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Naomi Watts Covers Parade Magazine

Naomi Watts Covers Parade Magazine

Aussie actress Naomi Watts, 40, graces the latest issue of Parade. Excerpts below:

On ex-boyfriend, Heath Ledger: In 2002, while making the Australian film Ned Kelly, Naomi fell in love with co-star Heath Ledger. “I hadn’t really been that familiar with his work,” Naomi recalls. “Then, when I got to the set and did that first scene with him, I was like, ‘Wow! This guy is alive.’ It was just something deep in his eyes. You could look into them, and they would tell a thousand stories in one glance. There was a wonderful mixture of power and fragility at work in everything he did, which just pulls you in. His strength didn’t scare you. It intrigued you. And his fragility touched you.” The couple parted amicably in 2004, separated by the distance of two growing careers, but stayed friends until Heath’s tragic death from an accidental overdose in early 2008. “It’s still incredibly difficult,” Naomi says, her voice trailing off.

On being told she’s not pretty enough: “Very early on, I was told, ‘Not beautiful enough, not sexy enough, not quirky enough. I don’t have a striking, distinctive face. My features are not too big. I think I’ve got a blank canvas that can take on different qualities.”

How Nicole Kidman helped her career: After enduring endless demeaning auditions, Watts’ defense was to try to become someone else: “Be the pretty girl, the funny girl, the sexy girl, be whatever it was they wanted,” Naomi recalls. It didn’t take her far. “You get to a point where you’ve become that person for that day, and you dilute your personality to the point where it’s actually nonexistent. You walk into a room, and you don’t know who you are or who you should be, and they can’t connect with you because it’s not a truth.” But fellow Aussie actress and good friend Nicole Kidman, who was starting to get important movie roles, encouraged her. “I remember many times saying, ‘Oh, I just can’t do it. I’m going to wrap it up and call it a day.’ And Nicole would say, ‘Hang in there.’ She told me that it just takes one thing—and she was right in the end.”

On connecting with Liev Schreiber: “He’s a complicated man, which I’ve always been drawn towards. He’s fiercely intelligent.” Watts refuses to say when or even if she and Schreiber will conventionalize their relationship. “It’s not like I’ve grown up having this dream of a fairy-tale wedding,” she says. “My mother married twice and had two divorces. And Liev comes from the same kind of background. Maybe one day we’ll just wake up and go, ‘Hey, let’s do this.’ And maybe not. He and I have a family. We’re very much together. We just don’t have that certificate, and that’s okay with both of us. He gave me a beautiful ring, although I’m not wearing it right now.”

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  • Danielle

    Why is that the covers of Parade are so awful of most of the folks they feature? Is it the fact the paper’s cheap and the photo bleeds? Too much photoshopping? The pics of Nicole, Kate W. etc. have been awful. This one isn’t much better.

  • Janie

    She looks beautiful! I love her!

  • Janie

    She looks beautiful! I love her!

  • Rita

    HMMMMMM. When the Heath tragedy struck last year, she refused to talk and I respected it. But now that she has a new movie to promote with Clive Owen, she speaks? Maybe because it’s been over a year already, but I hope she didn’t just talk about Heath for the promotion purposes.. but I guess if she’s doing promotion rounds for her movies from now on, it’s bound to come up sooner or later.

  • lonestar

    Love her. Beautiful and talented.

  • sd

    Rita, Naomi paid nice tributes shortly after Heath passed. :)

  • Anastacia

    she doesn’t look like herself…

  • minx

    She looks lovely. I think she gets better with age.

  • enon

    I like her. Don’t know why. I think she really connected w/Heath & at some point it feels better to talk about it rather than to keep it all in. The cynics will say she’s promoting a film but screw them.

  • grinch

    she is beautiful, she has a good heart. for once a nice girl finishes first. it is refreshing.

  • dr Ruth

    they ALWAYS say they dont want to get married because its too conventional and then they ALWAYS break up after (salma hayek)

  • liz k

    One of her movies is playing on my TV as I write this. She’s a terribly bland, boring actress with bland and boring looks. Her significant other, however, is quite hot and interesting.

  • mia wallace

    “‘Not beautiful enough, not sexy enough, not quirky enough. I don’t have a striking, distinctive face…”
    WTF??? she’s gorgeous, she’s more beautiful than MANY actresses in Hollywood!


    You ever notice that Michelle the mother of Heath’s child does not talk
    about him either.. Nor did she pick up his award or his family like
    no one cares.. but the studio Warner Brothers.. So why did they bring
    it up now??? It is bad enough that we all know that he is going to win
    the NOW HEATH LEDGER BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR FOR AN OSCAR ..AWARD..! But she does love her large bottle of Minute Maid
    Cranberry Juice

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont think she is pretty but i do think she is a great actress
    and thats a lot to say with crappy actresses who r just sexy

  • junior

    love her. she’s so much better than niCOLLAGEN kidman

  • elanenergy

    I lost a child and believe me, it hurts when important people do not speak his name, do not continue saying a couple of nice things…..I’ve respected Michelle Williams’ decision to NOT speak, because they were separated, and it would potentially hurt Heath’s family to hear from her, due to the custodial issues around the child. Old friends and lovers, however, should speak up about their respect and admiration for Heath—it is the right thing to do. IMHO

  • sd

    Heath’s fans appreciate the tributes she paid to Heath, including this one.

  • zoe

    i think naomi looks great on the cover. she’s beautiful and talented and doesnt seek attention.

  • lucy and Ethel


  • milla

    im glad what she say about heath ledger.she is very perfect actress.

  • Ivelisse

    She’s not getting married because Liev doesnt want to marry her. Believe me, if he did love her enough he would.

  • http://justjared ashley

    I agree with #22 i dont think Liev wants to marry her either.

  • nicole

    I am so sick of her and the poor me routine – blah blah blah I didn’t get a break blah blah blah – just one thing…come off it, it’s been 6 years since you’re breakout role – find something else to say about yourself. No wonder why casting directors were bored to tears.

  • Anonymous

    Naomi Watts doesn’t have a “poor me routine.” She’s just being honest, and there is nothing wrong with that. Also, people can’t say that Liev doesn’t want to marry her. He gave her a ring, didn’t he? I think she is the one who doesn’t want to get married. This is just an observation, but in an interview she did before Heath Ledger died, she happily said she was engaged (didn’t mention anything about not believing in fairy tales), and now she says they might get married. Interesting…Now, I’m not doubting hers and Liev’s commitment to one another, because they obviously are. You don’t need a piece of paper for that. Maybe after HL’s sudden death, she didn’t feel like having a wedding, but that’s not to say there will never be one.

  • kathi w a k

    i dont like her because she is with the most delicious man in the world……Mr. schreiber. I want him.

  • janice3

    I think she is lovely, and she did a wonderful stand out job in Eastern Promises. She was absolutely great in that.
    She is a great actress, and a very beautiful woman.. She obviously has a wonderful heart. That is much more important than any other part of
    what she may be. I think she still loved Heath, very much, and it was terribly painful when he died. He was a very dear friend and and so did all his other friends and business partners. They don’t owe us any kind of explanation, nor do they need to lay their heart out on the line for everyone to splay and trash. Shame on you.