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Honor Marie Is Playful In The Park

Honor Marie Is Playful In The Park

Jessica Alba enjoys a day in the park with her daughter Honor Warren on Sunday (January 25) in Los Angeles, Calif.

Last week, while at the “Declare Yourself ‘A New Birth of Citizenship’ Inauguration,” Jessica Alba was asked if she had any words for President Bush, and she said, “Good-bye.”

Alba, 27, was then told by Fox News reporters, “Bill O’Reilly says ‘Hi.’ You wanna give him a Factor Inauguration Shout Out?” Alba responded, “No. He’s kind of…[Laughs] He’s kind of an a-hole.”

30+ pictures inside of Honor Marie playing in the park…

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63 Responses to “Honor Marie Is Playful In The Park”

  1. 1
    Janie Says:

    I don’t like her. I don’t see what the big fuss is. She’s rude and seems really into herself. I just don’t care for her at all.

  2. 2
    Henrietta Says:

    HM is sooo cute, she looks to resemble her mommy then again her daddy is pretty cute too.

  3. 3
    alessia Says:

    haha jessica is hilarious! from what i see dont know her personally so cant say anything negative!

  4. 4
    TiannaDylan Says:

    How dare she called George Bush A hole. That is totally uncall for Jessica! who do you think you are??? You are not the best yourself!!!!

  5. 5
    Tealeaf Says:

    She is pimping that kid out, can’t she buy a swing set and keep that kid out of the razzies way.

    She walks around with a sour face, but she uses the razzies to get attention

  6. 6
    Rebecca Says:

    She’s taking the baby to the park for goodness sake. She can’t take her baby to enjoy the day and have fun without some of you idiots saying she’s ‘pimping’ the baby. Get a life will ya!

  7. 7
    ellie Says:

    Honor is so pretty ,

  8. 8
    Tealeaf Says:

    Your the idiot if you can’t see what she doing, she ALWAYS has that baby in the park like with cameras in her face, she has to protect her kid, why don’t other celebs who really want privacy have their kid in the park everyday, so razzies can take pics, I know one of you dumbasses would say ” She is just having fun in the park”, Alba needs the PR and she knows pics with that kid will get her PR..She can afford to buy a swingset, so her child can enjoy privacy.It’s obvious what Alba is doing, this is like the sixth pic of her in the PARK, knowing cameras will be there..whatever.

  9. 9
    bejeebus Says:

    of course she thinks bill o’reilly is an “@sshole”….he uses words she doesn’t understand…like ones with two-plus syllables…..he’s soooo mean. i’m sure he would consider it a compliment for someone like her not to like him.
    jessica, shut up and let the adults talk. go play with honor on the swingset….she can push you first.

  10. 10
    meeee Says:

    yup, he definitely is an a-hole. I’ve never seen a liberal talk show host scream at his guests and then turn their mikes off when they start to make a good point, as he does. It will be funny to see how much his “Support the office of the President” changes now that we have a new one…

  11. 11
    meeee Says:

    @TiannaDylan — read the post, she called O’Reilly an *******, not Bush. (Although the same could be said for him IMHO)

  12. 12
    ally Says:

    yeah and don’t forget the major boo boo during the inauguration when she told a reporter “be Sweden about it”…correct term is “be Switzerland about it”…I”m surprised she came out of hiding after that stupid statement and the O’reilly statement because there was a major backlash on her part….90% agree that she should stick to wearing swimsuits in movies and collecting razzie awards…I hate the fact that just because she’s an actress (horrible to say the least) doesn’t mean we need to listen to her opinions, which were probably just fed to her by people around her. She can’t even defend why she thinks o’reilly was an ass if she is so opinionated…feel sorry for the kid because mom is lacking some muscles between the ears and hopefully she inherited dad’s brains instead. ARe we really supposed to take your political views seriously Alba…the highest education she probably got was a GED…and yeah, she can afford to put a whole playground in her yard…trying to pimp that kid..u don’t see Halle Berry etc. doing that….and why would you bring a kid to the park where the paps are hanging around….do us a favor and quit acting and go to college…then we might take you seriously

  13. 13
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    Is there a BABY-CURSE going on, folks?

  14. 14
    TigerMan Says:

    Jessica Alba is a nasty, rude, talentless *****. She takes that baby to the park ONLY as a photo-op. Her handlers TOLD her she has to “get out and look happy,” because the scripts stopped coming in.
    I know – I work closely with her people.

  15. 15

    Wow make fun of her … Just because she said a few choice words..
    This coming from the comment page about Heath Ledger how he is
    a god..and no one can make fun of him god forbid.. Stupid comments like oh how I will miss you .. crap like that… from someone you don’t even know… That is crappy stuff not what she said… Bush is a *******
    and saying good bye instead of some nasty stuff is better than nothing.
    And O Reilly the man can’t put together a segment without saying something stupid…As if she takes her baby to the park to be photographed… so does every other mother out there.. KATIE IS A

  16. 16
    Naima Says:

    I love how this mediocre girl is trying to pass herself off as a politically aware person now since she clearly has nothing going for herself. Forgive me I think all children are beautiful in their own way but her daughter is not cute at all, I feel bad saying it but this is the same ignorant woman who was praying that her child come out brown and she’s as pale as can be.

  17. 17
    huh Says:

    I thought that kid is a boy?

  18. 18
    ally Says:

    O’Reilly might be an ass but he’s well-educated and knowledgeable…i’m sure if him and alba face off, he will smoke her ass and expose her for the dumb ***** that she is…I agree with Naima, the comments she makes make her look ignorant and stupid (ie. wanting a brown baby, talking to “honor” only in spanish–homegirl can’t even speak the langauge)..feel sorry for Cash for putting up with her nasty attitude and dumbness…and oh yeah, not all babies are cute and certainly honor is lacking in that dept. Harlow is not pretty but she is soo cute!!! Honor has big nostrils…

  19. 19
    Queen Says:

    she is not smart enough to tell something that makes sence about bush. she’s not edjucated enough i guess.
    and the reason she brings her child to the park is just because she needs the publicity probably for her image. and not to play with her child in the park.. that baby can’t even walk, what is she doing there? was her 1 mile garden nog enough? anyway.. she’s just not smart

  20. 20
    lola Says:

    every two years, she nominated for the razzie awards,she is never get a nomination for the golden globe,I’m not talking about the oscars, shes like a bit cameron diaz

  21. 21
    lingo Says:

    did she even go to college? and her baby looks like a boy. lets see her play president for a day

  22. 22
    lola Says:

    every two years, she’s nominated for the razzie awards, she’s never get a nomination even for the golden globe, she’s like a bit like cameron diaz, she’s lost in hollywood!

  23. 23
    ayj6m6l Says:

    that cute little baby looks so sweet. just love to squeeze her little chubby cheeks!!!!!!!!!!! awwwww look at her. don’t u feel the same way???? kiss kiss kiss

  24. 24
    linda Says:

    OMG I have the same pair of Divine Rights of Denim. But damn it she looks better in them then I do lol. Her baby is cute.

  25. 25
    k Says:

    ugh. when she was asked if she had any last words to President Bush, she said, “Goodbye.” oh gosh. i’m sorry, but i just don’t like people that hate President Bush…and just thinks Obama hung the moon.

  26. 26
    k Says:

    …and Obama has no idea what he is doing.

  27. 27
    jAZB Says:

    Who do you think has a cuter baby- Halle or Jessica?

  28. 28
    ally Says:

    I agree Queen…why is she bringing that kid to the park when she can’t even walk….when my son was not walking yet, I’ll take him to the park and 5 min. later, leave because he can’t do much yet. He’ll be on the swing for a few min. and that’s it…she is totally pimping that kid out. buy a swing set for the house if that’s what Honor likes doing and I’m sure her house is 4 times than average americans in terms of size and she can easily invite friends and their kids for a playdate…oh and why take your kid to Coldwater Canyon park when paps know that’s where celebs take their kids…she never like the paps and she doesn’t seem to have a problem of them taking pics of her and honor…maybe if she has more humility, 90% of us won’t talk smack about her….there are thousands and thousands of people who would trade places with her in a minute if she doesn’t like the spotlight..get over yourself…your looks are average and i’ve seen better…try taking a lesson from Reese W (who has an oscar trophy)..just deal with the paps and smile that’s all…..all the negativity about her attitude is probably not a smear campaign against her…it’s the truth…never head anything good about this woman

  29. 29
    ally Says:

    halle’s baby is 10x cuter than “horror”

  30. 30
    esperanza Says:

    She needs to learn how to articulate a position rather than calling someone an A-hole. I bet she cannot put a cohesive sentence together on why she dislikes O’Reiley. B#tch needs to learn how to act, Ms. Razzie Queen.

    And yes, she is going to the neighborhood parks for attention. With all the resources celebrities have they certainly don’t have a need to go to the parks that are full of paparazzi. You don’t see Julia Roberts in the Park with her kids, she is like a momma bear she protects those kids from the paparazzi. I don’t get some celebrities letting their children be photographed day in and day out.

  31. 31
    Delly62 Says:

    Jessica did not even mention Obama all she said was bye….and how would anyone know is she was intelligent or not. I am so sick of people looking at a few pics and hearing rumours and think all of it is true!! I’m not saying she is smart or stupid how would I know, I just hate people who don’t even know these people, celebs, talk show hosts etc commenting on how “stupid” they are. And saying all this stuff about her baby how does that make jessica any worse….your the ones that sound stupid “pimping her baby” get a grip, That must mean any celeb that brings their children out of the house is a bad parent!!! the baby has done nothing wrong, and before someone points out the obvious, I know she can’t read these comments etc, but it doesn’t matter insulting a child is just wrong.

  32. 32
    ally Says:

    Delly62…this is a blog…people come her to comment on celebs..if you dont like that this blog is not moderated, go to…that’s is more your place….people won’t write nice things about ms. alba…she’s not a nice person…did u see her on punk’d..totally obnoxious and full of herself

  33. 33
    esperanza Says:

    #32, LMAO, Jessica was lured into a boutique to get free clothes, she got punked so good.

  34. 34
    denise Says:

    # 4 George Bush has damn near destroyed our country. He is the worse thing to ever happen to America. He is the worse president of all time. A first class incompetent warmonger. Who took our country into war on a lie!

  35. 35
    a realist Says:

    I love Jessica. What a wonderful young woman she is.

  36. 36
    a realist Says:

    O’Reilly is an a**hole..that is common knowledge.

  37. 37
    peewee Says:

    Jessica is taking a page out of fugly garner’s playbbook, stop putting your child in the spotlight, you are going to regret it , what’s next the farmer’s market. Her child could be the twin of salma’s baby valentina , they both have that mexican look and the same nose. They are cute. Jess you know that there are ways for celebs to keep their child save away from the paps, do you ever see matty’s kids exposed like that no. Even salma’s lil girl is protected by mommy, you don’t see pics of her child except maybe in an airport. We know that you are doing it for publicity, soon your hubby is going to be fighting with the paps like ben, garner loves it ben hates it., i’m sure cash doesn’t appreciate what you are doing.

  38. 38
    a realist Says:

    Morons amongst us reveal themselves when they act like a celebrity cannot ever bring their children out of the house. These morons are most likely right-wingers, because right-wingers have that warped reasoning. They think celebrities are suppose to keep their children locked behind closed doors always. Never to go anywhere outside of the house.

    Yep folks, there are morons who have that twisted thinking.

  39. 39
    ally Says:

    #38 don’t have a problem when celebs take kids out…we have a problem when celebs act like they hate the paps and still insist on going to places that are swarmed by paps (koi, urth cafe, kitson etc.)…jessica gets all bitchy when paps are around but yet insists on going to coldwater canyon park to take her daughter…

  40. 40
    bejeebus Says:

    that’s also pretty much what they were saying/writing about lincoln after he left the white house….
    now, most people would say that lincoln was one of this country’s greatest presidents…..
    think about it

  41. 41
    bejeebus Says:

    by the way, i just noticed that honor isn’t looking at her mother in ANY of the pix…that’s really weird. my daughter NEVER stops staring at me. she watches everything i do….even if i’m just sitting still, she stares at me…just waiting for me to do something…anything…she finds me very interesting and comforting. don’t most infants do this if they have a good bond with their parent? especially their mother? doesn’t honor like her mommy dearest? maybe, jessica doesn’t interact with her when they are alone so honor has no interest in interacting with her in public b/c she’s simply not used to it…..makes you wonder don’t it??????

  42. 42
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    i love her, even when she is bitchy =D
    i love her outfit, it’s so cute =]
    im glad she’s enjoying her time with her kid, a true mom

  43. 43
    ally Says:

    #41 it’s becaue she tries tooo hard with Honor and wants paps to take pics of her and daughter…I love my son but I’m not gonna be on his face all the time like she does whenever honor puts her in the swing (even other pics of them at the park)..honor is probably thinking “don’t smother me, *****.”…yeah this **** also had the nerve to say before she gave birth that she’s looking forwrd to having a night nanny…talk about a lazy ass…motherhood is not easy and there will be sleepless nights but this woman is unbelievable…

  44. 44
    Queen Says:

    they like to say bad things about bush and all that crap.. but he was not so bad for the americans at all. that my opinion. and i dont really think that in those 8 years alba knew what the h*ll he was talking about and what he was upto.. so she just talks along with everybody..

    and that baby of hers looks like that salma’s baby.. but they’re not beautiful.. alot of children are not… but those 2 babys just aren’t cute.. maybe when they’ll grow up.. but jessica wants the attention because her hair sucks and her career is down.. she has to take her child to the park who cant even play…. right.. attention wh*re

  45. 45
    ally Says:

    salma’s baby kinda grows on me..yeah they both have that “mexican” look baby and she puts on the ugliest outfit on that baby….just because she shops at bel bambini doesnt make your baby look cuter than the others…

  46. 46
    bejeebus Says:

    you are right. even an infant can recognize a “fair weather friend”.
    a baby with a good mom treats their mom like she is the absolute center of their universe.
    honor isn’t even acting like jessica lives anywhere inside of her universe…..or even in orbit around that universe. i hope she at least loves that nanny and gets consistant comfort from her…..

  47. 47
    NEEDLES & PINS Says:

    This is so staged. No real hands on mum would wear earrings like that within reach of a 6month old, your ears would be ripped off in 2 seconds flat.

  48. 48
    peewee Says:

    #44 what planet do you live under, or what rock, bush was good for the country are you crazy or what the heck are you smoking. This man is the worst pres. ever he took us into 2 wars and left us with the worst economy ever, not only that but boy was he dumb. You are one of those who listens to rush and hannity and their propaganda and talking points. They cater to neo cons and the uneducated, people who don’t like minorities and feel like the U.S.A, belongs to them. I would not want those people in power again. Some rep. senators and alot of the smarter conservatives all supported Obama.So my dear child get into google do research and educate yourself, don’t take what these racists say to be the truth.

  49. 49
    just me Says:

    I guess you’ve all forgotten the Queen of pimping the kid out is Jennifer Garner! She is out somewhere, the park, farmers market, ice cream shop, grocery store every day!!! Heidi Klum is at the park. Suri is everywhere even Broadway shows late at night. So what is wrong with taking the baby to the park?? I love Jessica and she looks soo happy being with her beautiful baby sl just STFU!!

  50. 50

    Why is okay for the Hollywood crowd to say rude things about people they do not like, but if someone says something about someone they like then you are a mean rotten person. Jessica Alba is an idiot. I saw her talking to a reporter and she grabbed the microphone from him and asked the man “what do you think our new Presidents best Characteristics are?” The reporter said “He is a good public speaker”. Alba starts going off on this guy “Is that all you can say!” What the hell is the guy suppose to say? He does not even know Obama! No one does you dipshit! Hey Jessica what the hell has Obama done that is so great? Why dont you shut the hell up you class “B” worthless wannabe actress. CAN”T STAND THIS MORON!!!!!

  51. 51
    Shelia Says:

    Little Honor can’t even crawl yet so I simply don’t understand why her mom takes her out to the park. Jessica should built her own private park in her own backyard if she wants to avoid the cameras.

  52. 52
    ally Says:

    JLo is not my favorite person in the world but you hardly see her take out the twins because they probably have the common sense to put a playground in their backyard so they can enjoy the same things as taking them to the park but without the prying eyes of the paps….I agree this witch just needs the attention and wants to be perceived as a good mom…i’m not doubting that she is but for a person that is bitchy to the paps, why go out when you have the resources to do so…I bought my son a slide and swing set at target and don’t have to take him to the park when he wasn’t walking yet…like i said, she was more there to socialize with a friend but they could have easily had a playdate in the comfort of her “eco-friendly” home

  53. 53
    copy Says:

    That’s the new thing now, take your kids to the park so that you will be perceived as a great down to earth mom. They are just like you and me. They go to the park, go to the market, and smell the vegetables and fruits…my my they are sooo wonderful. Another knew thing is go to Africa, show the world what good down to earth actors they are because they give to charity and they care about “Africans” Some might even adopt one or two. Others might make a movie, they are all full of s#it. They are all self absorbed, live in a bubble and expect us to buy and see their crappy movies. They only smile and show their pearly whites when they are promoting a movie, otherwise they down care about anyone but themselves.

  54. 54
    copy Says:

    That’s the new thing now, take your kids to the park so that you will be perceived as a great down to earth mom. They are just like you and me. They go to the park, go to the market, and smell the vegetables and fruits…my my they are sooo wonderful. Another knew thing is go to Africa, show the world what good down to earth actors they are because they give to charity and they care about “Africans” Some might even adopt one or two. Others might make a movie, they are all full of s#it. They are all self absorbed, live in a bubble and expect us to buy and see their crappy movies. They only smile and show their pearly whites when they are promoting a movie, otherwise they down care about anyone but themselves.

  55. 55
    Fashion Says:

    Maybe Jessica is not smart but she’s definitely HOT! lol

  56. 56
    Idiots Says:

    People on this site are f***ing pussys!! and anyone who is o bushs side needs to die with his career!!!!! If u dont like jessica, then dont comment on her pictures dumb arses!!!!!! Obama rules everyday!!!

  57. 57
    Queen Says:

    scr*w bush anyway.. i dont like him.. but he’s not been the worst man ever.. and obama, we dont know what he’s gonna do, so we have to wait and watch.. i hope he’ll turn the economy and the world around.. but no one knows

    jessica needs the attention, just like jennifer garner.. and katie-im-stupid-holmes. but de dads arent taking their kids to the park to get attention…………. mhhhhhhhhhhh

  58. 58
    meenakshi Says:

    i am sorry to say i read some views but i am not agreed with them every one has the right to go any where. we are the one who always follow them. we never let their life be private and then we only complaint.

    its not bad if jessica is playing with her kid outside. i think it is good for her daughter because kids should get exposed to ouside keeping them in house always is not good. let her enjoy her life. coming to park with kids is not bad if we can come with our kids or young brother and sister why can’t she. then what if she is a celebrity. she ia also a normal human being and have a normal life.

    why its necessary to see as a celebrity see as a mom who came to park to play with her kid.




  59. 59
    anonymous Says:

    I can’t stand Jesica Alba’s arrogant attitude or her husband!
    They both act like they HATE the paps and then they act all nicey nice to their faces…plus they are constantly going where they know the paps are going to be!
    But the thing that bothers me the MOST is where she says that honor will not be taught english she will learn spanish only!
    English is the language of this country and that is so arrogant and just down right rude…..she should teach her daughter respect by teaching her the language of HER country! then teach her spanish!
    She seem so flighty and just down right air headed! Just another celeb that uses their looks to get them where they are at…once her looks are gone ( SOON) she will be calling the paps to tell them where she is going to be TRYING to get them to follow her!

  60. 60
    anonymous Says:

    Oh why does she keep taking her daughter to the park but she never lets her play she sits and holds her…isn’t the reason we take our children to the park so that they can play…..if honor is too young to play at the park then why does she even take her there makes NO sense to me?
    Oh wait a minute yes it does ” the paps are there”!

  61. 61
    anonymous Says:

    Just Jared,
    PLEASE spare us all and stop wasting your time and efforts and even your film on this stupid moron…..almost all of the posters cannot stand jessica or her daughter so go take pics of someone who is a great mom and is not self absorbed!

  62. 62
    ROO Says:

    honor is so cute. i like jess, i agree bush is an ******* nuff said

  63. 63
    Yogibear Says:

    1rst and last post…you guys are funny, I’ll go to celebrity forums to see all the weirdo posts. To everyone with something negative to say, I’m sorry she’s prettier than you(she’s prettier than me and I don’t really care), but don’t be hateful or catty. Bill o reilly is an ***** and a womanizer, good for u for sticking up for him. Oh by the way, I’m sure it matters what you think about her anyway, she’ll just have to cheer herself up with all the money,beauty, and fame she has. You guys are ridiculous…

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