Orlando Bloom Wigs Out

Orlando Bloom Wigs Out

Orlando Bloom shows off his shaggy new do in a grungy wig on the set of his new movie, Sympathy for Delicious, in Los Angeles on Wednesday (January 28).

The 32-year-old British actor also sported tattoos, black fingernail polish and suspenders.

The plot follows the life of a paralyzed DJ (Christopher Thorton) who realizes he cures the sick, but can’t help himself from pursuing his rock ‘n’ roll dreams. Bloom is taking over for James Franco, who was originally cast as the lead. Laura Linney will play the band’s manager. Christopher Thornton, who wrote the film, will star as the DJ and Mark Ruffalo will portray a priest.

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  • tom

    First. He is a worst actor then Ben Affeck and not very manly.

  • SFD

    I cant wait to see this movie!!! It has an awesome cast and Mark Rufalo is going to be directing it!!!!!

  • distant…

    ”who realizes he cure the sick” sounds so ghetto… oh and btw in the uk- suspenders are something completely different…

  • Gunn Fan

    JARED, Orlando does NOT play the paraplegic; Christopher Thornton, who is paralyzed in ‘real life’ does. He also wrote the script. Orlando is a rock singer who befriends him.

  • shenanyginz

    in agreement with Gunn Fan:
    yea seriously jared thats the second time, dude. lool

  • Kelsey

    He looks gross. This is a bad move for him, the only thing he has going for him are his looks. His bad acting is going to stick out even worse with nothing pretty to look at.

  • Janie

    James Franco would have made this role so much better! It sounds weird when you hear Orlando doing it, but if it was James I would be like this guy is so cool! :)

  • http://jaded4good.wordpress.com/ Jaded

    *sigh* One of these days Jared will learn to read and comprehend the text in front of him. No one outside this blog said he will play the DJ. Correct the mistakes already!

  • yes

    I think that he makes grunge look good!
    I can’t wait to see this movie.
    I also can’t wait to see Orlando shut the nay-sayers up. As far as I am concerned, if you haven’t seen him in Haven or Ned Kelly, you have no right to comment on his acting.
    I think that he will blow his critics out of the water.

  • @#9

    It’s quite possible that he does better, acting wise, when he’s not under the same pressures that big budget block busters and big name celebrity actors presence put him under. Smaller films may be better for him until his acting skills advance.

  • jaye

    is he still a celebrity?

  • @yes

    I completely agree with you. Most of the people commenting saying that his acting is shit, probably never have seen Ned Kelly and Haven. They should stick to their blockbusters. Its ridiculous how some people still think that just because its an indie movie that its automatically going to be low profile, and therefore if he’s doing one he MUST be low profile as well. People like that are retards.

  • http://www.davidcooknews.com DAVID COOK

    this is just one of those overrated hollywood actors who can’t really act right? :)

  • Lindsey

    James Franco should of totally done this movie!!!! I love james!

  • deanna

    true james franco would of made that rocker style look cool and very sexy!!

  • tammy

    Please make james take this role back.. i wanna see more james

  • facts

    They’re extensions, not a wig.

  • @ 9, 10, 12

    I’m in agreement ….. not because I am a fan …… because I’m not. I’m a writer …… and writers will most always make the best casting directors for a film or tv show …… if a writer is true to their story and their characters they will cast the character ….. Not Actors!

    Orlando may have his chance to shine yet ….. If he fits the character ….. a lot of his directors have said ….. He is the “character”

    Directors and writers want an actor who can relate well with a character ….. so well in fact ….. that most audiences will not be able to see the actor …. only the character they are playing ……

    All the fan girls see Will Turner or Legolas or Bailan or Paris or Drew or even Joe Byrne ( Ned Kelly ) or Shy ( Haven ) , etc….

    When I watched him in Ned Kelly and Haven I only saw the characters not him …. the other ones Orlando stood out too much ….. I had a difficult time seeing the character he was playing.

    I’m not saying he’s not a great actor ….. Ned Kelly was his best so far in my opinion …. He does have the talent and it seems the desire to do the best job he can.

    I think he will do a magnificent job on this one. And something tells me that the story is one I cannot wait to see come to life.

    I can’t wait until the release date.

  • JF

    Whats up with all these disgrunteld James Franco fans posting? And James Franco has fans? Get over it!



  • @20

    A movie about a paralyzed DJ, a rock band and a priest sounds gay?
    My guess is that you are about 12-13? Go home to mama little boy.

  • @JF

    James has twenty three fans. And they are taking turns posting the same BS over and over.
    With James out of the movie, it actually becomes LESS gay, if the rumors are true.
    I actually like James. But if I had to chose between James, and Orlando as he looks in the role. Orlando wins, hands down.

  • Ellie

    Get your facts straight, Jared. Enough people told you on the other post that Orlando isn’t playing the DJ. It’s great that he’s finally working though.

  • mickey

    He looks like a hobbit. How appropriate.

  • Liz

    whats with the james hate?? and james is a way better actor than orlando will ever be

  • carol

    is mark ruffalo still gonna be in the movie?

  • Ale

    A supposed to be big hollywood actor is degraded to a supporting role.. i guess that ‘s what happen if you’re stupid enough to take the breaks for granted and bad karma for being a player.. lol

    Orlando might have learned his lesson..

  • Cals

    I completely agree with mickey! He totally looks like a hobbit! but he’s still cute! He hasn’t done anything recently so maybe this movie will bring him back!

  • @Ale

    # 10 here. Big name actors can and do take supporting roles. Some actors are better suited to supporting roles than others. I personally think OB was hyped too much and over exposed for a while. That can work against an actor. I also don’t think leading roles are right for him, for a variety of reasons that I won’t go into. What Orlando’s fans think compared to what the general movie going public thinks are often two different things. The general movie going public is made up of many groups of people, and not all of them see Bloom the way his fans do.

    I don’t know if Bloom took his acting luck and good fortune and breaks for granted. He may have, considering so much was offered and given to him so early on in his career, and considering LOTR undoubtedly opened many acting opportunities and doors for him. If you don’t have to struggle to make it, as many actors do – often for quite a few years – before hitting the big time, it’s possible to take for granted one’s good fortune and to think the party’s going to last indefinitely. Two years without much acting work will hopefully have humbled him and given him some time to think and take some things more to heart.

    He seems to have acquired a player rep. I don’t know if that is by choice and design or due to his actual behavior. It could be part of his image as it seems to fly in the face of the loving boyfriend image he had with Kate. It could be the rep he wants right now. Some men are major flirts but don’t do much more than flirt. They like to have their egos stroked. Some men are the shy quiet types, and you know what they say about those. If Orlando flits around with women left and right, then he’s not serious about genuine relationships with women, but is quite satisfied with casual superficial ones, which is fine by me. Not my problem. I’m not putting it down as a choice. But it contradicts much of what he said in the past about how he sees and treats women. The more he contradicts his past image, statements and behavior patterns, the more he stands to lose remaining credibility with his remaining fans. He’s already lost quite a few over the years. And I don’t think it’s a healthy or wise attitude for his remaining fans or his professional people to assume “good riddance to the lot of them” as a fan base is a market base and a kind of customer base. After all, what are singers and actors without the fans? It’s a two way street.

  • @11

    You got it right, he is still just a celebrity, the term actor combined with him is really pushing it though.

  • jodi

    A celebrity with all the hype, yes he is. An actor?Hmmmm

    Let’s just wish him well for his supposed to be comeback movie LOL

  • @29

    @ Carmen

    Seriously, when exactly are you going to let the past rest? Are you going to continually turn everything he ever does always back to something he said or did 5+ years ago? He’s a player, a womanizer, a flirt, a party boy, etc, etc, etc. its like a broken record that must play over and over in your head. Oh, and cant forget to mention Kate either.

    Your words would seem logic to the innocent bystander, but to those of us reading your words, and knowing your history from 7 years back, they are just as scary now as they were back then and at every point in between. Girlfriend really……..its time to get yourself a man and stop analyzing this poor boys every contrived move.

  • Lian

    An almost has been actor who’s trying to be like leo by partying too hard and dating models but doesn’t have the strong acting credibility other than a pretty face or some luck maybe.. But surely, those two can’t make a lasting career for an actor. Way to go orlando.. date some more hot models!

  • @33

    Uhm, he has dated ONE, model, and he is not a big partier. Are you just making up stuff as you go?
    And *ahem* Carmen *ahem*, he is not known as a “player”. He dated one girl for almost four years, and has dated his current girlfriend or over one year. A few RUMORED hook ups in between long term relationships, doesn’t say “player” to me at all. Reel your delusions back in, babe.

  • @31

    He doesn’t have to have a comeback. He never left.

  • Steph

    I love the way he looks!
    So hot!
    I can’t wait to see him in action.

  • ummmmm

    IMDB has his character listed first. It’s more than a supporting role, it’s a lead or co-lead.

  • http://JUSTJARED freaks

    Those bashing Orlando aren’t James Franco’s fans THEY ARE DELPHI freaks poor things their heads are allready exploing and there are no picture yet.It will be fun to see them get nastier when there are pictures of Orlando and Miranda on set at least the fraks are entertaining

  • Freek

    I agree with some of the others, watch Ned Kelly or Haven and then comment on his acting ability. He is also far from being a heavy partier or a womanizer. Do you believe every rumor you read?

    And those saying his career faded and this is his comeback? Don’t you realise he hasn’t been doing roles lately because he hasn’t wanted to? He’s been taking it easy, doing charity work and a play. It’s not like he can’t get roles.

  • http://gemma Gemma

    I can`t wait to see this film with great actor Orlando Bloom!!!

  • Ellie

    @38 – apparently your ability to read and comprehend posts on delphi is is as poor as your ability to string a coherent sentence together. No one on there is ‘freaking out’ because Orlando is working, we’re actually happy about it, and no one has even mentioned James Franco because he’s not involved in the movie.

    @37 – IMDb lists the cast by popularity until the official casting order comes out.

  • @38

    Stop making excuses to bring up Delphi all the time. You’re obsessed! You don’t look any smarter by coming here to comment about us after you took the time out of your day to read there. Sheesh, what a bunny boiler!

  • talan

    Finally. Bloom is going to try to do some decent acting again in the movie, not in the hair product commercial. He is not in the main role, it is proofed that he can not carry the whole movie himself. But he can do it correctly when it comes to the smaller roles, and when the leading actor is strong and powerful enough . Viggo and Johnny did it in the super popular trilogies LOTR and POTC. I personally did not like Blooms movies after that. He was , how to say it, “weak”. His acting convinced me in nothing. I am really waiting for this movie. He is no more angelic handsome like he was before. He is older. He must play now, he can not count only on his good looking . And somebody here said that he “can learn form good actors he is playing with”. To late, people. He is 32, if he does not know how to act till this age, he will never learn.

  • @41

    I was actually pleasantly surprised by my last visit to Delphi. I like to check out all sides to the Orlando Fandom, but often leave that site a bit quesy from the irrational venom being spewed. Almost as bad as the diabetic coma that is nearly induced every time I visit OLove.
    My latest venture to Delphi showed that most posters were back to happy and encouraged. Just as they claimed that they would be when he started working. They still brought the girlfriend into many posts, even though she wasn’t being discussed, but were for the most part, very supportive. Notice I said ‘for the most part’. There were several posters who still weren’t happy, and they continued to be quite offensive. The kind of poster that just isn’t happy unless they are being critical, and in whose eyes, Orlando can do no right. These are the ones that give Delphi a bad name. The ones that cannot be reasoned with, and are only on that sight to make themselves feel better by hurling insults. These are the very type of people to come here to offend. So yes, saying that these negative posts are all Delphi is a generalization, but most likely not far from the truth. Until these types of posters are reigned in on your site, it will continue to have the reputation for being a site for “haters”, and not one for open discussion. You can’t blame people for thinking what they do about your site. It is mostly deserved. It is on your backs if you want to change that assumption, not ours.
    Oh, and #42, that “bunny boiler” comment proved that you are from Delphi, and you’re not helping your case here.

  • 44 here

    I forgot to mention how excited I am about this new role for Orlando. It will give him a chance to push some boundaries, and surprise a lot of people.
    He’ll have my 12 bucks when this one comes out.

  • @freaks

    LOL you have to include Delphi in there don’t you ……….

    its good to see OB working again, though i’m not sure about the syrup!

  • Ellie

    @44 – I’m curious as to which posters you mean, because I haven’t really seen much in the way of some who aren’t happy no matter what he does.

  • @ 18 knightsintodreams

    that was the most in depth comment. :O i love that. its true. very well spoken ^o^ wow….you made me incredibly happy, because your not blindly hating him, or blindly loving him. your critiquing (sp?) with some actually reasoning involved. good form :D

  • @ knightsintodreams

    thank you.

    your compliment made me smile this morning. I needed that today. Rough morning so far. Wanted you to know your kind words are very much appreciated.

    take care,

  • @47

    You’re kidding, right?
    I’m not #44, but the ones who are STILL nagative, includes, but aren’t limited to:
    Icarus Malfoy
    and CallieM3.
    They have done nothing but criticize him from day one, and continue to do so.
    So give me a break with the “I haven’t really seen much in the way of some who aren’t happy no matter what he does” garbage.