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Jay Lyon & Miranda Kerr Music Video

Jay Lyon & Miranda Kerr Music Video

The City star Jay Lyon, aka Whitney Port‘s boyfriend, and pal Nicolas “Pottsy” Potts make up the Aussie band Tamarama.

Tamarama recently released the music video to their first single “Everything to Me”. It features Jay‘s ex-girlfriend Miranda Kerr, who is currently dating Orlando Bloom.

The band’s debut EP, Wonderland City, has a relaxed, beachy sound, which is categorized as “American west coast folk-rock.” For more info, visit the band’s official website at

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jay Lyon’s first music video — HOT or NOT?

Tamarama – “Everything to Me” Music Video
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  • angela

    emmm the fact that miranda kerr is in it definitely raises its status to be honest.

  • blanca

    i m suprised u didnt reconize his ex girl friend and orlando blooms current slutty bed hopping girl friend miranda kerr in this jared

  • what women want

    He’s looking real up close and personal with Victoria Secret Model Miranda Kerr in that video… That’s actually his ex girlfriend…

  • damarix

    Hahaha miranda kerr is in there. Jay and Miranda were a couple before Orlando Bloom came into the picture lmfao.


  • http://aol Mandi455

    umm i think this video might be a little older, because it has Jay’s ex Miranda Kerr in it…but its a really good song!!!

  • dani

    THIS IS THE WORST SHIT IVE EVER SEEN OR HEARD. Not even using whitney to help ur career can save you from this.

  • someone


  • Araceli

    They showed this on The City Aftershow last week.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont think the song is that bad
    with miranda on it, it will make it more appealing
    she looks very cute not 2 mention =D

  • shenanyginz

    GOD, Jared, we know who Miranda Kerr is and we know she’s dating Orlando Bloom. You don’t have to tell us in every single post having to do with miranda.

  • mickey

    They sound like Jack Johnson. It’s boring. Miranda is too skinny.

  • sophie

    i like the song

  • MINA

    miranda is too cute

  • gina

    what a suprise. a character on an mtv “reality” show with a promotional tie-in…

  • gina

    what a surprise. a character on an mtv “reality” show with a promotional tie-in…

  • mju8

    do i spot another aussie model – jessica hart?

  • Bob s.

    guys, chill jared mentioned that the video had miranda kerr in it. read the whole thing first!

  • Amanda

    This is not a new song or video. I saw this last year.

  • wikijack

    aw wow its filmed next to bondi
    that beach Tamarama
    no wonder their band name is named after that place
    so his from that Area in Sydney
    i thought it was filmed in LA or somewhere america coz it looks very american….
    until i saw the Tamarama sign in the end and the bondi graffiti walls

    cool aussie video love the song and there should be more Miranda kerr in it she so cute!!!

  • ash

    I like the song. Damn I would Not want to follow Miranda Kerr… go Whitney!

  • Whatup

    Just makes me think this must be an old song and video since the ex is in it. And also, the whole thing, song & video, seemed like something one could make up in an hour.

  • alicia

    I actually enjoyed the song and I also listened to the EP on their website. Their music is good and hello he was doing music long before he met Whitney so why does everyone have to be hating on him.

  • fake rack

    bwahahahaha! orlando is off doing a movie so poor kerr has to talk jared into posting some old shit with her exbbyfriend that she cheated on with orlando plus others so she can keep getting some attention. sheesh this girl is really desperate for attention. i think jay should take her back so she will leave orlando alone.

  • yegh

    Wow that was a waste of my 3 minutes. Really un-original cookie-cutter music and a cheaply shot video to match it.

  • *


  • emily F

    this isn’t new.
    i think jay is so hot, and i love his accent.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Definitely NOT!!
    (strange, folks?)

  • megs

    aww they look like they’re having so much fun! so care-free. tis the australian lifestyle! I miss it!

  • @23

    So you actually think that this was Miranda’s doing, and not Jay’s desperate grab for attention? They released this old single as if it was new to capitalize on Miranda being more well known now, than when the video was made. If he wanted to release the single to capitalize on his very minor, D-list status, he would have re-shot it using Whitney.
    If Miranda was desperate for attention, all she would have to do is set one foot on Orlando’s movie set. They are filming in LA, not Timbuktu, and the paps that have the set staked out would be very happy to take her picture.

  • lo

    Meh. Sounds like a bad version of Jack Johnson.

  • Kath

    L A M E

  • SoS

    Ummm, What a SHOCK, he has a CD & video to promote all of a sudden…….Yawn.
    On a Plus note the guy that is NOT Jay is HOT!! Pottsy?? yummy

  • DeeLovely

    Jay Should have never been on “The city”
    He made himself look like a complete jackass,needy & self obsorbed! When I see his face I just see a Jerk!!
    He will NEVER be taken serious now….
    The other guy IS hot !!! Damn!

  • catherine

    this song sucks (are the trying to appeal to 70 year olds?)
    jay sucks
    miranda and jessica hart are hot (as always)
    hottest aussie models around
    the lead singer is pretty cute
    gorgeous eyes

    overall, i would never watch this video over
    not a very good song
    i definitely just wasted a good 4 mintues on that video…

  • youyou

    @ DeeLovely

    Jay doesn’t need the show to make him look “a complete jackass,needy & self obsorbed”.
    We all from NYC already knew that before the show ever aired.

  • PK

    mediocre jack johnson duet. it could have been better, but it seemed like it was missing a good refrain or hook. very forgettable. the girls dancing around was annoying as crap.

  • ha

    Ironic, isn’t it?
    Miranda’s ex botfriend, Jay is a failed, wanna’ be rock star, stuck as a two bit player on a struggling so-called reality show.
    Miranda’s new, MUCH more successful (as in off the chart) boyfriend, ORLANDO FREAKIN’ BLOOM, is starring as a rock star in his new movie.
    And looking hott as hell while doing so, IMO.
    Poor “Jay”. Still trying to use Miranda to get attention.

  • Carlie

    I agree with #29..
    Some lost loons are making their presence around

    And #1 is right, the fact that miranda is on it added some appeal. Jay looks a bit like adrian grenier though.

  • Michelle

    Jay looks so hot with his sunglasses on! The song’s alright, kinda has a beachy folk pop feel to it.

  • jamie

    uncle jessie.

  • blanca

    they would agree b4 he did this its business. wait 4 tmz 2 see what shes like when shes not model posing and caught thou. she is cute not inocent 4 a long time. whitney is airheady acting sometimes on the hills but she seems good thou i dont know her like mirandas past. it catches all celebs soon enuf!

  • prinz

    It’s nice to know that a topmodel/supermodel became successful and famous through hardwork and luck, not by sleeping her way to the top or dating famous people. But i couldn’t name one, guess all models are the same.

  • lani

    Naw, both Miranda Kerr AND Jessica Hart are in this clip.
    Both amazing Aussie girls :)
    And this song, I kind of like it. Although it does have kind of a try hard Jack Johnson feel to it, it’s a nice song to just chill to.

  • @42

    Actually, Miranda was successful before she met Orlando. She is MORE successful now, of course. Dating Orlando Bloom will definetly add to your celebrity.

  • Sighs4l

    D&mmit Jared…you were on a roll. Two whole days of searching Orlando Bloom and actually getting Orlando Bloom, shot now with this second-generation leech.
    Poor Orlando indeed – they’re attaching themselves to him like Marley’s chain…

  • jujubee

    And to think, she was already cheating on Jay when this was shot. She’s a piece of trashy work….

  • t

    Never seen it.

  • @46

    And you know this information, how? Oh, taht’s right. A post on Perez Hilton. A site where you only believe the posts that suit you.
    Sure, that’s reliable.
    Oh, and #45
    Scroll, baby, scroll. It’s a wonderful invention.

  • Kamber

    i lovee it! the song is super great! its rele cutee

  • blanca

    #46 i dont know with jay but i do with orly. 2 guys and both my friendz she wuz with . perez never posted it shez good at being hush hush hush n spreading it around. shez cute n knowz it. duh shez a model. itll catch up 2 her! 2 many paparazi in la n ny 2 not.