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Jake Gyllenhaal Kicks The Shin Out of Paparazzi

Jake Gyllenhaal Kicks The Shin Out of Paparazzi

A videographer followed actor Jake Gyllenhaal as he was returning from a scheduled lunch break during jury duty on Wednesday (January 28) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old frustrated actor was seen walking into a door after pushing instead of pulling and then kicking the videographer’s shin.

To watch the shin-kicking video, visit

FYI: Jake was excused from jury service in the battery case.

DO YOU THINK Jake had the right to kick the videographer?

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Photos: Noel Vasquez/Getty
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  • Kim

    Aw poor Jake, everyone has bad days

  • dd

    umm ya its called some space everyone deserves it and if you get in the way then its your fault dude

  • SS

    I can imagine the Paps can get old…him and Reese hate them, that’s for sure.

  • whatever

    i hate those littel f*ckers…that should be considered stalking or something. Not Jake G.’s fault.

  • Ivana

    This guy definitely deserved…. Go Jake.

  • so

    I’ve seen this video. Aside from the stalkerazzi’s whingeing, where is there real proof that he got kicked?

  • ella

    haha! I have to say that I love the paps – they’re so freakin’ funny and just doing their jobs. I love Jake too though – cutie!

  • Ivana

    He literally push camera into Jake face…. and his voice OMG like a girl :)))

  • Brandy

    I’m totally against violence.
    I wonder why, if the paparazzi bother him so much, he is with Reese Witherspoon, who is known to arrange photo ops every now and then for promotional reasons.

  • loyal

    I saw the video, too. Jake just kicked out backward, if the dope was too close, then he might of gotten the soft end of a tennis shoe. Big deal. It wasn’t really a kick. Jake wasn’t aiming, next time he should! Those pap who get right up on someone and then try to ‘engage’ the victim with their insipid banter, like aren’t we buds kind of thing, need to back off. The stars should just try their best to ignore them as the paps want an overreaction, it makes their pocketbooks. I can’t help but think what Brad Pitt said, about those paps calling his children by name to try to get the kids to look at the paps, that is awful.

  • antiarazzi

    I think every celebrity should have the right to hit a papparazzi when they’re intruding their private lives. It’s absurd what they do to actors who are normal people. There should be a law against photographing and filming people without their permissions.

  • Jughed


    Although I’m sure Jakey-poo isn’t proud that he lost his temper. Some of these paps need to learn some manners!

  • Nanea

    Taking pictures or filming is one thing, but pushing, shoving, touching people, tearing at their clothes to get a better shot is overdoing it and shows no respect at all.

    I wonder how those paps would feel if someone invaded their personal space everywhere they went, bothering them, shouting profanities.

    If they get within arm’s reach, they’re too close and only get what they deserve.

  • zd

    whatever, its not like he purposely gave him a good kicking, the guy was antagonizing him shouting ” you just assaulted me” one touch and its bloody assault.

  • whiners

    This reminds me of a video a while back of Orlando “hitting” a pap. The guy was trying to follow Orlando in his car, and Orlando stopped in teh middle of the road, and got out to confront the pap. You could almost hear the pap wet his pants. Orlando, through the open window, politely asked the pap not to follow him, and then patted the guy on the arm. As Orlando was walking away, the pap yelled “thanks for hitting me man”. Of course the headline on the pap site was something like “Orlando lashes out at photographer”. Either the paps are looking for an excuse to sue, or they are the biggest pu**ies on the planet…..maybe both.

  • Susan

    I would have done the exact same thing. These paps get to close for comfort.

  • anger management

    The day before Jake spit at a pap. Both days there was 1 pap, not a mob, no yelling at him with rude questions, no pushing, no touching but Jake flew off the handle. The pap was NOT out of line and Jake did NOT have the right to kick him or to spit at the other one. Somethings terribly wrong with Jake.

  • a realist

    Why did he even go into show business, if he don’t want publicity in photos. He should have been a doctor, or lawyer, or brick layer.`

    Trust me, one day he and Reese will be begging for someone to pay attention to them, and take pics of them.

  • See ya

    all you who say “the paps deserve it” – guess you’re not going to visit gossip sites anymore, right? Uh huh.

  • Hmmm

    Well YAH, the paps was violating his 3 feet of space, everyone needs space and the paps deserve what they get.

  • JJ

    Those stupid photogs throw the word assault around WAY too often, The Idiot was on Jake’s a$$ and got hit with the door!
    Maybe next time the photog should watch where he is going insted of having the camera in the celeb’s face.

  • ashlee

    he deserves an award for doing this. good for him!!!!!

  • hypocrites

    Hey gossip whores, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Paps are the ones who put the food on your table and you eat it up. If there weren’t pics for you to look at you’d all be complaining. So STFU.

  • John D

    The pap obviously came running right up in Jake’s face,
    and deserved even worse than what he got,
    which I believe was accidental in the first place.
    Back off!!!

  • Jake spitting at pap
  • Jeff

    The way he said “he just assaulted me” made it look as if that’s what he was after. And maybe Jake didn’t intend to hit him, but the pap got REALLY close to him and Jake seemed frustrated enough as it is. He should’ve backed off and left Jake alone! And that voice is like nails on a chalkboard!

  • Hortensia

    Anger management and show business, I agree with you. Jake knew or should have known what he was getting into when the became a movie actor. Paps are an integral part of it and actors would be depressed if there were no paps to take pictures of them. Publicity is their life blood. I suspect Jake was fit to be tied at having been called for jury selection. He probably doesn’t think he should be treated like everyone else. So he was mad and irritable to begin with and instead of laughing at the pap and even telling him to go ahead and take a picture he lashed out. On the other hand, it’s nice to see Jake being human. I wonder if maybe his thing with Reese is not all roses now; He looks unhappy in recent pictures.

  • double standard

    Come on Jake,
    you never complain about paparazzi when you want pictures with your dumb beard!

  • deport them

    Did you know most of the paparazzi are illegal immigrants from all over the world?

  • paps

    They have better manners than Jake Gyllenhaal.

  • Jake spitting at pap

    Jake spitting at TMZ paparazzi
    What a loser!

  • me

    “I wonder if maybe his thing with Reese is not all roses now; ”

    He never should have hooked up with her in the first place.

  • fakers

    Jake never had a thing with Reese Witherspoon.
    Just a fauxmance contract.

  • Noelle

    Oh please! That was an accident and that paparazzi needs to grow a pair. He desserved it anyway, all up in Jake’s face like that.

  • CrazyDaisy

    I didn’t see any assault.

  • wish

    Jake knew better than to do that.He has been enjoying it so far with his girlfriend Reese.Weeks ago he has no problem with them.So what ‘s the big deal now.Jake needs to get out and find himself some more work to do.He knew that was going to happen anyway..So he should stop act like he don’t like it.

  • Anna

    “Jake spitting at TMZ paparazzi”
    Jake is a stupid jerk.

  • hollyword

    Jake you jus’ ass solted me and also my penis fell off

  • Tina

    kick Reese Witherspoon’s saggy a$$!
    It’s not paparazzi fault that your fake girlfriend is a nagging cow.

  • Ana

    Even though i think that paparazzi sometimes cross the line, kicking someone does not make you better than them. I think that was beneath him, badly done Jake.

  • Rude and Crude

    Jake spitting at TMZ paparazzi

    Jake, it’s time to cut your losses with the showmance. Its not doing you any favors. Get rid of your PR while you’re at it and find people who respect you, not use you.

  • rionemesis

    This guy definitely deserved, can you imagine having that stupid persons following you everywhere

  • Jamie

    Nobody should be spit at or kicked at. Jake acted like a childish, sissy. Jake seems to be in a bad mood, but it was only 1 guy not a mob. It’s funny that he doesn’t seem bothered by the paps when he and his fake girlfriend arrange pap photo ops to promote that showmance of theirs.

  • wtf

    I saw the video on TMZ this morning- big deal. It doesn’t look like he actually kicked him, probably scared him and he jumped back.

    But if Jake really did kick him purposelly, the dude has to learn to calm down. He’s a celebrity, he should be used to them

  • Hortensia

    TMZ also has some interesting news. The lawsuit over Heath Ledger’s death (the insurance company maintaining it might have been suicide and that Ledger lied when he applied for the insurance by claiming he never used drugs) has been settled. Terms of settlement not disclosed.

  • Jo

    Yeah , no wonder he got kicked with that voice, I would have done the same ! LOL

  • kathy

    I understand Jake is a star or whatever..but come on everyone needs their space the Pap was so close to him asking him stupid questions..the Man is Human, and also the paps in LA are way out of control there should be LAws to prevent them from getting so close to the celebrities.

  • Brandy

    Kathy, I would agree, but the problem is he and Reese Witherspoon are known to arrange photo ops for self and/or movie promotion. Maybe then he should stop doing that too? Or find a new girlfriend.

  • kaylee

    i don’t doubt that paparazzi was probably being rude and annoying, but violence is never the answer. everyone who is praising jake over this needs to stfu.. he should have just been the bigger person and walked away like all the other celebrities these stalkers follow! so immature!

  • max

    Roid Rage. He got those muscles from a can.