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Shia LaBeouf: Hide & Peek

Shia LaBeouf: Hide & Peek

Shia LeBeouf jokes around with photographers outside his home on Tuesday afternoon (January 27) in Los Angeles, Calif.

The 22-year-old Transformers actor played a little peek-a-boo with paparazzi as he hid behind a mystery male. Of course, he was sipping on his fave drink — Arizona Iced Tea with Ginseng and Honey.

Later this year, Shia will film the legal thriller The Associate, based on John Grisham‘s book of the same name.

10+ pictures inside of Shia LaBeouf playing hide and peek…

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shia labeouf peek a boo 01
shia labeouf peek a boo 02
shia labeouf peek a boo 03
shia labeouf peek a boo 04
shia labeouf peek a boo 05
shia labeouf peek a boo 06
shia labeouf peek a boo 07
shia labeouf peek a boo 08
shia labeouf peek a boo 09
shia labeouf peek a boo 10

Photos: Revolutionpix/Fame Pictures
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  • Rita

    Overrated. Douche-y.

  • lacy

    poor shia.
    they’ve got a live feed on him now 24/7!
    i can’t help but look though =)

  • Pff

    he’s yum

  • zup

    he’s ugly as f***

  • @zup

    Nothing attractive about him at all.
    Douchy personality and plain face, does not a handsome man make.

  • raquel


  • Jesse1562

    Jared, thanks for not trying to slant this to a booze thing this time, but why are you guys outside his house following him in his neighborhood everysingle day? I adore the actor and everything, but he should get at least some privacy…please.

    This is becoming a strange sequel to Disturbia.

    Give it a rest, I don’t think in this version Shia is the serial killer. Although, he may be a major stockholder in Arizona Ice Tea, or maybe this is a new marketing plan that the paparazzi are getting tricked into. You know the fans and the haters have been zooming in to see the drinks, and the flavors of the day–today looks like diet green, and I think it was pom, before that.

  • zoozoo

    How would anyone know if his personality’s “douchy” whatever that means? Shia is a great actor bringing his humor to everything that he does. Although we’re all entitled to our own opinion, I firmly believe he is very handsome and extremely talented. I’m sure whoever has put him down is no prize themselves. I feel sorry for the way he has to live his life constantly being followed around. I guess going into that business that’s something you have to be prepared for but I still don’t agree with how much their private lives are violoated. I mean if people followed you home and around taking your pictures but you weren’t famous, would you stand for that? Who cares what he does in his free time. Who cares what his favorite drink is? who cares if he’s in AA? That’s his life and I’m sure any one of us would be extremely annoyed with everyone prying into our lives. Give the guy a break before he seriously loses it.


    paparazziler shia’nın yasadığı yere taşınmış veya evinin önüne çadır kurmuşlar 7/24 ne yaptığını bilir olduk :))))))

  • faith

    skinny jeans on a guy is gross.
    he has the money to buy Arizona Iced Tea in bulks. obviously he loves the attention.

  • wish

    He’s so funny and sweet.

  • emma rose

    Yay! my Shia fix for the day … he’s so cute!

  • SusanPevensie

    Don’t listen to the haters, Shia! I think you’re very adorable in these pics. :)

  • what?

    The guy goes out to buy ONE bottle of tea a day, and you people think that his privacy is being invaded? If he WANTED privacy, he would buy more than one at a time. He is doing this on purpose to get attention, then whining about privacy. That’s a sure sign of douchey-ness if you ask me.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …`this is getting a bit ridiculous now. i like shia, in a non homosexual way.. but i have to admit he looks very douchey in these daily ‘do nothing’ pics.
    the paps need to get off his dcik.

  • agatha

    how come he is never at party or something like that and he is followed outside his house?

    i love him and i always glad to see him but i feel sorry for him too..poor shia

  • agatha

    how come he is never at party or something like that and he is followed outside his house?

    i love him and i always glad to see him but i feel sorry for him too..poor shia

  • zoozoo

    if he wants to go get tea every single day, that’s his right as a human being. like who cares? maybe he does like the attention but i’m sure any of you wouldn’t like having people tell you, you’re “douchy” or ugly or anything else. What happened to good natured people? do you walk around telling people “you look ugly, look at those skinny jeans, gross…what’s with the facial hair? hey why do you go to the store every single day … and why do I know that? oh cuz i’m stalking you” i wasn’t saying shia’s trying to hide, i’m saying who cares what he does, wears or looks like? is it really THAT important? He’s gorgeous, he’s hilarious …. he’s young… he’s living the life he chose but that doesn’t mean he should have to deal with people calling him ugly or douchy….. i hope strangers who don’t know you at all call you the same names in front of people and i’m sure people who put people down are just jealous and insecure. I’ve never gone to a site to write about how ugly a celebrity is….I don’t really care who’s ugly and who’s not. That would solely be my opinion and i don’t put people down like that because I was raised with compassion and manners. Whatever, it really doesn’t matter, Shia knows who he is and that he’s got it goin’ on so the negative comments are useless anyway.

  • ali

    I am so tired of everyone calling him a d-bag! He is never spotted outside clubs drunk like all the other celebrity 20 somethings! Give him a freakin’ break!

  • jjess85022

    you guys keep saying he loves the attention just cause he goes out and get his tea everyday, but just because he’s famous doesnt mean he has to stay cooped in his house, he should be allowed to do whatever the hell he wants

  • chris

    what a goofball. ya know this is exactly what lewis steven would do if he was stalked by the paps. shia has a great personality, and a wicked sense of humor. i hope he does a comedy after the associate, which is an awesome book by the way!

  • readthispost!!!

    The beard is hiddious! When will this guy shave it? Damn I hope I do not see him at some premiere with that thing, I will get sick if I do see him with that nasty thing that does NOT fit him. I was reading his comments and someone #38 (don’t remember the name) said that Shia has the beard to hide from these people (just jared) and then someone named “SEE” posted that was the exact reason why Shia has it. IS SEE RIGHT??? HOW THE HELL WOULD SEE KNOW??? I can only HOPE that “SEE” is right on about Shia and this nasty beard of his!!!! I can’t wait until the REAL Shia Labeouf comes back so that I will NOT have to look at his hiddious beard and I can start to take him seriously again as an actor!!!

  • cougar4shia

    Hmm.. why do people go to Starbuck’s every day to get a Moccachino when they could make an entire pot o coffee at home.. everyone has their routines they enjoy..

    Shia likes to walk around his neighborhood to local restaurants and the corner mini mart to buy an AZ Tea.

    That doesn’t make him a douche.. it does kind of make you one for labeling him as such when he is doing normal every day things that scream I AM NOT A CELEBRITY..

    now if someone would just inform the paps to leave him alone.. NOW THOSE GUYS ARE THE REAL DOUCHEBAGS!!

  • melisa

    he is too cute.

  • chris

    just becuz shia has a beard u cant take him serious as an actor? that makes no sense, he’s on a break from acting, so he’s just hanging out and being casual. and more importantly if u cant stand shia why r u looking at pictures of him? scroll pass, there are actor i dont like so i avoid news about them. bunch of haterz, hate is a waste of energy!

  • ???

    I agree #22 that beard is a dont for Shia. it takes away from his sexy eyes and everything on his face i think. what i want to know is how would this “see” poster know that shia is growing the beard to hide from these paparizzies? does this “see” know him or what? i hope that “see” is right but if “see” does not know shia personally then they should not post a comment like they know Shia. well, for me that beard is so awful on shia that i refuse to watch his films because that beard is too “hard on the eyes” (awful looking).

  • (——–3


  • faith

    You don’t see a celebrity going to the corner store to buy a single Coca Cola can every other day.
    I don’t see any pictures of celebrities going to Starbucks every other day.

  • again!

    1. Who the hell is this “see” poster on here that some are talking about??? Do they know Shia? How do they know that the reason Shia has a beard is because to hide from these people??

    2. I do agree with some here about the beard, it is a major turn off and I can see why some don’t want to see his movies because of it. Hell there are some good movies out there but I will not go see them because of some celebrities that I can not stand to look at. It is a personal thing, don’t bust on these people who do not want to see Shia because of the beard!!!

    3. Just leave this guy alone!! This is getting so out of hand!

  • chris

    shia’s not a celebrity, he’s just some goofy guy. why the paps keep taking pictures of him doing mundane things everyday is beyond me.

  • again!

    ooops, I forgot to add, when I said please leave this guy alone, I was referring to these people who are always having a camera shoved in this poor guys (shia’s) face. They must really love green tea……

  • zoozoo

    haha wow I just can’t believe how ignorant some people are and sorry to say, stupid. I agree with Chris and Cougar4Shia…. he’s aloud to leave his house…. and maybe he just wants to pretend he can live a normal life. I would hate to stay cooped up in my home because of the paparazzi…and stock up on tea so I don’t have to leave. What kind of life is that? I think it’s great he just goes on with his laid back life….sure he may put a bag over his head but to be honest…so would I. and he has a beard….hahaha so what? guys grow beards….i don’t think they need approval for that.

  • isabella

    Just jared should have a contest to interview him gosh I would do anything to meet this boy. I think hes so smart and witty and talented and down to earth. Please Just Jared!! make a contest!! I wanna meet shia

  • um…

    What’s with people and this freakin word ‘douche’? Like, are you in 9th grade? Get a life, jeez.

  • April

    He looks like Elijah Wood


    quit hatin! he has the right to leave his house w/o being pictured. I luv shia and dont mind seeing his hotness.

  • zoozoo

    and yes, i’m sure many celebrities leave their house everyday for something to drink. Like the ones that live in New York…. they’re always out and about buying stupid sh!t. Shia barely got to live out his childhood normally so why can’t he go to a store everyday? I know I do…. and if someone were to judge that I’d laugh in their face. Like honestly don’t people have better things to do than track how often he leaves his house? I mean I LOVE Shia and his talents and I didn’t even realize he was drinking iced tea everyday or what his schedule is. It seems the haters are stalking shia and what he does daily which tells me you don’t have lives. But that’s ok, it really doesn’t matter what you say …. Shia’s Shia and he’s not going to change because of your ignorant oppinions. Do any of you have over a million dollars? are any of you friends with Megan Fox? didn’t think so.

  • James monroe

    What happened the paper bag – I want it back! He needs to disguise himself like Jacko!

  • sara

    LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!
    Unlike zac efcock he can act!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..`shia’s as much of a non-celeb as you are a non-hōmo. stfu, please.. go get your ass ready for your 2 o’clock.

  • Cals

    :( poor Shia! the paparazzi is ridiculous… but he’s so adorable how could u not take a picture of him!!!! He’s been a celebrity crush since Even Stevens! LOVE HIM!

  • Stace

    DUDE he is fit ;’)

  • nastybeard

    Damn is this a daily thing now???
    Oh that full beard on Shia Labeouf looks like he shaved his pubic hair and glued it to his face… most men who grow beards look normal, shia does not. Plus all the men that I have liked only grow a wee bit of stubble, that is all, none of this thick wooly looking beard that Shia has. SHIA SHAVE IT, YOU LOOK WEIRD WITH THAT BEARD!!!!!!!! EEEK!

  • bella

    Agree with comment #2.
    It is nice to see him smiling though :)

  • Fiona S.

    Too bad that Pat Kingsley has retired, maybe she could figure out a better PR plan for Shia LaBeouf than the lame, fake posts that persist on this and other boards. One has to wonder how the inept Melissa will react when the news that Shia called the Walgreens cashier the N-word becomes more widely known.

    And yes, the iced-tea fetish is another of Melissa’s stupid stunts. Even Zac Efron, who is MUCH more recognizable than Shia, has no problem going to Costco to buy stuff.

  • sara

    Fiona S. PLEASE!!! Shia is MUCH more recognizably than Zac. Zac is only known for that gay movie. Shia has MUCH more of a future than Zac has.

  • miMI

    I love him every day more and more ..
    You should leave him alone!!
    he just wants to recover from his hand!!

  • R&B

    lmfao haha shia iz funny az hell!!!!!! gotta luv em


    lol who cares what he drinks? shia got this f*ck off and die attitude for all of you net wankers :)

  • mmmshia

    The only thing more pathetic then the papazzi is the haters who come on here. your stalking him more then they are. get a life. u say u dont like him but ur looking at his pics. losers