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Jennifer Lopez To Create 'In The Heights' Movie?

Jennifer Lopez To Create 'In The Heights' Movie?

Jennifer Lopez might be putting together a movie version of the Broaday musical In The Heights, reports Page Six.

The 39-year-old tripe threat first saw the hit show back in July, saw it twice last week and accompanied the producer, Meryl Poster, to dinner Friday evening at Nobu 57.

Jennifer is said to be interested in adapting the Tony-award-winning show onto the silver screen. (Poster also produced the movie version of Chicago).

A rep for Jennifer said, “She loves the play but is not Broadway bound.” But a movie version of In The Heights is not out of the question and would be a grrrrrrreat idea. Get on it, Jennifer. Start casting now!

Pictured here: Jennifer and husband Marc Anthony before Marc‘s Saturday night sold-out concert at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Connecticut.

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Photos: Gary Thibeault/MGM Grand at Foxwoods
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    Leah Rimini and all her friends can star in it..!! Seeing how her last
    two movies bombed big time what studio in their right mind would
    work with her??? Just because they were having dinner does not
    mean anything.. She is with Miramax studios…

  • raquel

    Triple Threat? What’s the first one? She needs to keep her hands off this ‘In The Heights’. She’ll probably mess it up like she messed up ‘El Cantante’. Can’t stand this woman!!

  • stef

    That would great ! don’t care if she produce but i hope she’ll startin it !!

  • mike

    way to be rude number two…anyways i love In the Heights it would be a great movie!!! Saw it on Broadway 3 times!!!! :)

  • Sara

    it would be about time her doing a musical, and In The Height is great one it can turn amazing with the right script/director. I hope she does it too.

  • BB

    That would be amazing!


    Mike: I agree with number 2. I’ve seen ‘Heights’ six times. Three with clients and three with friends. I would hate it being destroyed because JLO has a hard on about producing it — if true. This could all be lies. Hoping they are. Sorry, but the woman can’t sing, can’t dance and can’t act. If it weren’t for her hooking up with Diddy, we wouldn’t know anything about her. Rita Moreno she’s NOT!


    The key here is that Jlo is friends with the director of this play.. Since when does having dinner with someone lead to doing a movie..

    Miramax will never take a chance on a two time loser like Jlo.. Who would have to finance it herself..AKA EL CANTANTE.. A BIG BOMB..
    The other movie went straight from studio to Video.. so why would
    this woman do it..Since Miramax broke up the Weinstein Brothers
    studio neither has Meryl Poster anymore!! Maybe she is looking for

  • deka

    she’s never done a really good movie, selena might be her best
    she should just stop

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Jenn, this will be the last time I’m warning you.

  • Jeans!

    It’s already being made into a movie – Universal bought it awhile back and the show’s creator is adapting the script for the screen.

  • tobey

    Hurry up and make a movie Jen, you’re sorely missed on the screen. So glad you married Marc and you both look GREAT!!!

  • nuckingfuts

    JLo should just stay home and watch her twins. She is NOT an actress and she is NOT a singer. She got famous for being the girlfriend of Diddy and Ben Affleck. Her last records bombed big time and her last two movies went straight to DVDs.
    Who in their right mind would produce a movie starring JLo. She can be in a movie if the role calls for a “mother”, “aunt”, or “neighbor”, but never the star.

  • Lil’ miss

    Um…the movie version of In the Heights was greenlit by Universal four months ago…pre-production is already underway.

    Also, Meryl Poster is not the lead producer on the show. She is one of many.

    Perhaps J.Lo just really enjoys the Tony-winning show.


    Lil’ miss. Thanks for the information. Maybe JLO is looking for a job.

  • judy

    sorry folks but i like marc, and he is talented, even before j-lo, all of jens men have one thing in common, they are all more talented than she is, i agree with the poster who said, j-lo can’t act,sing or dance, all hype created by media, and some people fell for it, while the smart ones didn’t.

  • Lettie

    The only thing JLO is good at is getting attention by showing up at red carpet events to give an award to someone ELSE. Yes, she looks great wearing her expensive outfits, lace-front wigs, fake eyelashes and tanner, but she still has to go back to her life with that skeletal embarassment of a husband of hers who left his own wife and kids, and deal with her own children who apparently are not fulfilling that void of hers to STILL seek the fame she once had and the lights and cameras.

    Jennifer Lopez spends a fortune on herself to look good and has the papparazzi follow her when she goes on her many shopping sprees, but I would rather be a Tilda Swinton or a Cate Blanchette, who don’t rule the red carpet like Jlo, but are known and respected in Hollywood for their artistic talent and contribution to creative arts.

    JLO’s is an illusion of decorations on the outside and sure she looks great on the outside but must be an empty soul of void on the inside.

  • meximelt

    jennifer lopez is can not sing and no she is not the best actress..personally i loves the wedding planner and maid in manhatten and bordertown was actually great…U turn Great..of Selena….Monster In Law was okay too….BUT TO SAY THAT SHE CAN NOT DANCE IS ABSOLUTLY REDICULOUS SHE IS AN EXCELLENT DANCER….more than excellent extroidinary Dancer…the reason why alot of people liked her and some still do is because of what she represents….I’M A HISPANIC WOMEN AND TO BE HONEST WITH YOU ITS BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE I SEEN A HISPANIC WOMEN LIKE HER…YEAH WE HAVE SALMA AND PENELOPE AND BOT EVA’S BUT JENNIFER ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE ME LIKE MY SISTERS LIKE PEOPLE I GREW UP WITH….SHE looks real….SO STOP BEING HATERS

  • lucy and Ethel

    She killed Ben Affleck’s career and now MA

  • loser and edie

    Ben killed his own career, he is a terrible actor.

  • beehive

    Damn Jlo, you need to stop wearing that beehive. You don’t look good with that crap up there. Please don’t Palinize your look it’s not becoming.


    wow, ugly couple! that guy looks like a mutant lol! I mean mutant with no powers not good at all :)

  • Marie

    #20, No Lopez is the terrible actor.

  • Marie-Claire

    Ben’s career isn’t dead, he just has his priorities straight and more interested in family, unlike Lopez who never is home with her kids at all. Her career is the one that is dead and she is trying anything to revive it. She is a terrible actress and an average singer at best.

  • loser & edie

    #24, No Ben is a horrible Actor. He foams on the sides of his mouth…how could anyone want to kiss that Mr. wimpo. all he does is complain about his life.

  • Marie-Claire

    No, Lopez is the horrible actress. She is Blockbuster poison and all her movies bomb.

    He did that for a comedy role on SNL, you were obviously too stupid to understand who he was impersonating.

    Marc Anthony is the Mr. Wimpo, how could anyone want to kiss that rat-faced skeleton? Many women find Ben attractive and all you pathetic Lopez fans are still obsessed with him, even though he dumped her 7 years ago. Ha!

    All Lopez fans like you, do is complain about your lives and live through Lopez. Your name fits you well, you are a LOSER.

  • Maire-Claire

    I agree #23! This couple is heinous looking.

  • Sonya76

    PLEASE DON’T LET J-LO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS PROJECT! I have seen the play ‘In The Heights’ several times already and I love it.I hope it becomes a motion picture but I don’t want J-Lo to be involved in any way.She can’t sing,can barely act,and is washed up.If J-Lo is a part of this movie,the media will only focus on HER and I dont’ want that to happen.She tends to overshadow everything.Her last big musical movie ‘El Cantante’ was a bomb and I know she would ruin ‘In The Heights’ too.


  • Guillermo

    Jennifer Lopez, is an “A” list actress. She’s done about 20 movies, is known around the world. I think she should do “In the Heights”, but La Lopez should also do a movie with Raquel Welch.

  • Sara

    In the Heights is an amazing play. Its being made into a movie set to come out in 2010 by Universal not mirimax. Lin is co-producing with a few other people (whose names I will not list). He is supposed to be reprising his role, but nothing has been mentioned about Jennifer Lopez being cast in the movie. the only thing I’ve heard circulating is that there is a possibilty that she will produce also, but its very unlikely

  • nathan

    u can’t be serious. 1st mcg is gonna ruin spring awakening, and now jlo is gonna ruin in the heights???? u can’t be serious…



  • nathan

    u can’t be serious. 1st mcg is gonna ruin spring awakening, and now jlo is gonna ruin in the heights???? u can’t be serious…



  • Steve

    JLo can’t sing, dance, or act. She’s good for nothing, but a public toilet.