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Jude Law: Crossword Puzzle Junkie

Jude Law: Crossword Puzzle Junkie

Jude Law keeps warm in a hoodie and blazer he walks to the set of Sherlock Holmes in Brooklyn, New York City on Monday (January 26).

The 36-year-old British actor carried around a set of crossword puzzles, Sodoku, and other brain games to kill time between shooting scenes.

Yesterday, Jude had a day off from filming. He was seen walking through the SoHo neighborhood of the Big Apple with his daughter Iris, 8, and Rudy, 4.

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jude law crossword puzzle 01
jude law crossword puzzle 02
jude law crossword puzzle 03
jude law crossword puzzle 04
jude law crossword puzzle 05
jude law crossword puzzle 06
jude law crossword puzzle 07
jude law crossword puzzle 08

Credit: Daniel/Cesar, Vila/Anderson; Photos: INFdaily, Bauergriffinonline
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  • emma rose

    Yummy Jude thx!

  • elle

    Many many thanks Jared!!!
    can never get enough of our Jude fix.
    those with children are beautiful!!!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    He may not be good ‘husband’ material, but he sure is a GREAT dad!!

  • Brenda

    I don’t think Jude’s not any worse husband material than the next guy. Consider what he had to work with.

  • blahgirls

    jude law is so handsome and his children are so cute!

  • purpleworm

    jeez, he looks freakin’ cold. same thing’s going on where I live so I do understand. Also note he’s still got his ‘prince-style’ coat. Had hoped that was gone but alas…..

    kids are cute as always. he always holds their hands so firmly & securely. I suspect he’s a better father than husband, too. It’s one of the ways I talk myself out of my wee JL obsession…..

  • dee

    Sexy and brainy too , that is my boo.

    Love Jude

    Thanks Jared

  • Pole

    They all look very cold and he looks a bit tired doesn’t he? I wonder when they’re done filming – they must be starting up with Hamlet soon?

    Thanks Jared. I love seeing pictures of him doing stuff with the kids. I’m certain he’s a great father. Call me naive, but I’m quite sure he’d be a good husband too – or at the very least not any worse than so many other men out there ;-)

  • the shiznack

    i just realised that the his kids’ faces have been blurred

  • kim

    Seven letters across to decribe Jude

    H O T N E S S

  • JILL

    My additiction to Jude has no bound.

    Thanks Jared.

  • sheryl

    Oh wow, more pictures! Thanks a bunch, Jared!

    Pole, he does look cold and tired in the hoodie pics. It’s like you can see how cold it is on his face. I want to bring him inside and give him a cup of hot chocolate. Or hot something. *blows kisses at Jude*

  • dee

    It looks so cold there.

    Jude, come inside baby. I’ll warm you up.

  • Pole

    Sheryl, I’m sure he’d appriciate whatever you came up with ;-)

  • Sara

    Jude, come live in my ♥ and pay no rent.
    I promise keep you warm and protected of all the cold.

  • macca

    He looks a lot older than 36…

  • Annie Rich

    He looks really yummy………….and cold. I can help him with that crossword and to get him warm.

  • Annie Rich

    He looks really yummy………….and cold. I can help him with that crossword and to get him warm.

  • Pole

    I think he looks pretty good for a man at 36.. He certainly doesn’t look much older IMO.

  • sheryl

    I think he normally looks his stated age, too, Pole. In the picture on the right, though, I think he looks older, almost like there’s gray in his mustache…actually, the whole picture looks like it has a gray cast, so maybe that’s causing it. The one on the left doesn’t look like that, and I don’t see any gray in his mustache. He’s active and very fit.

  • Sara

    Too bad i’m not good in English :(, because if i were..oh no, if i really were..i swear..i would bring out right now warms and beautiful thoughts that have been going through my my SweetJude, but which only comes out my head now in Portuguese.

  • Sara

    I Love You, Jude. ♥
    That’s all i can say without seem a fool.

  • ericap

    Juuuuude, baby!

  • Sara

    My english is terrible…

    without looking like a fool. now that’s correct!

  • Pole

    Sheryl, I agree – the lighting on that photo seems a bit odd. The beard ceartenly looks quite different in the other closeup.

  • dolorescraeg

    hugs and kisses for bringing us our baby and his babies. it was around 25 degrees un the big apple but very windy too. jude we could warm you up and take the wind chill factor right out of you. iris and rudy as usual gorgeous…..sadie, their mom is busy rehearsing a play so daddy takes over. i just bet they went to the museum of natural history. bet he took them to a movie and i hope got them some hot chocolate which they love..jude how we love you.

  • Zoey

    Of all the kids pictures you have on your site, why is it ONLY Jude Laws’ kid’s faces are blurred out every time ? Did he threaten to sue you ? Strange.

  • guesswhat

    Oh god, it’s just so old and outdated.
    #27 dear, that question has been explained a million years ago.

    Jared is a honey, dear. that is it.
    a sweet honey to all of us Jude fans.
    and he is just trying not to make hard for them.
    he is only giving our request.
    so, still blurring pictures of the babies..hã, Jared?
    we appreciate your gesture! <3

  • Daphne

    He is dressed like a bum these days, but that’s OK. It’s still Jude underneath all that.

    It’s been really cold in New York, as it is where I am. In cold whether people either turn red, or grey, or splotchy red on grey. Jude looks kinda grey. Poor guy looks freezing. He needs a big parka (and me!) to keep him warm.

  • Mandy


  • sheryl

    Mandy, why are you yelling? LOL

    Actually, I believe Jared started blurring their faces because somebody requested it of him; who, I don’t know. I’m pretty sure he didn’t just start doing it arbitrarily, and I feel certain he would do it for the others if it was requested. However, since the pictures also appear on other sites without the faces blurred, it doesn’t really prevent their faces being shown across the internet, but it is a good gesture.

  • annaquin

    what happened to him…He was so attractive…?? looking his fomer dates: Kim Stewart paris hilton?- and Lily Cole -using her young hot body- they are downgrade….still, I respect Jude for not letting his kids being a popular target like other hollywood kids.

  • rien

    Jude, sir:
    A puzzle is written all over me
    three letters down
    four letters to the right

    I have the ink,
    you got the pen
    with a little drink
    anything could happen

    I have a puzzle written all over me
    why don’t you come
    and solve it?

    @Jared, thanks a bunch for the photos, sweetie!

  • sasha

    Does anyone know how long he’ll be in New York? I’ll be in the city on Friday over the weekend and thought I might be lucky enough to spot him.

  • sasha

    Hey wait a minute, I like Kimberly Stewart. She’s a sweet person. Why are you so hateful?

  • Thea

    Paris Hilton? where did that come from? He’s never dated Paris Hilton

  • sheryl

    Thea, George Clooney was rumored to be dating Paris Hilton. They may have gotten it confused.

  • VinnyBlue

    finally, Jude with hoodie, Hot!
    maybe he wants some tour around NYC?

  • 0_0

    is he dating lilly cole?-!

  • Pole

    I’m glad their faces are blurred. Jude doesn’t want his kids exposed to the world. There are times where it seems some stars use their kids (and their private life for that matter) to get publicity – Jude has never done that. Also I think it’s illigal in the UK? To take pictures of kids like this, I mean.

    @Shasha – I agree, Kimberly doesn’t seem quite as skanky as Paris but making out in public sure wasn’t either’s finest hour IMO ;-)

  • sheryl

    Pole, taking pictures of kids is illegal in the UK? Is that a recent thing?
    Also, while I’m not a clubber myself, I don’t think making out in one is considered public exhibitionism by those who frequent them. At least from what I’m told…not something I know from personal experience. :) I’d probably have a hard time keeping my hands off him.

  • dolorescraeg

    jude is NOT dating lily cole….he had a little fling with kim stewart.he is a serious actor whose first priority are his children….work comes second unlike many stars who USE their children to further their careers. i have the utmost respevct for jude law…..he’s a very intelligent man whose values are in the right places….

  • Pole

    AFAIK it’s not allowed to post images of celeb’s kids in the UK. That’s also why their faces are blurred in British news papers. Ewan went to court when someone ran photos of his kids at some point.

    As for the whole Kim Stewart thing – it’s certainly not that I dont understand what they were doing :-D Hey, if I got the chance I think it would get x-rated pretty fast :lol: I was just somewhat disapointed at the time. Kimberley Stewart seems nice and all and he’s a grown up and single and in a club where people do that sort of thing (and more for sure!) – the crowd she usually hangs out with is just not a crowd I would think a man like Jude – who’s priorities seems to be his kids, his work and his privacy – would hang out with. But really – it’s just water under the brigde. Compared to so many other Jude seems to be pretty tame (seems to be; I’m sure he’s quite fun to hang around with..).

  • sheryl

    Pole, I guess I’ve just never noticed that. Is that just hard copy items, or on the internet as well?

  • Pole

    I’m pretty sure the UK-based papers blur the faces of the kids – I don’t know about blogs though.

    An example – an article from The Sun:

  • Ashley

    I just LOVE Jude…He always looks like such a great father!
    Come in here Jude and I’ll warm you up. You are lovely and so charming. Will always be a huge fan. Love you so much!!! *kisses*

  • dolorescraeg

    i feel the same way. he’s so much more than just a beautiful actor. he’s highly intelligent and is absolutely the best dad in the world. did i mention sexy as hell….

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    beautiful children. Jude is a good daddy. Love Jude!!

  • Liz

    @Pole: I think he’d be a good husband too, if he had the right woman who wouldn’t sleep around on HIM. He’s unfortunately had a bad run of luck with the types of women he’s either been married to or dated for any length of time. He needs someone mature & stable.