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Fox Saves 'Narnia' Franchise

Fox Saves 'Narnia' Franchise

Ben Barnes should be jumping up and down right about now. 20th Century Fox is saving the Chronicles of Narnia franchise!

One month ago, Disney severed ties with Walden Media in co-financing the third movie, The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Variety is now reporting that Fox has taken over development and production. Wahoo!

The $140 million movie is expected to shoot in Australia and start as early as this summer. Prince Caspian cost $215 million to make and raked in $419 million worldwide. But that’s nothing compared to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, which pulled in $745 million.


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  • nic

    ben’s the best!

  • joone

    Yey long live Ben Barnes!!!

  • Joyce

    i never knew Disney dropped it.

    bad decision.
    cant wait to see more Ben (:

  • Milena

    Wow…I prefer the second one.
    The first one was so childish and foolish.

  • Someone

    I agree with you Milena, the second one was wayy better than the first one which was wayyy too childish…..I’m impressed it grossed more….Maybe people were so disappointed by the first one that they decided not to go to theaters to watch the sequel?lol. Ben Barnes is hot, hope to see more of him. And even though I’m not that into the Narnia series (haven’t read the books, but one of my best friends is a total fan and told me a lot about it, does that count? XD), but I’m looking forward to seeing the next movies!

  • T

    makes sense to at least have it be a trilogy

  • Jasmine

    big fan of narnia, but if fox is handling the third movie, will it be as good?

  • B.mofasho

    Yay im happy :]
    bring on more ben barnes!!


    *narnia franchise puts gun in mouth. pulls trigger.*

  • lelu

    Both movies were quite a disappointment and boring.

  • wtf

    LOL FOX “Saved” IT?

    There goes the Narnia franchise down the toilet. Fox=Fail.

    Also Ben Barnes is fug the other two kids are cuter.

  • ^%.,!?

    woow best of luck

  • ~m~

    They’re both good movies but my one complaint is that they copied a lot of things from Lotr. I know its the same production team and all, and the authors knew each other etc. but some scenes (from Caspian especially) that were not in the book at all seemed to be straight out of lotr.

  • Molly

    I’m glad a studio picked it up but did it have to be Fox? They will ruin it.

  • karmakey

    I’m thrilled for the rescue and hope Fox doesn’t get stingy with the budget. With good special effects and direction, it will be a great fantasy film. It has so much potential, and Ben Barnes is the best thing to happen to the Narnia franchise. Hurray, Ben!

  • Janey

    OMG yay! VoTDT is being made but i’m still DEPRESSED that Disney dropped the franchise. it was so good!!!!

  • cara

    Fox did flops like Eragorn and Australia. Cant blame Disney when Prince Caspian failed at the box office. Look at The Dark Knight it made so much yet WB’s stocks are so down and they are firin 800 employees.

  • cara

    Actually the budget is cheap compared to the huge money Disney raked in for the franchise.


    i hope it doesnt suck ,fox has horrible movies like eragon,jumper and the fantastic four .

    Im having a thought of Ben jumping ,haha funny

  • roxy

    Yes!! i was so unset when i heard disney passed out from the third film but now fox has saved it!!! i cant wait for it!!


    I m soo happy .Thank for the news Jared!!!

  • bbinpink

    YAY More Caspian .Its sound good to me. Love ya Ben X3
    But I have doubts about Fox. They will find a way to ruin it, unless Walden keeps them FAR, FAr away

  • celine

    Mmm the budget is cheap but at least isnt cheaper than New Moon ;)
    I only hope they keep the original cast and Michael Apten as director. Best of luck, Ben Barnes, my crush since i saw him in PC. He is so hot. I cant wait for see him as King Caspian ..sigh

  • erlyn

    WOOHOOHOO I am very excited! Voyage of the Dawn Treader is my favorite of the Narnia books! :)

  • maryjean

    i didnt know Disney drops Narnia. I m so glad Fox picks up.
    I’ve never read any book or seen a Narnia movie until i saw the poster Prince Capian in cinema and thought: “who is this guy?? What a beautiful face, I must to watch this movie right now”.. Its sounds crazy but Its true. LOL

    All hail HOT King Caspian !!

  • Lili

    yey!!!!! thanks Fox! can’t wait to see more of Ben! and hopefully he get the role of Aro in “New Moon”…that would be Sweet!


    Fantastic Four, X-Men: The Last Stand, Eragorn, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Jumper, Live Free or Die Hard (PG-13!?!). Good luck to this franchise, as Fox has shown it does *so* well with its other properties.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i actually like their movies, i think they r pretty nice
    nice to see some1 likes em =]

  • Ali

    I ,for one , am over the moon that Voyage of the Dawn Treader will finally get made!! It’s the best book in the Narnia series!! Best of luck to Fox and Walden. Long live Narnia!!!

  • Terry

    Yay!! I love the Chronicles of Narnia movies!! They were both great, and BEST of all–we get to see Ben Barnes yet again on the big screen. He sure is dreamy!!

  • Chris

    Nice to hear Fox make a great decisio, scrowed Disney. Go on Narnia.

    Long Live King Edmund

  • lyl

    That is great news!!!

    I really love Narnia movies!!!

    I want to see Skandar, Georgie and Ben back!!!

  • Kelly

    I am so happy. I LOVE BEN BARNES!!! Good luck to Fox and Walden, hope you have great success. Actually, the Narnia movies aren’t that bad.

  • Sandy

    We love Ben Barnes. Go Narnia !!!

  • anpi

    i think ben would be excellent as venom the villian in the spiderman 3 movie . .i heard they were trying to make a movie based on the villian. did anyone see his pictures where he was wearing black and his hair was styled differently from his usual?

  • Agathe

    J’ai adoré le monde de Narnia, mais je dois dire que je suis extrêmement déçue de savoir que “peter” et “susan” ne feront pas partis du troisième volet. Je ne comprends pas cette démarche, william est au coeur du film: le retirer lui, c’est retirer tout intérêt à la suite de cette saga!

  • Joe Zen

    I thought the second one was okay but I can only describe the after taste as they spent 240 million and this is all we got?