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Christina Aguilera: Osteria Mozza Munchies

Christina Aguilera: Osteria Mozza Munchies

Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman dine out at Osteria Mozza on Sunday (January 25) in West Hollywood.

Last week, the 28-year-old songbird threw a birthday bash for her son’s Max first birthday, who turned 1 on January 12. The theme of the party was inspired by the children’s classic book, “Where the Wild Things Are.”

Guests included Nicole Richie, boyfriend Joel Madden and daughter Harlow among other 40 guests at the casual backyard celebration at the singer’s Beverly Hills home.

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  • AUbérii


  • Audrey

    She looks pretty, i love Christina, she’s a fantastic singer!!:)

  • Audrey

    She looks pretty!
    I love Christina, she’s az amazing singer!


    I thought that was cindy lauper.

  • Kally

    Ewww…NO classy!
    She looks like a blonde wh*re…UGLY!!

  • lola

    she’s awkul! ugly

  • Yar

    I love her but I wish she used less makeup.

  • eddie


  • lola

    she’s so pretty

  • Suri

    Hmmm wonder if shes pregnant again?

  • Jo

    She’s looked bloated from narcs or heavy alcohol consumption since she had the baby. Maybe she’s revving up for a late day Elvis impersonation show……

  • Ick

    She looks like Cyndi Lauper!!!

  • lexi

    err um…motherhood doesn’t suit her? her candids looked so much better in 07 and early 08 and now she doesnt look so good-just my opinion so don’t go crazy saying she looks amazing because this is just MY opinion

  • Cutey

    Wow, what happened to her. She used to be cute back in the day. She wears way too much clownish stage makeup and the hair is just burned out. The color is awful. She needs to lose a little weight because she has blowfish face.

  • Sally

    Cute I love her so much !

  • don’tcare..

    #13 could it just be that she’s found a man who accepts her, so she doesn’t feel the need to always be “perfect” by hollywood standards.

    &as to the make-up comments I think she looks fine.. looks better than most. She’s a mother now &maybe just maybe she is still a little insecure.

    &what if she is just bloated from mommy weight.. you know the kind most people get from staying home&taking care of their child?
    Unlike Ms. Britney Spears, she actually cares for her son. shock there.

  • Linds

    I think she is preggers again.

  • Krazy Kev

    UGH UGH….why is she with that wreck..he looks horrible im sorry. He’s out of shape and looks smelly and dirty. Everytime I see those 2 I throw up a little in my mouth.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Please, commit SUICIDE!!
    be sure, YOU WON’T BE MISSED……………………………………………folks?

  • kayley

    she looks really pretty. nice to see her out again.

  • keez

    she finnally lost her mind! she needs to go back to wearing makeup that normal people wear

  • katie n

    She looks like a grandma. too pale and too blond. And to think that she created that look with make up and hair color!!

  • lalalove

    She looks pregnant. Ouch.

  • leftykc

    Lets get his straight the book on Miss A . she really married Jordan bratman (This guy looks like a human mouse) because it equals security and because he wanted a will probably be the only time she goes int labor.., we know he has money, secondly she can continue to prowl around the clubs of west LA dressed skankly and hit on other women,,, she never was one to know how to tone down her trademark red far as her music al she can to is belt out long falsetto notes and pretend to sing or wail ala michael Bolton….

  • hahaha


  • JJ

    Um, Well at least she has her NASTY LONG old lady boobs covered up, TOO BAD HER CARRER WONT LAST AS LONG AS HER UGLY BOOBS.

  • Cliff

    She is such a waste of space, Her whole career is based on copying more sucsessful female artists around her, Most resent Lady Gaga!!
    Christina is a Shameless no talent pile of crap…she needs to go lay down in a dark corner and die

  • Pako

    The sound of her voice makes me want to shoot her boobs off.

  • Yoga

    She looks like a bitter old gay man.

  • Xtina sux

    When was the last time this two-bit Tranny had a hit song??
    can you say “Has Been” ?!?!

  • L.C

    This girl is low class American trash!!
    She is the Paris Hilton of London.
    She is dusgusting garbage

  • Betty

    Who Is This ???

  • Sunny

    Those two deserve eachother! they are both Fugly and Bitchy looking, Fat and dirty looking, They should not breed….that kid they have looks like a filthy rat.

  • Josh

    Christina always looks like she needs a bath.
    She looks like she smells like dirty hair and piss.
    She is the most un-sexy, un-clean, un-womanly “person” I have ever seen.

  • dvnovert

    Yaytina…I hope she shows at the Grammys!

  • http://justjared soprano

    Granny or wot! My goodness, surely she can look better than that at her age. Expect her hair will fall out next due to the over-use of peroxide. She would look completely different with her natural hair & without make-up. All that money & she looks like a dog!

  • http://justjared ashley

    All of u haters need to shut the fuck up, i would love to see what you look like you stupied bitches. You go christina!

  • MK

    Yeah! You go christina! You go far away and die! Put yourself and those nasty boobs out of their missery…….

  • Mom of boys

    Yeah I am going with the pregnant theory. If I remember correctly she just did an interview saying she wants to add to her family soon. And she covered up until she couldn’t cover up anymore when she was preggo with Max. And it wasn’t cold in L.A. last night….

  • Ann

    Oh Hell no! don’t tell me another kid is coming out of that wretched girl, her other kid looks like a an messed up little embread baby. Chriatina & her poor husband Should not be alloud to have kids by law.

  • Tyra

    They both are so ugly!!
    They make me sick to my stomach.
    Why cant they be lovely like Gwen & Gavin ??
    Insted of hideous, filthy & mean.

  • jay dee

    Oh Boy she got fat !

  • chris

    oh boy some posters are truly retarded on this site!!! sheesh!! you insult the girl like you know her or her family personally!! if she disgust you so much why do you care enough to look at her photos? let alone post unwanted comments? you retarded haters!!

  • Cloe

    That B!tch I still around? I can’t remember the last time I heard one of her songs on the raido.
    I guess it’s a good thing, She sucks.

  • Ashley

    Too much makeup… and her face looks blown up…

  • Sugar Carin


  • Sara

    why does everyone thinks that make up has something to do with beeing insecure. She knows how much hate comments she gets about her make up. If she was insecure she wouldnt put it on her face!
    From the beginning Xtina had her own style. I think she is just showing how much she loves her self and her own style!

  • TT


  • Michie

    Seriously, I don’t understand how people can be so stupid. She is gorgeouss her son is adorable. AND unlike alot of celebritie moms she CARES…She also has TALENT. Unlike like all of you who are hating on her. I bet most of you are trasshh .