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Violet Affleck Is Nice To Her Nanny

Violet Affleck Is Nice To Her Nanny

Violet Affleck gets picked up from her nursery school in Santa Monica by her nanny on Tuesday (January 27) in Los Angeles, Calif.

Promoting for He’s Just Not That Into You, Ben talked to ExtraTV about being a romantic guy and communicating with his wife, Jennifer Garner.

“I’m definitely romantic,” Ben said. “I didn’t raise my hand because I didn’t want to be the guy who started talking about how romantic he was on TV. I wanted to dodge that bullet and I did dodge it.”

“I correspond with my wife that way,” Ben said of text messaging. “She’s like, ‘Get over here. Pick this s*** up! It’s time for you to go get our daughter!’”

15+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck being nice to her nanny…

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violet affleck nanny 01
violet affleck nanny 02
violet affleck nanny 03
violet affleck nanny 04
violet affleck nanny 05
violet affleck nanny 06
violet affleck nanny 07
violet affleck nanny 08
violet affleck nanny 09
violet affleck nanny 10
violet affleck nanny 11
violet affleck nanny 12
violet affleck nanny 13
violet affleck nanny 14
violet affleck nanny 15
violet affleck nanny 16
violet affleck nanny 17
violet affleck nanny 18
violet affleck nanny 19

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  • Jana

    I Love Violet! She is so cute! I see she has a pacifier in one pic. I wonder if she is jealous of Seraphina and converting back to her baby ways.

  • ashi JIJI

    CUTE !!

  • jess

    cute kid but why the pacifier pic #3 ? lol

  • Protest

    No famous adults in photos. That’s creepy.


    Why on earth would you allow a 3 yr. old who is potty trained have a pacifier?? They should have been long gone a long time ago, and WELL before her sister was born. We ALL know who’s the boss in that family….a 3 year old!!

  • Pacifier not good for teeth

    No wonder Violet’s teeth are all crooked, bucked, and has a huge gap between the front teeth…A Pacifier to blame.. Oh well, at least her parent’s can afford braces or a head gear when she gets older.

  • myob

    Three year olds do not need pacis!!

  • Ivelisse

    Only Jared would post these pics. Its sick. No famous adults. Leave children alone!

  • hollywould

    she’s darling, for sure….but we’ve seen enough pics of her…leave the kids alone. Dont mess up their childhoods for stupid pap pics. The public does not need to see every detail of every outing. Its enough already.

  • yak yak yak

    ugly teeth and elephant ears :) too bad

  • michelle

    Goodness, she is getting so big! Where is the new baby?

  • mina

    I suspect there is a little regression and jealousy going on because of the pacifier….she proabably is not liking the new member of the family, it’s going to take her a little time. It’s normal. She was the center of her mom’s attention now she has to share. She proabably thinks the baby is taking her place .

  • Rita

    UGH I’m also for not posting pics of children but I just adoooore Violet! She is just the cutest kid ever, sigh.

  • Lauren

    Violet seems like a sweetheart, but it’s no wonder why her teeth are some of if not the worst I’ve ever seen on a child. A pacifier for a three-year-old? Barring a medical reason like autism, that’s just bad parenting. And with Ben and Jen as parents, I’m really surprised and sort of disappointed; I thought they were better than that.

  • seus

    I wonder if they are paying their Mexican nanny’s taxes. They are proabably paying her a dollar an hour.

  • star

    Now you see who the star of the family is. Jennifer Garner should be grateful her daughter made her relevant LMAO!!!!

  • Cory

    Your child should walk holding your hand and not be carried all the time.
    Ben should take a que from Becks and Brad.
    Violet is way too old for a pacifier. Pull the plug by 24 mos. They will cry and drive you crazy for about two days but then its all over. You pulling your hair out for two days is worth not having to pay all those orthodonic bills.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    when i try to picture what this kid will look like as an adult i laugh my fcuking ass off.

  • paige

    She’s not even sucking the paci. I think she’s just playing

    And these are her baby teeth which she will lose.
    Geeez, don’t any of you morons have children?

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Isn’t this much better than her…………………………………….DAD, folks?

  • sarah

    put her down and let her WALK

  • people, people

    Who are we to say why she has the paci? Could be any number of things. The lights from the cameras could scare her, found it in the car and was playing with it, even grind her teeth. Why does it matter if they let her have it?

    Walk? Have you seen a video of V. being picked up? The papz are hanging on the car. Last week they got the police to help them get to the car. I wouldn’t let my kid walk in all that mess.

  • josie

    Poor Nanny just wants to do her job. And stop posting pics of the kids. These paps hang out at the preschool? PATHETIC!

  • kay

    This ‘special’ kid needs to learn to walk and survive without a pacifier. Lazy parenting at its finest in Hollywood.

  • no pics of minors

    Children of famous stars should not be photographed when their parents are not pictured.


  • Chelsea

    the nanny picked her up today b/c Jen was with her sister at the drs.

  • Denise

    I think the photographers get way too close to her, and that is why she’s being picked up. I don’t blame her family for wanting to protect Violet, and the paps should move back.

    She has a pacifier in only one photo – otherwise she is without it, I’m sure she’s fine. She looks happy in most of the photos.

  • seus

    Bad parents. Letting the nanny take V to school when the other day Ben needed a Policeman to take him home LMAO!!!The nanny didn’t look scared she proabably had a knife in her purse…all Mexicans carry one. Those paps better be careful she might have been a former chola(Mexi gang banger with very thin eyebrows}!!!!

  • Ali

    Children should NOT

  • Ali

    It is outrageous that this child has had to be made aware of strangers photographing her. Jared, you should not publish these when her parents are not in the photo. I think these photographers should be taken to court over these shots. It is an invasion of privacy. And there is a safety issue as well. As a mother, I would be livid.

  • ew

    VIOLET IS F*UCKING UUUGGGGGGGLLLLLYYYYY… she looks like a fetal alcohol syndrome baby.. seriously fell out of the ugly tree and hit every single branch on the way down.

  • babyjudge

    v was a hideous baby. it’s because she is very angular and doesn’t have the cute round features babies have. yes she was butt fugly BUT she will grow into her looks and become a very attractive sought woman. she looks like her mother with some Ben. JUST thank god ben never had kids with Fat-ass JLO

  • take that

    Such a homely child. . I’M ONLY INTERESTED IN SEEING THE JOLIE PITT KIDS. The rest of the Hollywood babies appear vapid in comparison to the Jolie-Pitts.


    it’s always great to have super famous parents, right?

  • take that

    Where’s daddy dearest? MIA like usual now that the photoshot is over. It’s obvious he doesn’t take or pick up his daughter from school everyday. He wanted publicity.

  • take that

    Will have the illegal nanny pick up Violet instead. Such terrible parents.

  • lizzie

    Jennifer Garner took a bad looking nanny cos she would have been too scared to take a nice looking young one….

  • Sherlock


  • priscillah

    this is truly appalling.

    ‘when i try to picture what this kid will look like as an adult i laugh my fcuking ass off.’

    that’s her baby teeth, it’ll drop eventually.
    violet isnt even FULLY developed yet you criticise her on her looks.
    (roll eyes)
    all i can say is that,
    i’m sure she won’t have YOUR brains

  • frenchgirl

    Concerning her teeth, she actually has the correct spacing for milk teeth, the gaps are to leave enough room for the adult teeth to grow in correctly, i.e. straight. Young children with no spaces between their teeth will end up with a mouth full of crooked teeth in years to come.

  • kiran bashir


  • ****

    Ugliest celebrity child…EVER!

  • raquel

    She’s always got a smile on her face. Such a cutie.

  • audrey l

    so booooooooooooooooooooooooring

  • Rayt

    Wtf are they photographing this kid, she’s not even with her parents? Thats fckin sick!

    Jared you kinda suck for focussing on the kids all the time.

  • Rayt

    & Jared knows all that happens is some people say shes cute and others insult the poor kid, whats the point in this? Shes not a celeb she’s a little girl! Fckit shes like what 4? 3? Wtf Jared? I’m actually really angered by this. I just dunno about your obsession with the kiddies sometimes Jared..

  • Wed morning

    some comments are ignorant.

    slames to the nanny because she is mexican. calling a young child 4 letter words.

    that is just ignorant.

  • ben/jen fan

    WHY when Violet gets dropped off/picked up it is a photo op for Ben or Jen. When they send the nanny they are “bad parents”.


    I am not saying Brad/Angie paraded their kids through an airport, they probably just needed to get somewhere. But, if people can complain that taking Violet to school is a photo op, when cleary Ben and Jen are annoyed with the paps, then WHY isn’t a photo op when Brad and Angie go through an airport?

    Were Brad and Angie getting on their jet? If so then why have to go through the airport the way they did? Answer: They needed to get somewhere.

    Then why can’t Ben/Jen send their nanny to pick up Violet once? I actually think they sent the nanny to get Violet so they could take the Rose to the doctor for a 3 week check up.

  • Morgan

    If 2 year old Shiloh can walk, why can’t 3 year old Violet ?
    And a pacifier ? Huh ??? No 3 year old needs to suck on anything.

  • Kim

    No wonder her teeth are a MESS.