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Rihanna Covers GQ Mexico

Rihanna Covers GQ Mexico
  • Bikini-clad Rihanna image gets recycled.
  • Fitness really runs in Matthew McConaughey‘s family.
  • Miss America Katie StamHOT or NOT?
  • Meet Aussie swimmer Ian Thorpe‘s friend Daniel.
  • Beyonce‘s hair is alarming.
  • Paris Hilton and Kid Rock are back on.
  • Lindsay Lohan is not anorexic, she eats two full meals.
  • Mischa Barton gives us a hatful.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis drives Sophia Loren mad.
  • Heidi Klum has a park playdate.
  • Blythe Danner says about 800 people have joined Gwyneth Paltrow‘s soon-to-open exclusive gym in Tribeca but she has yet to secure a membership.
  • Rachel Bilson is reportedly having a kitchen studio built in her and boyfriend Hayden Christensen‘s new house so she can film the cooking show she hopes to land from home.
  • Applicants for the latest installment of Paris Hilton‘s BFF show are required to reveal their measurements.
  • Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller” video is on the road to Broadway after The Nederlander Organization, which owns nine theaters, announced yesterday that it has acquired the rights to the project.
  • Don’t miss Lil Wayne‘s live, world-debut performance of his new single, “Prom Queen” live on Facebook. The special streaming video event from a concert in San Diego is scheduled for 12:40 a.m. EST on Wed., 1/28 (9:40 p.m. PST on Tues. 1/27) on the AT&T Mobile Music page on After the show, AT&T customers can buy the ringtone by texting “Wayne” to 7317 or online. You can also DL the full track by texting “Wayne” to 7299.
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  • mike


  • Loren


  • Amy

    SO yesterday

  • wish

    What is this coming from wasn’t that from four months ago.Rachel is not having a studio built in hayden’s house.Are she would have said something about it and him too.That is just a rumor and nothing else.She does not have anything to do with his house. That don’t sound right anyway.He made that up?She’s not moving to canada and that’s not her boyfriend. You all just dont have anything new tosay about her.Stop bring up old stuff that we aleady being said.And she not in Canada.Why make her look good when she’s not doing anything. That \’s not true why can’t she do in her house then?She don’t want nobody to know her and him has broken -up. Why you all just say that. She got to come out of the house sometime.

  • shanda

    Its wasn’t hayden she was up there with it was adam.

  • love

    wow rihanna is tanned in this shoot…they forgat to brighten her !

  • LuckyL

    Holy digital enhancements

  • montana mike

    paris doesn’t want anyone with bigger boobs, but she doesn’t have to worry about anyone having a bigger nose and especially bigger feet



  • ???

    @wish, shanda

    You are still in denial? After two years, omg, get a life, girl.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i hate to say this but riri actually looks pretty hot, i still hate u tho
    jessica looks amazing, love how she’s enjoying her time with honer
    heidi ur to old to be wearing shoes like that…..
    lindsay lohan is fucking anorexic, she is disgusting anyways so who cares

  • shanda

    @??? you are in denial for support her she can’t get decent movie without any help from someome. They didn’t say that was a couple. So you are in denial and you get a life yourself.Rachel is a nobody just like you and not going nowhere. So why don’t you ask them yourself. Since you know so much.When aman don’t want you nomore and you keep running behind him something wrong with that. Cause that allrachel Bilson how to do with herself.So ask rachel yourselfif she’s dating hayden and she going to tell you no like she told playboy magazine last year and she also is dating other guys. You believe evertthing this website tell you >Grow -up because rachel bilson. So why haven’t she came out the door. Stop suppoting this wannbe actress she nothing trash and trouble to anybody she meet. You see the zach guy left her alone. Also she don’t have a main man anyway. All she want is somebody to sleep with when she get in the mood. nothing she wahnt for a man .Hayden don’t want nobody to mess up his career .And she will do that for him.He would do hanging with someone better. Two years not nothing when you don’t see him that much.She just have much to bargain with . She lost all credible last year when when she lied about everything last.Nothing can help her now .Noteven bringing up hayden and his house which heis his and not her .She didn’t put one cent in it.If he want her to get out she got to go like he do all the time. allshe do begged all the time. she’s not no woman if she do that amd seeting a bad example for girils like you. That why people don’t interview her nomore because they don’t believe nothing she say.So guess you want to yurn out just like her liar and cheater that don’t want to work for nothing. what they called it casting crouchThat’s how she got all those movies.All family didn’t give. Time for her get up and do something for herself and tellpeople about her realationship and stop messinf around with her ex-boyfriend from hayden not around. And don’t tell me its ok cause its not. She messed with zach guy and noone payed that aatention that the reason why she broke up with adam in the first place.Cheater is always a Cheater. what this relationship so special? she steal mess when hayden not there socan he beher boyfriend all over again? You know she don’t have nobody, So let it be the relationship has ended.This iis 2009 .If they haven’t said they was couple by now they never will. Booty call.

  • Anon

    @Shanda that was a long comment about nothing-they are together shake your booty and get over it.

  • kim

    I saw this yesterday at a pc in a mall, yes, it’s defiantly time for those of us hoping that he will be single to MOVE ON.

  • @wish

    I think you are WISH{ing} to HARD!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!:) That’s all I have to say:) *smiles*

  • TPL

    He is still going on about wanting to meet and marry a certain someone else.

  • TPL

    ~sighs~ Wish is Hayden you airhead…

  • @tpl

    Airhead? Your the one withyour head in the clouds!!!!:)

  • red light district

    Wish talks to herself a lot if everyone hasn’t noticed. She’s got like three (or four) different usernames. She’s strange………

  • Mia

    the picture looks kind of strange, especially (and I know I’m not the only that’s noticed this) in recent appearances/pictures she has been looking much lighter skinned than usual. In this picture she looks darker, more like her natural/former skin tone. And her hair is shorter now than in that pic. She’s very pretty.

  • Shalia

    Check out WorldSwimwear for that bikini top!

  • shaina771

    thank you photoshop !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Suppress your appetite

    Sexy cover :)!!