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Jennifer Garner Gets Her Ears Pierced

Jennifer Garner Gets Her Ears Pierced

Jennifer Garner is a big girl now!

According to spywitnesses, the 36-year-old actress finally got her ears pierced on Tuesday (January 27) at a medical center in Santa Monica, Calif. Jennifer and her older sister Melissa got their ears pierced together as a little sister-sister bonding experience.

I guess all those beautiful earrings Jennifer has been sporting on the red carpet were clip-ons. Coulda fooled us!

Do you think her daughter Violet is going to wait till she’s 36 to get her ears pierced??

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Credit: Just Jo; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • vanessajonas

    aw i love jen.. she should get violets and seraphinas ears pierced before it hurts more..

  • lauren

    what’s the big deal about getting the ears pierced? i always wanted to know because i have seen movies and i get the impression that many parents in the USA dont like to pierced the kids ears, like they thinks is inmoral or something?
    why is that?, i live in panama and her you pierced youre baby ears when they’re really tiny! i would apreciate someone to explain me!
    (sorry about my english)

  • marg

    hahaha oh jared. you crack me up

  • kirstie

    Many people also get their babies ears pierced as a baby. It just depends on the family. I got mine at 6 months.


    her belly button seemed to be already pierced and now she got her ear pierced it then came out as a news :)

  • tory

    Or maybe her piercings (holes) closed up and she had to re-pierce her ears, happens all the time.

  • Jo

    I’m glad she’s finally got them done – I always hated the huge “granny” clip-ons she normally wears. Now, she’ll have so much more choice…

  • Something’s not right…

    WTH is Ben? I get the distinct impression there’s trouble in paradise. I can’t necessarily blame Jen for being ticked, I’d be ticked too if my husband took off to party in DC and left me at home with a newborn! Now Ben talks publicly about Jen’s “romantic” texts of “pick your sh*t up.” Something tells me Matt never would have left his wife at home with a newborn baby. But Jen has this coming, trapping a man into marriage with a pregnancy doesn’t work long-term…

  • anon

    Dang she’s kinda late NO? Most girls now get their ears pierced when they are babies.

  • katie

    i got mine when i was 14 or 15. so idk. I guess it would be up to Jennifer when ever her daugther can get her ear pierced.

  • nyx
  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • LuckyL

    Violet’s future face.

  • nysro

    A MEDICAL center for ear piercing?? there wasnt a mall nearby…

    its not like its a major thing, and barely hurts (if you call it that even)

  • boogie

    I got mine when I was a teen loooooooong time ago…at the dr’s office…. Long before they did those in the mall. Maybe Jen had to re-pierce hers. Possibly had an infection and the holes closed up…therefore might be the reason she had them done in dr’s office. Better idea anyway..not all salespeople are careful,,,nowadays staph infections, etc are easy to catch.

    Maybe Ben will get her some nice earrings for Valentine’s day!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    GETOUTAHERE, here is a LADY born, folks!!

  • goofy#8


    what a stupid comment. Just because Ben is not attached to Jen’s hips 24/7 does not mean there are marriage problems.

    Not anyone’s business anyway..

  • Nique

    I got mine pierced when I was 14 and at a drugstore I thought it was late but my mother wanted me to decide it by myself

  • heather matthews

    She seems like a sweet person and a really great Mom. I loved her in Juno. She is late to get her ears pierced!


    Jen gave birth to two kids !!!! I think birth would hurt a hell lot more than ear piercing! lol.

  • ellie

    Whats the big deal if jen wants to get her ears pierced with her sister. I think thats is sisterly bonding..
    Violet your your beautiful moms twin..

  • loyal Opposition

    yeah….ear pierced….it makes such compelling news.


    wonder why she had them pierced now ?


    wonder why she had them pierced now ?

  • someone

    No Jennifer usually wears clip-ons but someone told me that she’s gotten them pierced at least twice before for special occassions (eg Emmy Awards, etc). Maybe Violet has been begging to get hers pierced and Jennifer promised her that they would do it as a little present when the baby was born. Who knows. Or maybe there’s another special occasion coming. Getting it done at a medical center is a bit funny though.

  • ben/jen fan

    When these pics first came out (day the nanny picked up V.) it was said that Jen went for a check-up.

    I don’t think Jen got her ears pierced right then. Usually your ear will be a little red after they are pierced. From the close-up photo her ears don’t appear red.

    Yes, did Jen get them done recently probably, I just don’t think it was at the time these pics were taken.

    Ben could have given her another “push” present when Rose was born (gave her a ring when Violet was born, talked about it with Martha Stewart) and wanted to get her ears pierced to wear them. Who knows.

    And what is up with “WTH is Ben”, um working, promoting a movie, directing, writing, and so on. Does he have to go everywhere with her?

  • bitsey

    Looks like she is sporting a new necklace…. I bet that was her push gift!!!

  • Adoring Fan

    Jen is so lovely. I wish she would put a little makeup on to enhance her natural beauty. I love her for being so secure in her natural self also. She is truly my idol. It’s good to see her out getting some sun.

  • Michelle

    Jen and her sister look so much alike!!! They look like twins, and who cares what age you get your ears pierced. Is there an age standard to how old a person can get his or hers pierced??? All the people who complain she’s old to get them done…STFU!!!!

  • noah

    now now,…Michele # 29……

    don’t get your panties in a knot……..don’t sweat the small stuff …..

    over “complaining about how old someone is getting their ears pierced”.

    Everyone has a right to comment. Now, get back in bed girl!

  • Someone

    WOW!!! I personally got them pierced when I was a tiny lil baby! I can’t believe some people wait that long to do that… just makes you suffer more lol.

    If she spent most of her life like this without her ears pierced, she’d better keep it unpierced….I mean, why piercing your ears when you’re 36? lol. Keep putting on clip-ons if it’s what you’ve always been doing. Much easier. lol. But I guess it’s up to her….her life, her ears, her body lol. Anyway, I find this really surprising

  • RealityCheck

    Are Jennifer Garner’s ears newsworthy?

  • Raichill

    I would never get my child’s ears peirced until they were at an age where they could ask for it to be done.

  • Sara

    she’s not cute!

  • jjsux

    Her sis is pretty too! I got mine pierced when I was 18. I never felt the need until I recieved some really pretty diamond earings for my b-day

  • lillison

    even her sis can dress nice!and she doesn´t earn millions of dollar!!Jen lookr horrible even with a newborn you can wash your hair!!

  • Joe the Plummer

    Ewww, fug and fuglier getting their ears pierced. Who the heck goes to a Medical Center to get their ears pierce, what an idiot.

  • Joe the Plummer

    Noah, lol!!!!

  • seus

    They both look like hot messes…how come Jen doesn’t comb her hair?????. She always look stank nasty! .

  • pauline

    She gets paid a huge amount of money just to look cute! And if it takes for her tio get her ears pierced!
    SO BE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wish i only had to get mine, to live in those ridiculous mansions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pauline

    Her sister is alot prettier!!!!
    I would´nt invite her to be near my husbund……

  • julliana

    I got my ears pierced when I was three months old.


    Maybe Jen is going through post partim depression… It looks like it.. because if her sister is the only one that can get her to come out..
    and seeing how unkempt she is.. Surprising that she does not have
    her new daughter with a stroller…She always said on the Jay
    Leno show that she was intimidated by her older sister because of
    how pretty she was..Since Ben is getting the brunt of all her anger..
    You have to wonder why she is never with her new child.. since the
    nanny is taking care of Vi that day..


    Wow… Becky Smith.. are you serious? Are the rest of you SERIOUS? Just because she’s an actress and ‘famous’… she is required to go out in full make-up and dress clothes whenever she leaves the house?

    have you never run to the store or doctor’s office or anything in comfy clothes and not in perfect appearance?

    Get a grip ya’all…

  • lalalove

    Goes to show, one doesn’t need earrings to be beautiful. She’s such a natural.

  • Pati

    I got mine pierced when I was 1 day old.

  • lakers fan in boston

    36 years to get her ears pierced
    she should have just kept those clip ons instead, whats the point at 36
    her sister looks way better than her =]

  • k

    whoa…her and her sister look a lot alike…

  • Ivelisse

    Becky Smith what is your problem…..
    You must be depressed yourself and projecting it on to Jen.

    I hate when little babies have pierced ears. It looks SO STUPID! Earrings are for adults, not children. It looks like your trying to push your daughter into looking like they are way older than they are when you get their ears pierced. BTW, why would you want to hurt your little baby like that?

  • Sarah

    shes soo ugly
    she should put some make up like really she loooks like a grama i was shocked how different she looks
    and .. what a ugly earing.. she should do something to her hair