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Tom Cruise Rolls Into Rome

Tom Cruise Rolls Into Rome

Tom Cruise strikes a pose and waves to the cameras during the Valkyrie photocall at the Hassler Hotel in Rome, Italy on Wednesday (January 28).

In the past few weeks, the 46-year-old actor has been busy on a worldwide promotional tour, making stops in Korea, Russia, London and Berlin (where he was joined by wife Katie Holmes. Next up on the list are Madrid and Rio de Janiero.

More photos of Tom Cruise rolling in to Rome inside…

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Photos: Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images
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  • bejeebus

    ummmm….what’s with the strange smile and the hands in the pockets…really really deep in those pockets by the way. is tommy holding on to his lil’ xenu for comfort….or is he keeping it from standing at attention with all the pix of men/him in military uniforms and security guards surrounding him? it must be so “exciting” for him to be there….

  • nice

    He’s been looking really good on this Valkerie tour. Really nice.

  • bebe

    aww, the Hassler hotel in Rome is where he and Katie stayed when they got married.

  • ace tomato

    I never found Tom Cruise attractive – just not my type – but he really does look fantastic on this tour. It looks like he has worked out/gotten more fit and he looks like the movie star he is. Good for him.

    He’s still a weirdo Scientologist, but at least he LOOKs normal.

  • ti

    aww, the Hassler hotel in Rome is where he and Katie stayed when they got married

    yea, it was also thesame hotel he and NIC always visited for 10yrs of their marraige, it was thesame hotel he took his MISTRESS/pen cruz when she was with him, so it’s nothing SPECIAL

  • nirvana

    Has anyone else noticed that he’s been wearing the same clothes for pretty much every appearance he’s done so far for Valkyrie…

  • cutie

    He looks great! :-)

  • sarah

    Such a handsome man. Katie’s very lucky to have that all to herself. :)

  • Nora

    Um, creepy much?

  • gloria

    He’s definitely also has had some botox and plastic surgery. I saw a blog yesterday of before and after and there’s no doubt about it! I have always found Tom to be a little strange!


    Too bad he is a douchebag of a father … just think last year Suri was
    wondering around Germany parks and the stores and this year she
    is no where to be seen..on this tour.. What is Katie doing while he is
    doing press sitting at the hotel.. she could of brought Suri with her..
    but of course not .. Not thiese douchebag parents.. who are so self
    centred now that they finally leave her at home..!

  • Poppy

    Uh, Becky, Katie is not in Europe with Tom anymore. She went back to L.A. after the London premiere. Remember, she was at the SAG awards a few days ago.

  • henry gale

    I’m not sure what happened or if he got a make-over. It seems he is gelling his hair more. IN the past few years he let it flop down and it was longer.


    Tom buys 10 outfits for his promotional tours… The same outfit..
    He is great with his fans… always going into the audience and
    greeting people, and signing a lot of autographs..

    It is nice to see him on tour..again.. Thanks Tom …
    Thanks Just Jared for the pix

  • gerard Vandenberg

    He hurried for the CREMATORIUM, folks!!

  • He is looking really good lately.

  • deka

    he’s looking really good…

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    by looking at tom and brad, you can see the different between a good life and a horribly bad, fake, pathetic circus life..
    tom’s face – young -healthy.
    brad’s face – hahaha – tired, haggard – melting. dude is hurting, he’s in pain. he’s been made the bish infront of the world and it shows all over his beat up face.

  • Alainia

    I believe in Famous is pathetic Jen or someone in her camp because they go to every blog and bring of Brad/Angie. To bad Brad left in famous but he didn’t want to stay in a dead end marriage that did not produce nothing. Now Brad is happy to bad Jen still sits in sh!t.
    If you people really moved on you wouldn’t make those kind of comments but you have not moved on nor will you ever move on. As Jen roll on she has to try to pull every body into the triangle to fight. Jen is mentally ill for sure.
    Who wants Jen with all her mental baggage.

  • Krebs

    Whatever he’s doing, he should keep doing it. He looks at least ten years younger.

  • Sonia Wu

    Just curious.
    How come it seems that TommyGURL is the only star in promotional tour?
    Who were with him? other than his contract bound zombie Homely BEARD?
    I know when he was in Holland, two female Netherlands costars were with him there, what else? and who else?
    No other stars in the movie are willing to tour and promote the movie with him? Does this Nazi flick really stink that bad?

  • cupcakes

    AMAZING and MAGICAL man!

  • Hottie


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    you ok..? what are you babbling about?

  • yuck

    crazy and creepy….

  • Danielle

    In Famous is an idiot. She likes to criticize the Jolie Pitts for every little thing and then fawn all over TomKat and little Sci. She takes every opportunity to bash the JP’s on the TomKat thread to try and create more discussion about how great the little midget and his robo-bride are.

  • lakers fan in boston

    yawn this guy again…..
    we need more katie or at least suri
    nothing bad to say to him this time, he didnt look weird


    where’s the loving wifey?

  • jade

    He actually looks kinda hot.

  • blah

    Tom cruise is hot.. He is crazy too but damn hes hot. I would do him

  • Leonardo

    No, #6. That’s because he hasn’t.

    There is doubt, #10. He hasn’t had plastic surgery.

    Why would he take a baby on a tour, #11? Careful of who you call bad parents that you don’t know.

    They’re both good parents and good actors, #18.

    Stop with the Jennifer Aniston bashing, #19. You don’t know her.

  • Lana

    Hot! Hot! Hot!

  • mi

    Complete hotness! He’s sexy as hell.
    He hasn’t had any surgeries. I know that same magazine that you’re talking about seeing last week, the before and after, but if you’d bothered to read the article INSIDE the magazine, it too denies that Tom has had any surgeries and goes on to say that the secret to his great looks and youthful body is exercise, diet, and just living his life.
    So There. Go figure.

  • LuckyL

    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 01/28/2009 at 1:44 pm

    by looking at tom and brad, you can see the different between a good life and a horribly bad, fake, pathetic circus life..
    tom’s face – young -healthy.
    brad’s face – hahaha – tired, haggard – melting. dude is hurting, he’s in pain. he’s been made the bish infront of the world and it shows all over his beat up face.

    Lol, sure, that happens when you’re barely involved in the child rearing process.

  • LuckyL

    Oh, oops, and botox.

  • susan

    Exactly…plus, when is he not posing, and when is the face lift gonna relax? Creepy.

  • http://comcast susan

    Exactly, LuckyL…plus, when is the face lift going to relax? And when is TommyG not posing?. Creepy.

  • Jeanette

    Tom is hot hot hot!!

    He looks really good.


  • serena

    In 10 years, when katie’s 40 and tom’s 56 it’ll be over. The age gap will be so apparent. He’ll be wanting to retire while she’ll be wanting to go out and party!!! He robbed the cradle BIG TIME!

  • pauline

    He looks happier without that Katie brat hanging on to him…..

  • Jeanette

    Tom, you are so hot! Wish you would read my commens but I read that you do not bother to go into these sites. A shame, as my family and I love you and your family.

  • miriamcruise

    i have got my tom cruise autophah!!in madrid!! last 27 january he is very handsome and nice in person

  • http://gmail priya

    one awsome man…u my dear tommmmm

  • http://gmail priya

    gr8 mannnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!