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Jude Law Set Up Josh Lucas & Rachel McAdams

Jude Law Set Up Josh Lucas & Rachel McAdams

Jude Law was the one who played cupid for his Sherlock Holmes co-star Rachel McAdams, 30, with his pal Josh Lucas, 37.

Rachel is very comfortable with him,” an insider tells Life & Style. And now that Sherlock filming has moved from the U.K. to Josh‘s home, NYC, “she’s having a great time hanging out with him in the city.”

The new couple were recently spotted smooching at the Purple Ball celebrating President Obama‘s inauguration in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 20. But Rachel is being cautious since her breakup with Ryan Gosling. “Rachel doesn’t want to get crazy serious right now about anyone,” says the insider. “They’re having fun.”

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  • ann d.

    Cute couple.

  • Misty

    They are a cute couple, I love them both.

  • b s

    I call bullsh#t on this whole story….

  • Anne

    Where there is smoke there is fire! I’m happy for Rachel and I’m glad she is having fun with him. Too bad her “fans” can’t support her and instead refuse to admit that she might be seeing him.

  • lida

    I like him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raini

    uh oh – beware of THE MCGOSLINGS!! hahahahahaha! i give it five minutes before someone says that us weekly made this whole thing up and that tabloids are always wrong and that she has never even met josh lucas.


    Can’t wait to see her in The State of Play.. opposite Russell Crowe ..
    and Helen Mirren.. First off she is not shy about her relationship with
    Ryan.. That is silly to say that.. Just like how can anyone move on with
    out the media saying that she is not over him yet. She is sooooo ove
    Ryan… and this time for good!!! You can be friends with your ex..

  • Raini

    oh damn! I was too late. someone already called bs on this story! hahahahaha! ryan and rachael threads on jj always make me laugh.

  • Steph

    Great couple. I feel bad for Miss Rachel. People really want her with her ex-boyfriend and that’s just unfair to both of them. That relationship has been over forever. I agree with #4. I hope people support Rachel and her new relationship.

  • harley

    GREAT actress, BEAUTIFUL girl, HOT new boyfriend! Rachel McAdams has it all! GLAD to see her move on from Ryan finally! It’s been two years?

  • maybe

    Hey I was/am a McGosling fan too, but I’m happy shes seeing someone who obviously makes her happy. You know there are some fans who can move on, but there are also the “haters” who continue to taunt McGosling fans in the hope to incite arguments and disagreements to stir the baord.

    I don’t mind cos I think the board comes alive and its funny to watch the arguing going back to and fro.

    Ryan is probably getting his rocks off too, so all is good!!

  • b s

    Josh & Jude are both players!!She is too smart to even go there.How long till Ryan & Rachel give it a third try??Ha Ha!!!

  • michelle

    #11, some mcgosling fans can at least accept that they are not together and will move on and support rachel who she is with and ryan who he is with. unfortunately, it appears a vast majority of them chant the “r+r forever” mantra and refuse to believe they have moved on from each other and those are the annoying ones on blogs and sites. are these people 13? it’s hardly considered being a hater to be annoyed by them.

  • elle

    lovley couple.

  • Amanda

    #12 sounds familiar. *rolls eyes*

  • WOW!!!

    Rachel was probably sick and tired of reading about Ryan f**king everything in sight, so decided to get a lil sumthin, sumthin for herself…YEAH…you go you little horny thing!!!

  • b s

    glad to know #15. Josh fan??

  • Go Rachel!

    I’m so happy for Rachel. Read the article in Us Weekly at lunch today and Josh’s quote was very sweet. Seems like she snagged a good one!

  • Kanuck

    no please!

  • Chloe

    Hey BS, and you’re suggesting RYAN’s not a card carrying playa? Get over it….Noah and Alli are over, and there’s nothing you can do about it but cry. No need to talk trash just because you can’t handle it. Josh is a great person.

  • Meena


  • Amy B.

    +++++ US Weekly is also reporting that they are a couple!! ++++++

    I’m really liking them. Both seem so nice.

  • Amanda

    Chloe, you go girl! Don’t worry about BS, we all know who she is–diehard McGosling to the end I guess. *rolls eyes* And considering how much she loves Ryan, I’m sure she thinks he is sitting at home waiting for Rachel. Josh is great and I’m happy that Rachel is with him.

  • The Green Team

    They make a very attractive couple.

    I hear they are both environmentalists!! Nice! :-)

  • b s

    Wow Amanda!Sound a little bitter.Are you a closet McGosling?Its okay really.

  • Beaches

    US magazine has a nice article too
    Josh’s quote about Rachel is really sweet. they’re cute

  • Beautiful!!!!!

    His eyes are amazing! Never noticed them before.

  • yeppa

    While I’m happy for Rachel, Josh is looking really rough lately???

    Looking at those inaugural ball pics, makes me wonder what the hell happened to his hair and all??? Did he even bother to wash??… or did he just throw some gooey hair products in and hope it’ll do the trick??…um…Nah!!

    Scrub up, shallow as I am, I want Rachel to be seen with someone hot and CLEAN…not hot and DIIIRRRTYY!!!…and not DIRTY in the *ahem* bedroom sense!!…actually… well he can be that too!!


    wow, lucas can be so old for her. first a young boy dump her and now she’s dating older guys? :)

  • Amanda

    Naw, BS. Just a Rachel fan who is sick of you and all the other diehards slamming someone new in Rachel’s life every chance you get when you don’t know a darn thing about him. I feel sorry for you actually. You spend all your time on a Rachel McAdams board, when you don’t really care about her. You just care about her ex-boyfriend and their ex-relationship.

  • WOW

    What a GREAT pair!!!

    I hope people leave them alone and let them date in peace.

    Both seem really grounded and nice.

  • b s

    Sounds like you spend alot of time on Rachels board also!So dont go throwin stones girl!!*rolls eyes*

  • YEAH!

    amanda & chloe – you rock. there are many of us that are tired of that poster on rmo with her childish posts (i’m pretty sure we are talking about the same person). i can’t believe how bitter some people are about rachel moving on to josh lucas! he appears to be a great guy and i’m happy for her.

  • They seem nice

    – I read his quote in US also and I thought it was so nice too

    – I love Rachel, she can do no wrong in my eyes

  • cool cool cool

    YAY!!!……..I was hoping this rumor was true………..They are a beautiful couple.

  • Happy—

    So happy for Rachel! She deserves this. I read the quote in US WEEKLY also, and Josh seems happy as well!

    Oh, and b s…shut up.

  • tammie

    this is cool i like them

  • ????

    what did the quote in US weekly say??

  • To #38

    I don’t have the magazine, but I saw it at the news stand today and Josh said (paraphrasing, obviously) that he was dating someone that he likes a lot and she likes him back a lot and that it’s great. But cuter than that!

  • WOW

    YAYYYY! So happy for Josh and Rachel. Great couple. I always thought they should get together. They have so many common interests and they seem more suited for each other than their exes.


    rachel BLAND Mcadams. She’s boring no wonder ryan dumped her canadian ass. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • ***

    Met them at a party in Georgetown a week ago – love the work they both do with the environment. They were holding hands and they looked happy and comfortable together (a bit tired though – it was early morning after all). I thought she made a cute couple with Ryan Gossling, but I’m pulling for them.

  • Jade

    Alexa Davalos is prettier and much more interesting.

  • Chloe

    Jade, then why don’t you go find her and shag her silly?

  • Cynthia

    McLucas, that sounds great! I’m sure Ryan wishes them the best of luck, trust me Ryan’s not home sitting alone, he’s either djing at Bardot or getting ready to film his next movie.

  • purpleworm

    Jude picks better for his friends than he does for himself! Maybe one of his friends will return the favor…


    SOOO CUTE!!!

  • Carly

    As a Rachel fan, if she’s happy that’s all that matters. Josh has stunning eyes, to have to look at those in the morning isn’t tough at all. I also doubt Ryan is crying himself to sleep over this, I’m sure there are plenty of women helping him lick his wounds.**no pun intended**

  • PJ

    Nice job, Jude!!! There look like a great couple!

  • sheryl

    Nice job, Jude! Josh seems like a nice guy.
    Jude will find his girl eventually. Probably not as easy as one would think to find a woman who’s ready to take on 3 stepkids, unless she’s got kids herself.