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Ali Lohan Exhibits 'Extraordinary Woman' Qualities

Ali Lohan Exhibits 'Extraordinary Woman' Qualities

Ali Lohan puckers her lips during a photoshoot for photographer Jonathan Ressler‘s “Extraordinary Women Exhibit” in New York City on Thursday (January 29).

The 15-year-old little sister of Lindsay posed in a strapless sheer dress in the middle of Times Square.

Ressler says that his project is a compilation of “50 of the most remarkable women anyone is likely to meet. Each woman stands apart: beautiful, graceful, compassionate, wise and brave; individual and unforgettable.”

15+ pictures inside of extraordinary woman Ali Lohan

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Credit: Jose Perez; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Rayan

    Why is she on here?

    Is she even famous for anything besides being Lindsey’s sister???

  • yvonne

    her? remarkable? seriously?

  • fjdkaljdkl


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • miami

    what the fuck is that+++

  • dundies

    S*HIT i just about choked on my food!!!

  • hollywould

    what on earth makes her REMARKABLE? puhleeeze

  • just sayin

    15 for real!?!?!. wow times have change. Pretty girl though..I initially thought she was megan fox

  • gerard Vandenberg

    This is very easy in america: JUST PORN?

  • Me

    wow i do not this a 15 year old should be showing that much cleavage

  • chloe

    lol what a joke. look at her horrible tan. honestly what does she think she can acheive through her sisters fame? no one takes lindsay seriously so why would they take her seriously>

  • cupcakes

    15 going on 40…

  • Shannon

    WTF! what has she done in her life but a shoddy realty show ans living off her sister’s name 50 of the most women im suppose to meet my arse!

  • L

    ha! 50 of the most remarkable women my ass

  • meeee

    Wow, that is way more 15-year-old than I want to see!

  • bindz

    shes 15 she shouldnt be dressing like that.

  • bindz

    shes 15 she shouldnt be dressing like that.

  • Heather

    What the frick is wrong with these parents, or really, Dina Lohan? We know Daddy had no say in this…how power and star hungry do you have to be to be allowing your 15 year old into shoots like this when your first kid/victim of the spotlight is as screwed up as Lindsay is? Holy crap. Lindsay can say all she wants that she had a ‘rebellious 6 months’, but come on. Lindsay #2, or worse, coming down the line. Chances are Ali won’t catch the same attention as Lindsay, and when she fails to meet Dina’s expectations for her, hellllloooooo rehab!! Yikes.

  • wow

    she is not extraordinary at all. she is really, really slutty and hasn’t done anything worth paying attention to. she is famous by association, not even a good association, either. GOAWAY.

  • boogie

    another teen with dumb parents.

    she’s only 15 trying to be angelina jolie

  • goofy

    I dont even want to touch the remarkable part but since when a 15 y.o is considered a woman?

  • joss

    how is she “extraordinary”? she’s far from that! what are these people thinking!

    and she looks nothing like a 15 year old, she looks like she can be in her 20′s, and a 15 year old should not be dressing like that…

  • Mizz thang

    lol eww this is GROSS. half fugly orange cleavage tan is NOT SEXY eww eww ewww. she is a pretty girl, she should lay off the heavy makeup and pushup bras

  • Eliza

    Extraordinary? LOL! But yeah, she looks completely inappropriate for a 15-year-old.

  • SWE3T23

    remarkable to be smoking crack !!!!

    weak whey follow her she ain’t cute

  • Meg

    I am so sick of little girls being portrayed as women no less sexy women!! When this spoiled kid has been married for 20 years and had a few kids and a few hardships thrown her way and survived and then done something to contribute positively to the world, then we can call her “extraordinary”. Until then she is just a dorky 15 year old sister of a bi-sexual drug addict playing “dress up” as a pedophiles dream girl. Go away trampy child and take your shameful “mother” with you.

  • POP


  • JJ

    I wonder how much her mom paid for her to be on the “list”……..

  • Kath

    What’s going on with her face? Is she trying pose? Is she mad? Old?
    She looks like an angry trashy housewife

  • speechless

    Wha…..wha…..WHAT? Extraordinary WOMEN? The girl is still a CHILD! And just how has she earned that label? I swear, everything is cheap, nothing has real value anymore, and big important words like this are misused and thrown around so casually. Sad, cheap world we live in.

    And please stop with the pouty lips, little girl. Hopefully you haven’t had sex yet. Your mom and dad should be horsewhipped.

  • alice

    Wow. This is just pathetic.

  • whatever, yo

    1. she’s not remarkable
    2. she must be freezing her butt off
    3. that dress is too old for her
    4. they couldn’t let her wear one of lindsay’s millions of leggings?
    5. WTF is she wearing that dress in the freaking cold??
    7. WTF ARE ALL THESE STUPID PEOPLE TRYING TO MAKE ALL THESE 15 year olds look like they’re 40? IT’S NOT CUTE!!!

  • ashley

    what has she done that’s so remarkable? who made this list?

  • common sense

    She’s the same age as Dakota Fanning?! Really? Curious

  • common sense

    Another thing, is the photographer of this Extraordinary Woman project on crack? Ali Lohan is neither extraordinary nor a woman. Choosing Ali Lohan for his project makes Jonathan Ressler pretentious and full of shit!

  • Jessica.B.

    Wrong…. Simply wrong! Too young! Someone needs to call DSS on this girl’s mother. This is plain stupidity of the parents! Pathetic. I actually feel sorry for this kid. She has no good influences in her life. Her “mom” is sending her down a long road of failures. When I look at this girls future it scares me to death! I really hope she gets someone good in her life!

  • Someone

    Woman? I’m shocked. HOW THE HELL CAN A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD BE CONSIDERED A WOMAN?????? Where’s this world going GEEZ!!!!!! She has done nothing to be famous, she’s just lindsay’s sis and god knows how relevant she is! Wow. Just WOW! Damnnnnnn, she’s 15!!!!!! wtf is she wearing??!! Besides in freezing NYC LMFAO. Really, those who put her on that “list”, allowed her to do such a thing *cough, Dina, cough* and actually made that photoshoot should be ashamed, seriously. What will she be like at 20? I don’t even want to imagine. I used to be curious to see what a brunette Lohan could bring to us but now, I’m disgusted. This is so damn REVOLTING. By the way, “no breast implants my a*s*s!

  • dani

    BAHAHAHAHH This must be a joke.

  • mickey

    Are they being ironic with this exhibit? Ali Lohan? Extraordinary? Woman? I don’t get it.

  • DC

    How is she anywhere near extraordinary? She is just a normal and ordinary girl. Magazines just wants to sell pictures of girls or women who have not accomplished anything that is relevant to being extraordinary. What a joke.

  • babette

    she’s standing on the freezing street in this outfit?
    Are the stylists and photographer sadists?

  • malory

    Aside from her looking like a crack whorre…did anyone else notice her “tan” looks like dirt???GRoss..and yes, dina lohan should be ashamed of herself.
    This is a tranny mess.

  • Kourtney martin


  • anon

    imagine the kind of mother who pimps out her daughters the way Dina does…and to allow Ali to have lip injections at 15????? what next? Playboy?

    Help that family stat. lock em all up.

  • mju8

    I’m guessing others photographed for this guy’s “extraordinary women” exhibit includes the likes of heidi montag and audrina patridge? lol what a joke. Ali isn’t even a woman yet, shes still 15 for crying out loud!

  • georgie

    #43- so says a teenager….lol

    really???? you don’t seem to get the point at all.

    Oh, I forget….you are only a young teen and would not know any better.

  • Jaz

    youguys are mean. youre saying she is too young of a girl, then calling her “fugly” and everything else you can think of. seriously who bashes a little girl?
    she shouldn’t be on the list,, but she is a cute girl. that dress is cute for an adult.
    i do feel a little bad for her since her family is crazy. hopefully she follows the influence of her older brother and goes to college and stays out of hollyweird, but i seriously doubt it.

  • wasn’t it 29 degrees

    I live in NYC and we were having days like 20 degrees and 25 degrees the heck is she outside modelling in freezing cold weather?

  • Cali

    Ok, what is the world coming to!?!?!?!!!!

    First of all, she’s 15! FIFTEEN! FIFTEEN! FIFTEEN!

    Second, no offense, but why would she be in his remarkable women photoshoot? I really don’t know of anything remarkable she’s accomplished besides maintaining sanity while being Lindsay’s younger sister. Maybe that’s it.

  • lollipop

    She has no CHARISMA whatsoever. She needs to pack it up and hit the books before its too late. I have NEVER seen a 15 year old look so hard.

    And stop insulting people in their 40s or 50s for that matter. People that age look softer than this chick. The chick is hard thanks to her sis and mother who are rough around the edges but if you’ve seen half the chicks in Long Island, you’d know why. They all have that beedy sadistic look in their eyes.

    Nothing soft and sweet about her.