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Jessica Simpson Opens For Rascal Flatts

Jessica Simpson Opens For Rascal Flatts

Jessica Simpson hides behind her Dior shades and LV handbag as she leaves her hotel in Charlottesville, Virginia on Thursday (January 29).

The 28-year-old country singer headed to University of Virginia’s John Paul Jones Arena, where she’ll be opening up for country trio Rascal Flatts.

Earlier this week, Jessica has been under fire for having a fuller figure.

Jessica Simpson is becoming part of this trend we call body-bullying,” People editor Galina Espinoza said on The Today Show earlier this morning. “People are cruelly mocking her, making her feel like there is something wrong with her just because she has a slightly fuller figure. It’s something that’s going on increasingly in Hollywood.”

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Credit: Gene Young; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • imelda bootstross

    Average size for a US woman: 18

    Jessica Simpson: 8

    Pot, meet kettle.

  • layla

    yeah, well she clearly belives her shirt that says real girlz eat meat. so she can bully others but they cant bully her? stop being such a stuck up fat bitch.

  • LUCY

    Papa Joe and Jessica are loving all this attention!!PEOPLE COVER STORY probably already in the works.

  • aDIORE

    I think Jessica Simpson looks healthy. If she’s skinny people say she needs to eat, if she’s voluptious people say she’s fat. ridiculous.

  • nettie

    layla, what is your problem? this body bullying is something that ALL women deal with, so stop trying to focus on other things. right now we need to focus on the idea that women have unrealistic expectations.

    thank you, jessica, for enduring the bullying and maintaining a healthier weight. THANKYOU.

  • nina

    OMG if she is full figured then I’m obese ..& i’m a size 6 !!!! who is this Galina person anyways and how much does she weigh?

  • h.

    Oh, you are absolutely correct, imelda. If she’s fat, then as a size six I am not far behind. The outfit which she was wearing when she began getting lambasted was not a flattering outfit. But she’s far from fat. Goodness forbid the woman actually eat food and not starve herself in Hollywood. Ugh.

  • shea

    how can she say ‘fuller figure’? jessica is still a skinny person! the media is just running with this story to make her feel like crap when it’s not true. they know she’s not fat they just want her to feel bad.if you call the girl in these pics fat thats just BS.and people should seriously think about the younger people watching this.its no wonder eating disorders are on the increase.

  • Abby

    If she had even a little talent, it wouldn’t be such a big deal that she is fat. Her looks are all she has (used to have).

  • Holly

    This is horrible. I bet people on these comments are fat asses themselves and want to feel superior to her

  • Anonymous

    The reason people are giving her a bad time is that she and her father have always protrayed her as a sex symbol. Look at my body and my double D’s, I’m so sexy don’t you wish you were me. And now that she is just plain average looking, there are better looking and more talented ladies out there, she can’t take it. If you can’t stand the heat then get out of the frying pan!!! She is a publicity hound so she should be enjoying all the feedback with the weight gain, 10 million dollar law suit, and her oh so wonderful cowboy cheating on her. She is getting better billing than the Rascal Flats, and it’s their concert.

  • kathy

    crazy crazy world!!!…calling this girl you guys know how many people are and will be losing their jobs?.. really there are way bigger problems in the world, no pun intended..

  • someone

    why don’t all you jealous potsuckers shut up?! i can bet you’re a wideload as well

  • kate

    What a difference an outfit makes. No question she looks twice her former self in that other getup. Yet, in this outfit no one would ever have made a comment about her weight. She needs to watch her weight for her health (and that goes for all of us) and she seriously needs to look in the mirror before she goes onstage. She chose the business and this bullying is part of it. If she can’t take the heat, then she’s going to have to get another job – ’cause right or wrong, this is the way it is.

  • elanenergy

    I’m sorry to be such a cynic, but I think she and papa Joe planned this whole thing out…..weight gain=BIG PUBLICITY, and Jess getting to be the poor victim of our societal sickness per our weight obsession. They’ll do ANYTHING to stay in the public eye, and keep Papa Joe’s commission’s coming in….Jenny Craig called yet??

  • http://- Diana

    Simpson is not overweight. The concert getup was just particularly unflattering. I agree with Kate in that no one would ever say anything about her figure in this outfit. Yet, even if she had/has gained way, hollywood is in no way entitled to bodybashing. If we give them the right to set the bar for what’s considered “beautiful”, then we’ll all be anorexic.

  • sari

    Jessics is beautiful just as she is. And, BTW, she is not fat by normal standards, just by the fucked-up, self-centered, anorexic Ho;;ywood standards!

  • YoDA

    Jessica’s gorgeous no matter what her size is.

  • ellie

    Calling you fat Jessica is crazy, you look wonderful, don’t listen to these morons they have nothing better to do then to put everyone down..

  • Tina

    If its bad to judge people by their weight, why is her only claim to fame getting skinny so she could writhe around on a soapy car half naked? I hate this worthless skank.

  • null

    Forget the weight. What’s up with her lips?

    Someone from one of the radio stations made a good point. Jessica was the one who said that her body was her passport, or words to that effect. She’s the one who first made weight an issue. People are now just holding her up to HER own standards.

    That being said, though, she’s still far from obese. She just needs to dress better.

  • 2 much chili


  • belle

    I honestly think she’s loving this. As they say, any publicity is good publicity. It’s bringing her more attention than her “music”.


    Jessica looks skinny in these pixs

  • rc

    Love her outfit. She looks great to me.

  • steve

    She looks great! Those heels are insane but crazy sexy.

  • lakers fan in boston

    it was just the pants making her fat tbh
    she looks pretty skinny here
    u guys made a big deal for no reason, she’s a nobody
    and i hate 2 say it, but she kinda looks cute

  • belinda

    The part about body bullying being a trend is ridiculous. Unfortunately it’s a historical, universal human vice that people like to see and mock how the mighty have fallen. When people are supposedly “perfect”, people like to point out their imperfections so that they feel better about themselves. And really, isn’t part of the fun of reading celebrity gossip sites like this being able to mock people in a not so serious and slightly absurd way. Now if Jessica feels bad about the comments, and I hope she doesn’t, she should just accept that it’s part of the biz. There are good things too like high salaries and getting free stuff so it evens out.

  • kaylee

    its sickening that people are calling this girl fat. our society is so f-ed up! its not that she’s fat, its that most of hollywood is unhealthily skinny!!

  • mju8

    i fully expect a people/us weekly/ok mag cover in a couple of months with jess on the cover looking like a size 0 talking about how she lost all that weight and how she’s hot again……. (roll eyes) she’ll milk this publicity this for all its worth since her career isn’t exactly newsworthy, and she’s talked at length about her romantic relationships already

  • http://77 Jane

    I never understood her fame! She is NOT a beautiful woman, her hair always looks like crap (and her stylist is her bff, go figure!) she wears the most horrible clothes (after Britney), her shoes (Like these boots) are always sky high, (even in a bathing suit, she must be real insecure about her height) her purses always look like she can feed a family of 5 in them, not ONCE has she ever, EVER carried a neat, smaller bag, all in all, she adds MANY pounds to her small frame with all the crap and horrible clothes she wears. Funny, she sells shoes and bags, yet you won’t ever see her carry or wear her plastic sh*t, because they are crap and always at 75% off…really horrendeous stuff, she sells. I can’t understand why she dresses as she does, she needs a make over and a NEW hair cut, pronto, and then she won’t look ‘fat’, which she isn’t, but she’s sure not toned like in those Daisy Dukes…that’s for sure. Just once, Jess, dress in stuff that isn’t like a clown, and carry accessories that aren’t bigger then you, just once!

  • http://77 sammy

    She can’t dress to save her life, she needs a stylist! And that outfit in question, what was going thru her mind?? It was up there with the top 5 worst outifts worn by a celeb! Her arms got flabby, but I don’t think she gained more then 7-8 pds, but she sure doesn’t seem to be working out anymore, flabby arms/back rolls. Guess life is good.
    I also agree, her handbags are TOO big! Shoes always like hooker type shoes, i don’t think ive ever seen her in normal shoes! Whats with this gal?

  • Kimberly

    Jessica is a curvy girl who doesn’t know how to dress for her figure. That outfit at the chili cook-off was just about the worst thing she could wear. I am a little smaller than she is, but very curvy. There is no way in hell that I would wear what she wore, it’s unflattering to almost any figure. She has to acknowledge that she is no longer in the best shape of her life and decide to work harder to be a smaller size or dress appropriately for her current size. Jessica isn’t fat, she looks like a normal woman. What we see in Hollywood is not normal and starving oneself is not a way to live a healthy lifestyle.

    But, one thing we need to remember about Jessica is how she has always used her sex appeal as a way to sell herself, it’s always been apart of her image. So it’s going to be the first thing people attack when she gains weight. She is no longer in the shape she was when she filmed Dukes of Hazard, and that’s okay. She must be expecting this, she may have planned this as a publicity stunt, who knows?

  • Amy

    Anyone thinks all this is a publicity stunt to get Jess in the spotlight again?

    I swear, she looks a lot skinnier in this outfit than the one she wore on stage. It’s like they put a fat suit on her to draw attention onto her again.

  • tora

    I think she looks great.

  • tora

    And secondly, there are many celebrities who are healthy and big, big deal! Love your body and people will start accepting you.

  • nyob

    She is not fat, but she an annoying fame whore with very little talent. she sold out – payback is hell

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    poor pathetic thing. this is the most attention she’s got in a long time. and once again it’s not because of her singing.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    You want the mental “CASE”of a four or five year old kid?
    please, STUDY HER, folks!!

  • Jughed

    Mmm, I love this chubby chick! She looks much better now.

    I just hope she loses her dumb jock boyfriend and gives the skinny guys a chance :)

  • Tina

    Oh there is fatty.

  • Lee

    Jessica’s family have been posting like crazy.

  • lj

    She looks like Elle, the oversized model. It’s karma . She’s such a slut and has no ethics. I was a fan but no more. She sure doesn’t have any will power. I bet Tony drops her fast.

  • ashley

    hot boots

  • ashley

    hot boots

  • Lucas

    no people are mocking her because she’s left her more curvy muscled and healthier self go and yet she’s dressing like she’s still thin. girl is too big in the chest to go bra less for one thing.

    look at Queen Latifah, when she was 100% a big tub of lard, she wasn’t dressing like she was a size 2. she dressed for who she was at that moment. and as she lost weight and got healthier she continued to dress appropriately for her size.

  • UM….


  • lovesimpsonsis

    Oh my god, she is soo pretty! Just look at that gorgeous face, the clean skin, and her beautiful long hair. She is a great singer, and seem to have a wonderful personality. I mean, how can you not like this girl?!

  • Moo

    If I remember correctly, Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 and no one ever called her fat. Somehow, over the years, society (or the media or both) has decided that women must look like prepubescent boys to be sexy. So what if she’s gained weight. She can’t have gained much and she looks fine (and I am NOT a fan). At least she has other interests in her life besides tanning, the beach, and yoga.

    This woman is not fat by any means.

  • paris

    She is not fat she is PREGNANT…
    Just look back at all the photos since she gained the weight…
    She was wearing loose clothing, and big purses in front of her to hide…
    But, was afraid the press would hunt down with those rumors…
    Now she is trying to fit into tight clothe…
    She needs to finish her tour…
    Then the announcement will be made…