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Heidi & Spencer Raid 99 Cents Store

Heidi & Spencer Raid 99 Cents Store

Aware of the current economic crisis, Heidi Montag (in Genetic denim) and Spencer Pratt raid the aisles of a 99 Cents Store in Los Angeles on Wednesday (January 28).

The happy Hills couple were delighted with the bargains they found, including garbage bags, grated cheese and styrofoam plates. Speidi even found a few early Valentine’s gifts including some red-quilted handcuffs!

Spencer splurged on some roses for his lady. High roller!!!

15+ pictures inside of Heidi & Spencer‘s 99 Cents Store raid…

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heidi spencer 99 cents store 01
heidi spencer 99 cents store 02
heidi spencer 99 cents store 03
heidi spencer 99 cents store 04
heidi spencer 99 cents store 05
heidi spencer 99 cents store 06
heidi spencer 99 cents store 07
heidi spencer 99 cents store 08
heidi spencer 99 cents store 09
heidi spencer 99 cents store 10
heidi spencer 99 cents store 11
heidi spencer 99 cents store 12
heidi spencer 99 cents store 13
heidi spencer 99 cents store 14
heidi spencer 99 cents store 15
heidi spencer 99 cents store 16
heidi spencer 99 cents store 17

Credit: Barnsley, Butterworth; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
Posted to: Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt

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  • Maggie


  • jasmine

    I hate them!

  • andrei

    I used to hate them but I find this highly amusing. They’re funny.

  • donna

    who is this two clown? yuck!


    OMg….not the bimbo couple again……….they annoy me

  • Jane

    I love Heidi haha they are so fun so entertaining!

  • Lee

    … please stop.

  • yuck

    They should use those garbage bags, put them over their heads, and suffocate themselves so the rest of the world do not have to suffer with their useless presence.

  • Mandy

    Are they seriously that cheap to be buying Valentine’s day presents for each other at the 99 cents store?!

  • wtf

    “Aware of the current economic crisis” my ass these two losers can’t afford to shop anywhere else BUT the 99 cent store! Yuck get them out of here!

  • Jj

    As a joke, I began emailing my mom pictures of these fucktards. I told her they were a homeless couple that this reality show took in and clothed and fed and showed some of “the hollywood life” to.She believed me and now looks forward of seeing these staged photos of them “enjoying their new life”.

    Anyway , my mom who never watches tv asked what time the show comes out cause she wants to watch it. I told her the show was canceled and she is devastated. Where will Rumar and Jill (my names for them) find a job in this economy she asked…

    Sadly these pictures will depress her. No more Hollywood Life for Rumar and Jill :( back to government cheese from the 99 cent store………

  • Lachick25

    Jj you are too funny. Your poor mom my mom is the same way she has no clue about pop culture and what is going on with those celebutards.

  • katie

    who the f*ck is taking these pictures?! i mean, thats the person we should be pissed at!

  • Unique girl


  • Tania

    They have food at the 99 cent store? That must be some skanky dairy, bread, and other perishables they have there. The 99 cent store is for batteries and stuff that is not edible. Next we will see them doing a photo op at a car wash or something equally as pointless. They have done every other normal outing at this point – pumpkin picking, christmas tree picking, easter bunny pictures. They’ve maxed them all out and now they are taking pics at the 99 cent store…lmao.

  • cansu

    they pose so annoying that these pr moves clearly doesnt work..

  • jjsux

    These two talentless losers are shameless! They are so hungry and pathetic. PLEASE stop posting their f-ing pics…

  • YSL Lover

    Damn ! Heidi is freakin’ sex.


    Freakin’ hot girl !

  • Jio’

    They are adorable together.

  • Lívia

    I really hate them! So fake!

  • dee

    I’m gonna throw up. In fact i think the person that takes these pictures throws up every single day that he spends with these people. Seriously, the person that’s taking these pictures must real hate his life.

  • dee

    sorry, i meant “really”. See, i can’t even type after seeing these pictures.

  • crapola

    please jared, save us from plastic smiles on talent-free tryhards.

  • Sarah

    I hate them…but their enteraining to watch

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • guest


  • glou

    i love the one pic in the checkout aisle and the lady behind them is shooting an evil eye at the camera. She wants them to go away too!

  • lara

    Oh, right, THIS is why I stopped coming to your site. You continue to pimp out pictures of this “couple” despite pleas for you to do otherwise. I’d forgotten, my mistake, won’t happen again…

  • Stop Speidi

    Why do you post these worthless pictures???

  • Yar

    Media whores!

  • lisa

    they are SO fake.

  • dede

    OMG they are still alive.

  • bonjovi1

    …uhhhmmm…it doesn’t look like spence is wearing a wedding band?!?!!

  • de Cosmos

    I’m sick of their phony poses and stunts.

    Jared, please: No more pics of them unless they are completely NAKED.

  • Tha



  • istar

    they just crave attention…. see how they act without it!

  • shoegal421

    um, so they’re retarded, right?

  • ew

    they are worthless terrible human beings…. I think heidi fuckin ugly she looks like a dying horse.. seriously.. I dont think all the plastic surgery in the world could save her looks.. and SPRATT is a fcking joke.

  • bee.

    gooosh! stop it! they’re ALWAYS posing,it’s disgusting!

  • Athena

    Gods he’s a creeper.

  • angie

    lol.. omj

  • lakers fan in boston

    stupid media whores
    i didnt really use to hate heidi but after her fake marriage and these stupid photos see always poses for im not liking her

  • cat

    honestly, i like them 5% more
    i’m currently at 5.1% now

  • Nicole

    They should feel right at home. 99 cents is about their worth.

  • http://atletico Carol

    Uaiii , eliiis vaaum casaa msm ? adooro !
    nós brasileeiros AMAMOOS eliis ..
    txucoos … beeijuemeliga

  • mary

    oh yeah…. “for economic crisis”
    yeahh thats why they’re there.
    they’re just so cheap, or they arent getting money for their STUPID ‘accidental’ pictures.

    godd they are so annoying.
    who fucking cares about them?
    i bet even their own families are embarassed of them.
    they just need to go away and stop embarassing themselves.

  • allykat17

    Because they really NEED to pose in a 99 cent store…not cute.

  • molly

    he’s got a huge head!

  • Jordan

    Their so cheesy and fake.