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TR Knight & Mark Cornelsen: Disneyland Dudes

TR Knight & Mark Cornelsen: Disneyland Dudes

Grey’s Anatomy star T.R. Knight and boyfriend Mark Cornelsen sure do look like they’re enjoying the Happiest Place On Earth!

T.R., 35, and Mark, 19, got in some alone time together at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., on Sunday (January 25). The couple rode on many of the rollercoasters and amusement rides including the “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.” They spent the weekend at the Disneyland Resort celebrating a friend’s birthday.

An all-new episode of Grey’s Anatomy (“Rise Up”) airs this Thursday, January 29 @ 9PM ET/PT.

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67 Responses to “TR Knight & Mark Cornelsen: Disneyland Dudes”

  1. 1
    arkesha Says:

    oh god, the age difference is just much too much

  2. 2
    b chick Says:

    he has the age to be TR’s son. wth??!?! that’s just disgusting!

  3. 3
    gross Says:

    19 that’s almost jail bait PIG….

  4. 4
    tom Says:

    So basically, when Knight was 20 his ‘boyfriend’ was born. Hmm. Imagine a 20 yr old dating an infant. Very strange and disturbing.

  5. 5
    buckley Says:

    that is too much gayface all at once

  6. 6
    jessica Says:

    disney world is the happiest place on earth..not disney land

  7. 7
    vmars111 Says:

    Their ages don’t matter to me. They’re both adults, and they wouldn’t look that weird if T.R. is 50 and he’s 36.

  8. 8
    Taylorswiftfan Says:

    The fact that TR Knight died his hair to make him look younger just makes these pictures even creepier!

  9. 9
    whatever Says:

    19! WHOA!

  10. 10
    ........... Says:

    GROSS ****GOTS!!

  11. 11
    yes Says:

    i have absolutley no problem with gays, but the age difference is really…big. i have the same problem with hayden and milo or whatever. it’s just too weird.

  12. 12
    T Says:

    cute/they’ve been together for a while now so good for them, i miss disneyland i need to go, and disneyland is the happiest place on earth not just world.

  13. 13
    Sarah Says:

    Of course T.R. took this guy to Disneyland.

  14. 14
    sarah Says:

    Nice catch, T.R. ;) I’m sad to know that you’re leaving Grey’s Anatomy though. :( But good luck in your future acting career!

  15. 15
    English man Says:


  16. 16
    yalie Says:

    Rise Up is a re-run, the next new episode Beat Your Heart Out airs Feb. 5th.

  17. 17
    @@@@@@ Says:


  18. 18
    Stephanie Says:

    While the age difference IS a bit… huge, they ARE insanely cute <33

    If Mark was just like.. 5 or 6 years older, that would seem SO much less awkward age wise.

    They really are both cutie pies and make an adorable couple though!

  19. 19
    DAVID COOK Says:

    wow, this guy doesn’t even exist in my mind! :) who is he and does he do?

  20. 20
    h. Says:

    Yeah, if a 35-year-old guy was dating a 19-year-old girl everyone would be making a big deal about it.

  21. 21
    katelyn Says:

    i’ll admit, i wasn’t expecting the age difference to be that big,
    but i don’t really care anymore.
    they are freaking adorable together.
    they look incredibly happy together, in every picture.

  22. 22
    bella Says:

    Completely agree with comment #22.
    They both look happy :)

  23. 23
    Shannon Says:

    his bf is cute!

  24. 24
    Stephanie Says:

    21: “Yeah, if a 35-year-old guy was dating a 19-year-old girl everyone would be making a big deal about it.”

    wait, was that meant to be sarcastic? Because I TRULY do feel every bit as weirded out when men date girls way younger than them also. Or, just in general, huge age gaps like that are awkward to me. It honest to god has nothing to do with the fact that they’re gay. Seriously, when you take away the awkward age gap, they really are SUPER adorable :D Cuter than a lot of straight celeb couples out there, for sure. hehe

  25. 25
    Sarah Says:

    And that…is why I will never take my kids to Disneyland. It’s just a little tooooo happy for me.

  26. 26
    LuckyL Says:

    A lot of underage sh** recently

  27. 27
    LuckyL Says:

    vmars111 @ 01/26/2009 at 7:53 pm

    Their ages don’t matter to me. They’re both adults, and they wouldn’t look that weird if T.R. is 50 and he’s 36.
    You must be young.

  28. 28
    nicole Says:


  29. 29
    gerard Vandenberg Says:


  30. 30
    Truth Says:

    TR has been dating this kid for a few years so actually he WAS underage when it started. SICK!

  31. 31
    cd Says:

    ^ wrong. do some more research.

  32. 32
    what-the Says:

    **Creepy as** – bet they rode more than just the rollcoaster this trip. Do they have to flaunt themselves to all and sundry out there. Want to see families at Disneyland – not 2 gays out and proud !!!

  33. 33
    %%%%%%%%%% Says:


  34. 34
    Ashlynn Says:

    19? TR should be ashamed of himself. What a jerk.

  35. 35
    **** Says:

    Starfucker…c-list star ******, I mean.

  36. 36
    NOELLE Says:

    he’s definitely leaving? aw i like George. It is a bit like cradle robbing though, your still a kid at 19 really so 16 year older is huge. maybe T.R hasn’t really had any relationships so feels more comfortable being with an inexperienced person also. He isn’t long after coming out is he? I wish them well though, **** the begrudgers and bigots

  37. 37
    shurly Says:

    I really really hope that those who don’t have any problems with the age difference feel the same way with Hayden and Milo, otherwise they would be very hypocrite.

    I don’t give a d amn about the age difference between them and I feel the same way for TR. But people, aren’t you just a bunch of hypocrites !! ;o)

  38. 38
    Diego Says:

    okay… are the comments really about their ages or about their being gay? f… homophobes..

    they’re cute together. doesn’t matter the age.

  39. 39
    Anna Says:

    I am sorry. But a 19 year old is way young…..Just out of the crib.

  40. 40
    raquel Says:

    #18. You’re disgusting!! What’s the matter, you not getting any these days? Must be jealous that he’s got someone and you’re probably playing with yourself!

  41. 41
    bailey Says:

    They’re adorable!

  42. 42
    Sabrina Says:

    First of all, TR didn’t die hjis hair. That is his real hair color. Theya sk him to dye it for the show so it is darker.

    Second, he started dating Mark when he was 18. That is not underage. Amber Tamblyn is 24 and dating a 45-year old and Hayden is about 15 or 16 years younger than her boyfriend, so those comments sound incredibly homophobic to me.

    For the record, TR use to date the gay actor from Brother and Sisters, Luke something so this is hardly his first relationship.

    I think they are super adorable and don’t look that far apart in age as TR looks very young and cute.

    I don’t want TR to leave. He is the best, but I guess the stupid homophobes got him to leave.

  43. 43
    Jayson Burke Says:

    I think they look very happy. As long as they are not hating who does it hurt. And what about Ashton and Demi, she is like 22 years older than he is and them seem to make it work.

  44. 44
    Mike Says:

    Why a 35 would wish to date a 19 year old is beyond me, but aside from that, we saw them there. T.R. Knight looks ridiculously young in person, barely older (if at all) than his other half, and in person they appeared very happy to be in one another’s company, while enjoying the park.

    To the person who doesn’t take his or her kids to Disneyland, because it is “just a little too happy,” how sad. When walking beyond the confines of your home, do you look at folks everywhere and just imagine them all having sex? If you see two women having lunch, do you just ponder what it might be like if they were in bed together? How sad that you can’t get your head out of the gutter long enough to enjoy a moment with your kids.

    Good grief!

  45. 45
    Paul Says:

    WOW…so many haters all in one place, how sad.
    These comments are the kinda crap I expect to see on Perez, not Jared, thought his readers were more enlightened and less judgemental.
    Cant you just be happy, TR and his bf seem to be. Goo djob they dont care what you think.

  46. 46
    David Ehrenstein Says:

    They’re a lovely couple and y’all are ten shades of deep green with envy.

  47. 47
    Suzie Says:

    They’re both consenting, legal adults who are hurting no one. Nothing else matters. The fact that they’re adorable and happy is just icing on the cake.

    I’d be willing to bet that the majority of people so disgusted, supposedly by their age difference, don’t whine like this about Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates who were about the same age and difference when they met and now have been married for 20 years and have 2 kids, Billy Joel whose wife is 32 years younger than he is (and 5 years older than his daughter), Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas who have a 25 year age difference, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher (15 years), Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart (22 years), Tony Randall who had 2 kids with a wife 50 years his junior, Bogie & Bacall (25 years), Leopold Stokowski & Gloria Vanderbilt (>40 years), Patrick Steward (>35 years older than his wife)… I could keep going for ages.

    These homophobic bigots just like thinking of gay men as pedophiles and will try to implicate them as such every chance they get.

  48. 48
    terry Says:

    Oh please. If he was dating an 18 year old woman no one would bat an eye. Good for him. He’s just another cougar anyway. Or in his case a leopard maybe?

  49. 49
    AussieDingo1983 Says:

    Well I don’t normally post comments on articles, but I felt I should to try to balance out some of the bigotry on here. And wow is there a lot of bigotry on here. They would have to be one of THE most adorable couples anywhere on this planet and in every picture I see of them they look ridiculously happy. Whether all the negativity is because of sexual prejudice or ageism, it’s still bad. Why can’t people just be happy for other people who are happy? It’s not like they’re doing anything wrong. I say good luck to them, may they have many more years of happiness.

    P.S. Saying that 19 years is too young! There are plenty of 19yo people who have there heads screwed on straight (so-to-speak) and plenty of 50yo people who are completely clueless and/or immature. Age is just a number.

  50. 50
    Rocky Says:

    EXCUSE ME! A little jealous are we.

  51. 51
    c murray Says:

    I just think they r totally cute . age matters that much i dont think so , u guys r just too uptight. and i like grey’s anatomy , T R is great.

  52. 52
    Eds Says:

    To Just Jared:

    Mark turned 20 early last September. So doing the math with apparently homophobes don’t know how to do he was 19 when they started dating.

    I believe I recognize a Polanski defender here from Perez. Yup, it’s a straight man’s prerogative to have sex with a 13 year-old girl but not a gay man to have one with a young adult.

  53. 53
    guttersnipe Says:

    Yea! Go TR! You can only admire a guy who can snag and shag a cute twink!

  54. 54
    Tom Nunnery Says:

    It is so hard for me to understand that some of the critical comments made by the previous people. It is no one’s business that these two men love each other.

  55. 55
    Ashley Says:


  56. 56
    Amy Says:

    T.R. and Mark are a great couple. They’ve both looked incredibly happy in every photo I’ve seen of them. Mark might be 19, but having been kicked out of his home at the age of 16 (after coming out) and working hard to receive a scholarship, he’s probably a lot more mature than some of you are giving him credit for. There are straight couples with huge age differences that no one complains about. And gay couples have just as much right to be in Disneyland as families do. I’m so glad to have a happy gay couple shown so positively in the press. They’re a gorgeous couple, and I wish them luck.

  57. 57
    lyn Says:

    aaawww… what a cute couple ! i’m kinda jealous of mark actually! haha..
    && so what bout the age difference..??
    that’s not a big deal!
    && TR looked so happy !

  58. 58
    hayley loves bumming Says:

    i think its hott…i would be all over a 35 gay if i had a chance…i’d ride his thundermountain….i’d love his old wrinkly balls….even if he dyed hiss pubes…and the young’un hmmm…sweet YOUNG bum….what i wouldn’t do…..

  59. 59
    alice Says:

    i was there the day before, damn! missed them.

  60. 60
    san fran man Says:

    I hear his mom and dad can not get connected with mark and he has cut off all ties. sad the only connection you have to your past is your family. his new family must be LA

  61. 61
    hayley loves bumming Says:

    hayley loves bumming u are a terrible human being!!!

  62. 62
    henry nicholson Says:

    how did u get my holiday snaps..??.. hayley loves bumming your a terrible human bein!!

  63. 63
    hanna Says:

    i think its okay. their both of legal age and people just need to stop being so judgmental…

    we got past the gay thing and now we need to judge him on something else?? do we always have to find the next “bad” thing we see in people and judge them on that??
    … i just want to know when its going to stop.

  64. 64
    RDABBY Says:

    well for all those who have a problem with the age differences..well i can understand that but there lots of other celebs who are dating young women and men for example ashton and deemi!
    but if u have a problem with his sexuality then you just have to accept him as he is! what bugs me is,if there is a gurl who happens to be a lesbian or bi that would be HOT but when the guy is gay or bi for some reason you think its disgusting… What difference does it make..?????
    he is a great actor i love him and i adore his character on grey’s, too bad he might be leaving the show.. izzie and george are what makes grey’s anatomy THE BEST SHOW nowadays!

  65. 65
    Andy Says:

    who godamn cares…
    they’re in love,
    their a cute couple and also if you people all care too much then just look away.
    i mena do you people just go serching every single web page that has something to do with them and just insult them about it?
    i mean if he was 50 the other one would be 34
    that doesnt seem too bad
    so just go away and let them be

  66. 66
    abigail Says:

    no problem with tr knight being gay or the other guy (mark something) but the age difference is a lil bit too big. there are younger gay ppl for mark and older gay ppl for tr.

  67. 67
    abigail Says:

    @ RDABBY: you are right. alot of ppl think bi and lesbo girls are hot and gays arent but thats not true. i mean look at tr! hes ADORABLE!! and back in the 90s, everyone thought lance was hot. and he kinda is. but its actually alex and george that make the show good :)

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