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Daniel Craig is a Tintin Man

Daniel Craig is a Tintin Man

Daniel Craig and girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell arrive at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday (January 25).

The 40-year-old James Bond actor is possibly in town to start filming on the upcoming Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg produced movie, The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn. Variety reports Craig has signed on to play the pirate Red Rackham, villain to the plucky hero Tintin (Jamie Bell).

Tintin has begun principal production in Los Angeles and is set for release in 2011.

More photos of Daniel Craig and Satsuki Mitchell at LAX inside…

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  • first


  • number one

    im first yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • dan

    Looks like all DC fans are stuck with his STUPID looking GF?! for ever.
    Wish I could wipe the smug look off of her wrinkly face. Looks like she is being separately pictured too. Why is she so imp.?

  • To #3

    Because she is **his** woman! That’s why!!

    And because he wants her with him.

    And because it is obvious he loves her.

    And because it is obvious he’s loyal to her.

    She’s here to stay.

    Get over it.

    If you can’t be anything but jealous about **his** choices then you need to move on and get a life elsewhere.

  • rcc

    Y’know, I’ve been reading these posts on the DC threads the last few days, and I am confounded by the level of hatred directed towards Satsuki. What on earth has she done to inspire such loathing??? She seems completely inoffensive to me. Obviously much loved by Daniel. Does it really matter that she is not runway gorgeous? I think she’s got an interesting look. She has a very open, happy face. A beautiful smile…… I don’t get it.

  • pyschic

    I feel very strongly that only two or three hours ago he checked for a response from his new friend.
    He sent her a message but no response yet.
    I feel very strongly that she will respond tomorrow.
    This woman will not run to him.
    I sense he is restless, she is so different than others.
    I am hearing unsure. He is unsure how she feels.
    This is new for him.
    I am hearing loud voices.
    I do not know what this is. It is not clear.
    Just loud voices.
    So much negative energy.

  • 5

    I completely agree. I think it’s especially interesting how much she looks like Michael Jackson LOL
    You’re obviously blind not to see how frickin miserable he is with this woman. Loyal my ass. I have no doubt he’s a cheater. I bet the psychic is right and he has a secret email where his mistress can contact him. I so totally believe the psychic. This man MUST have another woman on the side, no man can be happy fuchin Michael Jackson two or three times a week!!!!!
    I have no doubt that he has a gorgeous mistress on the side.

  • rcc

    OMG. You are so full of crap. I’m sorry to be so disrespectful, but you are ridiculous.

  • I’m So Sorry

    OMG, I’m sooooooooooooo sorry, I swear to God I thought it was a guy. I ain’t kiddin, I really thought it was a guy. I usually post on other threads on JJ, but I thought I would pop in for a peek, you know, but that’s really a woman, are you guys sure? Seriously, is that his girlfriend, that’s what article says right? OMG, I’m so totally floored. I don’t know, I think i’ll go back and check the other threads on this guy to see if I can find a pic of this person in a dress, Im sorry, I just don’t believe it right now. Is she maybe a he/she, you know, is this guy like gay? I don’t know that much about him. Is he gay, seriously? Does anyone know?

  • lousy play

    I sense the psyschic is a simply a liar or a pompous ass
    I sense most of the people her have no life
    I sense some of the crappy posters here are simply deranged or psychopathic
    I sense none of the posters here knows the truth

  • rcc

    LOL, # 10!!!! Too funny!

  • 10

    You’re on this post regularly, so are you finally confessing that you’re psychopathic!!!!!
    Finally, the truth comes out.

  • 10

    “I sense most of the people ‘her’ have no life.”
    What the fuch does that mean?
    What is “people her” mean?
    Psycho and STUPID.

  • Truth

    There is definitely, without a doubt, one poster who knows the truth.

  • 9 and Gay

    There are actually a LOT of people who believe he is Bi and that’s why he won’t marry her, they believe he has a boy toy on the side and she probably knows and goes along with it.

  • 15

    that’s kinda sick, you know. well, i just checked some pics of these two, and I don’t know, you know, i think it’s a he/she, i ain’t never seen an AA on a lady before, that’s gotta be a man, you know, so if he is bi that makes sense, that he’d wanna be with a he/she, you know. I ain’t no expert, but that’s definitely a guy.

  • lousy play

    it’s really unbelivable, I’ve never seen so much gobshites joining one board.
    Very intersting from the psychologically point of you. If you are treated like a doormat all your life,
    it’s a great satisfaction to be the one who wears the shoes at least one time in your life!

  • 17

    Sweetheart, chill, you are sooooo wrong honey. Just because others are more intelligent than you and can see the truth, you don’t have to put on your Dr. Phil hat and try to attack posters with stupid psychology. I know for a fact that one of the regular posters on here is a very successful and happy attorney; I myself have never been a doormat to anyone, so please keep you silly attempts of trying to use psychology to insult people to yourself. It’s soooo immature and only shows how low your IQ is.

  • 17

    What the fuch does “psychology point of you” mean.
    I swear you say the stupidest things, do you even know what the fuch you’re TRYING to say LOL

  • 17

    it’s really unbelivable, I’ve never seen so much gobshites joining one board.

    Why are you still hanging around here then? Just to get a kick out of insulting people?

    Anyway, I just looked at those pics and thought…at least Daniel Craig is a mortal! He gets off a plane after a long flight and has a morning face like everybody else. Good morning Dan, had a good kip?

  • ever present

    Satsuki is definitely a woman, she just has a small frame and a very skinny boyish figure thats all. I actually think she is very pretty and unique looking, the sort of girl you would turn your head to look at if she walked past you on the street. Very striking indeed.
    I just wish she would dress a little more feminine off the red carpet, sometimes her look/clothes can be quite masculine, which combined with a boyish figure dosen’t really help her cause so to speak.

  • 21

    I have actually seen them in person at the New York premier for QOS. I got pretty close actually.
    You definitely look twice when you see her, but not in a good way.
    She is striking only in the sense that you are struck at how strange her looks are.
    She is very, what is the word, gawky, that’s the only word I can think of.
    I’m sorry, but I heard people standing around me commenting about the same thing. I heard one guy say “what does he see in her.”
    I heard another couple talking about how they couldn’t believe how “ugly she was in person.”
    I hate to break it to you, but when you see her up close in person, she’s really, and I mean REALLY, not attractive.
    Her wrinkly skin is even more pronounced when you see her up close. Her skin really does look leathery, which is such a shame at her young age.
    And believe it or not, they are not that affectionate when the paps aren’t shooting them. They were walking apart a lot when their pictures weren’t being taken.
    I heard several people comment after they went inside about how they don’t even look like a “couple.” My husband and I were really surprised. We actually thought that she would be more beautiful in person, but she actually looks better in pictures, and I guess that isn’t saying a whole lot, since she doesn’t look too good in most of her pictures.
    We were also surprised at how distant they were with each other when not posing for pictures.
    Like I said, I don’t have any stake in these two, and I don’t care what they do, but seeing her and them in person, up close, was kind of disappointing.
    Like I said, I was expecting her to be beautiful in person, and she was kind of the opposite, and my husband and I were both expecting them to be really close, but they weren’t.
    I know I’ll probably get attacked for saying all of this, but hey, I just thought I would share my experience in seeing these two personally at the premier.
    It was really disappointing. But we liked the movie when we went to see.

  • 21

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that Dan looked amazing, he’s much more handsome in person.
    I didn’t want to go on about him with my husband LOL But wow, he’s is absolutely gorgeous when you see him in person.
    A very handsome man.

  • Accept it!

    I think everyone just has to accept no matter how unattractive she is that Daniel loves her and wants to be with her.

  • blogger

    hi friends, what´s go? danny boy will be a pirate?

  • ever present

    Thanks for comments #22 there where very interesting to read. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Daniel must think Satsuki is beautiful as she is his girl after all.
    I also agree with #24 it doesn’t matter what any of us think of Satsuki and her looks, Daniel loves her and wants to be with her.
    I think she looks pretty in pictures but i’ve never seen her in person, people who have seen her seem to have mixed views on her looks. Some say she is stunning in the flesh, much better than what you see in photos. Whilest others say she is unattractive.
    As for the wrinkles…well to be honest no one knows how old Satsuki really is. So we don’t really know if she does have alot of wrinkles for her young age.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Daniel is LAXACTIVE now, folks?
    be sure: HOMOSEXUAL PATIENTS like this!!

  • Weird couple

    I also have seen them in NY and she is even less attractive than in photos. When I first saw her I honestly thought she was a man. It is very strange how she doesn’t do anything but shop and travel with DC yet the paps treat her as a celeb; even Paris Hilton works!!

  • sasha

    Oh my god, Daniel Craig has some weird fans, at least 1 or 2 of them clogging his threads with post after rambling post. Do you not have anything else to do besides sit and type post after boring post? Does that make life exciting for you? Get a job or something.

  • to 22 and 24

    I think everyone just has to accept no matter how unattractive she is that Daniel loves her and wants to be with her.


    I don’t think that’s the problem people here seem to have with Sats – it’s the (presumed or real – who knows) lack of affection between them that’s making people wonder about the couple.

    Wrinkles aren’t the real issue – most people over the age of 30, and some earlier, have wrinkles, unless they use botox or plastic surgery, or the pictures are airbrushed. Wrinkles are a part of life, and I say, if you’ve lived, you’ve earned your wrinkles! Some people also have more wrinkles earlier in life due to genetics, excessive sunbathing, hard lives, skin problems, lack of even basic skincare, bad health, etc.

    The issue here seems to be lack of love and affection, and all the little ttender gestures that make people ‘a couple’. On many pictures, the two appear distant and cold, often miserable or with fake smiles while the eyes speak differently – maybe it’s just the angle the pictures are taken from, maybe it’s in the eye of the beholder, but genuine happiness seems absent a lot of time. Nobody expects people to smile and be affectionate at all times, but there seems to be a cold air of indifference and possible lack of respect in a lot of the photos. And I don’t think that’s just the presence of paps…

  • to 29

    Then what are you doing-seems you are blogging here also! I also think they are a strange, unnatural couple. It seems more like a business arrangement than a love affair. I have been a DC fan for a long time but his choice with this unattractive tranny does make me wonder about his sexual orientation.

  • Italy

    sorry for bad englisk. I work in a small hotel in Itlay with a small restaurante. But the restaurant is very good and last summer Daniel Craig and his friendgirl have spent some time here and visitet the restaurante. Had pasta and vino tinto. They are very nice and smiles a lot.

  • Anne

    @31, there is a difference between making a comment and making this your life’s work. I agree, somebody’s having a field day.

    I don’t get what all the fuss is about these two. Who has a right to tell him the person he loves isn’t right for him? Get over it and get a life.

  • to 33

    I don’t get the fuss over these 2 either. He is a good looking actor but does not seem very personable in “the real world” and she is an unattractive nobody. I guess everybody is entitled to their opinion.

  • wish

    Daniel and his girlfriend make pretty good couple.Its good to see them together and enjoying themselves. Didn’t know that him jamie bell was going start in anew movie together. I guess he won’t be doing jumper.

  • to 31

    well, what ever any one may think it’s obvious that daniel and satsuki are still together. i’ve also seen them both up close. satsuki is very thin, she’s not what many may call beautiful; but you definitely notice her what i’d like to know is who or what is tintin? and why would steven spielberg want to make a move about him/her/it.

  • to 36

    Tintin is the main character of a belgian comic series called “Les Aventures de Tintin”, these comics are published in many countries. The first issue have been published in1929

  • ever present

    Seeing as no one knows the truth about these two and their relationship, how can anyone say that this relationship is a business arrangement based on what they’ve seen from photos.
    And to doubt Daniel’s sexual orientation just because his girlfriend happens to have a very skinny, boyish figure is just silly.

  • to 38

    I think what people are saying is that their relationship appears to be very staged for the paps. I personally do not think his gf is very attractive as she looks very manly (face and body). I do think there are alot more homosexual actors than what is openly written about. As far as DC’s orientation only he knows.

  • dianel

    Daniel will be great as the villain in this movie he has the look for it

  • bobo

    I think she is so fugly and dresses like crap. They look like 2 men at the airport.

  • to 41

    Maybe Dan is taking his tranny to LA for some much needed plastic surgery! Sorry to be so mean but I just don’t get the attention these 2 get! Look at the pics of Brad and Angelina-nice looking, talented and have done something to make a difference in the world.

  • to 42

    agree on Brad but not on this ugly Jolie-crap-face

  • blogger to 41:

    Hehehehehe, bobo you made me laugh with your comment- 2 men at the airport, it´s exactly. Look at danny boy and mansuki, they are 5 years together (their meeting was in first months 2004) and they have no babies. But ,,Brangelina,, is 3,5 years together and they have 6 children ! look at these twins of Brangelina:

  • to 44

    Hopefully Dan will not procreate with Mansuki and spare us all!! At least he has one beautiful child!!

  • blogger

    Angelina is happy mother and she can have wedding tomorrow but she doesn´t want. She said ,,no,, to Brad´s proposals. Brad wants a wedding but she doesn´t want. Mansuki wants wedding but danny boy always putts off it because he feel not in love.

  • To 45

    It would be a shame for his genes to go to waste with Mansuki. I know he has a daughter but it doesn’t seem he spends alot of time with her(judging by the amount of time he spends traveling with Mansuki). How old is she?

  • blogger to 45:

    Yes, he has beautiful daughter, people said she´s blonde but I believe it´s that shy brunette which was at the premiere near prince William and Harry (in video), brunette girl from video is the same brunette girl from St. Barth. Blonde girl is good friend with Mansuki but that brunette girl is not. danny boy never had time for daughter and I can´t believe that his daughter likes Mansuki.I believe that brunette girl is his daughter, she is noteless.I saw her in video and she was very shy and she has nice smile( like her father?)

  • to 37

    thank you for telling me what tintin is. now i’ll go to the book store and get the comic book – if there is one

  • to 48

    You’re wrong. His daughter is Ella the blonde. That’s a fact. The brunette is a good friend of Ella’s.
    Ella and Satsuki get on very well. Is it that you can’t stand?