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Ugly Betty Canceled?!?!?!?!

Ugly Betty Canceled?!?!?!?!

Things aren’t looking so pretty for Ugly Betty.

EW reports the ABC dramedy is being put on hiatus starting March 26 and replacing it with episodes of Samantha Who? and the new Megan Mullally-Cheryl Hines comedy In the Motherhood. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

The network’s release says, “Ugly Betty will return to Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. following the run of In the Motherhood and Samantha Who?

An ABC spokesperson adds, “The Thursday night block is a good opportunity to launch these comedies. That said, Betty is a solid performer and there is no question that it will definitely be back to complete its season, just without repeats.”

That means Betty could return sometime in June. That’s four months away!!! Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!

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  • daisy

    No way! Ugly Betty is one of the few shows i actually watch & the only one on ABC I watch. What a joke.

  • Bianca betancourt


    ahaha I LOVE UGLY BETTY!!

    bianca betancourt washere

  • Naty

    To be honest I’m not loving this season of ugly Betty, I was expecting this to happen.

  • lily

    Omg !

    They can not canel ugly betty !

    i mean i like watching
    samantha which is an ok show but i like ugly betty more !!!

    Lily <3 Mataoush. Mawah !
    peace out lol

  • jo

    then betty will not have a job

  • alana

    yeah its the only show i watch on ABC too! whyyy, this is one of my favorite shows! do they WANT me to watch 90210? Please.. don’t make me go back to 90210…

  • joss

    ugly betty is the best show ever! it’s the only show i really watch and look forward to!

  • mike

    this is stupid…they’re probably just taking time off or whatever…they’ve done it with other shows before too to shuffle up and see whether certain shows would do better on different nights

  • zsa

    I can’t believe this–I waited thru th holidays for it to come back and now you are cancelling –i don’t like Samantha who? it’s a stupid show–can they make it any stupider?
    Ugly Betty is a great show for all people–old, young especially the youn teenagers–shows you don’t have to be beautiful and model like to land a job like hers and also gives other good values to ponder on–
    please keep it going!!

  • click

    hahahaha no ugly no more yes yes. love it.

  • Queen

    its an awful television program.

  • just me

    I hate ABC!!!! First they cancel the BEST show on t.v.-Boston Legal-and now Ugly Betty. I am so sick of the stupid new sitcoms and endless reality shows they bombard us with! Maybe it’s a good thing because I’ll go back to reading good books again!



  • Larii

    nooooooooooooo…. WE LOVE UGLY BETTY!!

  • UM

    “Ugly Betty Canceled?!?!?!?!”

    Way to jump to conclusions, douchebag.

  • k

    i was mad when abc decided to axe pushing daisies, but i hope ugly betty can last for many more seasons. i love this show.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i hate america so therefore i hate ugly betty
    it looks ridiculously stupid when they say commercials for it

  • ewww

    Please cancell the piece of s#it. I cannot stomach the show, not after seeing the original show down by the Colombians in the Tele Novelas….a far cry from Betty la Fea!!!!!! I cannot see America turning into a swan either.

  • Kamila

    I really hope the show it’s not cancelled. I love “Ugly Betty”.

  • Ron

    This does not mean cancelled. The show will still have epesodes up until Mar 26. Then it will resume in June. ABC did not give a date yet. seems crazy to not have the season wrapped up by June so it will be more like a 2 month hiatias


    who watches this show? it seems that there’s been a lot above already lol :)

  • Ben Franklin

    Typical, they move any shows that are not reality competition shows around 50 times, no one can figure out what time or when they are on, then they cancel them. They’ve done it over and over.

    A show starts on Wed @ 10, then moved Thu @9, then Fri @ 10, then Sat @ 10, then Sun @ 9, then canceled—this is usually within the FIRST Season. So Ugly should be happy with the run they had, at least they kept their time slot for their entire run.

  • pop86

    I hate ABC.

  • stefanie

    I think Lindsay Lohan was the kiss of death for the show.
    They got too kitchy for their own good.

    They need to get back to what made Betty a fun and interesting show.

  • susan

    about time!!!!!!

  • whatever, yo

    1. June is nearly 5 months away, not 4.
    2. WTF?
    4. I love Ugly Betty enough to wait!

  • gay maybe?

    Ugly Betty rox.. I will be so sad. That and Two and a Half Men are the best!

  • James

    First Pushing Daisies is axed……. if ABC cancel’s Ugly Betty, I won’t watch them anymore.. Forget Desperate Housewives and Lost…. Ugly Betty is the BEST thing on that network.

  • anon

    I am old enough to remember a time where TV offered few choices. I was a kid in the 60′s and although I was of the first generation of TV addicts I didn’t really like a lot of it, even as a kid. It always felt that I was watching someone else’s choices. The funny thing about today is I don’t like 90% of what’s on but the 10% percent I do fills up my TV time (which unfortunately is substantial) AND THEY ARE EXACTLY WHAT I WANT. Niche TV has saved me from reality TV, gameshows, unfunny sitcoms, uninteresting movies, uninteresting dramedies, etc. I can do my own programming now. TV is great!

  • JJ


  • JEsus

    it was a little bit expected from me, the writing doesnt seem to be as good as it usually is.

  • jay dee

    WTF !!! No they gotta be kiddin’, no way Betty is great !


    Why would you want to put on hold…this happened to Men in Trees…October Road Etc…This means you wil just eventually cancel..

    Why don’t you just spin off ugly betty’s sister into her own show about her family and salon into a 30 minute comedy….Why do all shows have to look a like or fit into a certain category…

    TV use to have variety…Especially on one network…Now a network tries to fit all of the same type of shows on one network…

    Youv’e already canceled Men in Trees, George Lopez, Life with Bonnie, Married to the kelly’s, Hope and Faith, October Road, Boston Legal, just to name a few…

    The rating system of Nelson Rating is so outdated…Neilsen rating does not really represent true household viewing….

    With the technology of today, why isn’t there a way for all people to have a say of what needs to be on TV…

    It is us viewers that pay for all the shows on the networks by buying products or services from the commercials…

    I think the networks would really be shock at what people are really watching and what shows are doing great and badly if the real people in the USA had a voice..

    Not just a select few of people that have different views about life….

    This goes for all networks not just ABC.

    There have been so many shows canceled lately..

    By so many shows being canceled..This just hurts future viewing..

    I will explain…Since all the shows that are good are getting canceled that I watch I have a plan..

    I wait to see if a show has been on for a least 5 years…Then start watching reruns..This way I know the show is either still own or canceled…At least I do not waste my time watching something that gets canceled the first year or second or third….

    I know this will hurt ratings..But hey..Since I don’t have any say in the shows anyway…I’m not missing anything…

    But the advertisers will hurt because I choose not to watch until been on for at least 5 years…Think of all the commericials that I have missed…

    I do have TIVO…Why can’t they just access TIVO somehow and see what people are really watching not just recording….

    There are so many ways to bring the TV industry into the 21st, 22nd and beyond…Give all us viewers a coupon from the goverment to purchase some sort of rating systems or provide one free…

    Something needs to be done now…So many good shows are getting axed…

    Wish you well ABC because if Ugly Betty gets canceled I will stop watching Lost and Desperate housewives…That is all I watch on ABC since ABC canceled all the other good shows….

    Why would ABC pick up Scrubs…such a stupid show….

    Maybe it is time for networks to have more then on channel…

    Like ABC could have 2 or three local channels since digital is here…That way more shows can been shown…

    Hell I would even pay for a commercial channel if it meant keeping better shows on the air and not what advertisers want on the air..

    Enough said already…ABC you know what you have to do and you think you know what is right…Mark my word it will back fire on you once again and you will become the worst network….

    OOPs you already are…..My bad….By the way I’m 45 male…..Anglo..

    If that makes any difference…



  • julie

    It’s one of the worst things on TV.

  • whocares

    “First Pushing Daisies is axed……. if ABC cancel’s Ugly Betty, I won’t watch them anymore.. Forget Desperate Housewives and Lost…. Ugly Betty is the BEST thing on that network”

    Dont worry im sure you and your bf/life partner can agree on somethin to watch…

  • uk

    i cannot believe this! its ridiculous! they dont show ugly betty in uk till 5 months after america shows it! absolutely disappoiting.

  • S

    Noo! I love watching Ugly Betty. And I just put my heart and soul into looking through whole season 1, season 2 and the episodes of season 3.. and that took alot of time!!! And now.. oh my, are they crazy!?

  • Shauna

    Please say it ain’t so. I love Ugly…It’s the best show running-I’ve been a follower forever. Tear tear tear…

  • Monica

    Samantha Who is no substitute for Ugly Betty!
    Bring back Betty!

  • alxrocks yourtinylittleplanet


  • athena

    Well, I’ve never seen Ugly Betty on television…being that it’s deals with the fashion industry, I guess this is the closest that some will get to seeing the inside world in a dramaty sense…Glad it’s going on Hiatus…I think the entire fashion world should go on Hiatus.

  • athena

    I meant it…not it’s….I correct myself…and no, I’m not bitter…

  • Ddgltm

    ABC is totally insane. screw that Samantha who and Motherhood, they both suck!

  • Pedro

    Ugly Betty’s ratings have dropped this season, but Samantha Who bombed without it’s DWTS lead-in so I don’t think it will do any better in the same slot.


    I deleted my season pass off of my dvr before the holidays. the writing has gotten terrible, and the plots are insulting. bored with it. I also deleted desperate housewives. It’s getting dragged on. Samantha who is hilarious. More sitcoms, less 1 hour dramedys.

  • TrippyBear

    I too love watching Ugly Betty but after I saw what America Ferrera did at an SAG after party Sunday night (pics and videos on net showed it). I won’t be watching it anymore.

    She lit up a cigarette and smoked it while sitting next to Christina
    Applegate who is a breast cancer survivor.

    I consider that to be very very rude and America is an inconsiderate

    She should have moved somewhere else to smoke.

  • Chuck

    Yeah, ABC is on a run with canceling its most original shows after the three show massacre earlier in the season. I don’t think Betty is headed for the chopping block, and I doubt “In the Motherhood” has more than a six episode order. The question is how many episodes did the net order this season for “Ugly Betty”? What ABC should do is cut “The Bachelor” back to an hour – does any reality show need to be on for two hours a week? – and put “Samantha Who?” back where it belongs and pair it with the new show on Monday!

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