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Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore: Pissed Off By Neighbor's Construction Work

Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore: Pissed Off By Neighbor's Construction Work

Ashton Kutcher and his wife Demi Moore are extremely pissed, abruptly waking up Thursday morning (January 29) to the sound of their neighbor’s construction work.

Demi, 46, sounded off on her blog: “The neighbor doing construction with six guys pounding hammers against steel at 7AM is no way to wake up!”

Ashton, 30, continued on his own blog: “I’m gonna kill my neighbor! This a–clown has another thing coming! Holy moly, I’m gonna lose it! Jacka– 7AM building a god d— fort next to my house, f;in up my view and noise and polluting the entire f’in neighborhood with pounding steal [sic].”

Wifey tried comforting hubby, saying, “Baby, keep it together. There should only be another five months of this. Calm and gentle baby, you can pull out the paint gun later.”

Watch the below video of Ashton complaining. Be warned, strong language ahead!

Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore: Pissed Off By Neighbor’s Construction Work
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  • Nora

    Whatever this woman is doing to look young, they should put it in bottles and sell it to the rest of us! She looks at least 10 years younger than her age.

    Her daughters are a little unfortunate but who cares.

  • ann

    These two are so annoying

  • Carolin

    Cry me a river!!!!
    Piss Boy!

    Wish we all had such horrible problems…

  • kate

    Awwww – did the rich people have the ‘real’ world intrude on their fantasyland. Wahwahwah. Grow the eff up you two babies. There are people shooting their children out of desperation in the same city you live in – and you’re stressing about construction noise? Gag me.

  • qarla

    He’s so cute! First!!!!

  • meeee

    Whatever! That happens to everyone else. Actually I’ll just shut up and refer to #4 who put it perfectly.

  • Cathey

    Who give a sh**!


    what is twitter? the video ain’t working for me :(

  • Morgan

    Here’s what Madonna’s pussycat thinks:


    she looks like his mother

  • gradyB

    Real people with real jobs have to get up early to do them.

  • mdtfgd

    Ahh, I feel so sorry for him. NOT.

  • bejeebus

    awwww poor lil’ douchebag…..did he get woken up at 7 in the morning??????? most “normal” people are up before that every single day. this must be new to him, though, as he has no job or career to attend to. he must be tired from servicing his old sugar momma all night to earn his keep.
    ashton, stfu, you are just making yourself look bad….oh wait…..that already happened several years ago. you’re making yourself look WORSE.

  • get real

    get real!!! I wake up to gunshots. O no look at your perfect porch and perfect house. I’m sorry you have to hear some noise. Keep living it up by all of the fans who keep supporting you and buying into your crap!!!

  • Suze

    That can be irritating. I think there are laws for noise ordinances that include construction, using lawnmowers, etc. and not being able to use them until a certain time.

    I do think it is lame that he posted the video clip though. Makes it less sympathetic that he is living in this amazing house with nice deck and pool. Good Lord, other people deal with such bigger issues than being woken up at 7 in the morning.

  • Buttercup

    They sure can deal with this sh** any legal way they want.


    That’s so pathetic.

  • boogie

    I can understand waking up to noise that early in the am…however, that language is not necessary. He still has a lot of growing up to do!

  • TSY

    Does he have a lisp? He sounds drunk.

  • Loyal Opposition

    Yeah, I’m sure there’s nothing else more important for them to be upset about. I say that somewhat sarcastically, because sometimes you just got to get over stuff.

  • J.ATL

    you suck—you spoiled rich brat.

  • irene

    yeah, I know firsthand taht noise is terrible. But actually, seven is not that early for a weekday. At that hour most people re on the go and the sun is going up.


    Such a hard life! I feel sooooo sorry for them!!! Imagine, having to wake up at 7AM on A WEEKDAY!!!!! with that construction next door… Newsflash you two morons. Most people wake up at 5:30 AM almost daily to babies crying and gunshots a-holes. They don’t have the luxury of a bedroom with a balcony either. If it bothers you so much, stay in a hotel (I am pretty sure you can afford it). Or better yet, wake up early and do something productive.

  • toobad

    I hate to say it, but it does happen to us all. The city sets the times that construction can start and there is nothing can be done. I lived two years with condos being constructed right across the street. I just slept in one of my back bedrooms.

  • huyt

    go to africa and youll watch real problems please!!!!
    Demi and Ashton are the tipical hollywood couple so much botox and inculture

  • k

    Ok, let’s stop the world because Demi and Ashton are sleeping at 7:30AM.

    Get a LIFE people !! Most of us are already at our jobs at that hour.

  • cutiepie32

    7am? That really shouldnt be allowed that early. Construction shouldnt be allowed until 9am at the earliest. All you people beyotching about how spoiled they are and how they are d-bags should put themselves in the same situation. How would YOU like to be woken up early in the morning to jack hammers and pounding every morning for at least 5 months in a row?? To me, you ppl that are bashing them are the real a–clowns.

  • whatever

    What an incredibly arrogant horse’s ***! He has the audacity to show off his pool and balcony while complaining about people with real jobs doing actual work?! He lives in a state with the highest unemployment and foreclosure rates in the country, and he’s recording a video for legal purposes? What does he expect to do .. have the workers build only after he decides to wake up? Or cause problems so they lose jobs? What a completely conceited messed up human being. With all their money, they can go check into the 4 Seasons and stop whining!! I can’t believe they posted this whiny BS on the internet.

  • dianel

    Demi is so pretty how does she keep looking so young

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose


  • lucy and Ethel

    Go get a job and get up in the morning like everyone else.
    Most people start their day at 6am or earlier.
    spoiled brats.

  • Anna

    Omg wow as if they are the only people who have to listen to construction in the morning. What idiots. Why is he even yelling at construction workers? Sorry, but why are they complaining they don’t even have REAL jobs. I have construction going on outside my apt every morning too but I’m actually going to school!!!

  • Anna

    Omg wow as if they are the only people who have to listen to construction in the morning. What idiots. Why is he even yelling at construction workers? Sorry, but why are they complaining they don’t even have REAL jobs. I have construction going on outside my apt every morning too but I’m actually going to school!!!

  • gossipgirl

    SHUTUP! are you serious? cuz that’s not funny. move to africa get some real problems. or try getting a real job. losers


    Where is this Montana or L. A .. either move back to Montana or go back to L.A.. Start a new job.. get you up …Doesn’t Demi have a
    15 year old daughter… doesn’t she have to get up that early to go to
    school.. or she a drop out!! ..Stop whining ordinary neighbors have
    to put up with the construction of celebrity homes everyday..and they
    don’t whine about it.

  • n.o.l.a


  • galloway

    I think Ashton needs to take that splint out his mouth, grab Demi and sit down together and “PLEDGE” to be more understanding when they encounter ANY evidence, such as actual constructions workers with actual WORK, that we still have a functioning economy. Personally, if I heard loud workers and their loud hammers outside my neighborhood, I would feel so full of hope and change and change and hope, that I’d leap on to that hopey-changey bandwagon instead of indulging myself in my own self promotion on the internet.

  • jd

    oh please. I understand being pissed off b/c of a rude awakening like that, but give me a break, you don’t need to share that with the whole world. It looks stupid, and the fact that you live in a place like that and bothered to show it only makes me feel less sorry for you.

  • slambang

    OMG, 7 in the morning?! What are they thinking? PUH-LEEZE. Folks out in the real world have to get up early to make a living; we can’t all sleep until noon.

  • Gq

    Why is everyone calling them spoiled??? I mean COME ON their neighbor should have been nice enough to inform them that they were doing construction!!!!!

  • f

    Well considering it takes 5 months to build, its a good thing they’re starting early everyday otherwise Ashton might not get his beauty sleep for a little while longer..

    My neighbours have been building they’re house since last year (including weekends) and sure its a bit annoying, but you get used to it ITS PART OF BEING A GOOD NEIGHBOR. i hope his ceiling leaks or something so the neighbor can complain about him

  • Jeff

    He’s gorgeous, but he seriously needs to stop nagging! With all his millions he can move anywhere he likes… there are people who wake up at six if not earlier and he’s whining about the fact he has to wake up at 7.30… what a loser.
    There are people all over the world who don’t even have a house… the dude seriously needs a wake-up call… a LOUD one ;)

  • Sarah

    I personally have to wake up at 6:30 everyday to go to school!
    My bus comes at 7:00 and Ashton is complaining that he has to wake up at 7:00! Like come on Ashton! Stop complaining!!

  • deborah

    Oh poor Demi can’t get her beauty sleep. My hubby is a contractor and m-f 7 am is the legal time you can start working. Sat. it’s 8 am. Also Ashton the city of LA approved the builing so you have no legal recourse unless they are building w/out a permit. Deal w/ it.

  • Kiki

    Welcome to the real world pretend “do-gooder” narcissists!!!! The common person cannot publicly protest their neighbors or sell and buy on a whim! Ultimately, it’s all about the “golden coins” and keeping these two keeping their faces in the news so people continue supporting their products, i.e. more money, more cosmetic surgery, more multiple and fancy homes, and more fancy cars. People who follow these self-perceived and narcissistic “stars” as heroes and spend their hard-earned dollars at the expense of themselves and their families are terribly foolish!

  • honeybunch


  • oh wow!

    There is a lot of hate on here for people who chose a different career path than the rest of us. I mean do they have to be selfish, self-absorbed, a stick in the mud because they are bothered by construction. I know everyday folks who complain about building or street work, yet they aren’t called snobs for venting their opinions about it.

    Ashton & Demi has worked and worked hard to be where they are in their lives and should not be made to feel ashamed about their wealth. It’s not like they are silver spooned babies and even if they were it should not matter. We all have the same chances & choices in America to be who we want to be, therefore don’t criticize someone else for achieving what they strived for. I am sure you are where you want to be in life because it was your choice.

  • athena

    Well, if this is all Ashton and Demi has to deal with in their luxury home settings for only five months…they should deal, especially Ashton needs to chillax and just remember it’s only temporary and he can still collect his millions.

  • HEyworldholdon

    Hey ashton,, i knew you were a dumbass,, but not sooooooo much…
    get a life…

  • athena

    #47 Well, they should chose to live with this scenario for the little time they have to.

  • itstruagain

    Gee, good thing Demi lives with such a ‘mature’ younger man. Heaven forbid she lives with a whiney, immature, sugar-baby. (rolling eyes)