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Bar Refaeli: Marks & Spencer Sexy

Bar Refaeli: Marks & Spencer Sexy

Bar Refaeli sets pulses racing as she strips off to advertise Valentine’s Day lingerie for UK high street chain, Marks & Spencer.

The 23-year-old Israeli catwalk beauty appears in an underwear line to mark a special February 14 campaign for the company.

Red silk bra and suspenders: $30; Pink hearts pair: $15. You can shop online at

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Leo DiCaprio’s girlfriend in her new lingerine campaign — HOT or NOT?

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Photos: Marks & Spencer
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  • Lian

    That’s what you get for dating a hollywood actor.. Her body looks healthy though, but definitely not for runway. Her face> average.

    PS the new VS angel has almost same body figure as bar, but her face is miles away.. Probably one of the most beautiful models the fashion industry has ever seen. What’s her name? it’s kinda hard to pronounce

  • llk

    I don`t like the lingerie she is wearing to be honest.
    Jared, are you ever going to post something about Bar without emphasizing who she is dating?

  • Leonardo

    She’s so fine

  • Sarah

    Her face is AVERAGE

  • Shalia

    WorldSwimwear to check out the swimsuits sexy like this lingerie. Very cute for this 09 summer season.

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    SHE IS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose


  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    i agree with #2

  • jackie

    Kind of boring. Without being Leo`s girlfriend I doubt these pictures would have been posted.

  • IVON

    She is a repulsive draft doger. How can any company wat her as a spokesperson is beyond me.

  • kate

    how much she paid you for that you speak about her ? you are the only site which speak about her ( This site becomes worse and worse)

    she is ugly , and she has fake boobs

  • kate

    without leo she’s nothing

  • Carlie

    Is it true that she’s supposed to be one of the VS models if not for the interference of gisele? She has the body like some of the VS models and she can be a good model gor them imo.

  • kate

    if she in this ad ( like all ad ) it’s only because she’s dating Leo ( I don’t believe that Leo is ugly woman’s boyfriend)

  • justonecomment

    agree with # 2, too

  • llk

    Even if Gisele didn`t want to work with her, G is not a VS model anymore so they could have offered Bar a job by now…

  • french

    Gisele is not a VS model since 2 years so VS doesn’t want her because she’s a very bad model

    ugly ad

  • ann d.

    Giselle is much prettier. I honestly do not see the hype over this girl. I don’t even understand what Leo sees in her. Nice body though.

  • bla85

    She looks very healthy not like the emancipated models I see on the catwalk. I hate the bones sticky out, looking as if they are going to pass out! She is beautiful and healthy looking. Reminds me of how models looked in the 80′s looked before heroin chick became the rage.

  • danna

    bar is the most beautiful girl in the world !!! god !!! lucky leo… her body is amaizing & her face lookes like an angel!! i will buy this lingerie !!! good choice M&S !!

  • noa

    bar is the most amazing & beautiful model i know!!M&S had a great choice that they chose bar modeling for them!!

  • angie

    nice body, too bad she’s a bitch

  • who am i?

    VS has used her for some shoots, not frequently, but here and there. One online media outlet (sorry, I can’t remember which one!) asked a VS spokesman about the rumor that Gisele got her “banned” from working for VS and the spokesman said that that was not true. They had considered her for an “angel” spot but said they determined she wasn’t right for the brand. Most likely they didn’t want to deal with all the fall-out from hiring a draft-dodger and known liar. Also, she has a terrible reputation in the fashion industry for being diva-like and hard to work with. And she doesn’t really have a model’s body. She is pretty but just pretty, nothing special to look at, she has no “presence” on the catwalk and her legs are rather short in relation to her body. That is why she models for third-rate lingerie companies and catalogs for the most part. She wouldn’t be getting any work outside of Israel if she hadn’t hooked up with Leo – that really catapulted her career internationally.

  • ihb

    These pictures are totally unimaginative and boring. The lingerie is cheap looking and Bar cannot do justice to them.
    She gets attention because of Leo and not because of her work as a model.

  • Ms

    Plain…not hot.

  • who am i?

    ihb – the lingerie doesn’t just LOOK cheap – it IS cheap. It is basically the equivalent of what you could find at WalMart or Target in the US. And you are right, the photos are boring – it seems that Bar uses the same 5 poses over and over and over again no matter what she is modeling. If she and Leo ever break up, she will definitely fade away into oblivion…..

  • french

    #26 : im agree with you bar use always the sames poses

    very boring ad , they would have to take another model because she is a very bad model

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    nice looking ‘average’ face.
    no thighs.
    no hips.
    ugly underwear.

  • overrated

    Leo ought to be thanking his lucky stars, because with a face as ugly as his, there would be no way in h-e-l-l that he would land any of the women that he has dated aside from the fact that he is a celebrity. IF he worked at the local Albertsons, these women wouldn’t give him a second glance, let alone want to be with him. He is fug!

    P.S. The women on here who are kvetching about Leo dating Bar, or who are saying she is unattractive, PLEASE submit your photos and we can juxtapose them with Bar’s images and see for ourselves who is more attractive. I bet there some future models on this website just waiting to be discovered LOL!

  • kate

    #29 : we are not models , models suppose to be wonderful , sexy , …. but bar is ugly , not sexy ,…
    i hope that Leo will say soon that they are a fake couple because after that nobody will hear about her

  • who am i?

    overrated (#29), frankly, I have never seen anyone claim to be “prettier” than Bar, so what is your point there? Beauty is subjective and in the eye of the beholder.

    I stand by what I said, completely – compare her to what “model” is considered to be – there is a standard there, not hard determine what it is. And, in my opinion, she is sorely lacking when placed against that standard.

    Everyone knows that the only reason she gets attention and jobs is because she is dating a famous movie star. It doesn’t matter WHO that movie star would be – it could be Leo or anyone else.

    I think you have a point in your post – this girl wouldn’t date Leo (or seemingly anyone else!) if he was joe-blow-next-door-neighbor. I couldn’t care less who she or Leo or anyone else dates. The fact remains, and is indisputable – she was virtually UNKNOWN outside of Israel until her name was linked to Leo’s. Dating a famous movie star made her career. If that link to the world of Hollywood were ever broken, her career would take a quick downturn.

  • me:)

    שונאת את בר רפאלי!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    she has a pretty nice body but i just dont like her face
    it’s a shame really
    but she does look hot

  • Abbie

    Happy Valentine to Bar and LEO!!!!

  • Britney

    Bar is an average pretty girl so it’s obvious that she’s getting jobs based on her relationship with Leo. It’s gotten Bar very far so of course she always runs back to Leo at his beckon call after he keeps dumping her. Leo likes his women to be young, stupid and models of course. It doesn’t look like he’s too smart himself.

    There are many rumours that Bar will be on the next cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. I’ll literally throw up if that’s the case. Bar doesn’t deserve it because she’s a hideous person inside.

  • ellie

    Leo great taste bar is gorgeous…HOT!!

  • omg

    Not really a wow factor there!!But that geselle was ugly!! Not really making me want to buy their crap. I would rather see a unknown not fing a star person

  • ec

    she bores me.

  • camerondiaztwin

    GIselle ugly?!? What are you smoking?

    SHE is the epitome of the supermodel. There is no comparison between these two; Bar has no presence or style while Gisele possesses both in abundance.

    That’s not hating – it’s just a fact.

    And I think it’s obvious why JJ keeps posting the phrase “Leo’s girlfriend” alongside her name – because if he didn’t, 90$ of the people who post here wouldn’t have a clue as to who she is.

  • Love her!!

    She’s not as pretty as Adriana Lima, but at least unlike the rest of the current VS angels she doesnt need a boatload of airbrushing and photoshop.

  • @40

    No airbrushing or photoshop? Are you kidding?

  • peanut

    Lian, no. 1 – think you’re referring to dutch model, Doutzen Kroes. If I’m correct then I agree with you she’s one of the most beautiful models of late. Good taste.

  • http://yahoo rita

    She is sooooo ugly, but so is Leo. Leo looks like an old man with that frankenstein face and receding hair line. Giselle is true beauty and Tom is gorgeous too. I can’t wait to see Tom and Giselle’s babies. Leo and Bar will have the ugliest children with their big heads and her strange ugly eyes. Boring boring boring to look at.

  • kate

    leo is wonderful and he looks younger than 34-year-old, bar is so ugly and she looks older than 23-year-old

  • cris

    Stop the hatred people.. I could see that this thread is becoming like those of miranda’s, but heck miranda is far better than bar. Doutzen and Miranda imo are two of the top models of today.

    But i’m happy that bar is getting all these campaigns lately cause honestly, without dating leo, she’s just a plain jane. The body is ok though, but i’ve seen better ones.

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    MIRANDA KERR IS UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    #43: if its boring for you just DONT look at the pics and posts a comments!

  • lyka

    Oh common people, bar is just an average looking girl who became famous by dating a certain hollywood actor. What has she beeb up to before dating leo anyway. Go doutzy and randa

  • prinz

    It’s nice to know that a topmodel/supermodel became famous through her own hardwork, not by sleeping her way to the top or dating famous people. But i couldn’t name one, seems like all models are same after all.

  • french

    #46 : Miranda is wonderful , sexy ,and she is a very good model

    bar is nothing , even the news models do more ad , cover and campaign than bar ( dating Leo can help but she is a bad model so nobody want her) she is Leo’s girlfriend (I think that they are a fake couple) since 3 years and she is not famous , so it means that nobody care about her , she will continue to make some ad but nothing else