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Ian Thorpe Swims in Sydney

Ian Thorpe Swims in Sydney

Former Australian Olympic medalist swimmer Ian Thorpe spends the day at Dolans Bay in Sydney, Australia on Thursday (January 29).

Thorpe, 26, has been relaxing with friends before returning to university next week, studying psychology and linguistics at Macquarie University.

Rumors have been swirling from tabloids after Thorpe spent the holidays in Brazil with his roommate, Brazilian swimmer Daniel Mendes.

Mendes has been living with Thorpe for the past three years as his housemate, Sydney Confidential reports.

10+ pictures of Ian Thorpe swimming in Sydney…

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  • tessa

    He got a little ‘paunchy’ around the waist.

  • smurf

    geez….he retired from swimming at such a young age and he was such in great shape. I guess all that lounging around is starting to show. I always knew he was gay which I’m totally fine with. But I hate his cocky and arrogant attitude. :)

  • kathy

    His head is so small for his body oO

  • wow

    #2. thorpe is a nicer guy in person. it’s phelps who’s cocky and arrogant.

  • b chick

    ew. he has such a small head. its not proportional to his body

  • Lica

    Thorpe!! One of the best swimmers that ever was, living legend. He´s a cute person.

  • bejeebus

    an “olympic swimmer”? he sure doesn’t look like one….but if a whale can swim, i guess this dude can too….

  • yeah

    Totally agree with #4 !

  • ems412

    he sure hasn’t trained in a while

  • Me!

    Wow, he is shaped like a woman! What happened to him? He used to be drop dead gorgeous.

  • raquel

    He’s put on a few since Olympics. Still looks good though. Great swimmer. Don’t care if he’s gay or not — none of my business and ‘other’ people — the Aussie press, etc., — should mind their own as well!!

    bejeebus: your thinking is the reason young girls and boys kill themselves every year with eating disorders. Jerk!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    This fellow forgot to SH*T a couple of days, folks?

  • raquel

    Me! Not swimming regularly. Doesn’t have to be in the pool 24/7 training for Olympics anymore, so he’s gotten lazy and since he’s at University, I guess he’s hanging about eating all the things he wasn’t supposed to when he was training. HA! HA!

  • junior

    Cute bear! His boyfriend is Brazilian. Hot couple!

  • honest1

    Good God MAN! What happened?

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    i dont even kno who this dude is, but these pics are funny as fcuk!

  • emt

    wowza what happened to him!? hmm he must’ve given up exercising right when he quit swimming…

  • lalala

    Dear Lord he is fat now! Had no idea he was gay but who cares really.

  • john

    He used to be cut and buff! what happened??

  • kate


  • Shannon m.

    I thought that was Gerard Butler when I first glanced at the picture!!!!!


    #12. You are one vulgar jerk! If you were trying to be humorous you failed.

  • Lauren

    I think he’s a nice person and all, but his love handles really gross me out.

  • jONES

    Not sure who the blond dude in the photo is but Daniel Mendes is hoooooooot. Holy smokes.

  • nel

    Ewww! Ian used to be sooooo HOTT. These pics are truly disgusting!

  • Passing Through

    “Housemate” is that Australian for “gay lover”? Why does the media have to be so freaking oblique. He’s lived with the guy for 3 years and he’s a multimillionaire who doesn’t need to split the rent and utilities to make ends me. They’re lovers not “housemates”! Sheesh.

  • Passing Through

    “Housemate” is that Australian for “g a y lover”? Why does the media have to be so freaking oblique. He’s lived with the guy for 3 years and he’s a multimillionaire who doesn’t need to split the rent and utilities to make ends me. They’re lovers not “housemates”! Sheesh.

  • jay

    he’s still hot!
    i’d do him in a heartbeat!!!

  • s

    oh. my. god.

  • seph

    Ewww…i never like him even he was in the Australian swim team

  • ri23

    #21. Yeah, looks like Gerard Butler.

  • meep

    Returning to uni next week? Uh. Seeing as how he is in the same classes as me and I’m not due to go back for another month, what is he going to do? Sit around in empty classrooms?

    And yeah, you guys are right about the attitude. When he turns up for classes he treats everyone else like we should be sooo grateful that we get to be near him.


    What?! Gerard Butler is gorgeous. This guy is not.


    lol can someone tell him he should try wear a shirt while swimming? that might save him better :)

  • bejeebus

    i’m a “jerkette” not a “jerk”. i didn’t know that i was personally responsible for the deaths of so many chubby boys and girls. thanks for letting me know how all-powerful i am. wow……

  • julian

    Oh who gives a shit about his weight! Honestly, the part that interests me is the “ROOMMATE OF THREE YEARS” because Thorpedo has always been big on saying things like “Oh I’m totally not gay” in fact, he’s given whole press conferences about how un-gay he is.

  • giuseppe

    Now he is champion of donuts!!!!!

  • mxt920

    He definitely isn’t following as strict a diet/training regimen, but he’s still hot. And his boyfriend is even hotter. I’d take both of em.

  • jb09

    The blond guy in the pics isn´t Daniel Mendes. And as far as I known, Daniel is straight.
    This is probably another fuss that the aussie media is trying to make about Thorpe´s private life.

  • ogal
  • lum


  • lieb

    Daniel is straight, guys. He’s my friend. And I think Thorpie is straight too, but whatever, that’s not my business.
    He and Thorpie are only mates and Thorpie is gorgeous, fat or not.

  • V

    Haha gosh, he hasnt been an Olympic swimmer in years. His disgusting. All he does is suck up to the stars, and bag girls out on Australias Next Top Model about their fashion.

  • Rose

    His going back to uni next week? I dont go back till the end of Feb, and im at the same uni :s Interesting!

  • CJ

    yeah well, he also was in great shape because he swam for hours a day, every day. swimmers also eat something insane like, 10,000 calories when they are training. i bet retiring is pretty hard. you go from such a weird eating / exercise routine to just being normal. yeah, you might gain weight. you hear about it in retired gymnasts too.

  • steve

    who cares, leave Thorpy alone, he was a champion swimmer and a champion bloke. So what if he`s put on a few pounds, he allowed to have a life now, and that means he can bonk who he wants aswell.

  • charles

    Daniel and Thorpie have been dating for three years. I think now the media should simply leave that alone. I can understand why Thorpie needs to keep quiet as in retirement, sponsors will continue to keep him. If he were out “gay” he would lose them without a doubt. Particularly in the Asian markets.

  • maxxx

    I would say those two are both hot. Sure, Ian has let himself go but he’s still a cutie. If only he didn’t noticeably suck in his gut. That’s always bothersome to me.

  • Wowza

    He’s become obese, which is disgusting for an athlete. Food issues, galore! Mary, get on a diet already.

    The roommate biz is mean speculating, regardless what each boy likes. And Thorpe would definitely lose all those Asian endorsements if he came out – then again, fatso might not be so popular tomorrow for ‘athletic sponsors’ either. Sorry!

  • Wow What happened to thorpe

    Save a whale; harpoon thorpey!