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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Take Twins To Japan

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Take Twins To Japan

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie arrive at Narita International Airport on Tuesday (January 27) in Narita, Chiba, Japan.

The couple was accompanied by all of their kids — Maddox, 7, Pax, 5, Zahara, 4, Shiloh, 2, and 6-month-old twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. (Brad and Knox wore matching newsboy caps! Angie held Vivienne.)

The family is in town to premiere Brad‘s latest film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

“Our kids are always packing,” Angie has said. “They like to pack; it’s a game in our house. It can get very hard trying to find 20 minutes to close your eyes if you’ve been up since four in the morning. We travel so much, we never have to adjust. We change school time to four in the afternoon if we have to!”

FYI: Shiloh carried her SwaddleDesigns Baby Lovie blanket! Brad & Angie are using their tried and true Baby Bjorn carrier!

30+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie taking the twins to Japan…

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brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 01
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 02
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 03
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 04
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 05
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 06
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 07
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 08
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 09
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 10
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 11
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 12
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 13
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 14
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 15
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 16
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 17
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 18
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 19
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 20
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 21
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 22
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 23
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 24
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 25
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 26
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 27
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 28
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 29
brad pitt angelina jolie twins japan 30

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  • Janelle

    This family is so gorgeous! too cute for words.


    Too cute for words

  • from europe

    krissykitty @ 01/27/2009 at 10:29 am

    Are you stupid or what?!? Do you know what is Down syndrome? Do you know what children can have down syndrome? Please, I know that people in USA are very smart, but you are not, you should go to school and learn something!!

    Beautiful children!!!! What a beautiful family!! Angie looks so happy!!!

  • candy

    to to the stupid ones
    You’re right.
    All passenges have to pass through the terminal even if they arrive there by the private jet under the Japanese Law, except the empere and emperess.

  • solid

    Prue Halliwell @ 01/27/2009 at 11:00 am

    # 97
    IKR. What a dumbuss that trolls are, Who cares how many husbands you have.?

  • mimilala

    Awww those kids are super cute…except the twins have “James Haven eyes.” Hopefully they won’t be so bug-eyed as they grow up.

    Shiloh is the beauty in the bio kids. The twins just aren’t that pretty. All of the adopted kids are gorgeous.

  • Not impressed by JA

    The reason why have 2 babysitters is because you are not a good mother. A good mother doesn’t spread hate against another mother.
    I think you can’t raise your kids properly since you have anger issue towards a celebrity ! No wonder you had to resort to 2 babysitters to give them the real inexaustible softness that any real mother would have.

  • to 40

    It is funny; I think the biological children look more like Angie. Either way all of the kids are gorgeous!!! What a class act!! They really know how to be very graceful with the whole world watching them!!

  • chopinasi

    Trolls you are fake, pathetic, ugly and mentally defective …you stay here with different aliases….shame to all of you..!!!


    I see that haters are in agony! Jealousy is killing them! They see happy family and they can not accept that!! Jen hags hate children that is obviously!!

  • mimilala

    wait, i just saw the pics again…i think knox is a cutie…

  • WTF?

    Aww these are so cloyningly sweet my synapses have stopped firing.

  • voe

    The children are beautiful!

  • Tinaverse

    I’ve been dying to see the twins. They are soooo cute. They look like Shiloh. They will just keep getting cuter too. Thanks Jared.


    hatejolie @ 01/27/2009 at 11:04 am

    Oh yes jealousy is killing you we know that!! You hate children we know, we know … Of course that they have help – but tell me why would paparazzi take picture of the nannys? They are not famous? Look just because you can not stand to see happy family you are now in agony! And nobody is believing you that you have children, because you are so full of hate!! People who love and have children, respect other people’s children also!!

  • zoe

    too adorable. its great to see them so happy together. and yes, the twins do resemble shiloh in a way…angie looks gorgeous.

  • val

    Look Angie and Brad are HW Veterans, they know the game and know how to play it. They are actors and the public wants to see their children, they do not parade them around much anyway. There is nothing wrong with having a photo op, what once every 6 months! Everyone has been crying about seeing the twins and now they are crying because they are seeing them….get a grip folks. I for one are amazed how beautiful they all are, they seem to be well behaved, not running around scattered all over the place. And the exposure to different worlds, priceless. I traveled a lot with my parents and now I cannot stop traveling, I love new places and different cultures. I am not an American by far…but sometimes I find that some of my Americans are quite judgemental. What people do not realize is that nannies are the norm in most countries outside of the US. I could not ever remember a vacation, even a cruise where our nanny was not with us!

  • shamrock

    This family is truly BREATHTAKING!!! A big praise for them looking so at ease with all the beautiful children. They seem to work really well as a unit and it shows. TEAM WORK AND TEAM SPIRIT!!!

    Hope they have a wonderful time and have some sushi for me!!


  • Not impressed by JA

    hatejolie @ 01/27/2009 at 11:10 am #114 I AM A GREAT MOM!!!!!!!!! NO WORRIES THERE. WHAT I AM SAYING IS THAT THEY COMPLAINT SO MUCH ABOUT THE MEDIA…..
    No you’re not ! you’re a gangster mum spreading agressively hate towards another mum. You’re definitely not a good mum !

  • hollywould

    I dont care what anyone says that family is almost blindingly beautiful!
    I cant stand it those kids are so cute.

  • http://ISRAEL ///


  • Micheline

    omgosh how sweet are those babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE the big blue eyes they totally melt my heart! Shilo is getting so big and looks so much like brad and the boys are sooo cute and charming. Z is beautiful as always!! It must be sooo hard to travel with 6 little ones they are such great parents!

  • http://ISRAEL ///

    YOU ARE SOOOOOOO CUTE PAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sharon

    OMG, OMG,OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is toooooooooooooooooo cute. Knox has a hat like daddy. Their kids are soooooooooooooooo beautiful.

  • hatejolie – the worst mother

    “hatejolie” is the worst mother ever!! Look how full of hate are her posts!! Poor children, they have such mother, who hates other mothers and children!! Well, no suprise here, Jen fans are known as people who generally hate children!

  • Prue Halliwell

    Didn’t Brad admit that with the twins’ coming they have live-in help? So what is the problem, haters? They never denied it. Your main beef is against the paparazzi who did not take pictures of the unknown nannies and instead concentrated on the celebrity family. Yeh, I’m sure the papz wanted to take pictures of the nannies and sell them to blogs and news agencies just to prove that Brad and Angelina have help.


  • http://ISRAEL ///


  • boogie

    # 101 and other made up names….

    you can’t see and read either???

    nothing irrational about my comment.( # 92)

    YOUR comment about Shiloh looking like a down’s child is silly.
    Most people here think so too. You need glasses or perhaps a visit to the shrink. Shiloh looks like a normal child. Don’t get it why you felt the need to say the things you said.

  • ?

    WHEN IS THE PREMIERE??????????????????????????????

  • hatejolie = HAPPY

    Poor hater, he/she has to change names!! Oh poor,evil hater, just like their idol X full of hate towards other people!! How sad life can be … so sad, jealousy is killing him/her!

  • boogie

    funny comments.

    the paps are not the least bit interested in taking photos of the nannies or help. They are interested in the jolie-pitt family. Simple.

    Of course they have help with the children. I would need it!

  • hey

    any video yet?

  • 6wheels

    A beautiful GROWING family. No wonder Angie wants to quit working.

  • ?

    WHEN IS THE PREMIERE???????????????????????????????

  • val

    I dont see the down syndrome look that some of you noticed. I think whe has big round eyes and the flashes are making them even bigger, Shiloh looked the same at that age.

  • Not impressed by JA

    HATEJOLIE @ 01/27/2009 at 11:17 am DONT GET ME WRONG THE KIDS R ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!
    2 CUTE


    It still doesn’t dismiss the fact that your moniker, acts all proved that you’re not a good mother. Probably not mother material either. Your kids must probably be ashamed of you if they knew how your behave towards another mother, like a cheap ganster on the loose. Lousy mother, that’s what you are !

  • an oldie

    Thank you Jared for the adorable pictures. The kids are so cute and getting so big. Those father and son matching hats are so freaking cute. I prefer this Angelina look to the one on the SAG redcarpet. I don’t like her LA hair stylist.

  • nell

    Yes, usually paparazzi always take pictures of the help!! Yes, why would they take picture of the Angelina when they can have a picture of the nanny?!? Isn’t that stupid? Brad and Angelina said that they have help. So I have to agree with people here, trolls hate to see one big happy family!!

  • pICS

    new Pics of the premiere

  • Observer2

    HATEJOLIE @ 01/27/2009 at 11:15 am

    The Ruth hurts? LMAO!

    The kids look droopy. They just flew from L.A. to Japan, you’re droopy without making that trip.

  • Tana

    How precious! All of their children are absolutely ADORABLE!
    I wish them all the best!

  • dani

    hatejolie @ 01/27/2009 at 11:10 am

    Of course they have help. Angelina’s friend Holly still works with her and they said they hired a nanny or two after the twins came. So what?

    We haven’t seen the kids for ages unlike a certain couple who has pimped out their daughter in NYC on a daily basis. The Japenese are crazy for certain American celebs including one half of the NYC pimping couple.

    At least the Jolie-Pitt kids don’t look distressed (well maybe except for Pax in a couple of pics) and are hiding their faces and crying. And the Jolie-Pitt kids are dressed like kids and are dressed appropriately for the weather.

    But you haters will always find something to complain about. You say you are a great mom, right, you are teaching your kids hate and spite and cruelty. That is truly the hallmarks of a great mom. Get a life.

  • val

    Of what premiere and on what site?

  • tora

    I’ll guess that they’re going to have at least 3 more children: one more biological and 2 adopted.

  • Yeah

    Nice. and I’m still seeing new pics from the SAGS! This is great keep it up jared. One day you will get that interview.

  • voe

    2 hatejolie,

    I find women screaming to the public “I’m a great mom” pretentious and fake. No need to say anything if you are a great mom. Any how, we don’t give a hoot if you were or weren’t.

    I don’t see Jolie Pitt pretending. You do because as I said above you are pretentious yourself. Always takes one to see one.


    The babies have beautiful blue eyes, just like their dad.

  • voe

    I was thinking of Pitt’s parents, the grandparents. They must have felt absolutely fantastic with all the grandchildren they have.

  • merlina

    Down’s syndrome? that’s the most ridiculous assumption that once may assume with beautiful Shiloh….she is a normal child who acts and looks like a regular child and is also dressed like one, unlike other kids out there who are dreed to look like baby fashion statements…

    They’re a gorgeous family and the parents are trying their very best to make their lives normal despite the attention, the wealth and all the papparazi.

  • ?

    isn’t it already tomorrow in Japan?