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Daniel Radcliffe is Sardi's Smiley

Daniel Radcliffe is Sardi's Smiley

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe receives his own caricature celebrating his performance in Equus on Broadway at famed theater restaurant Sardi’s on Thursday (January 29) in New York City.

Playwright Peter Shaffer and some members of the Equus cast joined the 19-year-old actor for the ceremony.

Unfortunately, the revival of Peter Shaffer‘s play is scheduled to close at the Broadhurst Theatre on February 8.

Earlier today, Warner Bros. Studios confirmed that a stunt double for Daniel was hospitalized after falling during a flying scene on the UK set of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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Photos: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic
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  • Russian girl

    Daniel is Perfect!
    He is smart, seriously guy. With amazing sense of humour and good manners. He’s handsome. And Dan is absolutely talented!
    P.S I’m sooo glad that there are such a good people like Daniel Radcliffe when other young stupid celebs “grasped the World”.

  • Dudu

    he used to be cute but now…he looks so ugly!

  • POP


  • wow

    a) he looks kinda funny.
    b) that picture doesn’t even look like him. it looks like jesse mccartney.

  • Ann

    I love Daniel Radcliffe but what’s with the beard? He’s 19 not 35!!

  • MElly

    ah so hot!!

  • Sara

    Dudu you are blind,seriously…he is freaking gorgeous and he can’t look like he was 13 because now he IS A MAN.GET OVER IT.

  • merlin

    he’s so very good looking! I’m sad, cuz i don’t think i can take the time or spare the cash to see him in Equus before he finishes.

  • athena

    Merlin…I hear that….I’m bummed to not be able to see him either. I was planning to take my sister for a belated birthday present, but unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned.
    Anyway, Dan looks hot, can’t wait to see the new HP….

  • gerard Vandenberg

    It’s time this MONGOL finds a job, folks!!

  • jorja

    I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he’s a great actor, his parents must be very proud of his career
    go dan :)

  • Sara

    Mongol?that’s YOUR name dude..get a life,troll.

  • Lynn

    I went to see Equus when I was in NY late last year, and it was the highlight of my trip! If you have a chance to go see it – you definitely won’t regret it. It really puts Daniel in a new light ; if you ever thought he’s just “the guy from Harry Potter” – you’re in for a big surprise! He does an amazing job (as does Richard Griffith).

    Love you Dan, but really, shave the beard and fix the eyebrows a bit. You’re a handsome man.

  • Stephanie

    I’m going to see Equus over this weekened!! SO excited- I’ve been wanting to see it for so long :D

    Dan is such a cutie <33 (he’s HILARIOUS too, omg. Recent Conan O’Brien appearance anyone, with the “annoying audience member relocation program”? EPIC.)

  • kreinz

    hes hot…….yummy!!!

  • kreinz

    hes hot…….yummy!!!

  • rpattz4eva

    He’s sooooo U G L Y !!!!

    But I love Harry Potter ;)

  • milla

    im not suprise if he nom tony awards.because his act charming.
    he is sexy because of he is smart,funny,conscious and cultured.
    i love you justjared but i m worried if you hate saniel so have very fews daniel news but all news to criticize. i hope you chace to daniel.

  • chichi

    EUGh. He is so ugly!

  • cheninator

    the drawing looks alot better than him

  • t

    He looks much older.

  • Sara

    Oh look one Rpattz fan here…you are sooo jealous of him,if you don’t like him GO AWAY TROLLS because he is way cuter than you,morons.

  • f.c.u.k Yuuh !!!

    hu wud fynd DAT ^^^ hott

  • f.c.u.k Yuuh !!!

    i meen da pic next 2 him lukz beta dan him

  • Sara

    @f.c.u.k yuuh sorry?LOL your comments are pretty funny…no one understand you.

  • Yuck

    If he is “handsome,” then I don’t believe there are any ugly people in this world. Yuck!

  • Sara

    LOL more pathetic people..your nicks show your intelligence..”yuck”"chichi”"rpattz4eva”loool get a life,haters your jealousy is evident.

  • Em

    wow.. Dan is all growd up and lookin might fine!

  • http://pricila prisila

    ya estas muy viejo y estas muy feo, sin ofender pero es verdad.

  • Martin

    Prisila él no va a leer lo que tú digas y tiene 19 años,eso es viejo?en que mundo vives nena?y feo…jajajaja ve a que te miren los ojos envidiosa.

  • Green Is Good

    He’s completely adorable.

  • Hortensia

    Dan’s interviews don’t tell you much about him because the questions are so dumb and unpenetrating. What one would like to know is how Dan has adjusted to his fame. In one recent interview more revealing than most he said fame had led him to develop a false personality that he uses in public and that is not really him. So he admits to have already two personae or personalities: the public one that we see and the private that we do not. One penetrating question would be to ask if he was unhappy that he has lost control of his life. Fact is the moment he got the Potter gig his own life got eaten up by his professional life. From then on his time has been taken with acting on set, tutoring for his acting, interviews, photo shoots, travelling to publicize his movies, etc., etc. In short his career took over and destroyed his own control of his life. So he is now a slave to his career. Maybe he likes it. Or does he? Very few movie stars, once they get enmeshed in the business, can get out unless their movies begin to lose money and they are dumped. Dan is on a merry go round he can’t get off even if he wanted to.

  • chichi

    GIRL YOU UGLY. Girl, that aint no caricature, is it irony? because girl looks way uglier than that picture.

  • chichi

    GIRL YOU UGLY. Girl, that aint no caricature, is it irony? because girl looks way uglier than that picture.

  • Sara

    Chichi you are an ignorant and your english is terrible.GO AWAY.

  • Lexxvs

    Daniel Radcliffe is very handsome, and I would know that even if I had no idea of who he is, and where he has been acting at, etcetera.
    And plus, I got the sense that he is a good person. Just a sense.

  • corey

    daniel is soo sexy. he is soo grown up and wow :]

  • teresa

    Great pics! Dan looks very handsome with longer hair. Must be growing it for the last HP movies which start shooting next week.

    And that caricature is such a great honor. He only did Broadway once and he’s being given the star treatment. Way to go Dan! Glad you’re shaving that beard after you finish Equus. YOu’re much more handsome without it.

  • Hortensia

    What will Dan do with the two 4 million dollar aparments he bought in NYC when he goes back to the UK? The NYC real estate market is down, renting is not easy, Danny boy bought at the top of the market. Danny boy make, I think, a BIG mistake.

  • Lisa

    I live in Jersey and I went to see Equus 3 times!!! It was that good. Yes, I will admit the first time I went to see daniel naked but after that I went because it is a good play and Daniel did an excellent job as did the rest of the cast. He is gorgeous!!! I don’t think the drawing looks anything like him though!

  • frejamacarons

    lisa lisa you are so phallic, shake your phallis.

  • tR1NKS1E

    Hey, all those people who don’t like his beard…get over it! He didn’t grow up so people could still take him for the little boy who did Harry Potter! He is gorgeous!! And exactly six months older than I am :). O, and I luv his ass….

  • http://justjared christina



  • http://justjared christina



  • person

    U ROXS DANIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • person


  • te

    iii love * ddaniiieliito¡


  • btydfghjxcrth

    he’s ugly first he looks soooooooo hot but now he’s nott:)

  • Cate

    @Dudu: WTF is wrong with YOU?? How mean. I’ll bet you’re nothing to look at, but Dan happens to be gorgeous.