have money and/or rich parents – don’t have half their teeth, so they can’t eat right, and so their health and diet are terrible. Get your heads out of People magazine and the People’s Choice Awards, stop having twins and trying to be superstars on Facebook(R) and YouTube(R), stop congratulaing yourselves for how great your generation is for electing a “cute” man for President. And while you’re at it, maybe you can try and stop movie stars from founding so many different charities that it’s uglier out there than a patch of weeds. Have any of you picture-perfect wannabes ever tried playing “Magic Man”(C) by Heart(R) on a REAL GUITAR!? Good luck!.
    Jessica Simpson is probably very very happy (and thank you, Denise #118 for at least conceding that much). If that’s how she’s packing into her jeans right now, you’ll have to excuse me while I drool all over her picture. Whoo! Sorry for the interruption..
    Next, you’ll be saying that Tony Romo. doesn’t have what it takes for Football because he’s just too plumb tuckered out. God, if they have enough money to live on, I would trade places with them in a heartbeat!
    But, what can we expect as a society when we have HBO(R)-only inaugural events, Disney(R)-only inaugural events, a friggin’ parade and 10 more “events” in one night?. Weren’t we the “Anti-Monarchy”? This country has strayed so far from the ideals of our Founding Fathers ( that’s Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Adams, Franklin, and NOT Lincoln, for those of you who still read and write in complete sentences. DO any of you still read and write in complete sentences?) . Get a grip, Young Ones of Today. The Emporer is still not wearing any clothes. (c) 2009 Ondian Rone All rights reserved

  • Bff

    I can’t stand her D-list ass either, but c’mon…she is not fat. In fact, comments like the ones on this site are the reason why so many young women end up with eating disorders.

  • mitk

    remember her shirt : “Real girl eat meat” ???

    She should wear it now….that would be funny

  • caitlin

    i think it is sad and disgusting that the media trips women this way. who cares if she put on some weight? she’s not fat at all.

    articles like this give women (and men) a complex. shame on you for encouraging it!!!

  • Steph

    Holly Crap had to see this for myself……. Didnt think she could ever look bad…. Guess I was wrong! Its Trim-Spa Time

  • Kellyrae

    You know what is sad, is that you sit here picking her apart as if her weight matters. I hear we have a new president and a war that is going on, lets talk about that rather than what a “fat has been” Jessica Simpson is. She is one of the most beautiful celebrities and anyone who takes the time to dish 6 paragraphs worth of gossip on her is jealous and has too much time on their hands.

  • hannah

    for all of you who think she is fat….. you seriously need help…. she is a healthy size. The outfit is what makes her look big, but she is not fat…. last time i check a size 9 was plus and this girl is not; so stop dogging her and grow up. the ones that are calling her fat are probably the ones that are jealous and fat themselves.

  • Vanessa

    The outfit is bad.. i dont like the pants or the belt thats my opinion anyways, but she has gained some weight and i dont think its right for people to be making fun of that. She is just like everyone else and she is a healthy weight .. and not too skinny. At least there is one celebratie that eats normal food !

  • ME

    You guys are idiots who says she looks fat. She is a beautiful, healthy woman and anyone who says she’s fat needs to seriously sit there and take a look at themselves….morons.

  • me

    She looks fat

  • The dude

    Ok you fools. She is still smokin hot. Yes she put on a couple of lbs but mama still looks good. The jeans are not good even though Dolly used to wear them and got me excited. This girl makes bad music but give her a f ing break. Each of you coming down on her probably need to look in the mirror at yourself.

  • Rose

    GET FREAKIN LIVES! The only reason I am responding here is to counteract your negative comments! Are you all that shallow that you have to negatively comment on someone’s figure???? Get real. How is she as a person? What’s in her heart? That is what matters. And she is beautiful physically too!!!! Not fat! Regardless…stop judging other people and look into your own heart! What does putting people down give you??? Must do something or you wouldn’t spend time saying such hurtful things. And realize that young people are reading you comments. Young people with illnesses and issues that make it so they are considered overweight and thye can’t do anything about it! Or then there are those who look look normal and aren’t stick and bones are reading your comments right this minute. But they are young and impressionable. They will read your comments and they will feel horrible about themselves. So maybe then they will deside to starve themselves or throw up because they think something is wrong with them as they are. Some might do it so much that they eventually kill themselves over their idea of what they “should” look like. Your comments go far and wide. They affect our youth negatively. Is that what you want? You want to hurt our youth and harm people? If that is want you want…keep up what you are saying!

  • goosie

    people give poor jessica a break
    she doesn’t look bad.
    yeah she looks thicker, but not ugly

  • david sartison

    looks tasty to me. if i were her boyfriend i would never take my hands off this sexy babe.

  • Holy S*!T

    What the heck is wrong with most of you people?
    I bet that some of the girls that commented on her weight look in the mirror thinking that you could loose a few pounds. Have a hard time Slipping those jeans on from a few years ago. Your bf prob thinks so too.
    And you guys…You could only wish to have you mom love you enough to “lend you a hand” if you know what I mean ;) Look who the hell cares if she gained weight?

  • santo.m

    This is a very untasty image of this star-lett.
    Is she planning to enter the NFL as well or is she just sharing a few-too-many plates with Mr Romo?
    Healthy ?
    I’m sorry, this isn’t healthy: it is the path of junk food, diabetes, high cholesterol, a greater risk of heart diseases, etc. It also reflects the incredible problem of obesity in America. Shoult it be considered as a model ? Hell, no !!!!!

  • Josefin

    She looks beautiful and I hate this big debate about her figure. It is stupid!